Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Following the Moon: Full Moon in Leo January 31, 2018

Moon in Leo
January 31—Full Moon: Blossoming. Lunar Eclipse. This is a spell for change on the personal and collective level. I find myself in the place of changing identity. This is not what I expected to be experiencing at this time in my life, but my heart is leading the way. I am taking down walls that have protected me for a long time. The process has left me wondering who I am. Desire is crafting a new me. Perhaps you are experiencing the same thing. Perhaps you are as mystified as I am about how to do this. This eclipsing Leo Full Moon is an appropriate time to invite new understandings about identity and change.

Sometimes, we need to ask our egos to stand down. Ego’s job is to protect and preserve a sense of self, but ego can get in the way when we are changing who we are. Ego is a vigilant defender of the status quo. An evolving self needs to open up those walls of protection to expand who we can become. This feels vulnerable. There’s a tension between ego and change. It’s like the tension between knowing who we are and wondering who we can become. This Full Moon in Leo is an opportunity to sense into this tension and wonder. Leo represents the desire to know and be who we really are. Leo can represent the ego’s desire to maintain identity and worth, but Leo also represents the knowledge that identity is core to self-expression. Expansion of creative life force also means we will change who we are. There is a certain amount of risk in creating. That’s where ego may suffer and need to relax a bit. To grow means we let go of safety.

This Full Moon in Leo is a lunar eclipse. A shadow moves across the full face of this Moon and we get to explore identity and ego in new ways. Perhaps the image to hold is how this shadow can obscure the overprotective ego just enough so the self has opportunity to expand. The idea is not to expand into a bigger ego but into self-awareness and even softness. Knowing who we are creates a better connection to what we are capable of doing in this world. There’s a lot of responsibility that comes along with expanded self. Having more impact means we need to be even more mindful of the ways ego wants to claim position and maintain control. Humility may be a sign we are opening.

Change is the purview of Aquarius, the sign of the Sun at the Full Moon. Aquarius is the edge-pusher, rabble-rouser, the cultural change artist. This sign reminds us that change is the only constant. Perhaps personal change fosters global change. Perhaps there is a similar process at work on the collective level. When we change who we are collectively, collective ego must stand down too. How might we invite our egos to stand down enough to entertain changing who we are and what we are capable of doing? We are fluid beings. I am discovering that even at the age of 62. There are parts of my identity that are only now emerging and I want to encourage this flexibility. May the shadow covering the full face of the Moon help our egos to surrender control over who we may become. May we become more than our wildest dreams thought possible.

Eclipses activate evolution. The seeds we’ve been cultivating this lunar cycle blossom with potency. That doesn’t mean we get to control the process. With an eclipse, control is the last thing we can muster. It is more like riding the currents. Right now, we are riding the currents of change, the ways change is always present and the ways we try to keep change from happening. Planetary allies are reminding us we are not alone on the edge of the future. Our lineages, teachers, ancestors, and wise ones are holding us up. At the New Moon, the seeds of Capricorn were planted in Aquarian soil. We are noticing how much we need the past to help us go forward. Saturn, Pluto, and Mercury are currently in Capricorn. With Saturn influence, the focus on the foundations from the past will last for 3 years. We are in this for a while. Jupiter in Scorpio influence takes any exploration to the next level of depth. Fear, power, control are issues that keep us from change. What needs to be released? Venus in Aquarius is near the South Node of the Moon and the Sun. Old patterns of relationship are released at this lunar eclipse. Venus in Aquarius invites diverse experiences, even queerness, into our relationships. What causes us to hold onto rigid forms of relationship? Can we ride the current of possibility now?

About these forecasts: Through following the Moon, the planets, and the wisdom of the seasons and signs, my goal is to offer a useful practice of mindfulness and intention for the thoughtful seeker. To read about the beginning of this lunar cycle go here

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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Following the Moon: Forecast for January 24, 2018 – January 30

Forecast for January 24, 2018 – January 30

My approach to the “forecasting” I do in this space is organic. Following the Moon is my personal practice of uncovering meaning and magic for each lunar cycle. What that means is, I sometimes wait until the last minute to write about the week ahead. I sometimes (often) sit down to write and don’t yet understand how a lunar cycle and my lunar intention are playing out. For my readers, this is not really a place to come to get a standard astrological forecast for the future. But, it is a place to witness the process of using sky cycles to find purpose, meaning, and transformation. I offer this practice freely in this place, I teach this practice to my students, and present this point of view to my clients. We are all in process. We are all uncovering. The stars are companions and guides. What are we finding out?

At the New Moon I sensed into the threshold between Capricorn (sign of the New Moon) and Aquarius (the Sun entered this sign just a few days after New Moon). The Sun’s sign matters in a lunar cycle. For one thing, the Full Moon coming on January 31 will happen in the polarity of Aquarius (Sun)/Leo (Moon), and a Full Moon is a significant moment of realization in a lunar cycle. I’ve been adapting to this short-term pattern of lunar cycles, beginning near the end of signs and culminating with the polarity of the following sign, by investigating the threshold between conjoining signs. The seeds are there to be discovered and cultivated. Thresholds are important. They are portals and potent moments of choosing. My question at the New Moon was around the way that Capricorn influence affects Aquarian desires. I am focusing on the relationship between lineage (Capricorn theme) and the future (Aquarian theme).

I pay attention to what shows up in my life around about my lunar intentions. Something always does when I hold space for it. The following podcast, which I happened upon this week, is an example. The source is Healing Justice Podcast and the topic is Somatic Centering with Sumitra Rajkumar (Generative Somatics teacher).  I recommend listening to both the interview and the short practice offered by Sumitra Rajkumar. The meditation invites us to expand body awareness in three directions: lengthwise for dignity, side to side for connection with others, and back to front for the journey from the past into our present longings. She invites us to rest upon the support of our ancestors and the wisdom held in the past as we connect with what we are longing for now. This is the journey. There are tools to connect. There is a lineage of healers offering wisdom. I am encouraged to keep paying attention, both to my desires for a new world as well as the lineage of teachers who help me keep moving forward. As I deepen into my practice, these questions show up for me: What gives me the right to claim relationship with a lineage? How do I honor the support of lineages that are not mine?

Moon enters Taurus 7:39 am CST
January 24—First Quarter Moon: Sprouting. The second week of this lunar cycle takes off with energizing transits. Expansion can feel optimistic but can also feel like pressure to perform. We are likely to feel both as we move forward into manifesting desire. The First Quarter phase is full of dynamic tension and represents the first turning point of the cycle. Challenges are arising. Perhaps we notice the dynamic tension between heritage and vision for growth. The past isn’t perfect, neither are our desires for the future. What adjustments need to be made to accept this?

The Moon in Taurus anchors us in our bodies and the concrete reality of form. What are the limits and gifts of physical reality right now? How do we readjust our expectations? The Moon trines Saturn in Capricorn, which encourages commitment to the process of honoring the past as we move into our futures.

Mercury in Capricorn conjoins Pluto. As the keeper of shadows and secrets, Pluto is giving Mercury the real scoop. Notice opportunities to speak truth to power, even the truth that is meant only for your own ears. Transformation comes from taking off the blinders.

Moon in Taurus
Thursday, January 25.
Mercury moves from yesterday’s conjunction with Pluto to a sextile aspect with Jupiter in Scorpio today. Mercury is helping cement the good relations that Jupiter and Pluto are having with each other right now. There is power in searching the depths, revealing toxic secrets, telling our truths. The deeper connections are being revealed. We are less interested in pleasant facades. We dig into our conflicts and expose our longings. Vital energy flows. The Moon in Taurus is the integrator. We bring all this juicy, but sometimes uncomfortable, energy into our bodies. Sensual pleasure is a tonic for the challenging and scary work of waking up. Embodied practices help us anchor emotional release.

Moon enters Gemini 11:39 am CST
Friday, January 26.
A big switcheroo in energy and focus comes from Mars’ ingress into Sagittarius today. Mars has been in Scorpio, a sign that it rules, since early December. In Scorpio, Mars joined with Jupiter to invite emotional catharsis and healing. Feelings have been big. Passions have been too. Until mid-March, Mars travels through the mutable fire sign where the focus will be on the journey. This journey invites a broader perspective. We all have cabin fever, even if you live in a milder climate. We crave adventure and discovery. There will also be an uptick in people who like to explain things. Collective knowing is an antidote to thinking any of us knows it all. The Moon in Gemini faces off with this new version of Mars early in the day. Mutable sign emphasis means we might feel unfocused, distracted and/or anxious in a general way. It helps to find a fascinating topic or place to discover.

Moon in Gemini
Saturday, January 27.
Momentum is picking up. Sometimes we need to go along with the flow, even if we don’t know where it is taking us. The Moon in Gemini encourages a sort of rambling curiosity, an openness to synchronicity, meeting the right person at just the right time, hearing the right message for the question you didn’t even know you had. The ruler of Gemini, Mercury, is forming a square to Uranus today and tomorrow. Eurekas come when we break with convention. Question assumptions. Dare to not know.

Moon enters Cancer 12:57 pm CST
January 28—Gibbous Moon: Budding. The last few days have pushed us forward. We might feel more oriented towards what is coming next than where we’ve been. We might even forget we have the resource of lineage to tap into as we dream into our futures. At the Gibbous phase, we are on the cusp of blossoming. The bud that came from the seed planted in the dark of the New Moon is eager to unfurl. But there is also dynamic tension in this phase. The tension now may be to remain present and centered enough to remember all our connections—connections to the past, to ourselves, and to each other—even as we plunge ahead into the waxing year.

Just like at the New Moon, I need to name again the foibles of whiteness, which encourages forgetting our connections and lineages. Perhaps the dynamic tension at this moment is giving birth to new thought patterns. We are not isolated, we haven’t invented anything new, we are not heroes conquering the darkness. The Moon in Cancer encourages a sense of family, how we need each other and how we can support each other in the present moment.

Mercury in Capricorn is square Uranus in Aries. This is a rebellious and feisty energy. Let’s question assumptions, especially our own. Let’s break with old thought forms. Let’s open to a new possible. Mercury also makes an encouraging sextile to Chiron in Pisces. This influence, along with the Cancer Moon, softens our hearts, making empathy the primary tool for change.

Moon in Cancer
Monday, January 29.
The Moon in Cancer reminds us of the beginning of this lunar cycle when the seeds of Capricorn trembled in the dark soil. The Cancer/Capricorn polarity is about nurturance, creating supportive structures for family and community. To do this, Cancer applies emotional intelligence and Capricorn applies wisdom from the past. Assess the support systems in your communities. How might they be tended now so they help us meet the challenges of the future? It is a radical idea to break the spell of isolation. It is an ancient idea to rely upon our support networks to catch us when we fall. A grand water trine of Moon, Neptune in Pisces, and Jupiter in Scorpio help us tune into the needs of others. The opposition between the Moon and Pluto in Capricorn helps us envision powerful ways to heal and support.

Moon enters Leo 12:53 pm CST
Tuesday, January 30.
In U.S. time zones, early morning could be gnarly emotional terrain. The Moon in Cancer opposes Mercury in Capricorn and squares Uranus in Aries. This t-square aspect pattern could foster impatience and disruption. Then the Moon moves into Leo. Tomorrow’s Full Moon is beginning to be felt today. That means we are noticing the continuum between Aquarian concerns for collective awareness and Leo concerns for self awareness. These signs need each other like every pair of opposite signs do. Sometimes we need to feed the flame of selfhood and sometimes give breath to collective vision. What is it for you?

About these forecasts: Through following the Moon, the planets, and the wisdom of the seasons and signs, my goal is to offer a useful practice of mindfulness and intention for the thoughtful seeker. To read about the beginning of this lunar cycle go here

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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Follow the Moon: Forecast for January 17, 2018 – January 23

Moon enters Aquarius 2:32 am CST
Wednesday, January 17. Aspects are the spatial relationships between planets. Each aspect has its own energy, gifts, and challenges. The quincunx aspect is about dissonance and discomfort. Things don’t easily resolve. We notice difference. We have to stay on our toes. There is a sense we might be missing something. This aspect sort of describes modern life, doesn’t it? Aspects are stages in development and even the quincunx leads somewhere. Perhaps the gift is increased capacity for complexity and curiosity. Today Mars in Scorpio makes a quincunx aspect to Uranus in Aries. These two planets can stir up anxiety and tension. They can even spark wildfires (metaphorically). Deep emotions are out of sorts with individualistic actions. We notice the difference between what it feels like inside and what we show to the world. With the Moon in Aquarius, there is a temptation to disengage from emotions. This could leave some of us feeling unheard. Venus joins the Moon in Aquarius emphasizing differences. There is something to learn from discomfort today.

Moon in Aquarius
Thursday, January 18. Perhaps you rode yesterday’s waves of dissonance to a place of inclusion, or at least curiosity. With Venus in Aquarius (fixed air) for the next three weeks, curiosity becomes a relationship tool. What can we learn from others who are different from us? Water sign emphasis from a trine between Mars in Scorpio and Chiron in Pisces reminds us that empathy also helps us feel connection. At times, air and water have a hard time relating to each other. We could notice missed cues in our relationships too. Even when this happens can we still be reaching towards each other?

Moon enters Pisces 2:26 pm CST
Friday, January 19.
Sun enters Aquarius. Here is that threshold I wrote about at the New Moon on January 16. This lunar cycle, seeded in Capricorn, opens to more and more Aquarian influence with the Sun’s ingress into this sign. Capricorn sees the mountain and asks itself, what wisdom from the past will help me ascend to the top? Aquarius sees the mountain and asks, is the mountain the only thing? Capricorn is an earth sign bound to lineage and accountability. Aquarius is an air sign soaring towards the next paradigm shift. It is easy to pit these desires against each other. The opportunity at this threshold is to see how the past and the future are linked and supportive of each other.

Cool Aquarian detachment contrasts with Jupiter’s intense and emotionally cathartic transit of Scorpio. The temptation may be to flee as fast as we can the discomfort of feeling our wounds. But Aquarius needs the deeper colors that water signs give us. Today’s watery influence comes from Neptune in Pisces (mutable water) making a favorable aspect with Mercury in Capricorn, and the Moon entering Pisces for the next two days. Air helps water signs see the big picture. We get perspective on recent underworld journeys. Through the Neptune/Mercury connection we tap into inspiration and spiritual insight. Curiosity and empathy combine. Where will you go?

Moon in Pisces
January 20—Crescent Moon: Germinating. Germinating happens underground, out of sight, but still detectable by those who are listening. Momentum is building. Change is coming. A few days ago, seeds were planted in the Capricorn/Aquarian soil of this lunar cycle. Under the influence of these signs, we have the opportunity to bridge our futures with our pasts. The Aquarian season is a natural time to dream about our projects for the year ahead. The Pagan celebration of Imbolc (traditionally celebrated on February 2) is a time for setting intention for the growing cycle. We’ve come through the darkest part of winter, even though there is more to come, the seeds are trembling. Capricorn influence of this lunar cycle reminds us we are not alone in our intentions, we are supported by ancestral lineage. We do not have to start from the very beginning, we are provided a vast storehouse of wisdom. As our seeds begin to send out roots into this rich soil, let us remember those who have gone before, those whose experiences will teach us how to go forward.

The Moon in Pisces encourages quiet listening to our seeds. Use all your senses.

Moon in Pisces
Sunday, January 21.
Exhale. The lunar cycle is about to pick up momentum. Another day of the Moon in Pisces asks us to slow down. We may miss important messages if we keep rushing. Deviate from your schedule. Go to a movie, a museum, listen to music that takes you on a journey. Be receptive. Be in tune.

Moon enters Aries 12:27 am CST
Monday, January 22.
From quiet listening (for the last two days) comes a drive to move and act as the Moon goes from Pisces to Aries. Before getting too far however, the Moon has us check in with Saturn in Capricorn. Remember all those things you wanted to accomplish? Do you think they will just happen on their own? Saturn reminds us to commit our whole selves to the task. Rather than get distracted by all our inadequacies, perhaps we use this opportunity to find one thing we need to learn or change to support our intentions for the year. Aries Moon likes to begin things. What will you begin?

Moon in Aries
Tuesday, January 23.
Obstacles just inspire us to break through. The Moon in Aries makes challenging square aspects to Mercury and Pluto in Capricorn and conjoins Uranus. Some of the harmonizing influences from the first part of this lunar cycle could get lost today. We are more aware of the things that annoy us and that we are ready to expose and change. Perhaps a little anger will help us to know our desires better. Perhaps we risk failure to see what we are capable of.

About these forecasts: Through following the Moon, the planets, and the wisdom of the seasons and signs, my goal is to offer a useful practice of mindfulness and intention for the thoughtful seeker. To read about the beginning of this lunar cycle go here

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Monday, January 15, 2018

Follow the Moon: New Moon January 16, 2018

“Always name the lineage.” I heard this today from a teacher I respect for her healing justice work. She was describing the way whiteness often forgets that very little is discovered. Much of what is thought of as new can be sourced from older, indigenous cultures. History is full of instances when indigenous wisdom has been taken and rebranded by white people, claiming they had discovered something new. While the indigenous teaching may have been freely shared, it is important to name the lineage to be in right relationship with the people and the wisdom. As another teacher of mine likes to say, it is only good manners. Good manners make for good foundations. Foundations and lineage are important concepts for Capricorn, the sign of the new lunar cycle that begins on January 16.

Capricorn is the sign that likes to know what brought us to this place. It is the sign that also aspires to bring us to better places through commitment and work. This lunar cycle is an opportunity to honor our lineages, to name our sources, and create good foundations for our futures. We are building. Saturn has recently entered Capricorn boosting the signal for this practice of naming lineage.

Astrology has a long lineage. Ancient structures all over the world were built with relationship to the sky. Ancient peoples have always observed and found meaning in the cycles of Sun, Moon, and star. Astrology as a codified body of knowledge has roots in Mesopotamia, Egypt, and India. These strains influenced what we know as Western Astrology, but astrologers in India still practice a distinct astrology not influenced by the West. There are astrologies from Tibet and China. The Plains Tribes of the U.S. used their own constellations to time and map their migrations and ceremonies. Polar-dwelling people tell different stories about the sky than those who live in equatorial regions. The sky is local and helps us anchor to our place and to the rhythms and cycles of the Earth where we live. I give thanks to the excellent sky watchers from these indigenous cultures who maintained their connection to the Earth. They inspire me to anchor my astrology in the Earth’s wisdom too.

What do you value in your life? Who brought these things to you? Who explored them? Anchored them and passed them along? Will you also use this lunar cycle to honor lineage?

This lunar cycle moves across a threshold, which could be described as the movement from honoring foundations to envisioning the future. For the past few months, lunar cycles have begun near the cusp between signs. The Sun is in Capricorn now, but it moves into Aquarius only three days after the New Moon. Last month, the threshold between Sagittarius and Capricorn opened the way to the new year—to beginnings grounded in Saturn’s reality. And now, we are invited to remember the past to ensure beginnings form vibrant roots. As we cross into Aquarius territory, our spirits soar into the deep winter sky to claim the vision that heals. In the northern hemisphere, Aquarius is the air sign that anchors mid-winter—a time to start the seeds of intention that will grow over the next year. Aquarius is the air sign that pours inspiration like water upon the land. If we can dream it, we can be it. Aquarius longs to expand the bounds of what is possible. It wants to break the rules. Sometimes it seems like Capricorn and Aquarius are at odds with each other, one anchored in the past’s wisdoms and the other reaching for tomorrow’s spark of change. What if we learn to cross this threshold and stay connected to both?

To name lineage is to honor those who make our lives possible now and into the future. To name lineage is to know we don’t have to invent everything. Wise ones are carrying us forward. To name lineage says we are trying to live with respect. And that may be the key to the future.

Moon in Capricorn
January 16—New Moon: Seeding. There’s quite a line up of Capricorn planets at this New Moon. Saturn, Mercury, Pluto, Sun, Moon, and Venus are located there. We often associate Capricorn with mountains. Capricorn likes to climb. Capricorn has places to go. Does that mountain look enticing or overwhelming to you? It’s possible that you feel both, or swing between determined commitment and wanting to give up. Yep. Mountains are challenging. We have a great opportunity this lunar cycle to look at the ways we think about and respond to challenge. We can tinker with the formula for success. How about we take out competition and isolation, and put in the support of our ancestors and the lineage of wise ones living in right relationship? What then? What does success look like? How have we distorted the notion? How do we reclaim it?

Uranus in Aries is the challenger in the chart for the New Moon. Uranus as co-ruler of Aquarius is goading the parts of us that are sleeping to wake up. If we are ready to change, then we are already looking for new ways to climb our mountains. If we are resistant to change, we may be shocked out of complacency. The idea is to keep evolving while preserving the life-promoting qualities that Capricorn offers.

Jupiter and Mars in Scorpio are beginning to separate from a close conjunction that has plunged many into catharsis. Life has been intense. Under this influence, emotional release feels essential to our healing. Mars and Uranus are in a quincunx aspect that tweaks our responses just enough that we have a hard time resting. Is there more to release? Or is it now time to let the old wounds go to free us for renewed life? At some point in this lunar cycle, we are ready to move on. The sextile aspect between Jupiter and Pluto helps us know that the emotional work we do now will turn into rich compost for future growth.

About these forecasts: Through following the Moon, the planets, and the wisdom of the seasons and signs, my goal is to offer a useful practice of mindfulness and intention for the thoughtful seeker. 

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Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Follow the Moon: Forecast for January 8, 2018 – January 15

Forecast for January 8, 2018 – January 15

Moon in Libra
January 8—Last Quarter Moon: Re-seeding.
It has been a week since the New Year's Day Full Moon. What are you noticing about your beginnings? In my world, I have just completed an important weekend of visioning, planning, and restoring relationship in my spiritual community. The work was deep (thank you Mars and Jupiter conjoined in Scorpio) and long ranging (thank you Saturn in Capricorn). But that work meant I have not yet written my forecast for the last week of this lunar cycle. I am standing in my intention to shift the way I try to "take over" my inner experiences and conquer my demons. This shift means I listen to my level of exhaustion and what I need for replenishment right now. I am eager to write about the upcoming transits, but they will come later.

Notice today's influences. Venus in Capricorn (#timesup at Golden Globes last night) is determined and creating stronger networks to build a world of relationships and justice. This Venus is sextile Jupiter in Scorpio (#metoo), which is about releasing toxic secrets to claim power. Another powerful connection comes from Mars in Scorpio (conjoining with Jupiter) to make another encouraging sextile to Pluto in Capricorn. Clarity about our way forward has arrived. Just review Oprah's speech at the Globes last night. Tap into the momentum and support for your own breakthroughs and realizations.

Moon enters Scorpio 2:05 pm CST
Tuesday, January 9. A triple conjunction of the Sun, Venus, and Pluto in Capricorn offers a unique and powerful signature for the times we live in. Capricorn represents the scaffolding upholding our norms and aspirations. Capricorn is a shaper of reality. Planetary allies are conspiring to awaken and transform structural foundations. With their help and insistence, we are able to look deeper—into ourselves and into these structures—to see what needs to be culled and purged, named and reclaimed. The recent conjoining of Mars and Jupiter in Scorpio gave us catharsis. From raw vulnerability life force is released. You may find you simply don’t have the capacity to maintain a fa├žade of competency and control anymore. What kind of new world can we shape with this authenticity? Mars in Scorpio says take action. We dare to risk because where we’ve come from leaves no other options. Perhaps this is freedom.

Moon in Scorpio
Wednesday, January 10.
If you’ve ever wondered what the sign of Scorpio is really like, the last week has given us a pretty good picture. Chances are, life has been a little more intense for you lately. That has certainly been true for me. Scorpio is good at hiding this intensity until conditions insist it be exposed. We’ve arrived at that time. Has it felt like everything is finally on the table? Have you experienced the healing release of letting secrets go? Has it been a relief? The Moon in Scorpio today and tomorrow reinforces the necessity to let Scorpio healing move through. Today, the Moon contacts Neptune in Pisces through a trine. This contact entices us with a blurring of boundaries. Watch out for projecting your own experience onto others. And be aware this could happen to you too. The hackles that are raised remind us to look at our own shadows and keep doing our personal work. The ingress of Mercury into Capricorn may help us clarify what we need to say and what we need to keep to ourselves.

Moon in Scorpio
Thursday, January 11.
The waning Moon in Scorpio helps us integrate and release recent emotional catharsis. This is a good time to check in and explore the places that feel stuck or unseen. Listen to yourself with compassion. Accept that healing is not instantaneous and occurs at its own pace. It may be helpful to remember that this pathway to healing is spiralic. We will have an opportunity to return to this place again but with added awareness and wisdom. At this moment, what does your heart need from you? This is a moment to let that heart’s desire settle slowly into your soul waiting for rebirth.

Moon enters Sagittarius 1:04 am CST
January 12—Balsamic Moon: Composting. What I want to know as the Moon enters the final phase of this lunar cycle is this: Have I learned to be kinder to myself? Have I learned to have more compassion for this hard work of transformation? And more patience? At the beginning of this lunar cycle, my intention centered around taking a different approach to my personal work. The desire was to adopt a less heroic stance in my ongoing evolution and healing. I do not have to conquer my demons. I do not have to battle with my shadows. Showing more vulnerability, have I created stronger connections? What are you noticing? This has been a rather intense lunar cycle. Scorpio and Capricorn influence made the stakes seem higher. It is as if our souls and our survival are on the line. This level of intensity is not sustainable for long. Our nervous systems need relief. Does kindness help us re-center? How do we practice that?

The Moon may help us lighten up a bit. Discovery, adventure, and moving our bodies can break up obsessive states of mind. Due to the recent retrograde, Mercury in Capricorn makes the third of three conjunctions with Saturn. The first conjunction happened November 28 in Sagittarius. The second (also in Sagittarius) happened while Mercury was retrograding on December 6. Those passes asked us to reflect on what we’ve been learning from Saturn’s transit through Sagittarius. This final transit helps us settle into the Capricorn journey. While Saturn is in Capricorn for the next three years, we will be looking critically at our structures. We’ll also be developing new structures to move us forward. Mercury opens a window into the work ahead. Given what you’ve experienced in this last lunar cycle, what do you want your work to be? And perhaps, even more importantly, how will you be kinder to yourself in this work?

Moon in Sagittarius
Saturday, January 13.
Venus has been busy this week. On Tuesday, Venus conjoined the Sun and Pluto in Capricorn while making a sextile aspect to Mars in Scorpio. Venus rules relationship, justice, values, and beauty. Venus is the wealthy one, the muse of love and art. Venus also has a relationship to women, and this seems important right now. In Capricorn, this planetary ally means business. Women are claiming authority, but there is more work to do for women who possess the most privilege. Many white women are not acknowledging the intersectionality of oppression for women of color. And essentialist feminists are excluding their trans sisters from women-only spaces. Venus is issuing a challenge through a square to revolutionary Uranus in Aries. How can we change the world if we can’t change ourselves? It is time to be inclusive of difference to know our common power. Truly united, we cannot be defeated.

Moon enters Capricorn 1:42 pm CST
Sunday, January 14.
Yesterday, Venus got riled up by a square contact with Uranus in Aries. Today, the Sun in Capricorn makes the same square. This is a day of action, even if the Moon is waning. There have been plenty of emotional releases and lessons this lunar cycle. Perhaps we feel lighter now. Perhaps we are ready to step into change. Perhaps this feels like a beginning and not an ending at all. The Moon in Capricorn conjoins Saturn and brings a quiet determination to the day. Chiron in Pisces makes a favorable contact with the Sun. Empathy becomes fuel for the work.

Moon in Capricorn
Monday, January 15.
This lunar cycle comes to a close with a powerful sextile aspect between Jupiter in Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn. The emotional experiences of this lunar cycle have a purpose. The Capricorn influences of this lunar cycle and the next help us develop soul. This journey hasn’t been about conquering our shadows, but treating them with more kindness and not turning away from the lessons they have for us. Illusion is being stripped away if we want to see. As we open our eyes, how will we choose to live our one wild and precious life?

About these forecasts: Through following the Moon, the planets, and the wisdom of the seasons and signs, my goal is to offer a useful practice of mindfulness and intention for the thoughtful seeker. To read about the beginning of this lunar cycle go here

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