Sunday, October 4, 2015

Follow the Moon: Forecast for October 5, 2015 — October 11

Let’s think about Venus this week, shall we? That is not a bad invitation. Who doesn’t like to think about love? Even those who’ve experienced loss and hardship in love may be able to soften a bit when Venus enters. That is one of her jobs. To soften our hearts so we may invite others in. Venus helps us connect to our helpers, our lovers, our compatriots on the journey. Reciprocal exchange is her mantra. Beauty and balance are her offerings.

This week, Venus completes her journey through Leo (fixed fire) and returns to the beginning of Virgo (mutable earth), where she stationed on her retrograde journey, which began on July 25. We had an extra-long period of time to integrate Venus in Leo. Imagine lions enticing other lions to be in partnership. Lions actually do work well in prides, but there can also be a period of time when these proud animals need to know where they fall in the hierarchy, where they fit. Humans have a hard time with this. Maybe you’ve had a hard time too. We’ve had to learn how to balance a desire to relate with a desire to be significant. These desires are not mutually exclusive but sometimes feel that way. Have you sorted out your ego needs in relationship? Have you learned to be generous with your attentions? Even harder, have you learned to accept praise and pride in yourself? Venus would be pleased. There is no sign that Venus cannot make more beautiful. Leo rules the heart. How has your heart softened and become more beautiful?

Venus turns her discerning eye towards Virgo (mutable earth) this week and she stays for only a month. This lunar cycle* that began in the sign of Virgo has been an opportunity to focus on wellness, wholeness, devotion, and service. Virgo is an industrious sign. Leo is a noble one. In the wheel of the zodiac, we first don the robes of nobility before we put on the servants’ garments. There is a profound lesson in this sequence. First, we must believe in ourselves and then we are able to do the work of healing and devotion. Self-love begets selfless service. Not the other way round. It isn’t too late to let the Leo light of self-love soften our hearts. Then, we will naturally turn towards helping others. Venus invites this kind of devotion.

Other important influences on this week: Mercury stations direct on October 9 in Libra (cardinal air). Venus plays a hand here too. Venus rules Libra. Mercury in Libra points out the ways we need to find reciprocal exchange. Fairness and balance may have been missing during this retrograde period (since September 17). Now we revisit those feelings to find a way to even out the bumps. Mars in Virgo opposes Neptune in Pisces (mutable water) on October 6. Mars adds another flavor to the strong Virgo theme of this lunar cycle. (Don’t forget Jupiter is in Virgo, too). Mars rules our wills. Virgo loves efficiency, usually. Mars can take this drive to produce results and really go with it. Under this influence, we get off on systems. We want order. We are willing to put some muscle behind that desire. And then Neptune comes and destroys all that focus with dreams and fantasies. Frustration may be present if we can’t allow Neptune influences to soften (just like Venus) the edges around Virgo’s expectations. Service needs inspiration. Devotion needs ecstasy. Work needs meaning. Neptune may provide these things. Mars returns the favor to Neptune by invigorating our visions into action. Sometimes we just have to get down to work.

Forecast for October 5, 2015 — October 11

Moon in Cancer
Monday, October 5.
The Moon is void-of-course (VOC) for most of the day after making an agitating square to Uranus in Aries (cardinal fire) in the early morning (Central Time). VOC periods can feel like we’ve lost the drive to our motors. This can be a good thing if you’ve been going full throttle, lately. The Moon in Cancer (cardinal water) encourages a quiet day, some self-care, and perhaps a home-cooked meal at the end of the day to remind you of the value of hearth and home.

Moon enters Leo 3:31 am CDT
Tuesday, October 6.
The day starts with pep and vigor. The favorable aspects between the Moon in Leo (fixed fire), Saturn in Sagittarius (mutable fire), and Mercury in Libra (cardinal air) help spark an industrious bout of creativity. Grab hold of this inspiration early in the day. The square between the Sun and Pluto may throw up obstructions. Entertain the idea that those who are challenging you are actually doing so because you are powerful and worthy of the battle. Let the word “dare” guide you to new edges. Later in the day (almost 10 pm in the CDT), Mars in Virgo (mutable earth) opposes Neptune in Pisces (mutable water). Although this aspect is exact at this time, we’ve been under the influence of this transit for a few days. The balancing/integrating opportunity offered by this opposition infuses our wills with empathy and strengthens our compassion with boundary and form. Perhaps you notice that you can’t maintain focus for very long or you get frustrated when the plan goes awry. Mystery is operating behind the scenes. Maintain curiosity.  

Moon in Leo
Wednesday, October 7.
In the introduction to this week’s forecast, I pointed out that in the zodiacal wheel, Leo’s (fixed fire) impulse for self-love precedes Virgo’s (mutable earth) impulse for selfless service. That natural order of things, from pride to devotion is good to keep in mind today at the end of this Virgo-inspired lunar cycle with the Moon still in Leo. The aspects for today say, Go for it! The source of getting things done comes from Leo self-appreciation. Don’t fake humility. Go for it.

Moon enters Virgo 12:29 pm

October 8—Balsamic Moon: Surrendering. The next four days are dedicated to summing up and letting go of the lunar cycle that began on September 13 with a solar eclipse. I’ve listed the celestial events of this lunar cycle before: a solar eclipse, lunar supermoon eclipse, Mercury retrograde, Mars and Venus moving into Virgo, Saturn re-entering Sagittarius … It has been a time of subtle and not so subtle shifts. There has been a lot of mutable sign emphasis in these shifts. Mutable signs are strongly affected by energy shifts. Mutable signs, and especially Virgo (the sign of this cycle’s New Moon) is attuned to energy and wants to do something pragmatic about it. The problem is, that isn’t always possible, so we have to develop strategies for de-stressing our lives, releasing what we cannot change. As the Moon moves back into Virgo today during the waning phase of the Moon cycle, it is a perfect time to practice letting go of the things we cannot change.

Venus and the Moon conjoin in Virgo during daylight hours in the central time zone of the U.S. However, if you are so inclined you could see the two nearly conjunct before dawn today and tomorrow. The sight is inspiring and we can take that inspiration into devotional intention. Venus’ job is to soften our hearts. The world is big and full of pain. Opening to Venus feels vulnerable. The square between the Moon and Saturn in Sagittarius increases a sense of duty and needing to fix the world. Is it possible to release this burden and open to the vulnerability? Notice.

Moon in Virgo
Friday, October 9.
The days that Mercury stations, both retrograde and direct, have a greater potential for disruption of the flow. Normal doesn’t really exist. Mercury stations direct today, so we can expect the unexpected. Because the Moon in Virgo (mutable earth) contacts both Mars and Jupiter in Virgo, our reactions may be expanded. Our fuses, a little shorter. However, Virgo is not usually a very rash sign. It is more likely that we will internalize the stress and have stomach pains. Don’t do that either, if possible. The regular flow of thought, travel, and words will return soon. It always does.

Moon in Virgo
Saturday, October 10. Venus, newly clothed in Virgo’s robes, makes a square to Saturn in Sagittarius (mutable fire) today. These signs treat idealism in different ways. Virgo (mutable earth) is pragmatic. Sagittarius is visionary. These points of view struggle with each other today. Saturn is obstinate about truth. Venus wants things to work beautifully, elegantly. We might be feeling unloved and misunderstood as we try to find a compromise. The solution is out there. Keep trying.

Moon enters Libra 3:45 am CDT
Sunday, October 11.
I’ve been talking about the Virgo (mutable earth) influences of this lunar cycle the last few days. However, with the Moon’s re-entry into Libra (cardinal air) for the last day of this cycle, we recall that this lunar cycle was really about the cusp between Virgo and Libra. Virgo’s devotion gives way to Libra’s attention to harmony and partnership. We go from an earth sign to an air sign, and so things get a bit more abstract and theoretical. The Moon contacts a newly direct Mercury this morning and then makes a self-assured contact with Saturn. We know what we think. Later in the day, the Sun in Libra makes a paradoxical aspect with Chiron in Pisces (mutable water) inviting the question can we think and feel at the same time? It is always good to try. The earthy trine between Jupiter in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn (cardinal earth) provides the strongest influence on the day. Jupiter is optimistic and Pluto is strengthening. Let this boost of energy help you to get some things accomplished today. The Sun opposing Uranus tonight increases a sense of agitation. We may be antsy to change. Maybe that is not such a bad idea.  

* Read about the beginning of the Virgo/Libra lunar cycle on my website

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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Follow the Moon: Forecast for September, 28 2015 — October 4

If you’ve been congratulating yourself on handling this Mercury retrograde/eclipse lunar cycle* with aplomb and finesse, you might want to think again. The upcoming week could try even the coolest of cucumbers amongst us. There is nothing earth shatttering about the transits this week, but little annoyances keep building, our resiliency is tested, and if there is mounting pressure in your life, it may suddenly release. The purpose of telling you (and me) this is to suggest we come up with strategies to re-center, re-ground, and realign with intention and mindfulness when the stress gets overwhelming. Strategies of mindfulness and wholeness fit in well with Virgo’s higher purpose. This lunar cycle began in the sign of Virgo (mutable earth), and though we have transitioned into Libra (cardinal air), the Virgo imprint is on this cycle. The ironic thing about Virgo is that it can be the most high-strung of signs while at the same time the most likely of signs to have a strategy for finding wholeness and healing. I guess Virgo needs its own medicine. 

The prime directive this week is to find the medicine that works for each of us. As I mentioned, already, Mercury is retrograde and this influence can be incredibly annoying when all we want is pristine perfection (Virgo again). Mars is in Virgo now until mid-November. Mars in this well-tempered sign can be industrious and dedicated, but can also be impatient and highly-critical. Some of this frustration can be channeled into sexual release (yes, its true). And some into healing. Lots of t-squares sneak into this week. This is the aspect configuration that is most likely to blow our stacks. There is challenge, there is tension, and there is enormous potential. We probably wouldn’t be tempted to lose our cool if there wasn’t. 

An interesting current runs through the tension of the week. Neptune in Pisces (mutable water) is quincunx the Sun and Mercury, both in Libra (cardinal air). If the Sun and Mercury are seeking dispassion, clarity, fairness and exchange, Neptune is seeking to blur all the boundaries, diffuse awareness, and remind us of both grief and the beauty around us. The paradox is between hard edges of thought and rationality coexisting with the squishy edges of feelings and hopes. Something beautiful might happen. But it might also be provocative if all you want is solid information and action while someone else wants connection and empathy. 

Through all this tension, I like to remember my own personal rubric: If I feel polarized—like I am completely right and the other person is completely wrong—then I am missing an opportunity to integrate. I‘ve missed the opportunity to find the wholeness and healing that will help me in times of stress. I’m going to try this strategy for this week. 

Forecast for September 28 2015 — October 4

Moon in Aries
Monday September 28. We are still very much under the influence of yesterday’s supermoon lunar eclipse in Aries (cardinal fire). Eclipses are wild cards. Some bring welcome change, others bring upheaval. Today, the Moon forms a t-square aspect pattern that only heightens the uncertainty surrounding us. The Moon opposes retrograding Mercury in Libra (cardinal air). We want to go our own ways and could find it hard to connect and compromise with others. Give yourself room to reconsider snap decisions. Find the extra dose of patience that keeps you centered. Breakthrough, liberation, and transformation are the potential gifts of the the conjunction of the Moon to Uranus and the square of the Moon to Pluto. This is not a docile day. Events may push us toward change. 

Moon enters Taurus 1:57 pm CDT
Tuesday September 29. We get a chance to regroup today. The key to finding inner harmony may be to appreciate the beauty surrounding us. We are primed for this search by a harmonious trine between the Moon in Aries (cardinal fire) and Venus in Leo (fixed fire) in the early part of the day. Next, the Moon moves into Venus-ruled Taurus (fixed earth) suggesting that we could all benefit from slowing down and enjoying the present moment. There is a chance of being productive, too, with the trine between the Moon and Mars in Virgo (mutable earth) contributing focus and drive. Under it all, the desire to fantasize and daydream is strong with a quincunx aspect between retrograding Mercury in Libra (cardinal air) and Neptune in Pisces (mutable water). Body wisdom trumps conceptualization. Find your ground, and go with the flow. 

Moon in Taurus
Wednesday September 30. Mercury reaches the heart of the retrograde journey today. The inferior conjunction is the point when Mercury and the Sun conjoin during retrograde. This point is the point of all the mix-ups, snafus, and realignments we’ve been experiencing the last two weeks. What are you learning about diplomacy, relationship, fairness, and balance? In Libra (cardinal air), Mercury has been suggesting we take a new approach to harmony. Don’t sweat the small stuff, find your guiding vision and let it lead you out of stress. A grand earth trine helps ground us. The Moon in Taurus (fixed earth), Jupiter in Virgo (mutable earth) and Pluto in Capricorn (cardinal earth) provide the anchor for insight and shifts. Earth is pragmatic, ambitious, and action-oriented. Apply your intuition to tapping this Earth energy in your life today. The Sun in Libra is quincunx Neptune in Pisces (mutable water). Insight does not come from the obvious places. 

Moon enters Gemini 3:03 pm CDT
October 1—Disseminating Moon: Sharing. Shame is not really a very effective way to get anyone to grow or succeed. Yet, many of us continue to pile on the shame, in hopes of curing whatever deficiencies we think we may have. I hope you’ve been learning how to do that differently this lunar cycle. There have been so many opportunities to surrender expectations of perfection during this lunar cycle, which began in Virgo and now completes in Libra. The Moon is waning, time to take stock of what we are learning. It is also time to share some of that wisdom with others. This phase is most like the harvest season of fall. Share and celebrate what you know about pursuing your dreams. Are you harvesting a new way to forgive and love yourself? We need more of that, please. 

We get a chance to practice self-acceptance today. The Moon in Gemini (mutable air) forms a t-square aspect pattern with Saturn in Sagittarius (mutable fire) and Mars in Virgo (mutable earth). If over-stimulated or overly self-critical, mutable signs can really stress out. Saturn influence can crush forward momentum as we often must slow down, solve problems, or take on more responsibility. In the end, Saturn helps us achieve mastery but we get to choose the methods we take to improvement. Shame is a dead-end. The potential is better communication, better planning, better maintenance of our wellness plans, better ways to express our truths. 

Moon in Gemini
Friday, October 2. If you’ve been following along with the week’s forecasts, you will notice a repetitive theme of challenging t-square aspects throughout the week. Today is another one. The Moon in Gemini (mutable air), Neptune in Pisces (mutable water) and Jupiter in Virgo (mutable earth) are the partners of transformation today. Focus can be challenging to maintain. We tend to jump all over the place mentally and emotionally. Avoid high-pressure situations if you can and if you can’t, take extra care to go through the details more than once. Notice when you want to tune out or numb out. Those moments may reveal what you really need right now for your own well-being. 

Moon enters Cancer 7:22 pm CDT
Saturday, October 3. After a week of tough transits, this is the day to regroup. That may mean sleeping late and taking it easy or it could mean cleaning house and checking off your to do list. Whatever works for you. Later in the day, the Moon moves into Cancer (cardinal water) and we will want to tend to tender feelings. Perhaps you are feeling bruised by misunderstandings. Perhaps the stress is getting to you. Really, really listen to what you need. Take care of yourself before tending to others. 

Moon in Cancer
October 4—Last Quarter Moon: Evaluating. Think back to the beginning of this lunar cycle on September 15. We’ve experienced a solar eclipse, Mercury stationing retrograde, Saturn entering Sagittarius, the Equinox, Mars entering Virgo, and a supermoon lunar eclipse. These are celestial symbols for a lot of transitions in our personal and collective lives. The general theme of a Virgo-inspired lunar cycle is of working industriously to keep our lives in order and make the best of all these influences. It can be overwhelming. That is when the Virgo-inspired themes of wholeness and devotion come in to help us cope, soothe our nerves, and center us upon the Earth. 

What have you experienced this lunar cycle? What have you learned pro and con about stress and solutions? The Moon in Cancer reminds us about the importance of the hearth and the impact that stress has on our hearts. Cancer can feel vulnerable (sometimes), but is often fiercely protective. Both responses may be in evidence today. If feeling weepy and sensitive, go with the flow of emotional release. The Moon makes favorable contacts with Mars and Jupiter in Virgo (mutable earth) and Neptune in Pisces (mutable water). These transits could bring out emotions that need expressing and will support doing something about situations that don’t support you or your beloveds. Later the Moon opposes Pluto. That is when the claws could come out in defense of what is precious to you. 

* Read about the beginning of the Virgo/Libra lunar cycle on my website 

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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Follow the Moon: Forecast for September 21, 2015 — September 27

The phrase “harmony of the spheres” could not apply more to the celestial events of the week ahead. It’s as if a master choreographer was at work placing the planets in just the right places to orchestrate a perfect celestial performance. Consider these dance steps woven into the week:

First of all, Mercury is retrograde in the sign of Libra. This pirouetting planet takes just three retrograde journeys a year. The wonder is that Mercury only appears to be moving retrograde from Earth’s perspective. It is actually the Earth that has reached the right place in the solar system to cause this illusory dance step. Of course, we know that even though Mercury retrogrades can cause disruption, they also bring opportunities to review and reset our systems. We need these adjustment periods, and what better time than during the season of the Equinox. On September 23 the Sun crosses the Celestial Equator bringing spring to the southern half of the world and fall to the northern half. Harmony and balance are created for a brief moment when night and day are equal all over the world. Breathe into that harmony. But this isn’t all. The Full Moon right after the Equinox is called the Harvest Moon in the Northern Hemisphere. Due to the position of the Sun and Moon near the Celestial Equator, the first Full Moon after the Equinox brought more light for the workers in the field taking in the harvest and so earned this name. EarthSky has a great article explaining the Harvest Moon. This year’s Harvest Moon is even more special by being a supermoon Lunar Eclipse. Talk about dance steps. Do you hear celestial angels singing yet? A supermoon is when a new or full Moon occurs at the point in the Moon’s orbit when it is nearest to Earth. The Moon looks bigger, because it is closer to us. Supermoons have stronger influence on the Earth’s tides as well as our emotions. Eclipses are the ultimate in harmonic placement. The Moon, Earth, and Sun need to be just the size they are, at the distances they are from each other, to create solar and lunar eclipses. These three bodies also need to be on the same plane at the time of the New or Full Moons for eclipses to occur. Was it actually a celestial choreographer who set that up? If so, good job.

Whether it is by coincidence or plan, these celestial dance steps fill me with awe. It is good to step outside the concerns of our own lives and times to look up with wonder. This wonder is the source of astrology and fills the observation “As above, so below” with hope and harmony. We need that, yes?

Forecast for September 21, 2015 — September 27

Moon enters Capricorn 7:33 am CDT

September 21—First Quarter Moon: Manifesting. This lunar cycle began in Virgo and transitions to Libra this week. I’ve been paying attention to the cusps between signs in my lunar forecasting for the past few months. The cusp between devoted and industrious Virgo and the balancing and partnering sign of Libra describes the transition from the work we do alone to the work we do together. Under this manifesting phase of the Moon, these questions occur to me: How do I enlist others to help me do my work? How will I cultivate partnerships? What am I learning from my collaborations? How does the work change when I expand into inclusion?

Whatever you are manifesting right now, you may find you need the help of others now. The first two weeks of the lunar cycle have been about evaluating the changes we want to make. Now we apply commitment and integrity to the work. The Moon in Capricorn (cardinal earth) is focused and determined. The ruler of Capricorn, Saturn, has just re-entered Sagittarius (mutable fire), where it resides until December 2017. We seek to marry vision with integrity and responsibility. This could feel confining if we resist the hard work, but incredibly useful to making a better world.

The paradoxical quincunx between Venus in Leo and Chiron in Pisces today asks us to consider not discriminating between selfish and selfless desires.

Moon in Capricorn
Tuesday, September 22.
The Moon in no nonsense Capricorn will not put up with the shenanigans that happen today. First the Moon contacts Pluto in the early morning hours (CDT). Perhaps a dream about death puts you in a somber mood. Then the Moon squares retrograde Mercury (I almost wrote “renegade” because Mercury feels that way today). Then the Moon squares Uranus and we may really lose our patience with the fools around us. Venus in Leo (fixed fire) will try to soothe things as it makes a trine to Uranus in Aries (cardinal fire) later tonight. This may look like surrounding yourself with the people you like and trust to create the revolution you wished would happen.

Moon enters Aquarius 12:51 pm CDT
Wednesday, September 23. Fall Equinox. What does it take to bring equilibrium into our lives? After many years of pledging to be more balanced at the Equinox, I wonder what it really takes. I like the word equilibrium. In mindfulness practice, the word implies a state of observation that is not swayed by whatever is showing up in that moment. Balance requires me to hold dual awareness. The Libra scales are perfect symbols of this. On one side, I am experiencing what I am experiencing. On the other side, I hold mindful observation of myself as I experience what I am experiencing. The ability to observe is key to balance. Astrology is a wonderful tool for observing. Today, the skill of observation is enhanced by the Moon in Aquarius (fixed air) trine to the Sun in Libra (cardinal air). Air signs bring detachment and perspective. This self-observation may even bring a desire to get more structured, start a new routine or cut something out of our lives that gets in the way of equilibrium as the Moon and Sun make favorable transits to Saturn, who loves to do such things.

Moon in Aquarius
September 24—Gibbous Moon: Perfecting. At the beginning of this lunar cycle, I wrote about consecrating our temples. The idea came from the transition from Virgo’s devotion into Libra’s alliances. Consecration comes from the roots of words meaning making sacred together. We can’t do it alone, the re-sacralization of life. We need to collaborate to get out of the mess we are in. Remembering that everything is sacred is a start. We continue to perfect the potential of this lunar cycle. A key component to this work is remembering our grief and our fears. That yucky stuff is usually relegated to the planet Pluto. Pluto is powerful today as it is stationing direct right after midnight tonight. Pluto is powerful enough to be felt for a few days before and after it stations, reminding us how precious and finite life is, as well as how deep and dark it can be. Mercury (which is retrograding) in Libra (cardinal air) makes its second square to Pluto in Capricorn (cardinal earth) today as well. The third square between these two planets will occur when Mercury turns direct again. Mercury’s mission in this retrograde journey is to remind us how important our relationships are and to confront the unhealthy power dynamics that can get in the way of thriving relationships. We need to be honest with others, especially if we perceive them to hold power over us. Another important shift happens today with Mars entering Virgo. Mars is the ardent hero within each of us. Virgo’s ardor is for purity. Not the kind of purity that keeps us shut down from life, but the kind that burns hot with pure passion. Mars will be in Virgo until mid-November. Use this time to discover your pure passion.

Moon enters Pisces 2:43pm CDT
Friday, September 25.
Yesterday, I wrote about pure passion. Today’s challenge is to accept that with passion comes responsibility. However, if we accept limitations on our passion, we can access incredible inspiration today. The Moon in Pisces (mutable water) opposes Mars in Virgo (mutable earth) and both are square to Saturn in Sagittarius (mutable fire). The t-square aspect pattern forces us to combine idealism, passion, and commitment into one coherent whole. The tendency, with so many mutable signs involved, is to lose focus, space out or lose track of what we really want. While Mercury is retrograde, remember to include an extra dose of patience in your day as others around you are having a hard time staying focused too.

Moon in Pisces
Saturday, September 26. Dreamy, dreamy, dreamy, dreamy. That is the predominant energy of today. The Moon in Pisces (mutable water) conjoins Neptune and opposes Jupiter in Virgo (mutable earth), all before we get out of bed (CDT). Perhaps we just don’t want to wake up at all. Important integration is going on in all that dreaminess. Idealism is strong. Expectations for perfection are strong too. How do you get out of your own way?

Moon enters Aries 2:29 pm CDT
September 27—Full Moon: Illuminating. Lunar Eclipse. Supermoon. We are presented with an opportunity to re-pattern standard assumptions and responses during this lunar cycle. Both Mercury retrograde and a lunar eclipse today may help us wipe the slate clean for a new start. Mercury is retrograding through Libra, where the Sun is located. The eclipsed Full Moon is in the opposite sign, Aries. Mercury is working on our relationship assumptions. The Moon is working on our identity assumptions. It may feel that everything is up for grabs right now. Perhaps we can change who we are. Perhaps an unexpected encounter with another person will bring a whole new adventure. This is a magical Full Moon. A supermoon occurs when the New or Full Moon happens at the point of the Moon’s orbit when it is closest to Earth. The Moon is bending down to whisper something important. It may be to remind us about the importance of being authentic to ourselves while at the same time realizing that none of us can do this all alone. We welcome the friends, allies, and even foes who join us for the journey.

The lunar eclipse will be visible tonight in the U.S. Here are the times to view the various stages of the eclipse in the Central Time Zone. See more here 

Partial umbral eclipse begins: 8:07 p.m. CDT on September 27

Total eclipse begins: 9:11 p.m. CDT

Greatest eclipse: 9:47 p.m. CDT

Total eclipse ends: 10:23 p.m. CDT

Partial eclipse ends: 11:27 p.m. CDT

Mars in Virgo (mutable earth) is square Saturn in Sagittarius (mutable fire) in the chart for the Full Moon. Both Saturn and the sign of Virgo may be trying to put a kibosh on the free flowing action that Mars likes to have. We are feeling frustrated in some way. Mercury retrograding through Libra (cardinal air) doesn’t help either. The opportunity is to apply that frustration to improving our health, our systems, our organizations, whatever you are passionate about right now. Saturn is telling us to work harder and smarter.

A separating opposition between Jupiter in Virgo and Neptune in Pisces (mutable water) are addressing the ways we idealize and fantasize. Vision is important, and grounded pragmatism is too. How easily are you able to combine both? There is ample inspiration at the Full Moon if we are also willing to stick with the mundane practices that help keep us accountable, healthy, and whole.

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Sunday, September 13, 2015

Follow the Moon: mini forecast for September 14 - September 20, 2015

The Virgo season* brings out the worker bee in people. Bees have a strong affinity to this sign and season of late summer (in the Northern Hemisphere). Gardens and fields are filled with a variety of blossoms. Such abundance. The bees are busy collecting the last of the Sun’s energy stored in the nectar and pollen of these blossoms. We too, are busy using the excess energy of the still ascendant Sun to prepare for the fall ahead. Buzzing and busy. This activity can feel very satisfying and productive. It can also induce anxiety and overwhelm when we expect too much of ourselves. The Virgo season also presents an opportunity to heal imbalances. Bees help here too. Bees are allies of energetic awareness, especially around health. Our bodies have vibrational fields that tell us when things aren’t going right. We can attune to these vibrations and tend to our needs if we pay attention.

Sensing surroundings and tending to needs are great Virgoan impulses. This is an industrious sign. Do you feel this impulse in your life? I sure am. Right now, my industry is all about moving and starting a new phase of my life. This transition is full of excitement and some grief. To tend to my own wellbeing as I create a better foundation for myself, I will be taking off this week. When I am able, I will post about the day on my Facebook page for Starsdance Astrology 

Here are some tidbits for the week ahead:
On Wednesday September 16, Jupiter in Virgo will oppose Neptune in Pisces. Oppositions help us differentiate so we can integrate. There is a lot of difference between working (Virgo) and dreaming (Pisces). Industrious types can judge the dreamers. Dreamers feel that the workers don’t get the big picture. What side do you fall on? Dreaming and working form a partnership for becoming.

On Thursday, September 17, Mercury stations retrograde at 15 degrees Libra. With Libran harmony and fairness as the goal, we will need to backtrack, restate, reconsider, and reframe our thoughts and words. Humor and patience are helpful! Mercury will station direct on October 8.

With the influences of Neptune’s dreams and Mercury’s trickery upon the week, it might be hard to get ourselves organized enough to make clear progress in our busy lives. Remember to pause, tend to your whole self, and appreciate the beauty around you. Every bee is steeped in floral splendor even as it busily gathers food supplies for the winter. We can do that too, right?

Look for my regular forecast next week.

* Read about the beginning of the Virgo/Libra lunar cycle on my website 

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