Thursday, July 12, 2018

Follow the Moon: New Moon in Cancer July 12, 2018

Moon in Cancer
July 12—New Moon: Seeding

All I can think about when I look at the chart for the New Moon of July 12 is the eye of Mordor staring us down. I feel bad to lead with such a bleak picture for our Cancer New Moon magic and intentions. I feel bad, but I also feel an obligation to tell it like it is. Honesty creates its own power. There is power in this lunar cycle. There are challenges, but we will get to the gifts, I have a lot of faith in us. So, why the eye of Mordor? This New Moon is a partial solar eclipse, which can feel ominous, and is exactly opposite Pluto in Capricorn. Like exact. Pluto has a Mordor-like vibe, anyway. And they (gender-neutral pronouns for planets) are staring us down from the top of that Capricorn mountain. Pluto reminds us that we’ve got some stuff to purge. We’ve been purging for a while. In one sense, we could say that ever since Pluto entered Capricorn in 2008, the toxic underbelly of power systems has been steadily and repeatedly exposed. In the U.S., when a new level of horror shows up, a common critique from people of color is that they knew this all along. Only now, it seems, are more privileged folks waking up. We can thank Pluto in Capricorn for this relentless awakening, but Jupiter in Scorpio—an influence introduced in October of 2017 and lasting till November 2018—has been speeding up the exposing and purging process.(Think #metoo.) Another significant influence is the ingress of Uranus into Taurus in May. This is the revolutionizing of Earth awareness, monetary systems, and core values. To ignite this new arena of change, a retrograding Mars in Aquarius makes three squares to Uranus. (The dates of this square are May 16, August 1, and September 18.) Mars aggravates Uranus. The volcano in Hawaii erupted during the first square in May. We can expect more Earth messages in August and September, too. Saturn is playing a role in this drama. Capricorn issues, like governing, economic, and structural power, ratcheted up a notch when Saturn (ruler of Capricorn) entered that sign in December 2017. We are making way for a meeting of Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn in 2020, a significant presidential election year in the U.S. The conjoining of these planets in this sign represents a struggle between those who are invested in the status quo and those who mean to transform the status quo. Think Mordor. Think Frodo.  

An eclipse represents a system reboot. The light goes out and comes back. Even if this is only a partial eclipse, there is a feeling of uncertainty mixed with possibility associated with this New Moon. Who know what could happen? What do we want to happen? This is an eclipse season. The Full Moon in Aquarius on July 27 will be a lunar eclipse and the next New Moon in Leo on August 11 will be another solar eclipse. Things are shaking up and shaking out over the next two months. The emphasis is on Cancer/Capricorn and Leo/Aquarius polarities. Cancer/Capricorn themes are about nurturance, leadership, home, structure, roots, and aspirations. Leo/Aquarius themes are about nobility, vision, creativity, dreams, the individual, and the collective. The shadows of an eclipse can reveal a lot. We will learn to see these things in new ways.

Two grand trines anchor the beginning of this lunar cycle, imprinting these seeds with water and earth. Grand trines are stable aspect patterns. Venus in Virgo, Saturn in Capricorn, and Uranus in Taurus link arms to anchor us. For whatever challenges these planets represent, they also bear gifts: a revitalization of earth awareness, functional relationships, and commitment to excellence. The grand water trine, which was very influential during the last lunar cycle begins to wane as this cycle progresses. But because the seeds of this lunar cycle are in Cancer, cardinal water, the gifts of the Sun and Moon conjoined in the sign of the nurturer sets a tone of emotional awareness. Jupiter in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces complete this trine pattern. All the ways of water—as the medium of gestation, the power of catharsis, and the dissolver of division—contribute to this cycle.

Through this complexity and intensity, I wonder what lunar intention best serves. A word I’ve been invoking a lot lately is resiliency. In Cancer, we touch down into our roots, the source, the ancestral line that makes our lives possible. Connection to the root creates resiliency. Cancer is also about the home. At its root, home is the place of sustenance and protection. It is the place we can feel the most vulnerable and the safest. It is a place of rest and recognition of our true selves. It is the place where we gestate the future. I am resilient when I tap into this root and make sure this root is fed. I am resilient when the home of my self is solid. I am resilient when I recognize the interconnections that make this home possible: our ancestors, our descendants, our neighbors, and the land that shelters, feeds, and comforts us. Home is the intimacy of interdependency. I challenge myself to feed this resilient root of interdependency during this challenging time. Through small and large gestures, rituals, and remembrances, during this cycle, I will honor home. May we all find resiliency through the difficult influences of the moment. May gifts flow in and out.

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