Sunday, April 22, 2018

Follow the Moon: Forecast for April 22, 2018 - April 28

Moon enters Leo 12:09 pm CDT
April 22—First Quarter Moon: Sprouting.
To be human is to become visible
while carrying what is hidden as a gift to others.
From “What to Remember When Waking” by David Whyte.

We are becoming seeable. The hidden parts of ourselves that have been waiting in the wings now enter the stage. This is the season of emergence. The New Moon that was seeded in Aries has grown in visibility. This lunar cycle takes on momentum. We emerge at the first quarter phase like a small plant unfurling its leaves into uncertainty. This is Aries, both bold and terrified. Are you noticing this in yourself?

Uranus in the late degrees of Aries has been pushing us to go past our edges of security. We’ve been eager to discover new pieces of identity. One minute this feels exciting and the next ungrounded and scary. Spring exposes us. Prepares us for growing. Today, Pluto in Capricorn stations retrograde. We may feel doubly exposed under this influence. Pluto’s domain is the underworld—where things are normally hidden below ground. This powerful moment in Pluto’s journey reminds us that to transform, we need to see and be seen. Secrets feel like burdens. What can you let go of? Notice, if you choose to shed excess burdens, what is revealed about your identity? Who are you really? Pluto’s realm is the realest of all. When we dare to examine our realest parts, we become more vital, ready to grow.

The Moon in Leo takes this vulnerability and runs with it right back to the stage. We might notice the attraction of being seen and the fear of being too exposed. Find the sweet spot for you. Most likely this sweet spot between challenge and comfort will not remain static. We are learning to be nimble. We are learning to shed burdens, perhaps noticing we can fly.

Moon in Leo
Monday, April 23.
Psst, don’t tell anyone. The transits today aren’t earth shattering. I recently shared with a friend that there is nothing sadder than a sad Leo. I mean by that, all of us non-Leos are really rooting for you Leo types to shine and entertain us. If you are up for it today (whether you are a Leo or not) take to the spotlight. Be the spotlight. Shine forth. We all need the extra vitamin D deliciousness of pure unadulterated joy today. Let the light feed your roots, stems, and leaves. We are growing.

Moon enters Virgo 3:40 pm CDT
Tuesday, April 24.
Say goodbye to Venus in Taurus. (Venus entered this sign March 30). It was great while it lasted. Venus rules Taurus. This planet of sensuous pleasures thrives in this realm of fixed earth. That doesn’t mean Venus won’t provide pleasure in Gemini, a mutable air sign. It will just be a different sort of pleasure. Gemini pleasure centers around learning and connecting. Curiosity is sexy. We love sharing what we are learning—the newer the insight, the better. Add to this sparkly energy a great connection between Mars in Capricorn and Jupiter in Scorpio. Perhaps we feel safer sharing more intimate details. Perhaps we have enough detachment that we feel more confident, in spite of the hard things we’ve been going through lately. Let this confidence carry you into your work, your service, your desire to be of help. Virgo energy doesn’t always have to focus on the imperfections around us. There is much to inspire us to stay connected and engaged with life. Notice the small ways you can make the world a better place.

Moon in Virgo
Wednesday, April 25.
Remember the most recent Mercury retrograde period? Maybe not? It happened while Spring’s riot decided to retreat back into Winter’s gloom for just a bit longer. I realize not every place on Earth experienced blizzards this April like where I live, but energetically you may have felt a little backed up, not quite springing forward with as much zest as you would have liked. While on this retrograde journey, Mercury in Aries made a couple of squares to Saturn in Capricorn, perhaps forcing us to slow down even more for the obstacles in our way. Today, Mercury is moving forward again and makes the final square to Saturn to bring the retrograde experience to its conclusion. The Moon in Virgo contributes a desire to find the useful lessons in the challenges we’ve recently experienced. The opposition between the Moon and Neptune, later in the day, invites us to expand our notion of what it means to be useful. Empathy for our common struggles connects us and teaches us what is possible.

Moon enters Libra 8:13 pm CDT
April 26—Gibbous Moon: Budding. Experiences today might remind us that no matter how conscious we think we are, there remain things hidden away in our psyches that can surprise us when they emerge. The underworld is deep. And dark. When Mars and Pluto (both in Capricorn) conjoin today, we may notice the hidden suddenly appearing in the light of day. We may notice that we haven’t quite finished transforming sources of trauma or repression. We also may notice that with a certain willingness to recognize these things, we are given the power to act and choose. We aren’t pristinely perfect but we are powerful. Choose your authentic power today. It can be a force for change. We can stand up against those powers that don’t want us to be impactful. That is an important choice.

This lunar cycle reaches the point where we muster more energy to complete the work or realize the dream. Perhaps, inspired by the Aries seeds of this cycle, you are dreaming about a renewed sense of self. Perhaps this is new identity. Perhaps it is a reaffirmation of an already recognized identity. Sense into the role personal power plays in who we are. Explore your fears around personal power. Acknowledge the responsibility that comes from having power. Mars in Capricorn goads us to act with integrity. This is a source of power, the kind of power that serves life and self.

Moon in Libra
Friday, April 27.
Relationship plays a big role in the quest for identity. We are not isolated actors imposing our wills on the world. We are intimately interconnected. The Moon in Libra reminds us of relationship’s impact on the individual’s journey. I see in others multiple identities that I am curious about exploring. I am also a mirror of identity for those around me. This exchange of impact and significance fuels the growth of this season. The Moon opposes Mercury in Aries and makes a square to Saturn in Capricorn. Notice tensions around identity, relationship, and responsibility. This dance isn’t always easy but can still be meaningful. Negotiation and communication help us stay present and committed.

Moon in Libra
Saturday, April 28.
Yesterday’s celestial influences deepen into possible crisis or action today. The Libra Moon provides contrast for the Aries mission of this lunar cycle. Identity is tied to relationship. How willing are we to see from another’s viewpoint? The Moon makes a square to Pluto and Mars in Capricorn. It might feel like a power struggle, when it is really about acknowledging that we need each other. Some of us will want to preserve the peace at any cost. Some of will want to fight. Is there a way to shake up worn out patterns around conflict?

About these forecasts: Through following the Moon, the planets, and the wisdom of the seasons and signs, my goal is to offer a useful practice of mindfulness and intention for the thoughtful seeker. Read about the beginning of this lunar cycle here 

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