Monday, September 24, 2018

Follow the Moon: Forecast for September 24, 2018 - October 1

Moon enters Aries 6:03pm CDT
September 24, 2018—Full Moon: Blossoming
After dedication comes action. This lunar cycle was seeded with the devotional energy of Virgo. Virgo’s influence reminds us of our dedications—the reasons we serve and the ways we serve. At the new Moon, I rededicated myself to my purpose. I named the ways I wish to walk in this world. I asked for help. Now, this Virgo cycle reaches the culminating point at the full Moon phase. This is the time to ask, “What blossoms from the seed of this intention?” The planets are telling us that after dedication comes action. Cardinal sign energies are taking a stand at this full Moon in Aries. Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) initiate action. When more than one cardinal sign is active at the same time, we encounter challenges to our ability to decide, act, and lead. We are also reminded that we still must decide, act, and lead, even when to do so means we will struggle. Knowing our purpose, dedicating ourselves to serving that which inspires us, is magical. Virgo’s best influence helps us align daily life with greater meaning. After that flush of affirmation, when we encounter an obstacle, we might be tempted to doubt that we ever really knew our purpose or that no matter how hard we try, we’ll never do it good enough. Doubt is a natural response. It is a part of the whole and Virgo invites wholeness. Can we allow our doubts to be present? Can these shadows feed determination and commitment?

We are not alone. The biggest lie of oppression is that we are not connected to each other. The full Moon in Aries tempts us to believe that to act with daring and courage means we must act alone. Aries, as the first sign, is about individuation and identity. The paradox is that we are individuals and we are connected. The solitary hero is a myth. The Sun opposes Aries from Libra, the sign of balance and proportion. Solitary action is in relationship to collaborative action. This creates balance. Both these signs, Aries and Libra, teach each other about right-sized action. Libra learns from Aries to be assertive. Aries learns from Libra to be tempered. What is your right-size in service to your purpose? Do you need tempering or assertiveness? Saturn in Capricorn has a lot to say to us about achieving this balance right now. Saturn almost exactly squares the Sun and Moon at this time of illumination. Saturn, as the planet of authority, which means authoring ourselves, makes everything it touches more meaningful and more challenging. If our dedications are true, we will feel Saturn’s pressure to do right by them. Saturn throws up obstacles so we may know how deeply we care and how much we still need to do.

“Saturn says, ‘There are no arbitrary impediments.’ All obstacles are intended to catalyze us to experiment with different parts of our psyche that we would not explore unless compelled. “ Caroline Casey in “Making the Gods Work for You.”

Saturn invokes obligation—the measurement of what has been given and what is due—and the self-reflection that is needed to live in integrity with that obligation. Saturn makes sure we mean what we mean. If we expect perfection from ourselves (Virgo shadow), then we can suffer under this relentless pressure. Remembering the opposition of Aries and Libra, where is the right size of expectation? How do we cultivate courage, temperance, and integrity to live in wholeness as we serve our purpose? That is a big question! We get to be gentle with ourselves. Big questions hover around this full Moon. Everything is information.

Another pressure, though a different one, may be felt from Pluto in Capricorn, who will be turning direct soon (September 30). Stationary planets have stronger influence. Pluto has been retrieving shadow to make power available. Although power, in Pluto’s hands can be both life-giving and life-taking, I like to think how we may reclaim our power to live in connection and integrity when we face our own shadows. The pressure comes from the intensity of this process. Pluto’s pressure is about ultimate realities. What matters most of all? We get to claim power and use it, especially if we know what we serve.
The quincunx aspect between the Sun in Libra and Uranus in Taurus agitates everything that we feel today. Stakes seem higher. We might be less patient. We might be tempted to project onto others more than we should. Is the chaos you are feeling really because everyone else is wrong, or is it because we need to listen to how we are invoking chaos to escape the pressures within? What inspires you? The Libra Sun invites beauty as a balm for our souls.

Moon in Aries
Tuesday, September 25.
See yesterday’s full Moon forecast for more about the experience of today’s exact square between the Sun in Libra and Saturn in Capricorn. The good news about this aspect is knowing what is important. Fog is clearing. There’s less ambiguity about where we stand, with ourselves and others. Mercury in Libra is opposed by the Moon in Aries. We need to negotiate, balance our perspectives, while still remaining true to ourselves. All or nothing is not a good tactic, even though these cardinal planets are pretty certain of themselves. There is room to listen to others and wait before responding. Chiron returns to Pisces after spending nearly five months in Aries. For the next few months (until February 2019), the tender influence of Pisces molds the way we sense the wound that can’t be healed. Perhaps this reminder of our mutual suffering will help us as we face choices about our next actions. Notice how the issues around water resurface while Chiron is in Pisces. We still have work to do to protect the source of life.

Moon in Aries
Wednesday, September 26.
The Moon in Aries turns void of course after making a square to Pluto as the final aspect while in Aries. People, issues, events may get under our skin today. And we may feel curiously listless when trying to do anything about it. Frustrations, which are cooking under the surface, will show up before long, but maybe not today. Notice if you need more space to be alone or make your own choices. Have you been giving away too much of yourself lately? Take back that energy. It will only create conflict if you don’t. Clear out resentments. Get in touch with your authentic power.

Moon enters Taurus 2:15 am CDT
Thursday, September 27.
Where yesterday was simple, today is complex. Funny how that can change so quickly. The Moon in Taurus stirs the pot, while conjoining Uranus in Taurus and squaring Mars in Aquarius. The Moon often acts as a trigger for ongoing transits. Mars and Uranus have been going in and out of a challenging square for a few months (due to Mars retrograde). What action are you itching to take? How have you surprised yourself, recently? Mars/Uranus/Moon is challenging us to take bolder steps. Taurus is the guide. Pay attention to the earth of your body, the earth of your values, and the very Earth beneath you. Our notion of security is changing. Mars in Aquarius helps us to have larger perspective on what things mean to us. Later tonight (U.S. time zones), the Taurus Moon opposes Venus in Scorpio. Venus is about to turn retrograde (October 5). Although, not quite stationary, Venus is beginning to increase in power. The Venus part of all of us—the cultivator of beauty, justice, and love—releases rage at the ways these qualities are abused by rape culture. The Moon acts as trigger for this too. It isn’t all about triggers today, however. A supportive and engaging trine between the Sun in Libra and Mars helps is get past anger into action. Air is the vehicle. What do you need to say, write, hear, or learn to move through frustration into change?

Moon in Taurus
September 28—Disseminating Moon: Fruiting.
It’s good to know our limits. Expansive, ecstatic energy can feel good, but when it comes down to it, we really just want to know what is possible, sustainable, and satisfying. This Virgo lunar cycle has included those expansive moments that help us know ourselves better. Now, as we begin to integrate and understand what we have learned, it is important to contain and ground the wisdom. The Moon in Taurus is most helpful with this sort of intention.

At the new Moon, I suggest these possible activities to honor the Virgo lunar cycle:
·       Cultivate appreciation for small things.
·       Find simple ways to bring more beauty, balance, and wellness into your life.
·       Savor those moments when you sense more beauty, balance, and wellness in your life.
·       Honor your guides and allies. Who inspires your devotion?
·       Hone the skill of discernment. Is the thing more practical, elegant, ingenious, useful? Honor it.
·       Rededicate yourself to your guiding purpose, to your own wellbeing, to serving collective interconnections.

Are you interested in maintaining any practice begun or enhanced by this lunar cycle? Now, may be good time for realistic assessment and incorporation into your daily life. With the Moon making a formidable trine to Pluto in Capricorn, we feel supported and more powerful. When the Moon later opposes Jupiter in Scorpio, we may also benefit from Scorpio’s desire to purge and release obstructions to a clear access to power. What is in your way? Let it go.

Moon enters Gemini 8:26 am CDT
Saturday, September 29.
Sun in Libra, Moon in Gemini and Mars in Aquarius make a grand air trine today. Whoosh. Do you feel the shift in season? Winds are stirring. Change is present. Like all signs, Gemini has both bright and shadow sides. On the one hand, Gemini enlivens through an engaging curiosity and breezy social connections. On the other hand, Gemini disrupts through boredom and distraction. As the sign of duality, Gemini’s goal is to transcend the binary of good/bad by endlessly combining and experimenting with concepts and forms. All insights are both permanent and temporary. Can we delight in the paradox? Sometimes air is exhausting as it tempts us to let go of the ground. Practice taking flight and returning to Earth to build airy resiliency today.

Moon in Gemini
Sunday, September 30.
Communication is tricky. That’s because we may think one thing is happening when it is really something else. Don’t be fooled by what is obvious. Much more is happening behind the scenes and below the surface. Pluto in Capricorn is stationing direct today. Pluto’s been retrieving the secrets. This excavation work could reveal the secrets of those who have been abusive of their power, but it also becomes a reclamation of power when we are willing to look into our own shadows. Twice a year, Pluto stations. In the spring (northern hemisphere) Pluto turns retrograde and in the fall, turns direct again. At these times, we hear from the underworld. Under the influence of the Gemini Moon, communication is impacted. What might seem innocent can become fraught with added meaning. Words can betray us when we aren’t careful. Another challenge to thought and speech is the quincunx aspect between Mercury in Libra and Neptune in Pisces. This influence opens up all the nuance behind emotion. Mercury in Libra creates a longing to speak with care and diplomacy. We care about impact. Neptune’s influence can send the unintended message. Spirit may be speaking for us.

Moon enters Cancer 1:00 pm CDT
Monday, October 1.
The opposition between the Moon in Cancer and Saturn in Capricorn brings attention to the ways we need support to stay engaged with all that life demands. If we don’t have firm support, we are left feeling depleted and vulnerable. How are your support systems? Do you need to slow down and pay attention? This may mean asking for help. This may mean reprioritizing what is truly important.

About these forecasts: Through following the Moon, the planets, and the wisdom of the seasons and signs, my goal is to offer a useful practice of mindfulness and intention for the thoughtful seeker. Read more about the Virgo lunar cycle intention here:

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Sunday, September 16, 2018

Follow the Moon: September 16, 2018 - September 23

Moon in Sagittarius
September 16, 2018—First Quarter Moon: Sprouting.
Each sign is a season, a segment of the wheel of the year’s rhythmic pattern. Each sign holds up a facet of human potential and right relationship. Virgo’s facet is about devotional dedication. It is about doing our work. It is about being of service. Virgo is an earth sign. As such, we want to bring this facet of life into everyday actions, into our bodies, into our surroundings. At the new Moon in Virgo on September 9, I planted a Virgo seed: to rededicate myself to my purpose and devotion. This type of intention feels large. The paradox is that Virgo’s best magic comes through the ordinary, small actions that anchors our lives.

At the First Quarter phase of this lunar cycle, what I am noticing most is the contrasts between big desires and small steps. I am feeling the tension between messages of perfectionism and self-acceptance. The challenges that occur during this phase of Moon teach us to navigate contrasts, find our middle paths through paradox. Virgo is a systems-oriented sign. It wants to create and maintain effective systems of support for devotional desires. At the First Quarter phase, I like to keep my senses open for instruction about managing the challenge I feel for my lunar intentions. Today, I read this passage from Joanna Macy’s book, “World as Lover, World as Self;” “From the ecological perspective, all open systems—be they cells or organisms, cedars or swamps—are seen to be self-organizing. They don’t require any external or superior agency to regulate them, any more than your liver or an apple tree needs to be told how to function. In other words, order is implicit in life; it is integral to life processes.” Reading this, I feel the Virgo part of me relaxing, remembering that the interconnected system itself wants me to be regulated and integrated. I am perfect enough. I am already here.

The delightful contact between Mercury in Virgo and Jupiter in Scorpio helps us to tune into the messages, the interconnections, and the deeper experiences we share. Now is a time to ask for healing and remembering that we are already part of the web that self-organizes and functions as it needs to. The Moon in Sagittarius encourages us to seek meaning and share wisdom. This may take having an adventure. Synchronicities can add a touch of magic.

Moon enters Capricorn 6:07 am CDT
Monday, September 17
The cardinal earth of a Capricorn Moon agrees with the mutable earth of the Virgo Sun to establish effective systems of wholeness. This could mean we get serious and focused on anything that brings more order and purpose to our lives. From work, to health, to service, we are motivated to get things done today. See if you can notice when perfectionism wants to creep in. The conjoining of the Moon with Saturn in Capricorn is a perfect test of finding balance around our expectations for improvement. Small is beautiful. What are the smallest steps that will make a difference in these important areas of our lives?

Moon in Capricorn
Tuesday, September 18.
Mars in Aquarius makes a challenging square aspect to Uranus in Taurus. Because Mars recently traveled retrograde through this zone of the zodiac, this is the third and final time that these two planets form this aspect. Mars first squared Uranus in May, right after Uranus had entered Taurus—ushering in this new, earth-sign focus for Uranian revolution. The ingress of Uranus in Taurus is a wake-up call from the Earth. We are becoming more aware of the fragility of our relationship with the Earth and the impact of human choices on our environment. Profound changes need to be made. The second square was in August. During that time, we experienced the slowing down and frustration of having five planets moving retrograde at the same time. At that time, we had to put action on the low burner. Now, the temp goes up and everything also speeds up. Squares between Mars and Uranus can be volatile. Things can change quickly. Accidents can occur in a blink of an eye. Practice presence and breathing out frustrations today. Be ready to shift course to absorb new information.

Moon enters Aquarius 6:51 pm CDT
Wednesday, September 19.
As the day goes on, the more agitated we may become. And if you aren’t feeling this agitation, rest assured others are. The day starts under the influence of a productive and ambitious trine between the Sun in Virgo and the Moon in Capricorn. This earth influence is attempting to ground the unsettled energy of yesterday’s Mars/Uranus square. But the Moon moves into Aquarius later in the day and everything gets activated again. The Aquarius influence emphasizes ideas over results. What grand visions are coming to you? Where does your impatience come from? The goal may be to remember our interconnected relationships, not only with other people, but with all beings. Remembering the Virgo intention around purpose, devotion, and service, ask yourself, who is served by this vision? How do I become a dedicant to this change?

Moon in Aquarius
September 20, 2018—Gibbous Moon: Budding.
A new phase of the Moon is a good time to check in with our intentions for the lunar cycle. Questions to ask for this phase include: How do I support my intention with action? What is the next step to take? The gibbous phase can aggravate feelings of overwhelm inspired by self-critical thinking. Yes, we want to keep improving, yet how toxic is it to think we are never good enough? Where do these messages come from? Who benefits? This is also a good phase to take charge of how we want to manifest intention. What messages do you want to send to yourself? The Sun and Mercury (the messenger planet) conjoin in Virgo today, adding to the magic of powerful messages that serve a broader vision. Mercury rules Virgo and so is a ally of knowing our dedications and being of service to our purpose. This planet helps us learn and implement. Through the illuminating rays of the Sun, Mercury helps us discern the best course of action for us. This combination also infuses our work with purpose, if we allow it. All arts of communication: writing, conversing, and reading are ways to support our dedications today. The Moon in Aquarius emphasizes an intellectual approach, which could enhance insights from the day or just create too much distance between us and what we desire. Lean in to your desire, even when you want to run away.

Moon in Aquarius
Friday, September 21.
Emotions collide with thought as the Moon in Aquarius makes a square to Jupiter in Scorpio. Aquarius influence over the last few days may have stimulated lots of thoughts and conversations but we realize today that ideas aren’t enough. We need connection based on deeper trust and vulnerability too. The shift could be surprising. Mercury moves from Virgo to Libra. Notice the need to find others with whom you can share your heart as well as your ideas. Tomorrow the Sun joins Mercury in Libra. We are moving into the season of seeking balance and justice. The Jupiter influence in all this reminds us that abuses of power are unacceptable. As long as we stay connected to each other, passion (Mars in Aquarius) can be directed towards change.

Moon enters Pisces 7:27 am CDT
Saturday, September 22. Libra Equinox.
The Sun’ ingress into Libra is a change of season and a change of focus. The Earth’s hemispheres exchange the Sun. Moving from the north to the south, and remaining balanced upon the Equator for a short time, the Sun's light reminds us that we are always in exchange. Libra invites partnership of exchange. Under this influence, we cultivate reciprocity. We desire transparent partnerships that are fair and equitable. The need for justice feeds our unrest. We can set Libran intention for the next new Moon on October 8, but today, we begin to notice how Libra themes show up for us and what we may want to put clearer intention into at the Libra new Moon.

Justice. Balance. Exchange. Partnership. These themes resonate through today’s transits. Chiron in Aries opposes Mercury in Libra. Our wounded selves, attached to individuality, may be having a hard time trusting partnership. Mercury says, try to talk about it. Our wounds influence our relationships, but they don’t mean we can’t have them. Chiron is a vulnerable energy that says be uncomfortable, reach out, break the spell of isolation. This opposition is closely, but not exactly, square to Saturn in Capricorn. Saturn challenges us by insisting we reach out past our wounds to others. Saturn adds emphasis, telling us this is vital work to do right now.  

The Moon in Pisces blurs boundaries and softens resistance. The best way forward may not be with our intellects but with our open hearts.

Moon in Pisces
Sunday, September 23.
Everyone follows hunches at times, even the most logically-minded. Soul uses intuition to satisfy what the soul wants—meaning, transformation, depth, connection. Intuition is enhanced by the conjunction of the Moon in Pisces with Neptune. This influence doesn’t always bring clarity. The soul seems to have its own process, which doesn’t necessarily involve making the best decisions or avoiding pain. To the soul, these things are irrelevant. Feeling is all. Contrast this influence with the square between Mercury in Libra and Saturn in Capricorn. Sound thinking and balanced perspective is what these two planets want from us today. The trine between Mercury and Mars in Aquarius intensifies the desire to bring logic and detachment to our thought processes. Which will you choose? Do you always have to choose one or the other—logic or intuition? How do we step out of this binary today? Travel the middle paths. Satisfy soul and intellect.

About these forecasts: Through following the Moon, the planets, and the wisdom of the seasons and signs, my goal is to offer a useful practice of mindfulness and intention for the thoughtful seeker. Read more about the Virgo lunar cycle intention here

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