Sunday, August 21, 2016

Follow the Moon: Forecast for August 22, 2016 – August 28

It is a bit of a leap. It does, at times, take faith, this believing that I have magic to share with the world. Even when there is reason I might have this down by now. I’ve called myself a Witch since the mid-80s. Witches believe in magic. We spend a lot of time cultivating our magic. I’m an astrologer. The sky if FULL of delightful magic. I know magic. Yet, at times I still wonder if I have any magic to share with the world. Perhaps the dominant culture crushes belief in magic. Perhaps I let self-doubt creep in and take over in spite of knowing better. I don’t really know completely why the struggle exists, but I know it does. Do I really believe in my magic?

It is my contention that the season of Leo is when we ask ourselves such questions. This fixed fire sign is ruled by the Sun. The golden season of mid-summer (in the Northern Hemisphere) gives a graphic reminder of the Sun’s influence: abundant life, flowing through with everything that is touched by its heat and radiance. The Sun is the center of the solar system. It is the center of the birth chart. It represents the Self, and our magic. Astrologically, the Sun invites us to share our gifts, to be a source of creativity and life force.

The Leo lunar cycle that began on August 2 has been an opportunity to investigate a core piece of Self. What are my gifts? How do I nurture them, honor them into brilliance? How do I stay right-sized as I express my self’s brilliance? By “right-sizedness” I mean being neither too small nor too large as I risk sharing myself with the world. Have you expanded with the light of the Moon into more creative expression? Do you know your own magic? As the lunar cycle wanes to darkness again, that creeping self-doubt may reappear. Notice your patterns around self-doubt. The next sign to take center stage is Virgo. Doubt can lead to shame and self-criticism for the ways we aren’t perfect. However, when Leo and Virgo work well together, we know our gifts are well-placed. We see summer’s harvest in simple acts of service. There is work to do. Our magic is needed.

The Sun enters Virgo this week (August 22). The Virgo lunar cycle that begins on September 1 presents the opportunity to set mindful intention around Virgo’s devotion to wholeness. Venus and Mercury in Virgo make important transits to other mutable planets—Saturn, Neptune, and Chiron. An overall productive focus this week helps us anchor our magic in reality. As an earth sign, Virgo reveals concrete examples of intangible gifts. Virgo prepares the way for the next season. Leo is the glowing heart that will fuel the journey.

Forecast for August 22, 2016 – August 28

Moon enters Taurus 4:19 pm CDT
Monday, August 22.
Sun enters Virgo. On the day that the Sun enters Virgo, the ruler of Virgo (Mercury) conjoins Jupiter. This is auspicious. Jupiter will be exiting Virgo on September 9 after giving this humble hard-working sign a boost of Jovian expansion for the last year. I like to think that the sign Jupiter transits suddenly becomes the cool way to be. Virgo isn’t used to being cool, but we’ve learned a lot this year about wellness, devotion, and steady efforts to create a well-balanced life. Pay attention to Virgo themes today. Virgo is both industrious and highly intellectual. You may notice that your ideas for organizing and improvement are in overdrive. The carefree aspects of the Leo season are coming to an end. We feel like tidying up the loose ends. You may literally or metaphorically be putting up gifts from your garden. Harvest and store the bounty of Leo’s light. Virgo anticipates a shift of season and realizes we must work to prepare ourselves. Early in the day, the Moon is in Aries. Still impatient, not fully enveloped in productivity, notice a restless urge to act. It may be hard to sit still; there is so much to get in order. Later in the day, when the Moon enters Taurus, another earth sign, we settle into a rhythm.

Moon in Taurus
Tuesday, August 23.
Watch out for stubborn streaks or outright stalemates. The Moon in Taurus is bull-headed about things. We could encounter intolerance or find that intolerance in ourselves. As this Moon triggers the Mars/Saturn conjunction in Sagittarius, the conflict in belief could actually erupt in anger or violence. Saturn usually has a stifling effect on Mars, however Mars may act as a catalyst for pent up fundamentalism or discomfort about truth and values. It may be more difficult to cross over the divides separating us from others. However, with the earth sign emphasis, if we take our time and listen more than speak, we may be able to hear new truths across those divides.

Moon enters Gemini 6:40 pm CDT.
August 24—Last Quarter Moon: Evaluating. Having an impact creates consequences. We may be noticing the relationship between stepping into our magic and the consequences of that magic under this phase of the Moon. This may feel like a big ouch if the consequences weren’t what we planned. Wisdom and maturity can come from taking responsibility and trying again. Mars conjoins Saturn in Sagittarius today. Saturn’s influence turns our attention to responsibility. Mars’ influence turns our attention to action. Sagittarius is about belief. Philosophy is important. What we believe creates impact. Taking responsible action based on our beliefs gives us authority and impact. This may be the essential piece to honoring our personal creative gifts, what I am calling magic. The Moon in Taurus early in the day makes supportive aspects to Venus, Jupiter, and Mercury in Virgo. This influence yields a pragmatic approach to our philosophical inquiries.

Moon in Gemini
Thursday, August 25.
The Moon in mutable air sign, Gemini, triggers complex aspects involving planets in other mutable signs. Saturn and Mars are conjoined in Sagittarius (mutable fire). Both are square to Neptune in Pisces (mutable water). The Sun in Virgo (mutable earth) is in a wide-orb opposition to Neptune and squaring Mars/Saturn and the Moon to create a grand mutable cross. You may remember this configuration from June when world events increased awareness of collective trauma and grief. Mutable signs affect our nervous systems. We seem to be absorbing more information than we have in the past. Once again, we are asked to integrate complexity while staying open and compassionate, especially to ourselves. The temptation to escape is strong. Don’t judge yourself harshly if you need to take in a summer action movie to compensate. Under the surface we are still evolving.

Moon enters Cancer 10:06 pm CDT
Friday, August 26.
(See yesterday’s forecast for more about mutable signs.) The Moon remains in Gemini for most of the day (CDT) and the mutable signs emphasis is strong and possibly triggering a sense of overwhelm, stress, or information overload. What is your default when these things happen? If possible, pay attention to sensations in the body. Let thoughts come and go. Find the still spot for you to restore and relax. The last square between Saturn in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces is forming (September 10). The co-action of these planets influences how we think, what we consider to be truth and reality. The formula for creating paradigm goes something like this: Perception informs belief; belief informs story; story informs perception. It is time to notice how we think and the stories we are telling ourselves. This practice is core to changing our paradigms. Mars in Sagittarius makes a square to Neptune in Pisces. It may be hard to get clear on our stories but another lesson comes today as we notice where passions lead us.

Moon in Cancer
Saturday, August 27.
Earlier in the week, Mercury conjoined Jupiter in Virgo to say a fond farewell to the “greater benefic’s” journey through this sign. Today Venus, “the lesser benefic,” joins Jupiter in Virgo. Good fortune in the Virgo realms! As with all things Jupiter, however, too much of a good thing can turn into a less fortunate thing. Discernment is the key. Good thing that discernment is a Virgo superpower. Practice some of you own. We are feeling industrious and eager to straighten up some important areas of life. The Virgo season takes the raw flame of Leo and gives it a stronger purpose. There are times to shine personally and there are times to give that energy to the group. Dedicate yourself to service today. The Moon in Cancer encourages nesting and nurturing. We see others’ needs more clearly and want to do something about it. The quincunx aspect between the Moon and Saturn/Mars in Sagittarius gives us perspective that not every problem is solved the same way. Even when we want to take control to fix something, we might have to let go so it can fix itself.

Moon in Cancer
August 28—Balsamic Moon: Surrendering. Every sign, every season must give over to the next one. Leo’s season is coming to an end. The Sun has already left this sign. The lunar cycle, seeded in Leo, enters the last phase today. Since I live in the Northern Hemisphere, my lived experience of the Leo season is about the sweetness of summer. The end of Leo is a little bittersweet. Right now, the image of a great campfire burning down to the ember stage comes to my mind. That was a great fire, wasn’t it? But now the growing chill in the air says it would be a good thing to go home to my bed and snuggle in for a while (six months or so). But before we truly get to snuggle in, we’ve got to get our houses in order. The Virgo season and the Cancer Moon today really help us focus on preparing for the coming dark. We still get to take the lingering warmth of the Leo fire with us into this nesting time. What inspirations and insights are warming you right now? How will you feed them with your industry? The Cancer Moon today will oppose Pluto in Capricorn and square Uranus in Aries. The stakes feel higher. Pluto and Uranus have been reminding us for the last few years that not all is well in this world of ours. Challenging aspects between the Moon and these planets are opportunities to re-engage with being part of the change.

Read about the beginning of the Leo lunar cycle here.  

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Monday, August 15, 2016

Follow the Moon: Forecast for August 15, 2016 – August 21

I live in Minneapolis, in the Upper Mississippi River valley. Before European colonization, this land was home to the Dakota and Anishinabe peoples, who still live here. This land, seen through the urban structures that have been built over it, is edge of prairie. There is oak savanna, the Mississippi River. And more water: lakes, rivers, springs, marshland. Where I live, this season—mid-Leo in astrology’s language—is ripe with berries, golden grasses, acorns, and prairie flowers. The bees are going bananas on the sage plants. Summer is humming. Yet, I live far enough north that I know even in this summer abundance, the Sun isn’t getting as high in the sky as just a few weeks ago and the days don’t last as long. Eventually, winter will return with its delights. But, if we want to remember the magic of summer, now is the time to harvest this nectar. The bees know this and teach me how to join ecstatically with the blossoms of this season. Later, these riches will yield even more sweetness through the honey the nectar becomes. 

The fixed fire sign—Leo—gathers the nectar of life force that flows from creative idea to creative idea, from my performance to your applause, from your joy to our joy. Before this brief and beautiful season ends, we have the opportunity to taste and preserve the nectar of the Sun. That is the work of Leo. At the New Moon, I set an intention about my magic. I wondered about its flavor, how to steward my magic as if it were a precious gift, how to find my creative center in a healthy exchange with others. The Full Moon this week is a chance to see this intention illuminated by Aquarius—the sign opposite Leo. Every sign is challenged to find balance with its opposite sign. Leo, which can tend toward self-absorption, is relieved of this obsession by the communal focus of Aquarius, the sign of mid-winter in the northern hemisphere. Deep velvety nights balance mid-summer’s excess of light. These signs show us two sides to creativity. Leo is moved by sunlight to shine and be seen. Aquarius is moved by starlight to envision better worlds.

This week could feel like a give and take between self-confidence and vulnerability. At times we feel bold while other times shy, perhaps too exposed. The Sun in Leo is boosting self-assurance, however the quincunx between the Sun and Chiron in Pisces could make us feel too exposed when we move outward. The opportunity to empathize with others is great through these experiences. At the Full Moon, that empathy expands to a sense of how we belong to larger communities. The trine between the Sun and Uranus moves our communal connections into activism. A desire for change is strong. Later in the week, Mercury in Virgo prompts us to fine tune the bold actions we took earlier, returning yet again to feelings of vulnerability and second-guessing as Mercury opposes Chiron and makes a quincunx to Uranus. A few steps forward, a few steps back, stopping to reassess, then moving forward once again, notice the dance between heart and action, all the while gathering nectar from the Sun.

Forecast for August 15, 2016 – August 21.

Moon in Capricorn
Monday, August 15.
Make a to do list to start off the week. Earth sign emphasis encourages organization and productivity at the start of the standard work week. The Moon conjoins Pluto in Capricorn to start. This helps us get past any waffling about what is important today. Seize the moment. The trine from the Moon to Mercury and Jupiter in Virgo adds the desire to take small deliberate steps towards our goals. A square between the Moon and Uranus in Aries puts a fire under us to get going, now!

Moon enters Aquarius 6:52am CDT
Tuesday, August 16.
Exuberance and daring fluctuate with feelings of shyness and overwhelm. The quincunx between the Sun in Leo and Chiron in Pisces stretches us between extremes. The beneficial outcome is a bigger heart and a willingness to go beyond self-consciousness. If we can navigate that span of emotion the trine between the Sun and Uranus in Aries sparks action and a desire to bring change to the world. The Moon in Aquarius brings visionary focus. Mars in Sagittarius boosts altruism. We feel the momentum building to a Full Moon release on Wednesday night or Thursday morning.

Moon in Aquarius
Wednesday, August 17.
Technically the Full Moon occurs tomorrow, but we might as well consider it starting today. (Read tomorrow’s forecast to get a complete picture of this illuminating phase of the lunar journey.) The Moon in Aquarius gives Leo a healthy dose of ego perspective. It feels good to remember that a realized Self is not the end of consciousness but just the beginning. We exist in an interlocking Web of Being. Aquarius is the visionary sign that perhaps sees this web most easily. Venus in Virgo forms a powerful trine to Pluto in Capricorn today. This aspect creates an opportunity for another kind of social connection—sexual attraction. Sex is about more than sex. It is the life force energy that gives beauty, meaning, and zest to our world. This powerful feeling of life force is fed, due to Venus’ placement in Virgo, by devotion, discernment, and service.

Moon enters Pisces 11:34am CDT
August 18—Full Moon: Illuminating. From your mind’s eye, look up and around. At this Full Moon in Aquarius, begin to see the web connecting all things. Everything is part of the web: thoughts, emotions, the buzzing bee, the death of that flower. This web thrums with life, death, movement, stillness. This web can be an abstract notion and as real as a beloved’s embrace. Aquarius is guardian of this web, if any sign can be. This lunar cycle began in the fixed fire sign of Leo. All fire signs tend to see life through the lens of the Self. The awareness that I am a self—individuating, creating, seeking meaning—is a fire sign experience. All fire signs are opposed by air signs, which add relationship, connection, and multiplicity to a point of view that can feel isolated or lonely. At this Full Moon, we realize we are not solitary beings. There is a vast web that holds us. This awareness doesn’t counteract the Leo experience of gathering the nectar of life force energy. It deepens it, broadens it. The realization that none of us are significant to the web but all of us are essentially part of it is the gift of Leo/Aquarius integration.

I ask myself, how does this realization change my understanding about my magic? Full Moons bring release. This release can create enlightenment. What do you know now about your creative gifts and their place in the web of connection? What is the web telling you? When it is no longer about me, what is illuminated?

The predominant influences of this Full Moon come from planets in a Boomerang Yod aspect pattern. (The “boomerang” part comes from an opposition to the apex planet of a Yod pattern. This opposition is an important release and it can keep returning, like a boomerang.) The apex planet is Jupiter in Virgo. It is opposed by Chiron in Pisces. The Moon in Aquarius and Uranus in Aries form the base of the triangle. We are trying to get it right, perfect even. There is a great awareness that change must happen, and we want to join that movement. The Moon/Uranus connection creates a strong desire for collective action. Uranus in Aries has been providing a constant drumbeat for revolution, both personal and collective. The Aquarius Moon draws our focus to communities, groups, organizations that are about this change. We want to come together, but for a purpose. Jupiter, in Virgo for the last year, has been offering the viewpoint of the Healer/Servant/Mystic. This influence has been very helpful in molding our desires for a healthier world. Health is a big topic within the culture of change and innovation. We are broadening the concept of wellness to include diversities of all types. Who gets to define health? Who sets the norm? If those old ways of thinking are rejected, then how do we define wellbeing for ourselves? Change, change, change is being fomented within the mutable earth (Virgo) of pragmatic actions. This seems new and very old at the same time. There is tension between extremes. The opposition of Jupiter and Chiron could bring a severing of perfect expectations surrounding the desire to be a healer in this changing world. We do what we can.

All this happens within the context of the Leo New Moon intention: What is the magic I bring? Can I trust the web to make use of it in the best way possible at this time? Can I be enough and celebrate that?

During the last half of the lunar cycle, Mars will conjoin Saturn in Sagittarius and square Neptune in Pisces. We shift from passive mode to active. Neptune/Saturn influence has been about the beliefs that form our realities. Saturn has been dredging up the assumptions and myths that don’t work for us. What feeds life? What creates better relationships? Mars in Sagittarius invites us to take the journey of discovery, and from discovery to fight against stories that do not feed life.

Moon in Pisces
Friday, August 19.
The Moon in the mutable water sign stirs up the rest of the planets in mutable signs (Saturn, Neptune, Venus, Mercury, and Jupiter). The question is about information. What are you noticing? What are you learning? How are you sharing the message? Perhaps we are learning to handle complexity better. Perhaps we are listening to our bodies better. Further discernment is called for as Mercury in Virgo makes two aspects: an opposition to Chiron in Pisces and a quincunx to Uranus in Aries. Intuition, compassion, self-love play an important role in the decisions we make right now. Yet under the Uranus influence, a sense of urgency is so strong we may forget to care for our whole selves.

Moon enters Aries 2:18pm CDT
Saturday, August 20.
Lingering reverberations of yesterday’s dilemmas influence this day’s beginnings. Not everyone processes information in the same way. Some get active, some get quiet, some write, some listen. There are so many forms. When your way is different, how do you to trust that you know what you know? The Moon while still in Pisces opposes Mercury and Jupiter in Virgo. Don’t get caught up in right/wrong thinking. There are so many more options. When the Moon moves into Aries, we are less conflicted. The way gets clear for a while.

Moon in Aries
August 21—Disseminating Moon: Sharing. The Leo lunar cycle seems at first to be about the discovery of personal impact, yet that is only the starting place. The Leo journey begins with a flame, a spark of creativity or joy, spends a moment wondering about personal gifts and impact, then becomes a realization that we are all lights of energy sharing a web of interconnectivity. Each time we repeat that journey from self-significance to collective possibility, we gather a bit of nectar. Soon the hive is full of honey, more than we need. The sweetness flows outward to feed the world. I want to keep that image in mind at this phase of the Moon. How do I share the magic created collectively? How does my life become the gift that brings healing to the web? The Moon in Aries feels like an opportunity to take fire into connection once again. Be warmed by the joy of discovery as the Moon trines Mars and Saturn in Sagittarius. The shadows that arise from the Moon’s square to Pluto later n the day are brilliant counterpoints to self-assurance. There is always more to learn about being in right power.

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Monday, August 8, 2016

Follow the Moon: Forecast for August 8, 2016 — August 14

We can easily see poor expressions of Leo’s authentic need to be recognized around us all the time. From Donald Trump, who has a Leo Ascendant, to Hitler, who had Saturn in Leo conjunct a Leo Midheaven, we know ego can be a very dangerous thing when we aren’t in right relationship to it. This human desire to be seen for who we are and valued for what we contribute isn’t the source of toxicity. But perhaps the way we hoard and squander our attention is. Perhaps we can change the way we seek attention and give it to others. Perhaps nature already provides the instruction. Leo, ruled by the Sun, represents life force. The Sun shows us how to be generous, how to shine unapologetically, and how to support life with our gifts. Solar power is a flow of energy that enters the living systems of the Earth and keeps circulating through them, feeding life through reciprocity and complex relationships.

What if we were more like the Sun? This lunar cycle, seeded by the New Moon in Leo, is an opportunity to mindfully pay attention to the lessons of the Sun. It isn’t easy to be in right relationship to ego. We are culturally programmed to think there isn’t enough. Not enough money, not enough love, not enough affirmation, not enough security. We are culturally wounded by this programming, hence we struggle to know authentically that we are valuable and necessary to the whole. Even in our woundedness. Even in our blindness.

Yet the Sun can heal us. That is the gift of this mid-Summer sign (Northern Hemisphere): to drink in the abundance of life force and be renewed. The opposite side of the year, mirrored by the Southern Hemisphere experiencing mid-Winter right now, completes the potent lessons of this lunar cycle. The Full Moon in Aquarius (August 18) illuminates the ways we are drawn to each other in community, the ways we each add a piece of the light, the ways we use that light to envision other possibilities. Perhaps one possible world to envision at the Full Moon is one where there is enough. Through all the mysterious ways we participate in this complex dance of life that leads to death that leads to compost for new life, there is enough and we are enough.
Forecast for August 8, 2016 — August 14

Moon enters Scorpio 11:51pm CDT
Monday, August 8
. In the central U.S. time zone, most of the day falls under the influence of a Libra Moon. The need for balance meets the need for radical change in the square between the Moon and Uranus in Aries. This stress could manifest as a desire for justice. We may be feeling the effects of injustice more strongly. Find an outlet for this passion.

Moon in Scorpio
Tuesday, August 9.
Yesterday’s desire for justice could become today’s impulse to exact revenge. This description is really too strong, but there is a shift with a Moon in Scorpio to the darker side. We can hide our shadowy impulses or we can go deeper, acknowledging our shadows to become healers and transformers. We are helped to choose the path of healing by the Moon’s sextile to Venus in Virgo and the Moon’s trine to Neptune in Pisces. Acts of devotion and compassion help us discover our healing potential.

Moon in Scorpio
August 10—First Quarter Moon: Manifesting. The Moon in Scorpio (fixed water) forms a square aspect to the Sun in Leo (fixed fire) to initiate this phase of the Moon. The path we initiated at the New Moon—perhaps to find our magic, perhaps to dare letting our magic be seen—reaches the challenge stage of manifestation. Magic only works if we are willing to support our intentions with action. At this phase of the Moon, we dare to act on behalf of the magic we bring. This means being willing to face the darkness.

The challenge comes from Scorpio, and it is a good thing, too. Scorpio reminds us of our shadows. If Leo is about sharing our light, then it is a very good thing to be aware of the shadows we cast when we step into that light. They are always there. We’ve got lots of help today to accept all the parts of ourselves. The Moon makes favorable aspects to Mercury in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn. Both Mercury and Pluto are in a reinforcing trine with each other. As one of the rulers of Scorpio, Pluto offers the healing balm of acknowledging our shadows. Great transformative power (Pluto) is released when we express (Mercury) real emotion (Moon in Scorpio). The power of expression becomes a little more poignant today since Mercury enters the pre-retrograde zone of the zodiac. Another retrograde period will start on August 30. Mercury transits through the first part of that cycle from now till then. Time to notice the words we speak and hear.

Moon enters Sagittarius 12:24pm CDT
Thursday, August 11.
With a flash, the energy shifts again. From Scorpio’s inner landscape to Sagittarian horizons, the Moon leads us into the hope of discovery. It isn’t enough that we discover our hidden shadows, there is a world of differences and diversity that is waiting to show us how to grow past limitations. We feel the upswing of fire energy as the Moon conjoins Mars today. Notice the value you place on personal freedom. What will you do with yours? Will you battle oppression to protect freedom for others?

 Moon in Sagittarius
Friday, August 12.
Back in June, we had a slew of mutable planets in aspect to each other asking us to up our game around perception and integration. Every mutable sign uses its elemental signature to take in and redistribute information. Today’s transits recall that download to our nervous systems, which occurred then. The Moon in mutable fire sign, Sagittarius, makes a square to Venus in mutable earth sign, Virgo; conjoins Saturn in Sagittarius; squares Neptune in mutable water sign, Pisces; and finishes the day with a square to Mercury in Virgo. Fire, earth, and water perception styles cycle through the day. Fire is instinct, earth is sensation, and water is emotion. These ways of perception are vying with each other, sometimes coming into conflict and then going back into synthesis. Notice your style. The opposition between Jupiter in Virgo and Chiron in Pisces envelops this awareness in a larger-than-life experience of the world’s pain. Being gentle with yourself is the beginning of being gentle to others.

Moon enters Capricorn 11:11pm CDT
Saturday, August 13.
Mutable sign emphasis continues today (see yesterday’s forecast). For most of the day (central time zone), the Moon is in mutable Sagittarius. The desire to expand could be constrained by Saturn stationing direct today. Planets are stronger during a stationary period, which lasts for several days. Saturn’s nature is to reel in wasteful or unfocused energy. This planet wants results. Since March, Saturn has been moving retrograde, now we shift forward into putting what we’ve learned during this period into effective action. This energy leads us right into the elections this fall. More and more people decide whose side they are on. We get more clarity about the work ahead. Venus in Virgo forms a square to this stationary Saturn today. We might feel pressure in our relationships. There is a desire to bring more commitment into them. Not all will be ready. Another important transit influences us—Jupiter in Virgo forms a quincunx aspect to Uranus in Aries. The tension between deliberate and impulsive action creates stress on nervous systems. We want to incorporate more options in our activism. We see the benefit of multiple approaches.

Moon in Capricorn
August 14—Gibbous Moon: Perfecting. What else can we learn about bringing our magic to the world? This phase of the Moon tweaks our intentions a little bit more. Perhaps we’ve tried different approaches to manifesting intention. Perhaps we’ve encountered some successes and some setbacks. We take all that information and try yet again to get it. As the Moon waxes into fullness we are far from done with the experimental phases of our projects. Contrasts lead us to discovery. The Moon in Capricorn values success. The Leo seed energy of this lunar cycle values creative attempts. Sometimes they are successful and sometimes not. What kind of pressure do you put on yourself to be good at something before you’ve even let yourself have the stage of being dreadful at it? Our magic doesn’t arrive fully formed to be delivered to our judges. Perhaps our magic arrives through trial and error, and mostly error. Without failure, there is no success. Promise the gods of Capricorn that you are headed their way but let yourself take a little more time before you expect success.

Venus in Virgo opposes Neptune in Pisces. The Moon supports both planets through favorable aspects. The magical act of blending beautiful pragmatism with transcendent states of consciousness is a little more possible. Some may fantasize about a relationship, others will devote themselves to service. Magic needs inspiration, there could be plenty of that today.

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Saturday, August 6, 2016

Follow the Moon: Crescent Moon Phase of Leo cycle

I will return to posting more than one day of my forecast soon. Here is an important turning point in this Leo lunar cycle. 

Moon enters Libra 11:56 am CDT
August 6—Crescent Moon: Beginning. Astronomical Lughnasad/Lammas. The season of First Fruits. The exact midpoint between Summer Solstice and Fall Equinox is reached today. This is the astronomical point that anchors the heart of the Summer season (in the Northern Hemisphere). Leo is the flame that burns in that heart. I am paying attention to magic this month. My magic is what I bring to the table. In this season of first fruits it is good to know what we are bringing to our communal tables. Each of us can be different. Who would want a first fruits table of tomatoes only, even if tomatoes are divine right now. A hodgepodge of distinct offerings gives us a better chance of nourishment. Together we create a wholeness that is more magical than the sum of our parts. But we have to bring it! For me, that means claiming my magic. This lunar cycle I invite you to consider these questions: What is the flavor of my magic? How can I steward my gifts to impact the world for the better? What practices will help center me in a healthy exchange of creativity and appreciation of others?

The Crescent Moon phase is a time to set a new pattern. The Moon in Libra is social and just. Balance creates energy for beauty and change. Mercury in Virgo is square Saturn in Sagittarius. A t-square aspect pattern of Mercury square Saturn, Saturn square Neptune in Pisces, and Mercury opposite Neptune influences us for the next couple of days. Mercury is strong in Virgo, asking us to apply discernment and a willingness to serve as we meet the challenges of illusion and fundamentalism in our world. We are challenged to step out of despair and into productive action. I’ve been thinking about the magic of bees lately. Virgo’s industry and devotion inspires that association. Without the bees, our first fruits table would be bleak and bare. Let us give thanks to the bees for doing this work and showing us how to work collaboratively towards the harvest.

Another important transit influencing this moment is the square between Venus in Virgo and Mars in Sagittarius. Tension can create pleasure but it can also block it. Find that sweet spot between making others happy and making yourself happy. This might involve standing up for yourself or backing down from conflict. When you get the right balance between the two, a golden nectar is created. Bring that to the table too.