Thursday, November 22, 2018

Follow the Moon: November 22 Full Moon

Moon enters Gemini 10:10 pm CST
November 22—Full Moon: Blossoming. Sun enters Sagittarius
How do you explain it? How do you understand the journey so far? How do you bring this understanding into meaning? This full Moon in Gemini is designed for words, thoughts, and meaning. It is designed for truth. And it is designed to help us recall how slippery truth can be. The way I understand it, we’ve just been on a journey through the dark night of death. This lunar cycle was seeded in Scorpio, a sign that had close affinity with the dark night. Some call this place the underworld. It’s a personal journey of soul making. Perhaps you feel finished with that journey, perhaps not. But the Moon, Sun, Jupiter, Mercury, and Mars are asking us to muse on what we’ve learned. All these planets are in mutable signs in search of meaning.
Sometimes, I need to know where simple words come from. What journey did “meaning” take to arrive at this moment? The online etymological dictionary tells me that “meaning” comes from the verb “to mean.” “Mean” has traveled through a world of language: to intend, have in mind," Old English m├Žnan "to mean, intend, signify; tell, say; complain, lament," from Proto-West Germanic *menjojanan (source also of Old Frisian mena "to signify," Old Saxon menian "to intend, signify, make known," Dutch menen, German meinen "think, suppose, be of the opinion"), from PIE *meino- "opinion, intent" (source also of Old Church Slavonic meniti "to think, have an opinion," Old Irish mian "wish, desire," Welsh mwyn "enjoyment"), perhaps from root *men-(1) "to think." 

There are some interesting side roads in this journey. Meaning is related to complaining and lamenting. How odd. It makes sense there is a connection to thinking and opinions. I like how the Welsh brought meaning and enjoyment together. But for the purposes of this full Moon, I think the words, “intend and signify” are particularly meaningful. If we are to gather meaning from the journey through the death lands, we need to know intention and we need to know how to signify that intention. Working with signs and symbols is a witch’s tool, a way we meet intention with magic. 

How shall we signify our Scorpio new Moon intentions at this full Moon in Gemini? Let’s listen to the planets. First of all, the Sun has just entered Sagittarius (mutable fire). The Sagittarian arrow is famous for pointing at the horizon, where we are sure to discover the meaning to life. The exotic, the wisdom of other cultures, the journey itself brings a glowing sense of meaning. Jupiter rules this sign and has also just entered Sagittarius. Mercury is retrograding through the same sign. We are amped up! Ready to pounce on understandings. Mercury, dressed in their trickster outfit, just laughs at us. Truth and meaning are fleeting. Humans have a way of thinking we know it all anyway. Perhaps this reminder from Mercury helps us to be humble. Perhaps it helps us to be more curious and less certain. Under this influence, which is optimistic and expansive, we may want to forget that this lunar cycle began on a more somber note. Sagittarius is a very human sign. It glorifies knowledge. It brings out our questing natures. Surely every problem has an answer. Death, in all its complexity, says there is much we can never know and finalities we can never solve. If we can hold these contradictions in our awareness, interesting things might happen. 
The Moon is in Gemini (mutable air), another very human sign. We need diversion. We need movement. We need connection, as long as the connection is about learning. That trickster Mercury rules this sign. How easily do we trip ourselves up trying to go faster and know more? How do we signify that we are willing to slow down and make other kinds of connections? 

Mars in Pisces (mutable water) makes a square aspect to all the Sagittarian planets and to the Gemini Moon. That means Mars is at the apex of a t-square pattern. This position creates stress for Mars. When Mars is under stress, we can become angry or frustrated. Unacknowledged emotion may create problems. It is important to not bury our feelings.

The mutable signs seek integration and understanding. Sagittarius influence asks, what has energy? Gemini influence asks, what do we know? Pisces influence asks, what do we feel? Using these elemental influences, what signifies your soul-making journey through the death lands? Energy, knowledge and emotion—these qualities want to infuse our journeys with meaning. 

About these forecasts: Through following the Moon, the planets, and the wisdom of the seasons and signs, my goal is to offer a useful practice of mindfulness and intention for the thoughtful seeker. Read about the new Moon in Scorpio here:

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