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Follow the Moon: June 20, 2018 - June 26

I treasure the practice of following intention through a lunar cycle. I don’t always achieve the goal of the intention, but I do learn a bit more about myself each time. One of my teachers, Cynthea Jones, described ritual as “a multi-sensorial prayer that lays down new patterns in the soul.” Magical intention works the same way for me. Regardless of whether I completely manifest my desire I know I am laying down new patterns in my soul every time I follow my intention from new to balsamic phase. I knew this month when I chose an intention of peace of mind that at times I’d fall far from the mark. Peace of mind is elusive at best. I’m trying to believe it isn’t impossible. The peace of mind I am interested in is not absent from the struggles in and around me. I don’t want peace in my mind so I can feel safe or complacent. I chose the words peace of mind as a way to describe an open, engaged, questioning, and facile consciousness that is freer from mental entrapments like projection, obsession, and entrancement. I know my mind will do these things, I’d just like to spend less time in those mental spaces. So, “peace” of mind might not be the right way to frame my intention. Perhaps openness of mind is better.

Dandelion seeds are my inspiration for this intention, which itself was seeded by the pollinator air sign Gemini. This is the season to let thoughts fly where they will, like seeds sent on the breeze. This reminds me of non-attachment. I don’t need to grasp or hold my thoughts. They come and go. They are part of the wild nature of thinking where sometimes my thoughts land on brilliant possibilities that can seed the future and sometimes they don’t. How do I extricate my thoughts from these dead places? First of all, I suppose I need to recognize when I’ve landed in a dead place. For me, those dead places feel leaden, repetitive, certain rather than curious, blank, and bitter. Yuck. Just writing those words brought me down. Places of possibility are different. They feel light, receptive, interdependent, curious, and responsive. Yummy. Just writing those words helps me rise. The second week of any lunar cycle brings challenges. We might want to give up our intentions; we will meet obstacles. All choices are fine, but we have the opportunity to notice what happened and why we responded the way we did. A new pattern will be laid in our souls. This new pattern moves us along in our journeys to ourselves.

The week of June 20 -26 could be intense. Several t-square aspect patterns (a complex relationship between planets that can spark crisis, reactivity, and events that bring challenge and change) throw obstacles our way. One pattern involves stationary Mars in Aquarius, Venus in Leo, and Jupiter in Scorpio. Mars is taking a stand in Aquarius as this planet prepares to turn retrograde on June 26. Since Mars governs movement as well as anger, we could feel stuck. These are all fixed signs; we could be really stuck. As the fixed air sign, Aquarius represents stuck mental states. An inability to move our thoughts could feel like fixated ideologies obstructing an open mind. An open mind is not the same thing as an indecisive mind. I still need to stand for my values while I practice being lighter, more receptive, interdependent, curious, and responsive, but it could be challenging to do so. Venus in Leo opposes Mars. We are tempted to take things personally, and it may be true. Conflict could be about us and impact us deeply. Venus, here, is the champion of our nobility. Patience for abuse is low. Our relationships need to be imbued with respect. Jupiter in Scorpio has been uncovering reprehensible behavior, things we can no longer tolerate. It may be time to say goodbye to anything that doesn’t support our thriving.

Cardinal signs make up the other t-squares this week. Cardinal influence could spark a crisis in decision-making and action. When the Sun moves into Cancer on June 21, Saturn in Capricorn and Chiron in Aries create a crisis in leadership. Some will rise to the occasion. Others will not. Under these influences it seems we need leaders who are compassionate and no-nonsense, decisive and open, non-dogmatic but ethical. Perhaps these leaders are us. We may be the ones we are waiting for.

Moon enters Libra 7:29 am CDT
June 20—First Quarter Moon: Sprouting.
Peace of mind—the absence of worry, the innocence of always believing the best, the calm of being safe and secure—is a luxury that is out of reach. More and more, I am waking up to the reality that this kind of peace of mind is an illusion. This is disturbing. The world is disturbing. Still my body reaches for a breath, a sigh, a long exhale, to find calm. Breathing, I can open both mind and heart to take in more of that which disturbs, to wake more to ways I can be the change.

This phase of the Moon is where we meet challenges to our intentions head on. I am reframing my intention from peace of mind to open mind, a mind of lighter curiosity and flexibility. This in no way changes how disturbing things are right now. Perhaps it changes how I can respond to those things, even if it is only to remember what my body knows: to take a breath, a sigh, a long exhale.

The Moon in cardinal air sign Libra seeks equanimity—the balance that breath can bring. This Moon, however, is part of a complex pattern with Saturn in Capricorn and Chiron in Aries that feels heavy and can hinder equanimity. Chiron awakens empathy through memories of our own pain, especially the pain of being powerless to change anything. Saturn places the burden on us to act anyway. Saturn reminds us to connect with our ancestors, those who hold us to a better standard and are supporting us as we strive to redefine who we are.

Mercury in Cancer makes a supportive trine aspect to Neptune in Pisces. Empathy is strong. This transit represents the powerful water influence that has flowed through this airy season. Information goes straight to our hearts to be processed there. Emotional responses can be surprisingly intense. Something tells us to listen anyway.

Moon in Libra
Thursday, June 21. Summer Solstice. Sun enters Cancer.
The first day of summer 2018 may not remind us much of the song, Summertime. We are more aware that for many the living is not easy right now. Summer in the northern hemisphere is defined by the Sun’s ingress into Cancer. This cardinal water sign is about home and family, two issues that are breaking our hearts right now with children being taken from their parents at the southern U.S. border. A new season marks a new focus and a new way to focus. Cardinal signs are not the only signs of leadership, but these signs ask us to see the role of leadership in a new way. The Sun in Cancer, Saturn in Capricorn, and Chiron in Aries (all cardinal signs) are in a challenging aspect pattern. On one hand, we may feel helpless to make a difference, but this helplessness can open a door to empathy for others who feel the same. That empathy creates a desire to protect the vulnerable and hold perpetrators accountable. Within this influence for accountable and responsible leadership, the exact opposition between Venus in Leo and stationary Mars in Aquarius is intense. Not only is Mars stationary but both Mars and Venus are conjoining the Moon’s nodes. Venus and the north node say move towards your own nobility. Be daring, be creative, be true to your heart’s command. We are composting worn out versions of Aquarius: dogmatism, frenetic obstruction, and detachment from empathy. As Mars turns retrograde, we take a journey of reclamation. May we reclaim the boldness of going against the tide, the vision to dream a new world, and the inclusion of all in our interconnected webs. The Moon in Libra makes its own waves through squares to Mercury in Cancer and Pluto in Capricorn. “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere,” according to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Mercury and Pluto ensure we do not forget that injustice is a threat to safety and our common humanity. It is past time to speak our truths on behalf of justice.

Moon enters Scorpio 2:10 pm CDT
Friday, June 22.
Among the most impactful transits of today are a stimulating sextile between the Sun in Cancer and Uranus in Taurus and a challenging opposition between the Moon in Scorpio and Uranus. We are reminded that the Earth is speaking to us. Uranus’ ingress into Taurus changes the way we think of change. Taurus wants stability, but we can’t ignore all the changes that must happen first before we can really stabilize. The aspect between the Sun and Uranus encourages ways we can awaken. The Moon’s dive into Scorpio stirs up fears and anger that may push us closer to action.

Moon in Scorpio
June 23—Gibbous: Budding.
I believe following intention through a lunar cycle lays down new patterns in the soul. I also have observed that our souls follow the pattern of seed-growth-blossom-fruit-seed-compost through longing and desire even when we don’t consciously choose an intention. So, consciously or not, we arrive at the stage of budding. Illumination and release are building, but we aren’t there yet. My lunar intention is cultivating open mind. My soul had some plans for me because I chose this intention based on the New Moon in Gemini, a light and airy sign, not because the transits this month will challenge me to the core to develop mindful openness. But that is the way it is. Current transits are intensely challenging to the intention of open mind. Your conscious or unconscious intention may feel the same. What do our hearts tell us needs to happen next? Our souls respond to the Scorpio Moon to go to a deeper level to root out cause/trauma/desire/transformation. This water sign reveals our wounds but also provides the medicine of water’s transformation. Release what you are holding in pain. Let it go. The impulse to claim power comes from the exact opposition of Mercury in Cancer and Pluto in Capricorn. We find our voices to stand for those who are vulnerable. We confront toxic power. Our power comes from empathy and morality. The Sun in Cancer makes a square to the wounded healer, Chiron in Aries. Where are the warriors who will fight for the vulnerable? How have we been wounded in the part of us that will defend the defenseless? What step do you need to take next to release the pain and move toward your best outcome in this lunar cycle? Be gentle, as always, with yourself.

Moon enters Sagittarius 11:29 pm CDT
Sunday, June 24.
This appears to be a day made for licking our wounds and putting ourselves back together. The Moon in Scorpio for most of the day (U.S. time zones) means we aren’t especially gregarious, but transits are more gentle today. Exhale. Love yourself up. Reach out to others.

Moon in Sagittarius
Monday, June 25.
Sagittarius (where the Moon is today) has a reputation for being more focused on hitting the trail than sticking around through the hard stuff. I often think this is a natural response to intensity that Scorpio stirs up right before. The wind hitting our faces as we ride out of town can help us get back to ourselves. Yes, we are indeed alive. You might feel that way today. A square between Venus in Leo and Jupiter in Scorpio might present a challenge between the impulse to embrace living and the impulse to purge pain. These impulses are not mutually exclusive, they just might feel that way today. Don’t abandon yourself and don’t feel guilty if you take a day away from the dark stuff.

Moon in Sagittarius
Tuesday, June 26.
Mars in Aquarius stations retrograde today. They (gender-neutral pronouns for planets) remain retrograde till August 27 and don’t leave the retrograde zone (9 degrees Aquarius) until October 8. During this period of time, our wills/warriors/desire natures are retracing steps to heal, reclaim, and gather power from the domain of Aquarius and Capricorn. As an air sign, Aquarius might be showing us the state of our minds and the way we need to cultivate state of mind to move more freely and powerfully into our lives. Aquarius is a visionary sign. Mars may be going back to retrieve a vision that you’ve lost sight of. Mars may be going back to reframe what the vision is for you now. We care about the collective in both of these signs—Aquarius through vision and Capricorn through stewardship. Do you feel yourself to be dedicated to your communities? Where do you find sustenance for this dedication? I like to think Mars is going to retrieve the medicine we need to keep our collective actions going into the transformations that need to happen in this world. We don’t have to lose idealism just because Mars is retreating. Retreats can bring new sources of energy.

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