Thursday, July 19, 2018

Follow the Moon: July 19, 2018 - July 26

Moon enters Scorpio 8:13 pm CDT
July 19—First Quarter Moon: Sprouting.
A lunar cycle has eight acts. In the opening act a seed of an intention is planted. The 2nd act contains more hope than conflict. What is possible? What do we want? During the 3rd act a villain and/or challenge is introduced. The 4th act is about developing strategy to overcome an obstacle. The 5th act contains a surprise reveal. We learn something important. The 6th act experiments with the insight/reveal. The 7th act contains a crisis in confidence. What did we really accomplish? The 8th act is the coda, the final curtain call, the reminder that it was all a play and we are but players. We let the story go because a new one is about to begin.

As the second week of this lunar cycle begins, we find ourselves encountering obstacles and strategizing how to overcome them. We are going to be thrown a lot of curve balls before this play is over. It is good to be mindful that these influences impact our personal lives as well as public events. Stay tuned for some surprising developments.

A rehash of the action so far: This lunar cycle began with a solar eclipse in Cancer that was exactly opposite Pluto in Capricorn. We’ve experienced concern for home and homeland (Cancer) confronting dark powers (Pluto) during Trump’s meeting with Putin. Eclipses make everything more dramatic. This story of espionage and loyalty to homeland is sure to get more interesting as chaotic influences—a Mercury retrograde and a t-square aspect pattern involving Mars, the Sun, and Uranus—play out over the rest of this lunar cycle. The Full Moon in Aquarius on July 27 will be a lunar eclipse conjoining retrograding Mars and the karmic South Node of the Moon. The unexpected reveal of the 5th act could be quite surprising.

At the First Quarter phase, it is helpful to check in with personal intention set for the lunar cycle. Perhaps you’ve spent some time in the hopeful stage of wondering how the Cancer influence of this lunar cycle could manifest in your life. For this cycle, I planted a seed to root myself in the interdependencies of home that give my life more resiliency. I seek to honor relationships with my ancestors (of spirit and blood), descendants (of choice and blood), neighbors, and the land. Where are the blindspots, the challenges, the obstacles to relationship right now as the 3rd act of this lunar cycle begins? The Moon is in the relationship sign of Libra for most of the day, helping us put relationship building on the front burner. Relationships are work but this work feels productive right now. How does relationship feed your lunar intentions? What one thing can you do to honor the relationships that root you in resiliency?

Moon in Scorpio
Friday, July 20.
Sometimes I feel my real value as an astrologer is simply to let people know when the Moon is in Scorpio. That would be today and tomorrow. I adore Scorpio—your intensity, your low tolerance for BS, your need for privacy, and your x-ray vision into our souls—are marvelous. All those things, today, become a collective need. The Moon opposes Uranus in Taurus and makes a square to Mars in Aquarius, which happens to be right on the South Node of the Moon. This Scorpio Moon has a mission to move things along; to uncover the BS; to reveal, transform, and heal. Perhaps you get in touch with your rage. Perhaps this is an opportunity to be kind to yourself and to honor the power of water to cleanse and renew. If you aren’t feeling the undertow of emotion, be compassionate towards others who may be deep in the torrent.

Moon in Scorpio
Saturday, July 21.
Look for the grace under the really hard stuff. The Scorpio Moon has been stirring stagnant waters. Its mission is to transform and renew. That part, renewal, lies close to the losses we’ve recently experienced. Perhaps it is grace that we can believe renewal is even possible. The Moon makes a trine to Neptune in Pisces, we want to believe in grace. The sextile aspect between the Moon and Pluto strengthens this hope into possibility. As the Moon makes a square to Mercury in Leo, an agitating influence encourages expression of what we are hiding in our hearts.

Moon enters Sagittarius 5:12 am CDT
Sunday, July 22. Sun enters Leo.
The Sun enters the noble sign of Leo. Just like its fire sign sibling, Aries, Leo doesn’t always feel like it deserves the rep it has in the world. Aries can be scared. Leo can be shy and can feel far from noble, but there is still something in this sign that manages to shine through the doubts. Fire signs are good at acting “as if.” With support from the Moon in another fire sign, Sagittarius, we have the opportunity to fill ourselves with more light, to dare to be expansive and noble. Encouragement comes from an enchanting connection between Venus in Virgo and Jupiter in Scorpio. This connection can bring us good things. Maybe you are feeling like you could use some good things right about now. Both the benefics, Venus and Jupiter, are in the mood to reward you for honesty, commitment, simplicity, and courage. Let them guide you to knowing how noble you are.

Moon in Sagittarius
July 23—Gibbous Moon: Budding.
Home can be a place of restoration. It can be the home base from which we move out into the world. Home is the legacy of relationships that give us resiliency. Home is wealth because it is a blessing. This lunar cycle that began in Cancer on July 12 is seeded in the sign of home. Those seeds are budding now. Is there something about home that feels illusive or incomplete? What are you learning about your roots and relationships? Where do you find your own resiliency?

These roots hold particular importance as we travel towards the Full Moon lunar eclipse on July 27. Several significant transits could shake us up. Mercury in Leo will be stationing retrograde on July 25 while the Sun in Leo, Mars in Aquarius, and Uranus in Taurus are coming into closer aspect to each other. This t-square with a retrograding Mars and a stationary Uranus sets up sudden and uncertain shifts.

Today’s Moon in Sagittarius touches off an opposition between Venus in Virgo and Neptune in Pisces. In the face of great yearning we seek clarification. Some things can’t really be explained but we may really want to try and understand anyway. Our hearts are exposed. Maybe you’ve put yours right out there on the line. Perhaps you want to know if it was worth it. Take a piece of treasure from each of these gods: devotion from Venus, surrender from Neptune, and hope from the Moon.

Moon enters Capricorn 4:48 pm CDT
Tuesday, July 24.
Yesterday’s forecast applies to today. The opposition between Venus in Virgo and Neptune in Pisces is exact. Oppositions trick us into believing in either/or solutions. The Virgo influence is about practicality. The Pisces influence is about emotional fluidity. The either/or situation could be, do I do the pragmatic thing or the idealistic thing? Should it be functional or beautiful? Astrology teaches that oppositions are just the missing parts of a whole. Virgo and Pisces together bring heaven to earth and earth to heaven. (My favorite way to describe this pair of signs from astrologer Maya del Mar) What happens when we think yes/and rather than either/or about our work, our relationships, our beliefs?

Moon in Capricorn
Wednesday, July 25.
Let’s approach this day with curiosity and bemusement. There is so much we can’t control, although with the Capricorn Moon influence we may wish we could. Mercury stations retrograde in Leo and the Sun in Leo makes a square to Uranus in Taurus. The gods are up to their tricks. Mercury may be handing out lessons about our egos. The more invested we are in ego, the more we may suffer as this god messes with self-image. The gift may be a lighter hold on self-importance. Expect all the usual shenanigans around travel, technology, and commerce. Mercury values our curiosity and bemusement. Don’t underestimate the ways you can appease this god with those qualities.

One of the major influences of this lunar cycle is about to kick up a notch. The Sun in Leo makes a square to Uranus in Taurus today. Uranus is shaking up Taurean concerns like security, monetary systems, art, and pleasure. Uranus entered Taurus in May, it is about to station retrograde to go back into Aries this winter and re-emerge into Taurus in the spring. Uranus is the awakener and the revolutionary. The Sun is shining a light on the ways we need to change. With the Sun in Leo we are looking at personal impact of change and ways each of us can act to create change. Mars in Aquarius plays a role here as it opposes the Sun tomorrow and makes a square to Uranus on August 1. We are in a period of flux where we notice foundations are shifting. Ideologies and the very idea of revolution is undergoing transformation. We are busy throwing out the old. Do we know what we will replace it with? The guiding questions of this lunar cycle concerning home may help us find our way.

Moon in Capricorn
Thursday, July 26.
We are not out of the woods. If yesterday was disruptive for us, today could be more of the same. The Sun in Leo opposes Mars in Aquarius (with Uranus in Taurus making a square to both). This t-square pattern is agitating, especially with these particular planets. It may feel like big changes are happening (and they are), but we can still anchor ourselves in our lives, our relationships, our work, our homes. This rootedness is important. The Sun is reaching out to Saturn in Capricorn through a quincunx aspect. With the support of the Moon in Capricorn we may be able to find the foundational support we need to be in flux. This may be the best work we do in this lunar cycle. It is crucial to remember we cannot do this work of transformation alone. Our roots are interdependent. We are greater than the sum of our parts.

About these forecasts: Through following the Moon, the planets, and the wisdom of the seasons and signs, my goal is to offer a useful practice of mindfulness and intention for the thoughtful seeker. To learn more about the New Moon in Cancer:

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Friday, July 13, 2018

Follow the Moon: July 13, 2018 - July 18

Moon enters Leo 12:31 pm CDT
Friday, July 13. Witches are generally amused by the lore surrounding Friday the 13th. It isn’t a particularly more magical day than any other, but if the gestalt wants to name it so, then let’s run with that. Witches follow the energy. Try it out yourself. When the Moon moves into Leo today, we go from intensity to release. This could look like exuberant joy, a drive to create, a need to move, laugh, entertain. It could also look like a personal commitment to show up and support others with our energy. Energy is a gift of life force. Life force runs on giving. We can’t hoard energy. We can only feed it by offering it up to life itself. Because this energetic Leo Moon squares Uranus in Taurus and opposes retrograding Mars in Aquarius, we may notice a high level of release. We need a break. We need inspiration. We need to receive and give energy. Be part of the blessed flow.

Moon in Leo
Saturday, July 14. Feel the heartbeat of the Earth today. Does it come through your feet? Is it reverberating in your heart? Do you sense earth’s heartbeat through taste, smell, touch? Notice as a grand earth trine anchors this day of fiery Leo Moonness. The aspect pattern contains an exact trine between Venus in Virgo and Saturn in Capricorn and a nearly exact trine to Uranus in Taurus. When Venus is in Virgo we settle into different expectations for our relationships and our pleasures. We value functionality, dependability, attention to detail. We value wholeness, whatever that may mean to you. We want all our parts included and aware. Venus will be in Virgo till August 6. Feel the solid support of Venus and Saturn’s relationship. Even Uranus, sometimes a disruptive influence, is encouraging the kind of change that makes us feel better, a rededication to personal practice, a renewed appreciation for our bodies and senses, and a recommitment to relationships that serve our whole selves. This is a great day to bring yourself into alignment with the Earth. How does this change your perceptions?

Moon enters Virgo 12:31 pm CDT
Sunday, July 15.
See yesterday’s forecast for a good idea of where our attention is today. The grand earth trine of Venus in Virgo, Saturn in Capricorn, and Uranus in Taurus intensifies with the addition of the Moon in Virgo today. Virgo has a way of asking us to get ourselves together in some way. This push to improve can be wonderful but can go too far. Perhaps the support of Saturn and Uranus help us to modulate overblown perfectionism. Venus and the Moon are allies of our wellness. As I follow an intention this lunar cycle inspired by Cancer and resiliency, these planets are inviting me to pay attention to the foundations of support that help me honor and tend to my resiliency. Venus invites me to create a foundation that feeds me, my family, and my community. Saturn invites me to honor my ancestors and feed the connections that help me access resiliency. Uranus invites me to see that change is the only constant and to ask, how does knowing this help me feed my relationship to land?

Moon in Virgo
July 16—Crescent Moon: Germinating.
At the New Moon, I pledged this intention: “to feed (the) resilient root of interdependency . . . Through small and large gestures, rituals, and remembrances, during this cycle, I will honor home.” This lunar cycle was seeded in Cancer. Cancer, as water sign, nourishes our deepest roots, the roots that sustain us, that provide resiliency in a fluctuating and sometimes cruel world. These roots, this support, is another way to think of home. As a cardinal sign, Cancer encourages action, response, taking the lead. Cancer wisdom says with the support of our roots, we are strengthened to take action to change the world. The Cancer impulse to nest can be misunderstood. Sometimes we get stuck in the fortification of home and forget that home is a base for moving out into the world. As a cardinal sign, Cancer is adept at knowing how much support we need to be in the world and engaged with the world. To be resilient is to bounce back. Roots, which support home, which supports action allow me to bounce back after setback. I am grateful for home.

The Virgo Moon encourages ritualizing. One Virgo archetype I am fond of is the priestess overseeing the harvest of healing medicines. Virgo appreciates ritual because it anchors us in the here and now. Ritual is a way to remember the everyday things that make medicine. I like to sweep my floors when I want to shift the energy in my home. Cleaning off my desk honors the work I do at my desk. Making my bed helps me appreciate restorative sleep. Organizing a closet makes me feel like a superhero! The action of ritualizing appreciation for home can be as simple or complex as you desire. Find one way to mindfully acknowledge the roots that help you take action in the world.

As you ritualize appreciation for home, take note of pernicious perfectionism. We can get caught up in doing it right and forget Virgo’s gift of humility. Doing it good enough. Two aspects today may create a field of anxiety that could stimulate the perfectionist instinct. The aspect is a quincunx and this energy can be stressful if we try to resolve paradox. This aspect encourages stepping out of binary perceptions of good/bad, favorable/unfavorable. Things just are. Venus in Virgo (supporter of the Moon energy) is quincunx Mars in Aquarius. We may feel we need to choose between pristine relationship or visionary action. Order and chaos. The other quincunx involves Mercury in Leo and Pluto in Capricorn. This choice could look like liberated self-expression vs. self-critical control. What is the fluctuating balance point between freedom and responsibility?

Moon enters Libra 2:42 pm CDT
Tuesday, July 17.
The seeds of this lunar cycle are taking root. Influenced by Cancer intentions and Virgo influence over the last couple of days, you might notice you’ve been spending time nesting and spiffing up whatever you think of as your nest. You might have been drawn into your home for some reason to give more attention to your roots. What sustains and supports you? Today we begin to notice the transition from Virgo into Libra influence. This could look like acts of service and devotion becoming law and principles. Perhaps you want to concretize some practice that spontaneously arose. Now, this is what you always want to do. Is that necessary? Perhaps it is for a time. Libra is another cardinal sign. It takes action in the sphere of mind. Harmony, balance, and immutable laws make this sign happy. What laws are you discovering?

Moon in Libra
Wednesday, July 18.
A spiritual teacher I know created this song:

Beauty before me. Beauty behind me. Beauty to my left side. Beauty to my right side. Beauty above me. Beauty below me. I have beauty surrounding my life.  (Donald Engstrom-Reese)
The Moon in Libra invokes the centering praise of beauty. May there be beauty all around us. May we sense it around us. May we move forward into this day in beauty.

About these forecasts: Through following the Moon, the planets, and the wisdom of the seasons and signs, my goal is to offer a useful practice of mindfulness and intention for the thoughtful seeker. To learn more about the New Moon in Cancer:

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