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Follow the Moon: June 6, 2018 - June 12

Moon in Pisces
June 6—Last Quarter Moon: Re-seeding.
Where is your attention? Our minds are a bit like dandelion seeds floating in the wind. Attention goes with the flow, is blown by whatever wind encounters it, and can be easily distracted. Dandelion seeds are constructed in such a way as to make the most of wind’s power to shift direction and travel far. Perhaps our minds are designed to do the same thing. Evolutionarily, we are designed to adapt and learn, explore and understand, encounter and transform. This is mutable energy. The Sun in Gemini and the Moon in Pisces capture the mutable quality of mind as this lunar cycle enters its last week. The modes of astrology—cardinal, fixed, and mutable—represent the stages of mind. Cardinal signs are focused on outcome and setting intention. Fixed signs offer steadiness. The mutables are sensitive to outer influences, pondering the question, Do I need to adapt? This lunar cycle began on May 15 in the fixed earth sign, Taurus. These seeds offered steadiness. Perhaps you set intention at that time, desiring to make some kind of permanent or lasting change. But the Sun moved on. The season of mutable air, Gemini, added its flavor to the lunar cycle. Change is the only constant. What is left of your New Moon intentions?

The last quarter phase is the time of reconsidering what it was we wanted to plant in the New Moon soil. Did that desire flower and blossom? Did it produce the fruit you expected? Did something else happen? How do you feel about it? What did you learn? The experiences of the last three weeks become new seeds for the future. We’ve gained wisdom. Mutable air and water influences today are mutating our desires. Something else needs to be paid attention to and added to the wisdoms we are cultivating. Air and water create an interesting brew. Mind and heart are often segmented from each other. Today, we wonder why. What outer influences tell us that mind and heart don’t mix? A powerful square between Mercury and the Sun in Gemini and Neptune and the Moon in Pisces is asking us to mix the unmixable. Water seeps into airy detachment, soaking through ways we might want to avoid feelings of vulnerability. Bubbles aerate sodden states of emotional lethargy when we apply curiosity to emotional states. Small acts of changing habit are powerful today.

Be fluid. Be curious. Connect with your heart. Seek the mind that creates choices and relationship.

Moon enters Aries
Thursday, June 7.
Yesterday’s prime directive was to let go. The feeling that we are small boats adrift on a vast sea continues into the beginning of today too (U.S. time zones). These moments can be unsettling but can also be a gift. If possible, start gently. Honor sensitivity. The square between the Sun in Gemini and Neptune in Pisces does not offer a lot of security. It is more about expanding and opening. I’ve been following mycelium this lunar cycle, noticing their magical connections that are open to sending and receiving. We are connected in this way too. Midday, the Moon moves into Aries, which could feel like waking up from a strange dream. Before you rush out of your metaphorical bed, take a moment to remember the dream messages. They will inform the places you rush off to next.

Moon in Aries
Friday, June 8.
Watch out for sideways communication today. That means, we are prone to saying what we really think but in indirect ways, and that could cause trouble. The quincunx aspect between Mercury in Gemini and Pluto in Capricorn pulls the truth out of us even when we don’t intend it. The Moon in Aries adds to impulsivity, making us even more likely to blurt before we think. The best way to handle the truth that must be told is to be aware of undercurrents of power dynamics. What resentments are you harboring? Truth telling can be transformative, even healing. It works both ways, pay attention to what you need to say and what you are being told.

Moon enters Taurus 11:04 pm CDT
Saturday, June 9.
Another Aries Moon day brings a desire to act and a tendency to react quickly. The Moon contacts the ongoing opposition between Venus in Cancer and Pluto in Capricorn. Although this opposition is waning in influence, the Moon re-ignites the challenges facing our relationships. Perhaps we feel that unbalanced power dynamics have gone on for too long. Perhaps we are fed up with the traditional roles assigned to women. Perhaps we realize that unexamined gender roles are harming us all. These influences could fuel the fighter in us and a desire to expose toxicity.

Moon in Taurus
June 10—Balsamic Moon: Composting.
The Moon returns to Taurus for the second time in this lunar cycle. The New Moon on May 15 was seeded in this fixed earth sign. Now at the end of this cycle, we compost our hopes, dreams, and experiences. Rich humus is being created and will be needed. At the New Moon, Uranus, the planet of awakening, entered Taurus, where it will foment revolution for the next seven years. The Earth is speaking to us, quite literally through earthquakes, volcanoes, and strange weather patterns. Our bodies and our values belong to the realm of earth wisdom too. This lunar cycle initiates opportunity to reevaluate how we exist with Earth, body, and values.
I chose for my lunar intention this month to listen to the Earth through building relationship with mycelium, the underground network of fungal connection that feeds and transforms life. The mycelium are part of the growing, regenerating web of life and they are part of the dying, composting web of death. Mycelium midwife the exchange between life and death. In this phase of the Moon, we remember that there is no separation. Life and death are intimately entwined.

The Moon conjoins Uranus in Taurus, makes a square to Mars in Aquarius, and opposes Jupiter in Scorpio during the course of this day. Each fixed sign is a guardian. These guardians are strongly protective and we might feel that way too. Perhaps this urge feels like trying to maintain control or as strong attachment to objects or ideas. We get to notice the dynamic tension between the desire for stability and knowing that change is the only constant. So, we might feel uncomfortable, but within the experiences of this lunar cycle each of us was given a new insight, a new tool, or seed to help us with this paradox. What were you given?

Moon in Taurus
Monday, June 11.
Contrasts illuminate what is important to us. That nagging doubt that things are not the way they should be, needs to be listened to. Trust that it is better to know than to keep our heads buried. The Sun in Gemini encourages illuminating and learning. Pluto in Capricorn holds the secrets we don’t want to see, but it can also offer the power to transform the things we do see. There isn’t a lot of energy to act right now. The Moon is old and in slow moving Taurus. We are more likely to take in information now to act upon later.  

Moon enters Gemini 1:53 am CDT
Tuesday, June 12.
Tomorrow, the New Moon in Gemini starts a whole new round of dreaming, acting, and learning under the influence of this mutable air sign. Before that breath of fresh air moves us to new adventures, we might feel out of place, listless, or ungrounded. Let go, let go, let go. Don’t let these possible feelings drive you into a frantic state. Mercury, the ruler of Gemini, moves into Cancer. We feel protective of our mental states. Homey activities support us. Find your center, this is a good place to begin at the New Moon tomorrow.

About these forecasts: Through following the Moon, the planets, and the wisdom of the seasons and signs, my goal is to offer a useful practice of mindfulness and intention for the thoughtful seeker. Read about the beginning of this lunar cycle here

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