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Follow the Moon: July 30, 2018 - August 3

Moon in Pisces
Monday, July 30.
Habit is a way to give ourselves what we need without having to think about it. Habit itself isn’t a bad thing, if only so many habits weren’t also, at times, not so good for us. Pisces, where the Moon is today, may be linked to addiction because under this influence, the unconscious is demanding that we give ourselves what we need. Often this need is to de-stress, let go, or readjust our nervous systems. Many of us have learned to do this through habits that are sometimes unwholesome. The need is real, we do need to de-stress, let go, and readjust our nervous systems. Let us honor our needs today and be curious about how we habitually meet these very valid needs.

Moon in Pisces
July 31—Disseminating Moon: Fruiting.
I don’t know when the word “resiliency” took up permanent residence in my brain, but I do know it has. Perhaps every personal lunar intention and magical spell from henceforth out will be about resiliency. It feels like that, right now. Why not make it permanent? This need for resiliency is bonded with the Cancer influence of this lunar cycle. My spell work has been to honor and strengthen home as a root source of my resiliency. Home matters.

As I begin to reflect on what this spell work has taught me, I am certain that home is more than, or not necessarily the same as, the structures we live in. Home is self-knowledge. Knowing who we are and who has made our lives possible. Our ancestors of blood and spirit, our living teachers and trailblazers, all make our lives possible. I honor lineage and those who come after, descendants of blood and spirit, those who will follow on the path and take it in brand new directions. Home is a river of time. I am fed by this river and feed it in turn. Home is what I inherit and what I pass on. I am mindful that not everything I have inherited or that I pass on is whole. Elements of pain, trauma, and regret are there too. Resiliency is not about surgically extracting all these bits. For me, resiliency is more about recognizing and loving my flaws as I strive to live in a way that cultivates greater wholeness. What are the practices that honor this aspect of home?

The Pisces Moon asks us what we need to release. The practice of letting go develops resiliency too. As the Moon first contacts Neptune in Pisces and then opposes Venus in Virgo today, we may notice the interplay between surrender and desire. This is a very complex dynamic where we can get trapped in good/bad binaries. Imagining breath, imagining the boundaries of body that allow breath, imagining breath that feeds our individual and collective bodies, find your present moment. Know resiliency.

Moon enters Aries 5:54 am CDT
Wednesday, August 1.
Ready or not, Aries influence asserts itself into this day in a big way. What is Aries influence, you may ask? It is the desire to act quickly. To take risks without support. To leave behind the past in order to grab something important from our futures. It can also be argumentative. Reactionary. Na├»ve. Aries is impatient. We most likely will notice that quality in ourselves and others today. The Moon is in Aries, but the real provocation comes from Mars retrograde in Aquarius making the second of three squares to Uranus in Taurus. Mars rules Aries. This planet is the actor that plays the role of Aries most easily. Uranus takes impatience to next level. To this planet, there is no such thing as waiting for a better moment. If Uranus is the actor and Taurus is the role, then this is an incredibly hard job for this planet to pull off. Taurus is all about patience, except when it has run out of it. Then volcanoes erupt, which is one of the signatures of Uranus entering Taurus in May. The Hawaiian volcano is still erupting. What are these planetary teachers wanting from us? The nature of retrograde and Taurus influence suggests that we are supposed to go deeper to discover root causes of anger and immobility. We need to reach better clarity about the ways we need to act and react. We can’t remain stuck. Sometimes we can get stuck in action or anger mode. Sometimes we can get stuck in inaction or despair mode. How are you stuck? How do we become unstuck?

Moon in Aries
Thursday, August 2. Traditional Lughnasad. First Harvest.
The Earth is talking. This is always true, but today is an auspicious time for humans to pause and listen. The season of first harvests is upon us in the northern hemisphere. Our summer season is peaking. There is bounty and scarcity, ease and calamity—extremes of beauty and worry—all around. It seems we are being asked to expand our capacities more and more to take it all in. Perhaps you feel that today. The Moon in Aries encourages us to take action, move our bodies, assert our willingness to engage in the tasks before us. We might experience this time as a “wake-up call.” Yesterday’s square between Mars in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus is still very much active. (See yesterday’s forecast about patience.) We are the only ones who know what our particular bodies need: to be more active or to take more time for reflection. Honoring what our bodies tell us is a part of honoring what the Earth is telling us. Let’s listen.

Moon enters Taurus 2:51 pm CDT
Friday, August 3.
The Moon in Taurus will contact the square between Mars in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus today. This contact could trigger events or reactions to this stressful influence. As an astrologer, I am paying attention to both Mars and Uranus. I am wondering what the current retrograde of Mars in Aquarius means. I am wondering how Uranus in a new sign since May will instigate change and revolution in the domain of this fixed earth sign. I suspect we will get more information today. I recently listened to a podcast with astrologer Austin Coppock where he discussed things we may expect from Uranus in Taurus. In addition to changes in our economic systems, he spoke about a resurgence of art as a means of social and political change. That sounds wonderful to me. To honor the connections of this Taurus Moon, I invite you to notice the revolutionary art around you today and find a way to support your favorite revolutionary artist.

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