Friday, November 23, 2018

Follow the Moon: November 23, 2018 - November 28

Moon in Gemini
Friday, November 23.
I am not expecting business as usual today. Monkey wrenches are being thrown. We are feeling sensitive. The Moon in Gemini is stirring the pot. First thing in the morning (U.S. time zones), the Moon opposes Jupiter in Sagittarius. This is when we may make more plans than we can deliver on later. Then, the Moon forms a square aspect to Mars in Pisces. We ARE feeling a lot of things. And maybe aren’t entirely comfortable with that. Social situations could be awkward. When the Moon opposes retrograding Mercury in Sagittarius, we could overreact to the things that are not going our way. Tears may come. The Moon finishes their work by making a square to a stationary (thus more powerful) Neptune in Pisces. What we may really want to do is retreat and comfort ourselves. We are feeling our losses. Give your heart a hug.

Moon in Gemini
Saturday, November 24.
Is it safe to come out? Yesterday’s transits may have been unsettling for you. Although the Moon is done contributing to the moment’s confusion, we are still under the spell of Neptune in Pisces. Neptune stations direct today. For the last year, Jupiter in Scorpio has fed the Neptune process of finding, losing, and seeking again transcendent connections. In June, Neptune turned retrograde. This period of time has been for review and reclamation. Perhaps you have felt your spiritual journey going fallow or going very deep inside. Perhaps this is a moment to reset the patterns around your desire for heartfull connection and devotion. Perhaps we don’t need to make this an effort. Perhaps it rises naturally, just as the planets know naturally when to change their direction.

Moon enters Cancer 12:38 am CST
Sunday, November 25.
Emotions rise to the surface. Honor them. What if we welcomed our tears just as we welcome a rain shower that softens the soil? What if we stayed with the feelings until the thing that needed releasing and melting relaxed into awareness? Sometimes I think that Cancer has too much work to do to. If this sign is emphasized in your chart, you probably think so too. The natural inclination can be to defer self-nurturing because others need us so much. Notice if this pattern occurs during today’s transits. The Moon in Cancer receives encouraging support from Mars and Neptune in Pisces, but some critical opposition from stern Saturn in Capricorn. Saturn can help us investigate what we really think and want from the intimate spaces of our lives. Avoid the trap of shame.

Moon in Cancer
November 26—Disseminating Moon: Fruiting.
The fruiting phase of a lunar cycle can feel expansive. We’ve learned something! Perhaps we feel like we survived something. Full Moons can be intense. They offer illumination. Insights, lessons, and truths are revealed. What do we do with all that? We expand. This energy is much like what the sign of Sagittarius and the mission of Jupiter (ruler of Sagittarius) are all the time. We expand, both to learn more and to share more of what we learn. Primary influences are changing right now. Jupiter recently entered Sagittarius. (Jupiter spends one year in a sign.) Jupiter’s transit through Scorpio was profound. We expanded what we knew about trauma, abuse, and oppressions. (Thanks, Scorpio.) At the new Moon of this current lunar cycle, seeds were planted in Scorpio soil. Those seeds have produced fruit. Today, both this disseminating phase and a conjoining of the Sun in Sagittarius with Jupiter create a field of expansion. What do we want to do with what we have learned? How important is it to teach and share what we have experienced? Pay attention, we are going to learn something important about Jupiter’s year in Sagittarius this week.  

Mars in Pisces represents another recently changed influence. Mars spent a long period of time in Aquarius due to retrograde motion. Mars, the principal of active will, has moved from intellectual action to emotional action. (Pisces being a water sign.) Pisces is a different creature from Scorpio, even though both are water signs. We are doing less purging and more merging. Boundaries are blurring and this can be alarming. Some boundaries are defenses keeping us isolated and some are healthy differentiation. We get to learn the difference while Mars is in this sign (until December 31). Today, retrograding Mercury in Sagittarius makes a square aspect to Mars. Confusion, miscommunication, hurt feelings, crossed boundaries could be part of the lessons of this moment.

Because the Moon is in Cancer, we feel all this more deeply. Not everything needs to be understood, solved, or wrapped up in a tidy package all at once. Let these influences percolate. They will unfold in their own time.

Moon enters Leo 2:35 am CST
Tuesday, November 27.
We reach the heart of the current Mercury retrograde today when the Sun and Mercury conjoin in Sagittarius. Themes of travel, meaning, truth, religion, and institutions of justice are tweaked by this transit. What brings it to the next level is that Jupiter conjoins Mercury too, while being in square aspect to Mars in Pisces. There are all kinds of confusions and false assumptions influencing us right now. Yet, underneath that there is something valuable to remember. What is it for you? How do you center? What is your guiding star? How do you know your own truth? How do you let go of distractions? We are helped by a sextile aspect between Mars and Saturn in Capricorn. How often are we grateful for the grounding influence of Saturn? Honor reality. Touch in, reinforce your practice of remembering yourself. Then, rejoin the dance.

Moon in Leo
Wednesday, November 28.
Venus in Libra is the star of the next few days. Today Venus connects with Chiron in Pisces through an aspect that feels paradoxical or strange. If Venus, on their return trip from a retrograde journey, is reclaiming justice, then this influence from Chiron triggers our own wounds around how unfair life can be. Can any feeling of personal victimization be turned into action for others? Being wounded is not the same as being weak. Our scars can also be our determination to change the world. The Moon in Leo may be asking for energetic release. Joy is strength too. Where do we find it today?

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