Sunday, September 2, 2018

Follow the Moon: September 2, 2018- September 8

Moon enters Gemini 3:01 am CDT
September 2—Last Quarter Moon: Seed formation.
Enoughness. My intention of self-kindness for this Leo lunar cycle has yielded the seeds of being enough. I hear the words, I am enough, and feel my body relax into the present moment—not pushing myself to be more, not caving into shame, not expecting more than I have to give, and not thinking that what I have to give is worth less. I won’t lie, this awareness of being enough comes and goes. I forget than I am, but the practice of kindness has perhaps helped new roots to take hold. This is what I hope from every lunar cycle—magical, mindful intention that changes the world. The world starts with me. The recent influence of a grand earth trine has helped me locate this feeling of enough. The planets in this pattern, Uranus in Taurus, Saturn in Capricorn, and the Sun in Virgo, are reaching into all realms of earth to remind us that bodies, work, service, values, legacies and histories, manifestations, and foundations are part of the plan for maintaining and changing the world we desire. Understanding enoughness is part of earth wisdom, something that has been lost to much of dominant western culture. The Sun has moved off this pattern but Saturn and Uranus are powerfully connected right now and Mercury will enter Virgo this week (September 5) to reinvigorate the grand trine. The roots of the word enough speak about having already reached the desired thing, it has been done, no more is needed. Enoughness is a call to remember what we have attained and to recognize it. Enough has been done. The Leo lunar cycle is a call to remember we are lights and we are enough. Our value does not need to be earned.

The Moon in Gemini stimulates the business of making connections. Expect to have an assumption challenged, a new insight, a surge of curiosity that could remind you of your place in this fascinating world.

Moon in Gemini
Monday, September 3.
Connections have the ability to sparkle today. These connections, which could be with anything—ideas, people, or other living beings—feed us. We aren’t meant to be isolated. A lively sextile aspect between Mercury in Leo and Venus in Libra reminds us how meaningful connections are. Relationship, Venus in Libra’s specialty, are entwined with creative self-expression, Mercury’s point of view here. The Moon in Gemini only adds to this influence with a desire to converse and share. Show your appreciation for others in your life. Be willing to learn. An opening into wonder is waiting for you to walk through.

Moon enters Cancer 7:03 am CDT
Tuesday, September 4.
The Cancer Moon has us retracting back into ourselves. Under the Gemini Moon, we reached out, now we pull back. This pulsation helps us stabilize, another thing that Cancer desires. Where is your center, your home, your place of renewal? Cancer teaches us about our personal rhythms. If we can respect those, we can more fully show up in our lives and then in the lives of others. Cancer’s shadow is the tendency to skip over personal needs to help others first. If that is your pattern, back up and try again. Where is your center, your home, your place of renewal? The Moon makes a favorable connection to Uranus in Taurus. We are willing to try a new approach to self-care. The opposition of the Moon and Saturn in Capricorn is a test of how well we can listen to inner guidance over external messages of obligation.

Moon in Cancer
Wednesday, September 5.
The emotional weather today is variable with a possibility of scattered thunderstorms. Here’s the anchor: The Moon in Cancer forms a grand water trine aspect pattern with Jupiter in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces. This pattern could mean that you are feeling all the feelings, but it could also mean that you forget to tune in to what you are feeling. Remember to access this wisdom, and learn to be with your feelings, if that is not something you do easily. But no feeling is final. Whatever comes across your sky today will change. Mercury, as the god of mind and message, makes a puzzling quincunx aspect to Mars in Capricorn before moving into a new sign, Virgo, later in the day. What ideas are you attached to? We might be feeling argumentative or at odds with others over what they think we should be doing. These messages can come from ourselves too. Perhaps Mars can function as a reminder that there are things you want and need to work on to manifest an idea or desire. The next step may not be clear. Remember emotional information. How are these feelings informing you? With the ingress in Virgo, Mercury’s influence strengthens. It also locks into the grand earth trine of Saturn in Capricorn and Uranus in Taurus. The rest of the week should feel productive. Notice self-judgment and expectations.

Moon enters Leo 8:54 am CDT
September 6—Balsamic Moon: Composting.
The Moon returns to Leo where it was at the beginning of this lunar cycle. The balsamic phase is about returning to the source, seeing changes in intention and self, and letting the process go. It can be meaningful to let this phase be a fallow time, when nothing new gets planted. This phase can be a time of deep listening without expectations. Notice the tendrils of insight. Honor what you have learned from the Leo season. This has been the season of light, a solar infusion of worth, nobility, and self-kindness. Sense into the light within your cells. It is there. Like a battery, we store solar energy. Like a battery, we can use it to shed light, to boost our connections, to give energy to our dreams. Each astrological season is a vital part of the wheel of life. Feel the hum of Leo’s energy resonating in your heart, the place of source for Leo’s courage. This energy will be useful later as we follow the wheel into Virgo seeds at the next new Moon.

The biggest influence of the day is Saturn in Capricorn stationing direct. Saturn turned retrograde in April in the 9th degree of Capricorn. Saturn backed up to the 2nd degree (making an important almost-exact trine to Uranus in Taurus) and now will be moving forward again. We’ve experienced a lot of retrogrades this summer. Things have been cooking internally. Saturn’s movement forward will spark the desire to be concrete and ambitious about what we want to do with our lives. There is always pressure that comes with this influence, but we’ve learned something from these last few months that will serve us in the future. Is it a new determination? A renewed commitment? A clearer vision of the steps we need to take next? Remember Saturn can be an ally, not always a critic.

Mercury in Virgo makes a quincunx aspect to Chiron in Aries. We may have forgotten something vital about our own healing journeys. We have the opportunity to remember that today. The journey develops our healing wisdom. This wisdom is a resource for our communities, families, and relationships.

Moon in Leo
Friday, September 7.
Mercury in Virgo forms a grand earth trine with Saturn in Capricorn and Uranus in Taurus. Please remember the support around you as you step forward into manifesting change. Earth is the ally. What reminds you of that connection? Possibly you will want to honor that today. Maybe through a pledge, beginning a practice, or naming a relationship. The opposition between the Sun in Virgo and Neptune in Pisces provides the opportunity to re-integrate polarized assumptions that keep us thinking small about work, devotion, healing, and connection. It is too easy to be critical of ourselves and others. It is also too easy to avoid the pain within and around us through disconnection. Something wants us to be centered in our work and our care for ourselves and the world. Something reminds us that our small acts of showing up for each other, for ourselves, is a way to reconnect to vast mysteries. We are more than the sum of our parts.

Moon enters Virgo 9:29 am CDT
Saturday, September 8.
The Moon in Virgo joins the grand earth trine aspect pattern established by Mercury in Virgo, Saturn in Capricorn, and Uranus in Taurus. The emphasis on the harmony of this trine comes from Virgo. This is the sign of discernment and intricate adjustments. Without falling into the trap of perfectionism, how can you use your discernment to tweak what you wish to manifest right now? Virgo works well when this sign knows who/what it wants to serve. Hearts of devotion help us surrender the outcome. It isn’t about what we may produce as much as how we get there. Honor the beauty of earth. Be the humble servant. The square between Venus in Libra and Mars in Capricorn (both at the last degrees of these signs) add intensity to the day. We can get into battles around methods and wills and direction, but we may also be activated by the passion of these guides. Venus guides us towards beauty and harmony. Mars guides us towards purpose and determination. Can these qualities embrace as lovers? What happens when they do?

About these forecasts: Through following the Moon, the planets, and the wisdom of the seasons and signs, my goal is to offer a useful practice of mindfulness and intention for the thoughtful seeker.

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