Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Follow the Moon: New Moon of November 7, 2018

Moon in Scorpio
November 7–New Moon: Seeding. Astronomical Samhain.
I am writing this on the new Moon, on the morning after the U.S. midterm elections. These elections were a big deal for those of us daring to hope that beauty and justice could still survive in the stark world of a Trump presidency. In advance of today, I had a hard time looking forward into the future, something astrologers are supposed to be good at, and forming an intention for a new Moon shrouded by darkness and fear. I had to wait till the morning after. Not that I understand everything that happened in this election, but I do know amazing new voices have come into power—the most hopeful are women of color elected to office. How do we support the tides of change we are witnessing? This new Moon wants to be about that.

Just like last month, I want to frame this moment within the ongoing mythological journey of Venus retrograding through Scorpio back into Libra, where we find Hir at this new Moon. On October 5, Venus stationed retrograde in Scorpio. On November 16, Venus will station direct in Libra, making their way back through Scorpio with the power attained from the journey into the dark. Venus, as ruler of Libra, is the sovereign of beauty and justice. Through this Scorpio journey, Venus is reclaiming those qualities. Venus had to take the journey. We were left at the gate to the underworld, waiting for our beloved to return. This is the role Ninshubar has in the Sumerian story of Inanna’s descent. (see October’s new Moon forecast) Ninshubar is the loyal companion who doesn’t know if their beloved will ever return. Ninshubar is the loyal companion who grieves and then acts. Those of us who campaigned, voted, and dared to dream are the Ninshubars, the ones calling beauty and justice back.

It is about power. Scorpio is always about power. This new Moon, which also happens to be astronomical Samhain, is the time that the veils between the worlds is most open. This is the time to make our pledges and pleas to our ancestors on behalf of our descendants. The power available at this moment is a gift and an obligation to using it well on behalf of those who need it most. Yesterday, an election spell crafted by writer and activist, Adrienne Maree Brown included these words:

today we show up for those furthest from power
those carrying the most of our burden
those we’ve already lost to hate in this pale time
Adrienne Maree Brown – Spell for election day

Maybe this is how we think of power now, as the power to show up for those furthest from power, to ensure they are empowered, not forgotten, no longer abandoned. Perhaps this is the role that loyal Ninshubar is helping us claim. We wait, we grieve, we act, we fight on behalf of those furthest from power so that power may be rebalanced.

The Scorpio journey of power reclaimed really began a year ago when Jupiter went into that sign. At this new Moon, Jupiter has reached the final degree of Jupiter. Tomorrow, November 7, Jupiter enters Sagittarius for a year. Jupiter rules this expansive, searching fire sign. The darkest journeys of the past year are seeking resolution in Sagittarian stories of meaning, truth, belief. We humans struggle with these things. Meaning can be narrow-minded, truth can be dogmatic, and belief can be oppressive. But after an underworld journey, we get another chance to choose the liberating stories of meaning, truth, and belief. This possibility is woven into this lunar cycle and the next, when the new Moon will be in Sagittarius.

It will feel like we are emerging and returning as the lunar cycle goes on. Planets change directions and signs. Puzzles we’ve been brooding over for a while change. A notable change will be when Mars finally leaves Aquarius for Pisces on November 15. Mars entered Aquarius in May and then took an extended retrograde journey during the summer. Perhaps you remember the frustrations of so many retrograde planets at that time. Mars in Aquarius has jolted Uranus in Taurus and Jupiter in Scorpio into action and reactions. We’ve been on alert (Mars function) for so long, it may be a relief to experience Mars in Pisces where the action is to go with the flow. Mars will stay in Pisces until January 2, 2019. During this period, we are supported in releasing and reconnecting through our hearts. Neptune, the ruler of Pisces, transiting through Pisces, will station direct on November 24. A short while later, on December 7, Mars will conjoin Neptune at the stationary degree of 13 Pisces. We are urged to tend our worn out nervous systems through retreat, restoration, and release. The gift of this influence is compassion for self and others.

Just as Venus in Libra turns direct, Mercury in Sagittarius stations retrograde on November 16. The message and meaning from recent experiences of shadow and death are scrambled by the trickster. It is best we keep humble about what we think we know. It is likely we’ll be shown that we don’t know enough.

We’ve changed direction, but we are not home yet. The best way to return may be to fully understand and honor the experiences of this past year under Scorpio influence. This lunar cycle seeded under Scorpio’s intense scrutiny gives us an opportunity to be forever changed by the transformative realities of our underworld journeys. We’ve been sold a pack of lies. There’s no going back after we’ve seen corrupt power behind the scenes. The only way out is to reclaim the power that renews, the power that serves those furthest from it.  

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