For me, astrology is a dance—with nature, with Mystery, and ultimately, with my deepest self. If we allow ourselves to shake our thought-wings and open to the stories that the stars tell about our lives, we enter a dance of becoming. We enter a dance of learning. We are able to become who we are meant to be.

My practice of astrology pays attention to how we can best use our talents, meet our challenges, and manifest our dreams to become our greatest selves. I invite the dance of the stars to inform me about my personal evolution without surrendering my authority or free will. It isn't a dance if I think of myself as a puppet on a string. I bring this awareness to every session I have with my clients.

I use myth and story to enhance the interpretation of your chart. In an initial consultation we will:
               talk about your goals and dreams
               look at the patterns set at your moment of birth
               look at the immediate cycles you are experiencing in this moment

In a forecasting consultation we will:
               go deeper into the patterns of the chart
               look at the cycles from the past year
               look at the cycles that will be developing throughout the next 12 months

You will be given a calendar of transits and material to help you follow along with them. 

The conversation will be enveloped in choice, self-awareness, and intention.

I ask my clients to set an intention for their consultation. What do you want to learn? What is your soul telling you? The consultation will support your intention.

For long-distance consultations: after we set up an appointment, I will send you the charts and transits that we will be discussing. You will call me and I can record the session.
I love to teach. We will converse. I am happy to explain astrological concepts and theory, and I am thrilled when my clients are skeptical but open to learning.

My intention is to serve your intention. It is a dance.

I offer astrology consultations long distance via phone, Zoom, or Skype; and in my office in Minneapolis, MN.

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