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Follow the Moon: Forecast for March 22, 2018 - March 30

Lunar cycles are about seeds and what grows from them. Even though this lunar cycle has taken off already. It began on March 17 and I’m writing this on March 21, I must acknowledge the seeds of this cycle, which reflect the threshold between Pisces and Aries. These seeds take us from an ending into a beginning. Lately, the New Moons have been occurring on the thresholds between signs. [This pattern will change this spring.] These lunar cycles have had a unique flavor, a bit of old mixed with new, a bit of weary mixed with expectation. This is especially true of this lunar cycle. The astrological year begins with Aries, the sign of spring in the Northern Hemisphere. That means, of course, that the preceding sign, Pisces, is the end. The seeds of this lunar cycle represent the threshold between endings and beginnings. Endings are as important as beginnings. Endings influence our next steps. Pisces endings are about emotion. Aries beginnings are about action. For this cycle, emotions lead us to our next actions. Even if we are unaware of them, feelings are the root of our beginnings, the basis for our actions. It isn’t too late to set an intention to pay attention to emotional underpinnings of action this lunar cycle.

Emotions hold memory. They immediately connect us to others who are feeling the same way. They offer time and space to check in, sometimes transforming and healing, sometimes bringing joy, resilience, and purpose. I am telling myself to welcome the emotions that show up at the beginning of this lunar cycle. I greet them as messengers bringing me news of my next actions. Aries action is impulsive. Pools of emotion drive this action and we aren’t quite sure how to modulate the force of our beginnings. There will be failures and mistakes. There will be many fluctuations. Actions could be too strong when we meant to be more gentle or too inhibited when we needed to be more forceful. Feelings will be hurt. Opportunities will be missed and we’ll need to backtrack for any number of reasons. The heavens are conspiring to make this so.

Two influential transits add their impact to the awkward Aries season of emergence. Mars (ruler of Aries) conjoins Saturn in Capricorn, and Mercury in Aries turns retrograde after making a delightful connection with Venus in Aries. (Venus in Aries is a whole other story.) Mercury will station retrograde on March 22 at 16 degrees Aries and will station direct on April 15 at 4 degrees Aries. During this period, Mercury will make a challenging square aspect to Mars (April 4) and Saturn (April 5). Mercury transits during a retrograde have increased significance. We are working something out between the parts of ourselves that must act impulsively and the parts that need to be deliberate. Failure is a part of daring and creating. Failure is essential to growth, but failure can stir up a bunch of emotion. We aren’t often praised for our mistakes, so we don’t know how to fail brilliantly. Perhaps we get to learn that this cycle.

I said that Venus in Aries is another story. Yes, it is and no it isn’t. Aries energy is about action and it is about anger. As Venus continues to move through Aries during this lunar cycle, we can expect that anger to come out with a directive to wake up and change. On March 23, Venus forms a square to Pluto in Capricorn. This will be a primary influence on the March for Our Lives the next day. Pluto in Capricorn represents entrenched and toxic power systems and groups. The NRA is a perfect example of an institution that needs to be dismantled through awakening anger. Another influential transit for that day will be the Sun in Aries making a square to Mars in Capricorn. This transit may be asking us to channel our anger into effective actions. This stressful aspect between the Sun and Mars might provoke more violence. The need for change will be even more apparent. A few days later, on March 28, Venus will conjoin Uranus in Aries. Gender is part of the story of change and awakening. There is a great desire to claim authentic identity. The intersections of oppressions and unclaimed power come together to strengthen the momentum of change. We are being asked to become accomplices with those who are fighting for justice. The fire of the Aries season begins to arise from our emotion-filled journeys.

Forecast for March 22, 2018 - March 30

Moon enters Gemini 12:30 am CDT
Thursday, March 22.
Mercury in Aries stations retrograde today! Become the trickster. Welcome the chance to rebalance the ways we think, communicate and travel. Connections cannot be taken for granted. Express gratitude to the Messenger god for having a plan! We just may not know what it is, but they have one! Perhaps. Find the joy in emergence. There is risk and great potential for failure but all this also means we are still alive. The Moon in Gemini says play with the uncertainty. Be curious about the new things you will experience and learn today and throughout this lunar cycle. What does this season have in store for you?

Moon in Gemini
Friday, March 23.
The Moon in Gemini boosts the frequency attuned to creative, life-changing communications. Even if you are feeling unsettled about the recent Mercury station (turned retrograde yesterday), expect illumination along your journey today. A powerful square between Venus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn could reveal how low some people can go. Our relationships and sense of justice are impacted by imbalanced power dynamics. It may be time to say something, to make a choice, to act on your own behalf. Where can you find the support to make a lasting and important change? The Aries influence may tempt us to think we are alone or must act without support. Watch out for rugged individualism responses. Aries can also encourage daring acts of trust. Acknowledge those who have earned yours.

Moon enters Cancer 3:53 am CDT
March 24—First Quarter Moon: Sprouting. Today’s Sun (Aries) and Moon (Cancer) story reflects the interaction between water and fire that was imprinted upon this lunar cycle from the beginning (March 17). The story reminds us that emotion is the source of action. Watery depths influence what we think of as our conscious choices. We are always responding to our pasts and our feelings about our pasts. It is helpful to honor these feelings in order to move forward with purpose and intention. It is understandable if the blending of water and fire doesn’t always go smoothly. Aries energy is impulsive and erratic at times. It is as if this sign needs sudden bursts to fully emerge from dormancy. The Cancer Moon influence interjects extra sensitivity. Perhaps we want to protect ourselves or others from the ways Aries can fail. Every Aries season I am reminded of a phrase coined by one of my Aries friends: Bold ‘n shy. Are you noticing that awkward feeling of wishing you hadn’t stuck your neck out? Do you feel as if everyone is staring? Accept the discomfort. Aries courage is the inspiration that helps us all get over ourselves enough to join in the momentum of emergence.

Energy is more erratic than usual today due to a challenging aspect pattern. This “t-square” is comprised of Moon in Cancer opposing Mars in Capricorn and both Mars and Moon square to the Sun in Aries. All these cardinal signs are used to being in charge. Are you encountering power struggles? Which strong desire will get their way? Can there be compromise? We may not feel like playing nicely but many of us will feel a bold engagement with life. What is your battle? What is your contribution? Will you risk failure?

Moon in Cancer
Sunday, March 25.
Yesterday’s transits were stirring. Did you notice? The Cancer Moon continues to turn over unacknowledged emotion. Stuff is coming up. It may be time to let emotion lead to healing. It may also be the moment you decide you’ve had enough. Changes are brewing. Decisions are ready to be made in spite of the uncertainty that lies ahead. What feels most enlivening to you? What feels like life calling you to awaken? The desire to upend old systems of toxic power is strong. Some will react defensively, some will react energetically, possibly violently. Passions are high. The stakes seem that way too. Venus in Aries makes a connection with Jupiter in Scorpio that could push our buttons. Jupiter has been encouraging the #metoo movement to expose abuse of power. Venus, usually a lover, becomes a fighter. The truth comes from the core of self. What do we know to be true? Will we fight for it? Look for the source of action that brings healing and liberation as we step out of cyclical reenactments of dysfunction.

Moon enters Leo 6:45 am CDT.
Monday, March 26. Perhaps you feel cleansed by the water and emotion of the weekend. The Moon in Leo encourages lightening up a little. What brings joy? What kindles your creative flame? Let this flame burn away inhibition. Let your light shine and be fed by your own brilliance. Waiting for perfection is a wasted opportunity.

Moon in Leo
March 27—Gibbous Moon: Budding. One of my favorite Mary Oliver poems asks, “What is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” This question is a good one for today. The fire of the Leo Moon meets the fire of the Aries Sun. This is the season of emergence, the time of rebirth and renewal. Energy rises, and even though Mercury is moving retrograde and Mars in Capricorn carries the weight of wanting to do everything really, really well, there is also a wildness in this moment to relish and cherish. If your own wildness was to tell you one thing today, what would it be? What does the wild want from you? Dare to follow this voice that may be faint and may be loud and boisterous. Follow your wild.

Moon enters Virgo 9:30 am CDT
Wednesday, March 28.
Contrary energies conspire to surprise us into waking up. This is unpredictable energy, and that is great. Venus in Aries conjoins Uranus while the Moon moves into careful Virgo. You know those people who seem quiet and contained on the outside but are secretly living wild lives behind the scenes? That is how we all feel today. Embrace the revolutionary in you even while you run errands and take care of business. Or not. Perhaps you are a revolutionary who secretly longs to retreat to a quiet life in the woods. Perhaps your quiet life is revolutionary. Perhaps your revolution is to change the systems that keep the world in order. The exchange between fire and earth creates power to manifest. Do it.

Moon in Virgo
Thursday, March 29.
Have things loosened up for you this past week? A lot of impetuous fire energy may have stirred you to break up stale patterns. Emotions have been the source of our actions. You may be feeling a little lighter and a lot freer. From this place, we engage with the ambitious and stabilizing energy of Saturn and Mars in Capricorn. Today, the Aries Sun makes a square aspect to Saturn. We might experience this as a vulnerability hangover. Are you regretting impulsive action? Are you telling yourself to be more grown up? I invite you to gently put those feelings and messages aside. In this Aries season, we are meant to fail. We are meant to try new things, go out on a limb, and wonder what the heck we were thinking. From this place of vulnerability, what does Saturn’s voice tell us? Perhaps it is to believe in ourselves. Perhaps it is to back up our daring impulses with consistent effort. Saturn says we have something meaningful to do with all this energy. What will it be?

Moon enters Libra 12:52 pm CDT
Friday, March 30. Venus enters Taurus today. In Aries, Venus was rash and a little bit angry. They* didn’t care about playing nice. They didn’t care about anything beyond the moment of action and response. That story changes when Venus enters the fixed earth sign that they rule. Venus takes on a lot of power in Taurus. This power comes from the Earth. Our bodies respond by slowing down and becoming sensually aware. Venus in this sign is an ally of embodiment, returning to our values and pleasures. The Moon enters the other sign that Venus rules, the cardinal air sign, Libra. This side of Venus is concerned with equity, balance, and cooperation. This side of Venus is a bit detached in comparison to their Taurean side. The primary influence is a desire to right imbalances through returning to the values the Earth teaches as constant and eternal.

About these forecasts: Through following the Moon, the planets, and the wisdom of the seasons and signs, my goal is to offer a useful practice of mindfulness and intention for the thoughtful seeker. * I use gender-neutral pronouns for the planets.

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