Friday, June 15, 2018

Follow the Moon: Forecast for June 14, 2018- June 19

Moon enters Cancer 2:20am CDT
Thursday, June 14.
Today’s transit of Venus in Leo square to Uranus in Taurus comes on the heels of the results of San Francisco’s mayoral election. London Breed has been elected as that city’s first African-American woman mayor. This is not the first time that women of color have pushed us forward collectively. This contact between Venus and Uranus reminds us that change is necessary and that it will come from radical places. Venus in Leo demands the stage to bring this change. Uranus is calling us to bring our whole, creative selves to the cause of change. Squares bring conflict. Perhaps you are noticing the tension between authenticity and self-expression. Perhaps you are longing to make a personal difference and wondering how. The Moon in Cancer reminds us that home, family, ancestor support are important foundations for reform and change. Foundational support is essential as the Moon opposes Saturn in Capricorn today. Venus in Leo asks us to have fun while doing good work. What will you do with this encouragement?

Moon in Cancer
Friday, June 15.
Hearts can be wide open today. The Moon in Cancer makes a grand water trine pattern with Jupiter in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces. We can feel what others are feeling and under the Moon’s influence want to do something about it. Perhaps it is a good day for those in the U.S. to call their representatives to protest the treatment of children taken from their parents at our borders. The Moon in Cancer reminds us we are responsible for all children and no child should be treated in this manner. The opposition between Mercury in Cancer and Saturn in Capricorn gives our thoughts and communication weight. We feel the obligation to speak out. As Venus in Leo trines Chiron in Aires, we are moved to action on behalf of others. Sometimes we can’t lift the pain in our hearts, but that doesn’t mean we can’t reach out a hand to others.

Moon enters Leo 2:21 am CDT
June 16—Crescent Moon: Germinating.
Look to the west at sunset tonight and hope for a clear sky. The crescent Moon in Leo dances with Venus (in Leo too). This is perhaps the most beautiful phase of the Moon and it is always a delight when Venus joins in. Leo is a sparkly sign. It reminds us that we all have inner gifts that can translate as outer light if we let it or want it. Some of us have no problem turning on this light. Some of us have another relationship to it. We might call it introversion, shyness, or sadly, shame. We might be comfortable with a more personal, intimate shine. How much we sparkle is not important. However, we can take this moment to remember that each of us has this gift of life force and it is made to be passed along. The Sun, ruler of Leo, teaches this. It shines on all of us. It gives. The gift becomes life. Life is the gift that cannot be owned. It is free.

Free and wild. To honor this phase of the Moon, let’s tap into the relationship between the gift that is only shared and inner wildness. The wild can’t be owned either. No matter how much they try. This lunar cycle, my intention is to seek peace of mind, to notice thoughts coming and going, to be more like the dandelion seed—a wild gift of serendipity. My own thoughts entrap me when I hold them, try to own them, try to make them fit into ideologies. I am not against rigor of mind. That can be a beautiful, wild gift too. I am content to know the difference in my body between a thought that entraps and a thought that frees. We know this.

The ruler of our thoughts, Mercury (now in Cancer), makes a paradoxical quincunx to Mars in Aquarius, while the Moon in Leo opposes Mars. Can you tell the difference between an argument based on ideological concepts and one that comes from the heart? Leo represents the heart. Cancer opens the heart. The heart of the matter may not be found in thoughts alone (Aquarius). In right relationship, thought can support our hearts, and our hearts can be true to our thoughts. What leads you to this balance?

Moon in Leo
Sunday, June 17.
The Leo Moon colors the day with fire and sparkles. This influence might feel light-hearted (childlike and creative) or might be noble-hearted (courageous and loyal). Leo is about the big heart. This Leo fire is breaking free and we can break free too. I am thinking of a three-part song by Laurence Cole that honors fire and calls up Leo big-heartedness.

This fire is the power of love and forgiveness
This fire is the power of kindness and gratitude

Burning away everything
That stands in the way of love

This fire brings purification
This fire is healing the nations
This fire, this fire, is Love!

Feel this expansion and possibility today. Act as if it is always true.

Moon enters Virgo 3:40 am CDT
Monday, June 18.
Each of the water signs brings us a different experience of this element. Cancer’s water is the tidal pool—the rhythmic flow of water that generates life. Scorpio’s water is the torrent that transforms and then sinks into the deepest places. Pisces water is the universal solvent where we lose form and merge in the vast ocean of being. Over the next few days, we are saturated with all these ways of water. Today, Neptune in Pisces stations retrograde. Under a station, a planet’s influence intensifies. Neptune is dissolving the barriers that separate us. What rushes in when that division is erased? Neptune is a tricky god, both offering ecstasy and illusion. Feelings of grief emerge from communal wounds. We fall into addictions when we lose ourselves. What are you noticing? The Moon in Virgo grounds us in pragmatic approaches to emotional experiences. Such opportunities help us build capacity for feeling and being. Be gentle.

Moon in Virgo
Tuesday, June 19.
The skillful blend of water and fire is the magic of the alchemist. How do we blend the intuition of water with the instinct of fire? How does fire not evaporate the water or the water put out the flame? How does the intermingling of emotion and action not cascade into reckless impulsivity? Fiery influence is provided by Venus in Leo conjoining the North Node of the Moon. It feels like we are being given the green light for dramatic action. This could be true, but Saturn in Capricorn tells us to pause and consider the implications and impact of those actions. But, if fire doesn’t get us moving, water may inundate through floods of emotion. Mercury in cardinal water, Cancer, makes a trine to Jupiter in fixed water, Scorpio. In fact, there is a grand water trine involving Mercury, Jupiter, and Neptune in play over the next two days. Fluid forces are moving us along. Either by fire or water, we are being transformed. The careful pragmatism of the Moon in Virgo may provide the skill we need to temper our actions and reactions. The Virgo alchemist is skillful at making careful adjustments. Navigating this balance, we open to elemental powers.

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