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Follow the Moon: Forecast for April 29, 2018 - May 6

Moon enters Scorpio 2:11 am CDT
April 29—Full Moon: Blossoming.
The Full Moon is a blossom. Seeds that were planted in the fertile darkness of the New Moon are flowering halfway through the lunar cycle. This is blossom time, the flowering of the lunar cycle’s potential. As petals unfold we see into the center of the bloom, which becomes a mirror through which we see ourselves. Full Moons bring illumination. At this time, the Moon receives all the light the Sun can give. Reflections create revelations.

Every Full Moon is a blossom. This one even more so for those of us living in the Northern Hemisphere. The season of Taurus represents Spring’s rebirth. The sign opposite Taurus, where the Moon resides today, is Scorpio and it reminds us that death is intimately connected to life. At this Full Moon, we feel the potency of this dynamic exchange between emergence and submergence. There is power here. And Mystery.

This cycle began in Aries. Aries seeds of emergence and identity were planted. As the blossom of this cycle unfurls, what do you see reflected back to you about these things? Who is emerging? What in you is being born? Though this new life may feel tender and perhaps unsure of itself, we tap into raw power through the Scorpio Moon. Death makes life potent. Life makes death meaningful. Scorpio influences say, don’t turn away from power or death. Don’t turn away from truth. Jupiter in Scorpio since October 2017, is boosting this signal. It is time to claim power and shadow. The recent conjoining of Mars and Pluto in Capricorn (both rulers of Scorpio) lends enormous power to transformation, revelation, and retribution. We want to even the score. Both Taurus and Scorpio relate to money. These signs affirm that wealth, like life, needs to flow between self and others, between manifestation and decomposition. These signs help us attach and detach to find the flow of power that supports our lives.

Sex energy is high at this time. The Scorpio Full Moon can be irresistible. Mars in Capricorn, still conjoining Pluto, says power itself is sexy. Integrity is attractive. To contrast Mars’ passion for solid commitment, we notice a desire to converse, learn, and flit from one connection to another through the influence of Venus in Gemini. Contradictions fuel insights. These insights impact the ways we create and engage with life. What brings more life force to you? Reflect on your own contradictions. Fertile possibilities can be revealed.

The Sun in Taurus makes a firm connection to Saturn in Capricorn. The sex energy of this season recharges our batteries to help us with focus and effectiveness. Saturn supports Earth/body wisdom. Tap into the strength of the Earth and honor the flow of energy centered on life – sex – death to bring healing and determination.

Moon in Scorpio
Monday, April 30.
As the Moon conjoins Jupiter in Scorpio today, expect intensity and deeply embedded emotions to rise to the surface. Post Full Moon energy fosters release and purging. We want to get rid of emotional baggage. This could include people who are emotionally harming to us. This decisive and transformational Moon gets support from Mars and Pluto in Capricorn too. The release, if it comes for you, might not be easy but could bring renewal and even rebirth.

Moon enters Sagittarius 10:19 am CDT
Tuesday, May 1.
Traditional Beltane. The last couple of days have energized Beltane themes. This is the Pagan cross-quarter holy day devoted to fertility and life’s renewal. Sex energy draws us into life. Sex energy is simply life force. It is the sap running through trees, bees diving into flowers, the ripeness of life inviting us to taste its delights. While the Moon was in Scorpio, the nearness of death made us realize how precious this life force is. Now, with the Moon in Sagittarius we may feel the freedom of accepting the ways life and death are intimately connected. None of us know how much life we have left. This is a good day to embrace the life you have in this moment. Not everything is easy. Venus in Gemini is making a puzzling connection to Saturn in Capricorn. The relationship between these two signs can feel contradictory. Gemini is airy and changeable. Capricorn is solid and dependable. Too much of either could be a problem. The right mix is a delightful sensitivity for when to be light-hearted and when to be serious. The realm of relationship gives us insights into this paradox.

Moon in Sagittarius
Wednesday, May 2.
Where are you aiming? And I don’t mean a weapon, per se. The arrow pointed by the sign of the archer could be used as a weapon, but what the archer is really doing is refining their focus. The Sagittarius Moon invites us to look ahead and dream a little. Where might we go next? What does your soul tell you about the search? A square between the Moon and Neptune in Pisces asks us to turn our gaze inward as well as outward. What tools help you split your focus to understand that as within, so without, as without, so within? We are not separate from the rest of life, including the rest of our own parts. Mutable signs, like Sagittarius, offer moments of integration. Be receptive to these moments today.

Moon enters Capricorn 9:06 pm CDT
May 3—Disseminating Moon: Fruiting. 
With the Moon in Sagittarius for most of the day (Central Time Zone), the search for meaning gives us fruits to share with the world. This sign and phase of the Moon are a perfect pair. Sagittarian spirit loves to explore and share what they have found with others. The act of sharing and teaching brings the sought-for truth into existence. Truth goes from being a concept to a reality. What have you discovered? What will you share to bring that discovery to life? Without a lot of exact aspects today, we get to explore and exist in this field of discovery. Here is a Sagittarian secret, you do not have to be an expert to be a teacher. In fact, we are always teaching each other as we seek to find the truth that unites. Sometimes we have to take such Sagittarian truth with a grain of salt, but sometimes a jewel is revealed. We get nowhere unless we take a step onto the path. That is freedom.

Moon in Capricorn
Friday, May 4.
We’ve been gathering up messages and truths for this lunar cycle. Today we want to apply them to the world. What will you build from your experiences of this lunar cycle, which began on April 15 in Aries? Not all is harmonious. The Capricorn Moon is a taskmaster. We may notice the contrast between Aries will and Capricorn expectations as a battle for control within ourselves or in our environments. Part of us may want freedom of expression without rules and regulations, while another part wants to cut away excesses to realistically commit to the work of manifestation. As the lunar cycle wanes, we get in touch with realities of maturation. The Moon conjoins Saturn in Capricorn tipping the scale towards acceptance of our mortality. Sober reality can be a relief, however. When we accept boundaries, we function at our best.

Moon in Capricorn
Saturday, May 5.
Astronomical Beltane. The Sun reaches the midpoint of Taurus today. Some of us name this moment when the Sun reaches the center of a fixed sign as the astronomical cross-quarter Sabbath. It is a potent degree in astrological understanding. Fixed signs are anchors. The midpoint is the anchor of the anchor. Considering that Taurus is the fixed earth sign, we are truly anchoring into the elemental powers of earth today. Imagine this is the Ace card in a Tarot deck for the suit of Pentacles. The Moon in cardinal earth Capricorn supports the power of earth as well. Today, we notice our bodies and the ground under us, the earth cycles—compost and germination—the pulse of life itself as our inspiration. Celebrate and give thanks.

Mercury in Aries makes a paradoxical connection to Jupiter in Scorpio. There may be a test of wills centered around communication styles. Perhaps there is a pushback on the authentic vocalization of our truths. Perhaps we need to muster more courage. Perhaps more empathy. If it were a simple problem, then we wouldn’t notice it or learn from it. A lot of learning can happen today. Don’t back away from your power or your responsibility.

Moon enters Aquarius 9:48 am CDT
Sunday, May 6.
The Sun in Taurus receives blessings from the ocean god, Neptune in Pisces through a sextile aspect. This is an opportunity to feel both embodied and transcendent. It can be hard to achieve just the right balance between these states of being. If you tend to lean to one side or the other, only pragmatic or only empathic, then invite a re-centering. Healing is possible from this place. The Moon, while still in Capricorn, briefly activates Uranus in Aries this morning (U.S. time zones). Uranus is in the final degree of Aries on the cusp of entering Taurus on May 15. The revolutionary planet of awakening is passing off Aries fiery passion to Taurean earthiness. Collectively, the Earth will be recognized as our guide and reason for change in the coming years. We’ve known this for a while. The need to change our relationship to the Earth will become even more vital to our survival. When the Moon moves into Aquarius, we leap to embrace new and radical approaches.

About these forecasts: Through following the Moon, the planets, and the wisdom of the seasons and signs, my goal is to offer a useful practice of mindfulness and intention for the thoughtful seeker. Read about the beginning of this lunar cycle here

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