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Follow the Moon: November 29, 2018 - December 6

Moon enters Virgo 5:08 am CST
November 29—Last Quarter Moon: Setting new seeds.
I’ve spent more than half of my lifetime calling myself a Witch. For 30 years, I’ve listened for the wisdom of the seasons. I’ve studied the stars and the dance of the elements. I’ve strived to be in relationships with living beings of the land. I’ve investigated my responsibility to these relationships. And most importantly, perhaps, I’ve learned to align my life’s rhythms with the eternal cycle of birth, life, death, decay, and rebirth. This curriculum of what it means to be a Witch feels worthwhile. Somehow if feels essential. Especially when I am at a crossroads. Especially when I am seeking my next steps. I am trying to figure out which influence holds the most power right now. This lunar cycle is a curious mixing of Scorpio and Sagittarius influences. These signs are side by side. We always travel from Scorpio into Sagittarius, from dark depth into bright hopes. This is the natural rhythm. Yet this time, to my witchy senses, it feels a bit strange. Perhaps part of me isn’t ready to let go of the dark to apply these lessons to the next discovery of meaning. Not every part of me is ready. I think there are reasons for that.

Retrogrades are part of the reason. Venus recently retrograded through Scorpio back into Libra. This planet is now retracing their steps. Venus re-enters Scorpio on December 2. There is another act yet to come. Under Scorpio influence, the need is to guard our hearts a bit more, we are aware that shadows lurk within for everyone. We are looking for reassurances. If we are fortunate, we will experience transformations. Mercury is also retrograding through Sagittarius. We aren’t quite ready to come out with the complete declaration of truth, and that is a relief when you think about it. Too often, we reach for the easy answers. They seem to be just out of reach, right now.

Whatever we thought this lunar cycle (seeded in Scorpio on November 7) was about, it hasn’t turned out that way. This phase of the lunar cycle is a chance to notice that and form new seeds to inform our future cycles. This is what a Witch does. The Moon is in Virgo. Virgo is about collecting information, too. Collect your data. Recall the ways you’ve seen power used well and not well. Honestly assess where your energy is. Do you have any resources left? How can you refine this use of energy? What feels false? What feels like it isn’t time yet? Trust that knowing.

This Virgo Moon stirs the cauldron by forming a challenging t-square aspect pattern today. The Moon is square to retrograding Mercury and to Jupiter. The Moon also opposes Mars in Pisces. A Witch learns to navigate the eddies of energy that disrupt the story. What will you learn about that today?

Moon in Virgo
Friday, November 30.
An important step in the Venus retrograde journey happens today. Venus in Libra (on the way back into Scorpio for their final victory lap) opposes Uranus in Aries. This aspect is the very crux of the current Venus retrograde season. This aspect is about power, anger, and action. Venus is the principal of justice and love, balance and beauty. Uranus is the awakener—trumpet blast that jolts us from slumber. Where are you in relation to change? The Moon in Virgo contributes a desire to keep everything manageable. Venus and Uranus have other ideas. The tension between these two influences could feel like your breaking point. The questions become: how do we pay attention the best we can? How do we leap into the unknown the best we can? What recalculations about justice, beauty, and balance need to happen?

Moon enters Libra 8:49 am CST
Saturday, December 1.
Mercury retrogrades back into Scorpio and we are dredging up the past. While retrograde, Mercury encourages review. It seems we need to review emotional baggage, unsatisfactory power dynamics, and places we’ve been stuck. This may sound dreadful. But what a gift Mercury offers us. The purpose of the review is to let it go, purge, and transform whatever keeps us from living full and vital lives. We get another chance to heal in a powerful way. The Moon in Libra encourages reciprocal exchange. We could think of this as the exchange between life and death. As parts of the past die, we feed and are fed by this mysterious relationship between the seen and unseen worlds. The Moon is supported by optimistic Jupiter in Sagittarius and is challenged by realistic Saturn in Capricorn. Standing in the middle ground between fantasy and despair, we encounter the right-sized power to be part of the mystery.

Moon in Libra
Sunday, December 2.
Yesterday, Mercury retrograded back into Scorpio. Today, Venus re-enters Scorpio for the third time (due to the previous Venus retrograde from October 5 through November 16). The message is clear. We need to go back over previous terrain to recover something left behind or undone in the shadowlands of Scorpio. Investigate emotion-laden stories. Reclaim the power to heal. Mercury’s influence could be surprising or annoying because that is often how this trickster god likes to do things. Venus may need to express emotion to regain power and transform pain. It may be hard to keep everyone as happy as a Libra Moon would like. Darker feelings are rising to the surface. The Sun in Sagittarius makes a square to Mars in Pisces, setting us up to feel extra sensitive and reactive. Patience with all these emotions may be limited. Mercury makes a quincunx aspect to Uranus in Aries creating a tendency to break through places we feel stuck rather than gently dismantle our stories of pain.

Moon enters Scorpio 1:55pm CST
December 3—Balsamic Moon: Composting.
This lunar cycle has been an uneasy hybrid of Scorpio and Sagittarius influence. New Moon seeds were planted in Scorpio’s soil. While communing with our shadows, it felt appropriate, somehow, to shield ourselves from too much hope. We’ve experienced a lot of loss. But Sagittarian optimism has tried anyway. Jupiter in Sagittarius has us looking for escape, whether that is through actual travel or a mental shift away from the harsh realities of this world. This break from an onslaught of bad news creates new resources for response. However, the soul journey has its own plan. Or perhaps the planets have their plan for our soul journeys. Both Mercury and Venus have re-entered Scorpio. The Moon joins them today. The dark has its own gravity and we feel the pull. As we let go of the momentum of this lunar cycle to see what has died and what remains, we are reminded that our hearts know what we need. Maybe it is to forge new and hopeful pathways. Maybe it is to be still with our grief. Perhaps this lunar cycle is teaching us how to listen to what makes sense to us. We can’t walk anyone else’s path. Today, retrograding Mercury in Scorpio makes a trine aspect with Chiron in Pisces. We receive messages from our wounds, which, I admit, does not sound like any fun. But there is something beautiful and meaningful to be learned. This lunar phase encourages the pithy wisdom, the reason we are here in this place, at this time. We don’t have to reach for it. We just need to open.  

Moon in Scorpio
Tuesday, December 4
The Moon in Scorpio only makes supportive transits today. We will feel supported, if we stick to the Scorpio agenda. At best, this agenda is about being a healing presence. We have the opportunity to see things as they are and to powerfully accept the lessons this insight gives. At worst, this agenda is about controlling life’s uncertainties. This is today’s choice: Will I see things as they are, or will I attempt to control the way I want them to be? Although we may not realize it, this is not a right/wrong choice. Somewhere in the middle, is the option to remember we have power to create new possibilities.

Moon enters Sagittarius 8:49 pm CST
Wednesday, December 5.
Give yourself a break, emotions are big and possibly confusing. The Sun in Sagittarius makes a square aspect to Neptune in Pisces. We can’t forget, also, that Mars is only one degree away from Neptune, and Mercury is stationing direct tomorrow. It would be quite understandable if all you want to do is escape. Or put everything on hold while you hide out for a day or two. That would be perfectly understandable. For most of the day (U.S. time zones), the Moon is in Scorpio not making anything better. At times like these, astrology’s greatest gift is the knowledge that it just isn’t us making all this happen, and that, soon, it will be over. This is true. Although you may be tempted to think it will never get better, it will. What can you learn from being gentle with yourself?

Moon in Sagittarius
Thursday, December 6.
Mercury in Scorpio stations direct today. Stations—when a planet appears to stand still before changing apparent direction—make a planet’s influence stronger. So, stuff might go wrong or unexpectedly today. This uncertainty is exacerbated by the Moon in Sagittarius making challenging contact with Jupiter in Sagittarius, Mars in Pisces, and Neptune in Pisces. We might be reading too much into things and overreacting. Take a step back. Hold off making conclusions. And if possible, give thanks to the messenger god for gentle lessons about what you think you know.

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