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Follow the Moon: June 28, 2018 Full Moon

“There is an illusion about America, a myth about America to which we are clinging which has nothing to do with the lives we lead and I don't believe that anybody in this country who has really thought about it or really almost anybody who has been brought up against it—and almost all of us have one way or another—this collision between one's image of oneself and what one actually is is always very painful and there are two things you can do about it, you can meet the collision head-on and try and become what you really are or you can retreat and try to remain what you thought you were, which is a fantasy, in which you will certainly perish.”
James Baldwin, Nobody Knows My Name

Moon enters Aquarius 11:37 pm CDT
June 27/28—Full Moon: Illuminating.
Full Moons are about illumination. During this phase, the opportunity arises to perceive with new light, a soul light, our deeper truths. What is revealed is not always easy. We are not always ready. Our souls are not always ripe. But each lunar cycle provides this unique moment to see where we are this time. Revelations can be about ourselves as individuals and can be about ourselves collectively. Readiness and ripeness become even more complex as we think about what we need to see collectively and what role each of us may play in midwifing our collective revelations.

This moment in U.S. history demands illumination. We desperately need clarity and a dismantling of American myth. We need a new and truer moral compass. We need to know our history and choose our future. And we need to be ready to act upon what we are being shown. The Full Moon in Capricorn is an opportunity to tap into the Cardinal Earth capacity to know our past, to act with integrity, and to work hard to manifest a better future. Realistic Capricorn is a sign prepared to see one’s image head-on. That doesn’t mean it isn’t painful, as Baldwin suggested. It is, but Capricorn is also a sign that will do what is necessary to move forward and thrive. I most want Capricorn, of all the signs, to be on my side when I need to make hard choices. Baldwin suggested, and I believe he was right, that if we try to maintain our American myths, we will perish. This isn’t an easy Full Moon, but it can be a powerful moment of illumination.

Family and security are key concepts for this Full Moon. Capricorn is one of the parental signs. Cancer—where the Sun is right now—is the other. Both want the family to thrive. They each have a different strategy. Cancer makes the nest and supports through unconditional love. Capricorn sets the goals and supports through accountability. Nurturer and challenger meet at this Full Moon to bring illumination. We are wide open as we empathize with the stolen immigrant children who need to be comforted but are not allowed to be. Empathy means we feel what they feel, and these feelings are reminding some of us about the ways we haven’t been nurtured. Many of us are feeling raw. The activation from the Capricorn side involves anger and determination, which are strong right now. Capricorn fury, heightened by a stationary Mars in Aquarius, and steadfast Capricorn integrity will climb mountains as well as move them to stand by the value of family. Saturn in Capricorn conjoins the Moon adding incredible determination to act on behalf of the vulnerable. Capricorn anchors traditional values but currently we are transforming toxic traditions. Since Pluto entered Capricorn in 2008, we’ve been challenged to compost dead values and reinvigorate living values that encourage our thriving on the Earth. This moment in U.S. history is not calling us to return to nuclear family structures that keep us from relating and connecting to each other. This dramatic moment in U.S. history and this ordinary Full Moon in Capricorn represent another chance to collapse American myths around family and protection.

Emotionally, we are stressed at this Full Moon. The Moon conjoining Saturn brings heaviness and possible depression. Very real trauma is being triggered. A square to Chiron in Aries from the Sun and the Moon activates helplessness and a strong desire to be of help anyway. Jupiter in Scorpio is on the verge of stationing direct (July 10), increasing the frustration of wanting to move on but not being able to yet. Venus in Leo is square to Jupiter. This Venus is ready to act dramatically to avenge abuses that are coming to light. More frustration is possible as Mars moves retrograde in Aquarius until the end of August. A contradictory aspect between Venus and Neptune in Pisces tempts some to want to revive American myths of heroic actions saving the day. It is painful to meet our myths head-on. We aren’t blameless or powerless. Fortunately, Capricorn doesn’t have a lot of time for remorse. There is work to do.

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