“Teri is passionately committed to helping people discover and bring out the best in themselves and the world. She skillfully uses the tools of astrology, ritual, and sacred dialogue with her clients to explore what is possible for their lives.”- Cystalline RM

“Teri has an indepth understanding of her field and the ability to communicate to her clients the astrological factors in play at a particular point in time. I try to go to her yearly to get an overview of what I might expect in the coming year. I recommend her to anyone who is interested in seeing how the stars and planets influence their daily life." - Dianne O

"I like Teri's approach, which is quite in depth and personal. Teri provides a number of printed charts with explanations and she records each reading and then provides the reading on CDs. She is an expert astrologist and her work provides a reference point that I can work with for a year or more.” - Madelon W

“Teri's knowledge od astrology was mind/heart/soul opening and help me understand myself better in order to become a better person and parent and live up to my full potential” - Angela J

"Teri is a sensitive spiritual advisor who, in her work, always held my best interest in mind.” - Mark G

“Teri is a skilled astrologer who works with clients to frame her observations of their chart in language they can understand. She is non-directive and quite open in her reading style. She has great integrity and is committed to building strong community ties.” - Jim O