Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Follow the Moon: Full Moon May 29, 2018

Moon in Sagittarius
May 29—Full Moon: Blossoming.
What keeps us from knowing we are connected and interdependent? What would if feel like if we did?

My lunar intention, spurred by the New Moon in Taurus and Uranus’ ingress into Taurus, was to seek the wisdom of the mycelium to experience deeper connection and transformative power. Taurus is fixed earth. What better guide to foundational structures than the mycelium who live underground in large networks feeding and being fed by forests? These lessons seem essential right now. Uranus is the planet of change. This ingress into Taurus means not only will we experience change in the realm of earth, but we can learn from earth how to navigate the changes that are coming. Earth energy is the gift, it may also be the challenge to our necessary transformations. Earth is structure. It can hold us up. Earth is strength and it can function as a wall. Walls can inhibit interdependent connections. This lunar cycle seems to be teaching me about the dynamic relationship between strength and vulnerability.

I am curious about the lesson of trust that the mycelium teach. It is hard to see the big picture sometimes. It is hard to know if we are doing enough, being enough, caring enough. The mycelium say that in the web, the quality of our immediate connections is vitally important. We may not know what is going on 20 nodes down the line, but we can touch those around us. We can be touched. And by that touching make a difference to the whole. That requires trust, trust in you, trust in me.

The quality of our relationships feeds the whole and builds a network of trust. Astrological influences create shifting conditions that impact our relationships. This lunar cycle will shift from Taurus/Scorpio, with an emphasis on death and rebirth, to Gemini/Sagittarius, with an emphasis on learning and understanding. The Sun is now in Gemini. The Full Moon is in the opposite sign, Sagittarius. The first half of this lunar cycle has been pretty heavy. Maybe you experienced that as you felt the inevitable change coming our way. Scorpio reminds us of the patterns hidden in our hearts that often need transformation. Gemini—mutable air—and Sagittarius—mutable fire—drive our desire to connect and learn from each other. As we make this shift, I invite you to play with the idea that the deeper emotional states we’ve recently experienced source the ways we move and connect under this new influence. The shape of the zodiac invites us to move from interior to exterior back to interior over and over. This weaving is in itself a web, a structure that gives shape to our souls.

In the chart for the Full Moon, the Sun in Gemini is making a quincunx connection to Saturn in Capricorn. This aspect stretches us to integrate, if possible, Gemini lightheartedness and Capricorn gravity. We might feel judged or very judgmental of ourselves. When we integrate these qualities, our relationships benefit from our curiosity and our commitment. On the Full Moon, Mercury moves into Gemini, one of the signs it rules. This amps up qualities of curiosity and conversation. Full Moons bring illumination. New ideas and connections are on the horizon. For the remainder of this lunar cycle, we could forget, at times, to link what we are learning back to what we’ve been feeling emotionally. Mycelium are teaching about connections. We create and absorb nutrients as we stay open and present. Over the next few days, a grand water trine of Venus in Cancer, Jupiter in Scorpio, and Neptune in Pisces, provides an opportunity to integrate emotion and intellect if we hold that intention. A grand trine is a powerful elemental resource that can be ignored or squandered. This one is important to the storyline of revealing toxicities of abuse and the compassion we can feel for ourselves and others. Trauma awareness is up. Relationships can deepen through honesty and empathy. The Gemini signature of the moment enhances the possibility of understanding what is going on for us if we don’t bypass what we are feeling. The mycelium weave all these influences into a whole. Nothing needs to be banished. It is all food for something as we feed the whole with love.

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