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Follow the Moon: July 6, 2018 - July 7

What did I expect from a dandelion-inspired lunar intention, anyway? This is one of those lunar cycles where my intention has been buffeted by the whims of the wind and won’t keep its shape. Each phase of the Moon has brought a new question, a new way to frame what I thought this cycle was about. I chose a dandelion as my symbolic inspiration because the New Moon (June 13) happened in Gemini. Gemini is the season of pollination and seed-spreading. This mutable air sign, at first, seem to offer me an invitation to cultivate peace of mind. Then that shifted to an open mind, which has now, in the final week of the cycle, morphed into noticing all the elemental influences on my perception of reality. The original impulse was to track how my thoughts create reality, so ending with elemental perception of reality doesn’t seem that far afield, really. Perception—whether it originates in mind, emotion, energy, or physical reality—orchestrates everything. I’m not just a dandelion seed blown about by the wind. All the elements move me. And moving, I perceive in new ways.

Perceiving in new ways is the gift of the last week of this lunar cycle. It is important to me to challenge perceptions, starting with my own and expanding into our common paradigms. Perception can be narrow. It can be oppressed. It can be feared. As I’ve watched my own perceptions shift and change over this lunar cycle, I recognize that each element has a power to free my perceptions of reality. Each element has a challenge for my preconceptions.

Air – the natural element of consciousness, reveals how mutable consciousness is. Through air we get new perspectives, we can change our points of view. The power is choice. Air asks: Will you dare to let your seeds fly on the wind, to be guided by joy, desire, and wildness?

Water – the element of empathy. Perception is changed when our hearts are touched. Hearts can be softened through sharing emotional experience. The power is vulnerability. Water asks: Will you dare to cultivate a softer heart that can open to new perspectives?

Fire – the element of life-force energy. Through fire, we perceive what gives and takes away life. If we follow fire, which means if we follow the energy, we are led to responsive relationship. The power is joy. Fire asks: Will you dare to create responsive relationships that empower new perspectives?

Earth – the element of physical reality. Earth pushes back into the seemingly infinite possibilities of perception. What is real? What is working? How long can this go on? How do I need to adapt? The power is impact. Earth asks: Will you dare to plant yourself where the push back of earth encourages new ways to perceive?

The dandelion is still a symbol for my wild and tenacious spirit. In spite of oppressions, in spite of desires to control our perceptions, the spirit of challenge and change still arises. The elements are magical allies. I’ve been guided for a long time by a definition of magic that says magic is the art of changing consciousness at will. Magic is other things, too, but consciousness is a seat of influence, a place of power for sure. The power of consciousness can change the world. It isn’t the only thing, but perception is a powerful tool used to imagine a new world into being and to become a being that resonates more harmoniously with the world.

Moon in Aries
July 6—Last Quarter Moon: Re-seeding.
A grand water trine of the Sun in Cancer, Jupiter in Scorpio, and Neptune in Pisces provides an underlying influence of empathy, vulnerability, and rage. This is a potent brew of emotion in place for several days. A stationary Jupiter provides the power to call out abusers. Neptune melts our hearts. The Sun illuminates the ways we need healing and the ways we are healers. The last week of a lunar cycle is usually a time to reflect and wind down. Contrast that with the influence of the Aries Moon and stationary Mars in Aquarius, which add agitation and impatience. The Moon in Aries is pushing us—pushing us into a soup of feelings. Those feelings are pushing back, too. We want to do something, anything, with all the emotions we’ve been swamped with lately. Aries gets us to take action, sometimes without a lot of forethought. Action now may not be that successful, but perhaps it doesn’t matter. Perhaps it is the moving itself that we need to access. Take one step. Follow with another. Don’t stop to critique too much. Don’t expect perfection. Reclaim something that has been lost. Start anew. Hold on to this hope: Seeds are being created now for a future that will need them.

Moon enters Taurus 7:51 am CDT
Saturday, July 7.
Jupiter in Scorpio stirs the pot in two separate aspect patterns. One pattern—a grand water trine of the Sun in Cancer, Neptune in Pisces, and Jupiter—has been softening and blurring boundaries. Hearts could be feeling water logged since this influence has been going on for a while. Water wisdom says let go of control. Water will find the level it needs to be at and the form it needs to take for emotional wellbeing. The other pattern, which is not exact but influential, is a t-square with Jupiter at the apex. The opposition of Mars in Aquarius and Mercury in Leo are squared to Jupiter. This is a pressure-filled pattern. Opinions are hot and we feel thwarted in our ability to act. Emotions may be fraught with a need to purge, control, expose, or hide. Yes, these are contradictory impulses, something Scorpio is good at. Find a way to release pressure safely, but at the same time, don’t ignore what your emotions are telling you. This can be a very clarifying day if we listen to ourselves.

Moon in Taurus
Sunday, July 8.
The Moon in Taurus sets off tense aspects (not exact) between Mercury in Leo, Jupiter in Scorpio, and Mars in Aquarius. These fixed signs are trying to get our attention. Elemental forces are strong. Perhaps if we tune in, we are able to shift perceptions. You might be feeling stuck, what new point of view helps you get unstuck? Pay attention to emotion-based messages. The grand water trine that has flowed through the week culminates today with an exact trine between the Sun in Cancer and Neptune in Pisces. Jupiter in Scorpio completes the pattern. We are learning to surf through complexity right now. Notice where your touchstones are. Where do you source your wisdom? What guides you? Find a way to name and honor these anchors.  

Moon enters Gemini 11:58 am CDT
July 9—Balsamic Moon: Composting.
Water’s power to shift our perceptions comes through our capacity to empathize. Water’s influence has been strong this week as the Sun in Cancer has contacted stationary Neptune in Pisces and stationary Jupiter in Scorpio. Both Neptune and Jupiter are in the process of changing direction, making their influence even stronger. Water is working on our capacity to feel more complex emotion. It seems that for some, empathizing with others is natural. Of course, we would want to return stolen children to their families. Of course, we feel how horrible this situation is for those children and families. It is perplexing to think how not everyone would feel this way. But we know that empathy can be manipulated. We empathize less or not at all when another has been dehumanized by those representing oppressive systems. When empathy is lost, we lose a part of ourselves. We lose the ability to shift our perspective to see from another’s experience. An important resource for problem solving and connection is lost. An important way to remain open-hearted is lost. As we compost this lunar cycle, it may feel like we are losing a lot. We are influenced by the Gemini Moon to talk about our fears and frustrations. The square between Mercury in Leo and Jupiter in Scorpio emphasizes the need to talk about how all this is impacting us personally. Things feel big. Conversations are passionate. One tempering influence is the ingress of Venus into Virgo. We appreciate functional relationships right now.

Moon in Gemini
Tuesday, July 10.
Jupiter in Scorpio finally stations direct today after turning retrograde way back in March. A lot of us are going to feel emotional burdens lifting. It has been an intense few months as Jupiter has retraced their (gender-neutral pronouns for planets) path through Scorpio’s dark places. Jupiter will begin to move forward more quickly. They will leave the retrograde zone in early October. Jupiter leaves Scorpio for Sagittarius on November 8, unfortunately two days after the U.S. elections. Perhaps this means we will have something to celebrate at that time. But before that, the final act of Jupiter’s purge begins. Use this time to remove the things from your life that do not serve you. Free up emotional space. Transform. The Moon has returned to Gemini, the sign that began this lunar cycle. We see the mutability of mind and perception through this influence. The Moon will square Neptune in the mutable water sign, Pisces as well. Emotion and thought are mighty crafters of perception. In a sense, this has been the major influence of this lunar cycle—air and water. Mind and emotion are infinitely changeable, both convince us we know reality. Thinking back over the things you have thought and the things you have felt during this lunar cycle (began on June 13), what have learned? What really matters?

Moon enters Cancer 12:58 pm CDT
Wednesday, July 11.
Tomorrow, a new lunar cycle begins with a solar eclipse in the sign of Cancer. With the Moon in Cancer today, we open to the vibe of this next lunation. Cardinal signs, like Cancer, take action. There is a response to the situation. Cancer’s genius and motivation to act derives from water—the ability to make the necessary emotional response. What action based on emotional understanding needs to be made? Today, Venus in Virgo makes a trine to Uranus in Taurus. This influence aligns with the Cancer Moon to create a strong desire to clean up our messes, and in a big way. This might be a good way to think about the changes you know need to happen. What mess needs your loving attention? How will you create more connection (Cancer) and more constructive support (Virgo) to make way for a new lunar cycle, a brand new start?

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