Thursday, November 8, 2018

Follow the Moon: November 8 - November 14

Moon enters Sagittarius 12:59 pm CST
Thursday, November 8
We are feeling expansive, maybe even a little giddy today. Jupiter leaves dark Scorpio behind for bright Sagittarian horizons. It’s OK, we deserve this elevation in mood and it may be unavoidable since the Moon seals the deal by entering Sagittarius just a few hours later. Those with points or planets in Sagittarius are especially going to feel this influence. Pay attention to where your thoughts want to roam. The new Moon energy is still strong. What do you want to begin? How do you want to expand?  Remember, the connection to the darker territories you’ve just traveled. We are meant to use that experience to inform our hopes and plans for the future. Are we meant to remember that the future is not about personal gain, but about those furthest from power? Can our newly-born optimism be fueled by this ideal?

Moon in Sagittarius.
Friday, November 9.
Today, we remember that liberatory justice is sexy. There’s a reason we desire beauty and justice. These qualities enhance our experiences of embodied life force. Beauty reminds us to savor. Justice reminds us relationships matter. Venus in Libra, retrograding into a powerful reclaiming of beauty and justice, makes a trine to Mars in Aquarius. The air signs are magnetically attracted to each other. Aquarius represents the drive to liberate our dreams. Imaginations are firing. We know the work of justice is far from over, but we are reminded that the work can bring joy too.

Moon enters Capricorn 9:54 pm CST
Saturday, November 10.
Certainly, Jupiter’s year in Sagittarius will not be all peaches and cream. The boost in mood over the last couple of days has been a needed reprieve from the sinking doom of recent weeks. But by now, we may be getting inklings of what the work of Jupiter in Sagittarius will be. The judicial system, religious institutions, foreign countries, and institutions of higher learning belong to Sagittarius. Jupiter in Sagittarius feels lucky. Luck can turn into entitlement. Entitlement can turn into fundamentalism, where we seek to justify privilege through belief systems. Today’s favorable aspects between the Moon in Sagittarius, Venus in Libra, and Mars in Aquarius invokes joy. The difference between entitlement and joy may be a spontaneous and generous gratitude that springs from our hearts. Let’s notice and cultivate this joy.

Moon in Capricorn
November 11–Crescent Moon: Germinating. In order for a seed to break open and begin to anchor its tender life, there must be something to push against. There must be some resistance. That is the role of the Moon, Pluto, and Saturn today. All these bodies are in Capricorn, the sign of structures and judgments, the sign that has no problem providing resistance to hopeful beginnings. Capricorns will say this isn’t because they are mean, but because they want your success. Resistance creates structures. So, if this lunar cycle is about Scorpio’s relationship to power, especially the power that serves those furthest from power, then the resistance we feel from Capricorn influence is meant to empower us. At this time, we get down to business. What is a real step you need to take to support the magic you are invoking this lunar cycle. The more resistance you feel, the better. We get a lot of support today too. The Sun in Scorpio, seeking empowerment, is supported by Pluto. Keys to power are at hand. Notice how you may want to push them away. Another type of resistance. We’ve seen power done so badly, that many of us would rather do anything else than claim and use our power. Systems of power over are happy to take our power from us. It is time we stopped letting them. Another type of resistance. What do your roots need to keep you in this process of empowerment? Cultivate that resistance.

Moon in Capricorn
Monday, November 12.
Yesterday’s forecast applies to today. Capricorn challenges our right to power. Capricorn will challenge our right to anything, because Capricorn wants us to earn everything. When we’ve worked hard and stayed focused and honed our skills through challenge, Capricorn says, Well done and offers a slew of support. Solid foundations are built this way. When we dedicate our work to others, determination gets even stronger. Find the people who are able to see your determination and tell you, Well done. These words are invaluable.

Moon enters Aquarius 9:45 am CST
Tuesday, November 13.
Uranus recently retrograded back into Aries. (In May Uranus entered Taurus, stationed retrograde on August 7, and will now be in Aries till March 6 when it reenters Taurus) We get a few months to review how Uranus helped us to evolve our radicalization under the sign of identity and action. Aries is impulsive and reactive, but also willing to leap into the fray. Aries seeks to know themselves and assert their right to exist. What can the planet of radical change and awakening learn from Aries? How will be bring those lessons back into the period of time Uranus will transit Taurus (until 2026)? We are investigating our strategies today. What has been working? What hasn’t? With the ingress of Jupiter into Sagittarius, we need new goals and new methods.

Moon in Aquarius
Wednesday, November 14.
The Moon in fixed air sign, Aquarius, creates a good environment for sharing ideas. Mercury in Sagittarius helps, too. The bigger the vision, the better. So much air influence could leave some of us feeling cold. The influence is only temporary. Perhaps detachment from emotion can help us reset our nervous systems.

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