Saturday, December 8, 2018

Follow the Moon: December 8, 2018 - December 14

Moon enters Capricorn 6:01 am CST
Saturday, December 8.
It isn’t enough to hope. We gotta work too. The Moon enters Capricorn today and we feel ambitious and industrious. The boost of energy from yesterday’s new Moon in expansive Sagittarius leads to renewed commitments. Notice your patterns around this. Do you overcommit? Are your commitments shame-based? Scarcity-based? Or do you find joy in the effort? Do you know how to stop when the joy is lost? This Sagittarius lunar cycle is a chance to notice energy and the ways we filter energy through our stories. The Capricorn story can be influenced by shame-based self-judgement. It can also remind us that it feels good to produce something tangible from the energy flowing through us. Tonight (in U.S. time zones) the Moon conjoins Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn. We meet the Great Teacher as the inner voice that asks us if we are doing our best, and recognize our own paths towards mastery.
Moon in Capricorn
Sunday, December 9.
Mercury in Scorpio makes a trine aspect to Chiron in Pisces while Chiron stations direct. Both planets are stationary and thus more powerful. Both planets also trine the North Node of the Moon. I don’t often note trine aspects to the nodes, but this water trine pattern feels significant. We are being told to lead with our hearts, even when pain surfaces. Our wounds can be wisdom. We may not know the part we play in the healing of others, but we each have a part. There is depth, connection, and a desire to protect others in this aspect pattern. The Moon asks us to take our callings seriously. Listen to the calling from water. All healing journeys are connected, just as water finds a way to join with other streams, the path we are on will lead to others who need our piece.

Moon enters Aquarius 5:39 pm CST
Monday, December 10.
Briefly today, the Moon conjoins the South Node of the Moon and syncs into the grand water trine of Mercury in Scorpio, Chiron in Pisces, and the North Node of the Moon in Cancer. The Nodes give us information about our collective past and future. Capricorn holds past patterns that can be transformed. Cancer holds future possibilities to cultivate. The questions to ask ourselves: Who are our families? What legacy has been passed to us? How do we nurture the future? How do we protect those who are most marginalized? How do we dismantle systems of oppression? How do we care, even when we hurt? The nodes will transit through Cancer and Capricorn for the next 18 months. During this time, we are encouraged to heal ancestral legacies and reimagine what family means.

The Moon squares change-agent Uranus right before entering the visionary sign of Aquarius. Ideas are important to us. Our communities are too. We need to know we are not acting alone to change the world. People are necessary to manifesting our visions, even when they drive us bananas.

Moon in Aquarius
December 11—Crescent Moon: Germinating.
At the new Moon, we harnessed fire’s momentum to initiate a new approach to life. For a while now, things seemed to have been on hold. We’ve needed to backtrack. We’ve moved deeper into the shadow. The Sagittarius new Moon was a chance to reset and restart. Sagittarius is mutable fire. This sign seeks to illuminate and integrate what we believe. This sign, like all signs, has it foibles. These seem to center around needing to be completely sure of oneself—sure of our truth, sure of our goodness, sure of our entitlements. I am not picking on you, Sag. This is my rising sign. Here is what I’ve seen in the Sagittarian people I admire: they’ve worked through their own need for certainty and assurance to be brilliant examples of calling in the diversity of truth around us. They push us out of safety. We have the opportunity to be pushed out of safety today with the added impetus toward bold change that an Aquarius Moon can bring. Tend to the seed of your lunar intention. It is breaking through the shell of past limitations. What we dream and hope is possible may not come to fruition. Every seed does not thrive. But. Nothing bold ever happens if we don’t take the risk. Lessons will be learned later.

Today, Mercury in Scorpio is agitated by Uranus in Aries (through quincunx aspect) to seek the places that need to be bolder. We are questioning everything. Truth pours out of our mouths. This is not always a safe thing! Yes, we want to get something off our chests. Can we find the most skillful way to do that? This is the third time these planets have made this aspect due to Mercury’s recent retrograde. Think back over the problematic experiences you’ve had with communication since October 31. How do you want to change your communication impact? This is a chance to re-pattern thoughts and behaviors. It could be messy. Stick with it.

Moon in Aquarius
Wednesday, December 12.
Mercury re-enters Sagittarius today. All our fires just got a little bit brighter. If you’ve been feeling the gloom lately, pay attention. Ask yourself what your fire needs right now? Since Mercury is bringing this fire, you may be able to feed your fire through learning, communicating, teaching, discovery. Your truth sparkles just for you. The Moon in Aquarius is an enabler of ideas. What intrigues you? What people do you really want to connect with? What revolution do you want to foment?

Moon enters Pisces 6:40 am CST
Thursday, December 13.
The fire of this lunar cycle meets the contrasting energy of water when the Moon enters Pisces. On the surface, these elements seem to be incompatible. That is simplistic. We can be more nuanced. Let’s explore the alchemical magic of blending fire’s action with water’s empathy. Let’s mingle the will to move forward and the heart to listen and receive. Communication and beliefs may be challenged by complexity of emotions and actions as the Moon makes a square to Mercury and Jupiter (both in Sagittarius). The Moon brings in emotional support from Venus in Scorpio and Saturn in Capricorn, providing a desire to stay with it even when there is conflict or confusion.

Moon in Pisces
Friday, December 14.
Why do we feel so much? This may be a purely intellectual curiosity today or a chance to shake our fists at the heavens. Please let me know if the clouds part and give you an answer. The Moon, Neptune, and Mars are all in a soupy Pisces mix. Surrender. Feel. Our hearts may be feeling pain, but they are also beautiful. Like rain nourishing the Earth, our emotions feed a larger network of life and connection. Please reach out to others if you are feeling alone. We are all in this soup together. Let’s break that spell of isolation. Sharing resiliency, if we have any, helps us have more. Pay it forward, but don’t over-sacrifice. You are good enough.

About these forecasts: Through following the Moon, the planets, and the wisdom of the seasons and signs, my goal is to offer a useful practice of mindfulness and intention for the thoughtful seeker. To read about the Sagittarius new Moon go here

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Friday, December 7, 2018

Follow the Moon: December 7, 2018 New Moon

Moon in Sagittarius
December 7, 2018—New Moon: Seeding.

In a country built on utopian expectations, failure to hope can seem downright un-American.” Joanna Macy in World as Lover, World as Self

Hope is a problem. Hope is part of our national myth. Hope is one way white Americans bypass responsibility. Hope is a way to place our attention on a magical future and detach from being present. Hope is escape.

Yet hope can be more. Hope is a source of energy that helps us recommit to work, justice, love. It helps us dream of new possibilities. At this new Moon seeded in the mutable fire sign, Sagittarius, I wonder if it is possible to somehow occupy the liminal space between blind hope and blinding despair. Can I find the right kind of hope to fuel my life?

A lot of hopes get pinned on Sagittarius and its ruler, Jupiter. Jupiter is supposed to bring luck. Sagittarius enthusiastically scans the horizon for meaning. It’s a fire sign! Sometimes, that is enough to generate hope. Energy equals hope, right? In the book, World as Lover, World as Self, Macy writes about the inescapable experience of loss, as we face environmental degradation and dying. The Earth is suffering. People are suffering, too. She says, rather than try to stay hopeful, we need express our despair to be fully present to the world as lover and beloved. We must break the spell of fantastical hope, which is only a deep fear of grief, to be free to hope that our lives can matter. Can we matter to the Earth? Can we change the way we are in this relationship? Macy’s experience is that when we tell the truth about our despair, a hope awakens. If we dare to feel our grief, we find more energy to continue our work in this world. This new Moon is an opportunity to re-pattern hope, to break the spell of hopefulness.

Grief is a river that flows through our souls collecting the pains and losses we’ve suffered. Each of our rivers is different. Some are at flood stage. Some are momentarily peaceful. Rivers change. Our relationship with grief changes too. It is important to let the river be what it is. Grief is doing the work it needs to do and takes as long as it takes. At this new Moon, Mars and Neptune exactly conjoin in Pisces. This transit is a directive to feel what we feel. Mars can find the missing piece, the boon, the reason we dare to act through passion. Mars asks us to trust our emotions. Neptune can bring release and connection. We get to put down the smaller concerns of our egos to merge with universal experiences of love. The way into hope is through despair. This energy is potent.

The Moon and Sun in Sagittarius are square to Mars and Neptune. Squares are challenges that bring new awarenesses and tools. The challenge is to keep sight of hope while letting hope transform into responsible action. Sagittarius is a fire sign, and we have many things to do. This new Moon carries a larger significance since Jupiter just entered Sagittarius for the next year. Jupiter also happens to co-rule Pisces (with Neptune taking the role of modern ruler). Where do we receive our truths? What is the connection between truth and hope? Real truth. Real hope. We’ve had an extended experience of death recently, with Jupiter’s transit through Scorpio last year, and through retrogrades—both Venus and Mercury have traversed the Scorpio landscape this way. Scorpio’s mission is to see with clear eyes what most of us want to avoid. Death is here. Our strategies of denial have weakened. At this new Moon, we may be able to reap a new relationship with death.

Truthtelling is connected to this magic of real hope. The day before this new Moon, Mercury stationed direct in Scorpio. In myth, Mercury/Hermes is the psychopomp escorting souls to the underworld. This god returns with encouragement to speak our unpleasant truths, to be bold in our awareness of where we stand. This is happening in the world, especially with the young. I am inspired by the story of 15-year-old Greta Thunberg who “issued a stern rebuke on behalf of the world's youth climate movement to the adult diplomats, executives, and elected leaders gathered (at the COP24 climate talks) by telling them she was not there asking for help or demanding they comply with demands but to let them know that new political realities and a renewable energy transformation are coming whether they like it or not.” 

More of this, please.

Each new Moon we plant seeds of intention. The seeds are a spell. May this spell create discernment between the hope that heals and the hope that conceals. May we break the spell of despair with truth’s willingness to speak. May we harness the fire of action to change our relationships with the Earth.

So it has been spoken….

About these forecasts: Through following the Moon, the planets, and the wisdom of the seasons and signs, my goal is to offer a useful practice of mindfulness and intention for the thoughtful seeker. 

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