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Follow the Moon: Forecast for December 10, 2017 – December 17

Forecast for December 10, 2017 – December 17

Moon enters Libra 11:01 pm CST
December 10—Last Quarter Moon: Re-seeding. Well folks, this astrologer is deep in the feels of current planetary influences. Mars entering Scorpio yesterday brought underworld journeys to a new level. Mercury in Sagittarius, moving retrograde past Saturn in Sagittarius to form a fiery trine with Uranus in Aries today, is shaking the roots of egoic constructs. You may be feeling big shifts. You may not know how deep they are going. You may not know where they are leading. Or perhaps that is just me. If you are also deep in the feels, give yourself a hug. Reach out to someone who cares about you. Be that person for someone else. The Moon is waning and this is a perfect time to shed and be still. In the dark time of the year (in the Northern Hemisphere), it is good to let emotions settle without agenda. The Scorpio influence of this lunar cycle invites us to trust the alchemical process of release. Death, not the literal kind, holds the power of compost, which holds the power of rebirth. You may not know you are in the process of being reborn, but you are. We are.

Moon in Libra
Monday, December 11.
The only exact aspect today is a sweet sextile between the Moon in Libra and Venus in Sagittarius. Open-hearted exchange between you and another brings healing. Be nourished by art. Cultivate beauty around you. Receive a breath.

Moon in Libra
Tuesday, December 12.
Retrograding Mercury and the Sun conjoin in Sagittarius. This meeting of the Sun and Mercury is the heart of every Mercury retrograde journey. Essential energy is exchanged between these important archetypes. Sometimes I imagine the Sun as Queen or King, a ruler, who employs Mercury as councilor, messenger, diplomat, bard, and fool all rolled into one. Mercury is giving a download of information to the part of ourselves that feels like it is in charge. Mercury sometimes has to remind their boss that they aren’t. Perhaps this will feel like a momentary struggle to regain control, or perhaps a momentary release of trying to control anything at all. The Moon is stirring up feelings by making a square to Pluto in Capricorn in the morning and Uranus in Aries in the evening (U.S. time zones). The feelings lead to a reflection on liberation. What is yours?

Moon enters Scorpio 7:58 am CST
December 13—Balsamic Moon: Composting. The Moon slips into Scorpio as it also slips into the last phase of the lunar cycle. What are you letting go of? What is being taken from you? It is time to look with clear eyes at the ways we feed the compost pile. Sometimes we feed life with our losses. That doesn’t mean we are meant to suffer. The healthy exchange between living and dying has been co-opted by oppression. It is all out of balance. We aren’t paying attention to the whole cycle. We’ve lost the connection. We’ve lost our ability to give consent. Our traumatized bodies are often held hostage in the dysfunction of letting too much go too soon. The underworld feels hungry right now because we’ve lost the proper balance of exchange between dying and living. Our offerings are not full enough of a well-lived life. Our regrets taste bitter in the compost pile. And this is the moment to declare that we will change that. Living a full life is the best gift we can make to the underworld. As Jupiter transits Scorpio this year, and as Mars (the co-ruler of Scorpio) transits this sign until the end of January, attention to this exchange between life and death remains present. The waning days of this lunar cycle is a chance to deepen and explore our lives. The Moon in Scorpio conjoins Mars today. Emotions, insights, and power struggles could be intense. Open to life force, feed yourself love, know that your well-lived life is a gift.

If this world were a tree, then the other world would be the roots—
the part of the plant we can’t see, but that puts the sap into the tree’s veins.
The other world feeds this tangible world—
the world that can feel pain, that can eat and drink, that can fail;
the world that goes around in cycles; the world where we die.
The other world is what makes this world work.
And the way we help the other world continue
is by feeding it with our beauty.
-Martin Prechtel, Saving the Indigenous Soul

Moon in Scorpio
Thursday, December 14.
The Moon contacts the intensifier planets that are opening the way to deeper emotion and catharsis (yay)—Jupiter in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces. Pace yourself and protect yourself as you go through your day. Don’t be fooled by the idea that all the emotion and all the catharsis needs to happen all at once. This is Jupiter’s influence, thinking things have to get bigger to matter. They don’t.

Moon enters Sagittarius 7:07 pm CST
Friday, December 15.
Another Mercury download happens today. Mercury has been retrograding in Sagittarius since December 3. Today, Mercury conjoins Venus. We could expect unusual messages or events that lead to a declaration of freedom or truth. Venus in Sagittarius invites connections that expand our worldviews. We have the opportunity to look at issues of trust and freedom in our relationships. Notice what comes up for you. Our recent underworld journeys may have left us feeling vulnerable. The challenge could be to open to the impulse to give space while also staying connected to others. The square between the Sun in Sagittarius and Chiron in Pisces intensifies these feelings of vulnerability. The final conclusion may be that we can’t heal ourselves until we learn how to stay connected through it all, the hurts and the joys.

Moon in Sagittarius
Saturday, December 16.
Breakthrough day. The Sun in Sagittarius makes a trine relationship to Uranus in Aries. These are fire signs, energetic channels are open, presenting the opportunity to let stuck or turgid energy move out. As we step into this flow, look for ways to connect with the grounding force of Earth and body. We can expand and reinforce our containers for this energy of change and liberation as we keep our grounding cords active.

Moon in Sagittarius
Sunday, December 17.
The last day of this lunar cycle offers the opportunity to contemplate our intentions for the next lunar cycle, which begins on the threshold between Sagittarius and Capricorn tomorrow (EST). Imagine how mutable fire—illuminating truth—leads to cardinal earth—determined manifestation. Fire energy is removing obstacles even as we notice obstructions and setbacks through Mercury’s continuing retrogradation through Sagittarius. Setbacks do not mean we are on the wrong path. Perhaps we need to develop new approaches to the journey. Say farewell to an intense lunar cycle. Burn the vestiges and open to the next adventure.

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