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Follow the Moon: Forecast for February 7, 2018 – February 14

 Forecast for February 7, 2018 – February 14

Moon in Scorpio
February 7—Last Quarter Moon: Re-seeding. This is the time in the lunar cycle when we have the opportunity to say, “Wait a minute, let’s back up.” Forward momentum stalls while we reflect on where we’ve ended up and where we wanted to go when the seeds of this lunar cycle were planted on January 16. The Moon in Scorpio encourages seeing what we might not find attractive about ourselves or others. We can access a brutal honesty, maybe even too brutal, as we reflect on this lunar cycle. New Moons carry hope within them. Every single one seems to offer a new slate, a chance to reset a pattern, invoke a new reality, or evolve into wisdom. Then reality hits. What may have actually happened wasn’t as great as what we thought could happen. But reality is not the enemy. It is the teacher. I want to learn a new way to reflect on myself. I want to be able to look honestly at my imperfection and still find myself worthy. I don’t want to conflate any failures I may have experienced in this lunar cycle with being a failure myself. There is a difference.

This has been a strange hybrid lunation. The seeds were planted on the threshold between Capricorn and Aquarius. These neighboring signs share a common ruler—Saturn—but don’t share much else. Earth sign Capricorn is focused on foundations, the past, the lineages that brought us here and support us. Aquarius is eager for the future and dispassionate about where we’ve been. It is all about the growing edge. Aquarius can become too detached, heady, ungrounded when it doesn’t listen to the Capricorn side of things. Capricorn can get stuck in fundamentals, the way things are supposed to be and have always been, when it doesn’t listen to the Aquarius side of things. Capricorn reminds us there is work to do. Aquarius reminds us the work can lead to change. Even though we are imperfect.

The Scorpio Moon contacts Pluto in Capricorn in a positive way. Seeing ourselves honestly carries power and perhaps transformation. When the Moon contacts Jupiter in Scorpio today, we may feel optimistic about what we are learning or we might let disappointment over-inflate. The Sun in Aquarius helps us find a dispassionate place within ourselves to notice and learn.

Moon enters Sagittarius 7: 53 am CST
Thursday, February 8.
Perhaps you feel a sigh of relief as the self-scrutinizing eye of the Scorpio Moon shifts to the far-seeing vision of Sagittarius. The last couple of days have felt squirmy. The Moon stimulates Mars in Sagittarius to hit the road, either literally or metaphorically. We have new places to explore and new meaning to construct. Venus in Aquarius reaches the degree where the upcoming Solar Eclipse (February 15) will occur. This could be the trigger for what this eclipse will bring to you. If 27 Aquarius holds a special place in your natal chart, you could be feeling big change right now. All of us could be, really. I will write about the eclipse on the New Moon, but begin to notice the ways you are ready to let go of outworn ideas. We are shaping change.

Moon in Sagittarius
Friday, February 9.
Mutable signs are influencing the moment. These means we are tuning into the field around us. Information is coming fast and furious. The practice is to open and ground at the same time. The Moon in mutable fire sign Sagittarius is eager to explore the question Why? Fire also asks Who am I? What is my purpose? These questions are important. The Moon also contacts Neptune in mutable water sign Pisces. Under this influence we open to emotion. This could be awareness of pain and trauma, but also the way we feel when we are truly connected. Of course, that kind of transcendence can be scary too. What feels grounding to you as you dare to open?

Moon enter Capricorn 8:21 pm CST
Saturday, February 10.
Venus completes their journey through Aquarius today to enter into Pisces. In the next lunar cycle, we will be paying attention to the threshold between these signs. We seek to expand the way we connect. Aquarian Venus connections are diverse and enriching. Piscean Venus connections are ecstatic and vulnerable. All expressions of Love are welcome. Perhaps we are feeling expansive under this Venus influence and the influence of the Sun in Aquarius making a square to Jupiter in Scorpio. Squares present challenges. Jupiter’s role in Scorpio is to challenge the ways we look beneath the surface at our motivations, needs, and desires. Under Aquarius, we may long for detachment from the reality of these feelings. There is probably a good balance point between these urges. Where is that for you?  

Moon in Capricorn
February 11—Balsamic Moon: Composting. Perhaps you’ve lost track of the grounding influence that Capricorn offered at the beginning of this lunar cycle (January 16). Perhaps you thought you were done with listening to the wisdom of your ancestors and elders. Perhaps you thought you had already covered all your bases and were ready to dive into a diverse array of projects, plans, and adventures. The Moon returns to Capricorn and makes a conjunction with Capricorn’s ruler (Saturn) today to remind us that we are never done with this work. And we shouldn’t be. Remembering the wisdom that makes our lives possible helps us find our proper place in relationship to diverse cultures and lineages. As a white person, I learn that my people did not invent everything, we aren’t the center of everything, and that we are obligated to acknowledge and honor the wisdoms cultivated by non-white people. Capricorn reminds us that nothing is free. Debts need to be paid. Value is created by integrity and hard work. As this lunar cycle comes to a close, it is good to think of our obligations and relationships to lineage and seek our place of integrity. As we turn our experiences of this work into compost, what richness is created for future generations?

Moon in Capricorn
Monday, February 12.
The feeling that change needs to happen from the top down and the bottom up is strong. It’s becoming more and more apparent that current systems and structures are not working. There is a temptation to tear down without having a vision for what we want in their place. Today could be a good opportunity to reflect on the world we want to create, remembering that our histories come with us. What in our histories give wisdom to the changes we want to cultivate? The Moon contacts Pluto in Capricorn to help us see below the surface, and later contacts Uranus in Aries to challenge us to envision a new way.

Moon enters Aquarius 9:11am CST
Tuesday, February 13. In two days a new lunar cycle begins. It will also be a solar eclipse. When the Moon enters Aquarius today, we begin to feel anticipation for our next beginning. Expect mental activity to be strong. The Sun in Aquarius makes an encouraging aspect to Uranus in Aries. This contact bolsters a feeling that change is possible and desirable. We also may feel empowered to take a stand against prevailing opinions. Sometimes it is important to be true to ourselves. This can feel lonely but doesn’t have to be isolating. Trust is built upon honesty. As Mercury in Aquarius makes a square to Jupiter in Scorpio, the issue of trust could be a real game changer. Who do you trust? How does a trustworthy person behave? What difficult conversations may you need to have to establish trust?

Moon in Aquarius
Wednesday, February 14.
Because my own Moon is in Aquarius, I feel I have had to develop ways to ground mental energy. Sometimes this energy feels like anxiety. Sometimes it feels like too many irons in the fire. Sometimes it feels like a burning vision that must be expressed. Even though this is the last day of a lunar cycle and that tends to tone down the energy, today’s Aquarius Moon influence could very well be felt as amping up rather than letting go. Notice what your body needs for integration of mental activity. Notice how this energy impacts your emotions. We do not have to attach ourselves to any of this. Simply try to notice and release. Ideas can compost too. They will be reborn when the time is right.

About these forecasts: Through following the Moon, the planets, and the wisdom of the seasons and signs, my goal is to offer a useful practice of mindfulness and intention for the thoughtful seeker. To read about the beginning of this lunar cycle go here

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