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Follow the Moon: June 28, 2018 - July 5

Moon in Capricorn
Thursday, June 28.
The Moon in grounded, solid Capricorn inhabits the sweet spot between Jupiter in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces for a little while today. Perhaps this helps with processing all the big emotions we’ve been feeling lately. Today is a new day. Without judgment, can you find a way to recommit to the vital work you were put here to do? We need you. Mercury enters Leo helping us to focus on what our particular gifts are. Having a bit of fun with this energy is not a betrayal. Do you.

Moon enters Aquarius 11:37 pm CDT
Friday, June 29. 
Pluto tells us what we need to purge, transform, and regenerate. Pluto has been in Capricorn since 2008 directing us to purge, transform, and regenerate foundational systems, our understanding of heritage, our obligations, and our measures of success. That’s a lot of change. Today the Moon in Capricorn contacts Pluto, as it does every month. We have the opportunity to notice the changes we have made and envision the ones still to come. Where Pluto treads, great power is released. I have been drawing upon the strength and power of my ancestors of blood and spirit, those who support this kind of transformation. Where does your power come from?

Moon in Aquarius
Saturday, June 30.
I think we are well past the era of questioning authority, don’t you agree? Questioning authority seems too tame for the current state of affairs. It’s time to be more subversive. With the Moon in radical Aquarius (conjoining Mars) and Mercury in Leo making a square to Uranus in Taurus, it is time to invent new subversions. These are activist, trickster energies. Mercury in Leo inspires creative and fun ways to subvert oppressors. The challenge of this transit may be a disassociation between individual experience and collective experience. Avoid ego traps while trying to change the world. Invite in. Collaborate. Innovate. The puzzling quincunx aspect between the Sun in Cancer and Mars in Aquarius asks us to pause and feel, and to not be put off by those feelings. If that means you start your revolution tomorrow, then so be it. We want a world of open hearts.

Moon in Aquarius
Sunday, July 1.
Planetary influence is a rich stew, at best. At any given time, several storylines are being played out. Some rise to the surface and swirl with another and then sink back down for another influence to pop to the surface. There you have it, Teri’s stew theory of cosmological influence. One storyline has been the #metoo movement. People have shown incredible courage in exposing abusers and telling their stories. We are reminded today that this work continues. Another storyline is about radical action and confronting power. These stories are converging today through a square between the Moon in Aquarius and Jupiter in Scorpio mixed with a quincunx between Venus in Leo and Pluto in Capricorn. Venus in Leo isn’t about being nice. We probably aren’t in the mood to be nice, but we can be different, brilliant, and dynamic in the ways we expose and confront.

Moon enters Pisces 12:31 pm CDT
July 2—Disseminating Moon: Fruiting.
This lunar cycle was seeded with a Gemini New Moon and culminated in a Capricorn Full Moon. That’s a range of experience spanning from the smallest dandelion seed drifting upon the breeze to an enormous mountain that must be climbed. We’ve been stretched. And still feel that way. What have you learned since the New Moon of June 13? 

I began my lunar cycle with the intention to seek peace of mind. At the First Quarter phase that intention shifted to cultivating an open mind. I began this lunar cycle with the idea that our minds create our realities. Now, I am much more aware how influential my emotions are. At this phase, I feel successful when I can accept whatever mental/emotional state is present. Sometimes these states need a response, like when I am anxious, so I don’t get stuck. Sometimes, I can simply pause long enough to ask these mental/emotional states what they need from me and know they will be moving on soon. Mind/emotion is like that. The Capricorn mountain is another thing. I’ve learned it might feel like mind/emotion creates reality, but reality is really reality. That mountain represents reality. The reality of finite resources, energy, time. The reality of oppressions. The reality of the things and people I cherish. The reality of the work that must be done to bring us into better relationships. 

Reality is worth spending some time with. I say that well aware that the Moon is in Pisces and emotion will color everything that I think is reality today. We are flowing from one reality to another. The Piscean quest is to find all realities are one. A quincunx aspect between Mercury in Leo and Saturn in Capricorn tests our responses to reality too. We are working hard at self-expression. What reality is getting in your way? This teacher asks you to hone your gifts so they can shine.

Moon in Pisces
Tuesday, July 3.
Empathy is not a weakness. Lately, it feels like empathy is teaching us strength. The world can be cruel but we don’t have to be. Brene´ Brown says, “If we can share our story with someone who responds with empathy and understanding, shame can't survive.”  Empathy heals. With the Moon in Pisces making a grand water trine with the Sun in Cancer, Jupiter in Scorpio, and Neptune in Pisces, we can feel deeply the healing power of empathy. Perhaps we receive healing. Perhaps we pass it along. Allow the feelings—the grief, the joy, the love, even the anger that stems from injustice—to flow. Stand in someone else’s shoes. Receive.

Moon enters Aries 11:49 pm CDT
Wednesday, July 4.
Chiron in the independent sign of Aries stations retrograde on U.S. Independence Day. Chiron makes us sensitive to our wounds, to the places that never completely heal. Perhaps we feel the national wound of isolation today. Perhaps we are reminded that we need to belong, to be in relation and obligation to others. The Moon is in Pisces for most of the day in U.S. time zones. This may not be the best influence for parties. The introverts tend to get more introverted, and watch out for those who are over-intoxicated. 

Moon in Aries
Thursday, July 5.
Water is not always passive or peaceful. Perhaps we notice that today. The Sun in water sign, Cancer, makes an exact trine to Jupiter in Scorpio (another water sign). This sets off a wider-orb trine to Neptune in Pisces from both. Sometimes water flows right into action and that may be what the Sun most wants to do today. The impetus is to protect the vulnerable and expose those who are doing harm. The Aries Moon readies us for action too. Mercury in Leo opposes Mars in Aquarius. We can’t keep quiet about anything and probably have little to no patience for ideologies we don’t agree with. Avoid getting into needless battles. Instead, use your passion to create. This will yield much better results in the long run.  

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