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Follow the Moon: August 26, 2018 - September 1

Moon enters Pisces 12:32 am CDT
August 26—Full Moon: Blossoming.
Even the Sun has desires. Like the ancients did, I think of the planets and lights in the sky as being gods. Gods with desires. Each wants something for us and from us. The gods need us. They desire our evolution. The Sun wants us to know our worthiness. The Sun wants to shine upon our shine. The Sun wants to be the shine that emanates from each of us. This light—worthiness—alleviates shame and empowers us to do brilliant things. The Sun wants us to be the Sun. I love thinking of this generosity pervading the solar system. Life begets life begets light begets light. The Sun is the star of this lunar cycle seeded with the energy of Leo. The Sun rules Leo and rules this season.

Leo is a royal sign. All the signs occur in our birth charts. Somewhere in yours, the sign of Leo calls you to be more noble, more knowing of your worthiness. Our Sun signs show us a particular path to our nobility. Through these signs, we strive to be of worth and know our place in the web of life. This lunar cycle is an opportunity to check in with how we are feeling about our self-worth. I set an intention to develop a kind attitude towards my evolving self for the Leo lunar cycle. Just like with every magical intention I have ever held and worked, shadows, doubts, and fears have risen to meet me. These are real, and not signs that I am failing. Whenever the Sun shines, a shadow is cast.

This is not an easy journey. And hasn’t been during this lunar cycle that began with a solar eclipse. Experiences have felt larger than normal. Conflicts may have taken up more space than usual. The world is set up in so many ways to keep us from feeling worthy. It isn’t wrong to be angry with those systems of oppression. Perhaps anger can help us see how things could and need to be different. Mars, the planet who teaches us about anger, has been retrograding through the sign opposite Leo, Aquarius, for much of the summer. Mars went backward and dipped into Capricorn, where it will station direct the day after the August 26 full Moon in Pisces. Mars is the god that needs us to develop focused will. In Aquarius, perhaps we’ve gotten a vision of how to use passion and will to change the world. In some sense, this could be about a world that allows each of us to be worthy. As Mars turns to go back through Aquarius, it is time to take our lessons about conflict and worthiness into action. Mars will be moving direct in Aquarius from September 12 – November 15.

The full Moon of this lunar cycle happens in Pisces. Pisces is the sign to illuminate our journeys of worthiness. Pisces illumination can be confusing in that way of water taking us where it wants, not where we think we need to go. A Pisces journey feels like traveling through layers and layers of experiences and sensations encoded in emotion. Pisces is where we can become lost and also found. Where a trapped memory of pain can be jogged into living a new life as empathy and compassion. Where we go to escape for a while the pain of existence and where we go to seek the ecstasy of reunion. Pisces says, open your heart to seek the heart’s nobility. This directive requires kindness towards self. It feels vulnerable. We don’t have to sacrifice ourselves to be worthy. We can stay present and forgiving. A trine aspect between Jupiter in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces supports the depth work of emotional discoveries that lead to transformation and compassion.  

Square aspects present the challenges and rewards of this full Moon. Venus is Libra is square to Pluto in Capricorn. Venus is the diplomat who has reached the limits of what they can smooth over and tolerate. It may be necessary to enforce your boundaries. When we feel worthy, it is easier to know how much to tolerate and when to move on. Mercury in Leo is square Jupiter in Scorpio. This square is about communication. We are in the mood to get real. That might mean hearing difficult truths as well as speaking them. The square between Chiron in Aries and Saturn in Capricorn is about the struggle to accept our wounded identities. Saturn can be a harsh critic. The Chiron journey through Aries may have us in a self-doubting mood. Who are we to dare worthiness? Saturn is also the teacher who won’t give up on us. Will you try again?

Firm support comes from a powerful solar grand earth trine. This rare configuration involves two planets that are stationary and the Sun. Saturn in Capricorn and Uranus in Taurus are exerting strong influence while they are stationary. The Sun in Virgo is adding solar life force to structured change. Uranus and Saturn don’t often align their purposes so well, but now we can tap into the power of earth to envision and manifest our heart’s desires. Not every magic spell is successful, but with this energy at our backs, it is certainly worth trying.   

Moon in Pisces
Monday, August 27.
The Pisces full Moon is a lotus floating on a watery surface that reflects internal emotional states. These feelings can be big. They can also be serene. Check in. Notice where you are. Be willing to allow whatever arises. Mars in Capricorn stations direct today. After nine weeks of moving retrograde, we notice a new energy released at last by this turnaround. This has been a difficult Mars retrograde coming on top of two solar eclipses in a row and a Mercury retrograde. We’ve been challenged to be patient, to dig deeper for resources of energy, to think through what we truly believe, and to communicate what is in our hearts. The ironic thing about Mars retrograde is that even though, we’ve been frustrated that our ally of will and action has been somewhat less accessible during this time, we may not like it much when it’s moving full steam ahead, either. There is no holding back now. We benefit from reviewing the challenges and lessons of the last nine weeks so we move forward with our best tools and intentions.

Moon enters Aries 11:35 am CDT
Tuesday, August 28.
Perhaps you came through the Pisces Moon influences of the last couple of days into a calm, open space of acceptance. Perhaps your heart feels a bit more compassion. Perhaps you’ve seen how to treat yourself more kindly. It’s possible that this happened and it is possible that today’s transits will disrupt any aura of peaceful acceptance we may have attained. Early in the morning, Mercury in Leo makes a square to Jupiter in Scorpio. Expression and communication could be sources of conflict. A tension to speak our truths, betray secrets, or blurt out something we regret is strong. The gift here is that something hidden can be seen. Seeing may bring healing. The catalyst that triggers it all could arrive when the Moon enters Aries later today. Aries contributes impulsive action, but also daring to go against the flow. A square between the Moon and Saturn in Capricorn could bring moderation or recrimination. The lessons of Pisces are not lost. Retrieve what you need.

Moon in Aries
Wednesday, August 29.
The possibility of needing to have difficult conversations continues today. Yesterday, it was due to the influence of Mercury in Leo square Jupiter in Scorpio. Today, Mercury makes an annoying quincunx aspect to Pluto in Capricorn. Quincunx aspects are annoying in the way an itch that can’t be scratched is annoying. What else do we need to express? Mercury had been in Leo a while due to the recent Mercury retrograde. This aspect is one of the core influences and lessons of this time in Leo. Mercury in Leo communicates with flair. The messenger god in this garb wants to shed light and have a bit of fun at the same time. We may want to help people get over it if they are obsessing about some wrong done to them. We may be asked to get over it ourselves. What is the benefit of shifting that energy? Can you see a way to lighten up?

Moon enters Taurus 8:30 pm CDT
August 30—Disseminating Moon: Fruiting.
This lunar cycle began with a solar eclipse in Leo, fixed fire (August 11). Leo sowed the seeds of this cycle’s intention. The Sun has moved from Leo into Virgo, mutable earth. Fire to earth is the pattern established by the signs of the zodiac. Fire signs are always followed by an earth sign. Fire—creation, energy, passion—becomes real when it encounters earth signs. Each sign makes an adjustment to the preceding sign. What is earth’s adjustment to Leo intentions? Through Virgo, this may be to temper nobility with humility. Virgo isn’t asking us to deny our nobility. Virgo asks us to use our nobility in service to something outside ourselves. Now, that this lunar cycle is waning, it feels like the appropriate moment to ask ourselves what our nobility serves? What is the fruit of your Leo intention? I needed to cultivate self-kindness, to act as if I am worthy of my own care and regard. I notice every twinge of fear that I’ve gone too far when I ask for what I want or need. I have practiced making space for those twinges and moving on with self-love. Whatever inroads I have made into my worthiness, I wish to dedicate to the skills I am developing as a healer, not because I need to justify my self-love, but because the fruit of loving is to share loving. The next new Moon on September 9 will be dedicated to Virgo’s mission. Insights from this phase of the Moon may give you information about your magical intent in that cycle.

For most of the day in the central time zone, the Moon is in Aries and making challenging aspects to Venus in Libra and Mars in Capricorn. Aries fire is stirring things up. With Venus’ influence we need to balance independence with mutual reliance. With the square to Mars we get to notice the tension between careful timing and immediate gratification. When the Moon enters Taurus this evening, another adjustment will be made. What do our bodies need to soothe our internal and external conflicts?

Moon in Taurus
Friday, August 31.
Change doesn’t always have to be chaotic. As the Moon in Taurus contacts Uranus in Taurus and Saturn in Capricorn today, we are reminded that even change can feel grounded and sane. Invoke that type of change today. Be the one who reminds others that we got this. We have everything we need to adapt and create, everything we need to remember who we are.

Moon in Taurus
Saturday, September 1.
Certainty can lead to conflict. The fixed signs are activated today by the Moon in fixed earth Taurus. First the Moon opposes Jupiter in Scorpio and then makes a square aspect to Mercury in Leo. That’s a lot of certainty. Certain about what we want and need. Certain about how we feel. Certain about who we are. Certainty can also bring liberation from doubt. That is power. With the knowledge these planets offer, we can be certain of what we need to do today. Let’s remember, however, that others are bringing their own certainties to the conversation.

About these forecasts: Through following the Moon, the planets, and the wisdom of the seasons and signs, my goal is to offer a useful practice of mindfulness and intention for the thoughtful seeker.

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