I offer a variety of readings. These are:

  • Initial consultation – We discuss your natal chart, with an explanation of the primary points found there. This consultation is framed within the intention that you bring to the conversation. This is the starting place—perhaps for you with astrology or perhaps with me as your consulting astrologer. We get to know each other and you learn more about what the stars have to say about you. This session is for one hour and the sliding fee is $30 - $80.
  • Forecast for one year – After an initial consultation reading, I give an in-depth analysis of your transits and progressions for the next year. As the moving planets form relationships with our natal charts, we are given the opportunity to fully embrace who we are and where we are going from here. You will leave this session with the information you need to follow the pattern and pathways of the planets through your next year. This session is one and a half hours and the sliding fee is $80 - $125.
  • Election of best dates – This service is ideal for aligning the stars with your best intention for important events. From choosing the best time for a wedding to a surgery, I can offer a list of dates to choose from and what these dates offer. This is also a revealing way to reflect on the deeper meanings, desires, and hopes for these important turning points. This session is one and a half hours and the sliding fee is $80 - $125.
  • Relationship consultation – Astrology can get to the core of the why, what, and how of relationships. I compare charts for couples, families, associates, and other types of relationships. Relationship consultations foster better understanding and give insight in working through misunderstandings. This session is one and a half hours and the sliding fee is $90 - $150.
  • Follow-up natal — After the initial natal consultation, we continue the conversation about your chart. I answer your questions and provide more analysis of the symbols and qualities found in your birth chart. When you make this appointment, you can set the agenda for the conversation or leave it to what the chart wants to say in that moment. This session is one hour and the sliding fee is $30 - $80.
  • Follow-up forecast — This session is geared to answering your questions about a previous forecasting consultation. I teach a spiritual and mindful approach to working with the planets as allies and teachers.  We can continue to explore what is happening for you. This session is one hour and the fee is $30 - $80.
  • Follow-up elections—We continue to explore the options for selecting the best time for your important events. This session is one hour and the fee is $30 - $80.
  • Special offer for activists and artists. I reserve 2 readings a month for you to pay what you can, starting at $0. The gift economy recognizes the gifts we freely share as important assets for community. I appreciate the work of activists and artists. When you contact me, inquire about this offering.
For the consultation:
  • The appointment is scheduled through We can meet in my office in Minneapolis or we can meet through Zoom via phone or internet connection. 
  • I will email charts and information before the appointment so you can follow along.
  • I will provide a recording of the session if you wish.
  • I welcome follow-up questions via email at no cost.
  • You can arrange payment or pay through PayPal.  

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