Friday, November 10, 2017

Follow the Moon: Forecast for November 10, 2017 - November 17

Moon in Leo
November 10—Last Quarter Moon: Re-seeding. Hekate stands at the crossroads with torches in hand, shedding only enough light to enhance the dark edges. In the liminal Scorpio season when the veils between the worlds are thin, Hekate coaxes me to move closer to the dark, whispering wisdoms about navigating change. For me, this lunar cycle has been about the crossing of thresholds and my choices at the crossroads. This lunar cycle began for me in Texas, where I was fortunate enough to co-facilitate a Reclaiming Witchcamp dedicated to Hekate. Strange that it has only been three weeks since this lunar cycle began. So much internal territory has been traversed. Have you noticed this too?

As the Moon wanes this week, we notice the impact of our travels through the torch-lit landscapes of this lunar cycle. The Moon in Leo, today at the last quarter phase, makes a square to the dark Scorpio Sun. Partially lit, partially dark, perhaps we are meant to trust our experiences of this cycle even when we do not possess clear vision about what they mean. We are feeling our way across thresholds. We are noticing what lights seem to beckon us to go farther. We are shedding here, too—letting go of the things that keep us from this instinctual journey. The relationship between the Moon in Leo and Mars in Libra encourages forward momentum. How does it feel to trust the dark?

Moon enters Virgo 10:41 am CST
Saturday, November 11.
At midnight in the U.S. central time zone, a grand fire trine (Moon in Leo, Saturn in Sagittarius, and Uranus in Aries) activates latent ambitions. Perhaps your dreams reveal your next bold action? There is plenty of energetic support to break down barriers while at the same time building up foundations that bolster change. For the final time since this transit began in December of 2016, the trine between Saturn and Uranus helps usher in new pathways to change. In December of 2016, many of us were reeling from the effects of the newly-elected U.S. President. Now, almost a year later, the 2017 election, though not perfect, showed encouraging change as winning candidates broke through barriers of gender and race. In Minneapolis, where I live, two transgender people of color were elected to our city council. The work is far from complete, but we can take this moment to acknowledge the efforts that have made change possible. As the Moon moves into Virgo, we have the opportunity to re-balance the realms of work and healing. What have you noticed about commitment to the work and to self-care? How has your “work ethic” shifted? What is important to remember as we go forward?

Moon in Virgo
Sunday, November 12.
Multiple mutable influences today could create confusion if we aren’t flexible and open. The Moon in mutable earth sign, Virgo, opposes Neptune in mutable water sign, Pisces, and makes a square to Mercury in mutable fire sign, Sagittarius. Such influence can help us integrate our experiences of this lunar cycle so far, but we have to be careful of wanting to wrap everything up in a nice package. We might have to live with contradictions and messy anomalies to really get at what we need to learn now. Beware of concretizing the revelations from the shadows of the Scorpio season. Keep letting go and being fearless. We have more to uncover.

Moon enters Libra 5:26 pm CST
Monday, November 13.
The two benefics, Venus and Jupiter, conjoin in Scorpio and this could be interesting. What is the benefit of the dark journey? What good comes from revelations of toxic secrets? What authentic power is reclaimed through seeing ourselves as we really are, not as we’ve been told we should be? How is transformation sexy? What is your soul journey? Of course, Scorpio can be overdone. That is true for every sign. And we may notice some of that too. But for today, we are encouraged to unlock the gates. Dive deep and dare. That being said, I am mindful that it is good to have a tether to the surface world of life and beauty as we do our diving today. What is yours? A square between Mercury in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces makes it more difficult to tell reality from illusion. So, this tether to what we love becomes even more valuable. On this mystical day, embrace what it means to be human.

Moon in Libra
November 14—Balsamic Moon: Composting. Yesterday’s conjunction of Venus and Jupiter in Scorpio set the stage for this phase of the Moon. Isn’t compost beautiful? Let’s extend gratitude for the miraculous processes that turn death into life. The Scorpio season is about this power. As this lunar cycle winds to a conclusion, we are able to let go and trust that the work that needed doing has been done well enough for now. The messages we received from beyond the veils have been received the best we know how. We have done our part, the best we could, to reweave the connections between the living and dead. As humans, we are not separate from this process, observing the transformative magic of compost objectively, but are being transformed and made into compost, too. How are you compost? How are you feeding life with your transformations?

The Moon returns to Libra, the sign that initiated this lunar cycle on October 19, a few days before the Sun moved into Scorpio. Libra is about balance and exchange. We are encouraged to reflect on the ways death feeds life and the balance that is created by this exchange. The Moon conjoins Mars today. Be engaged. Be actively pursuing balance. Belong to the mystery.

Moon in Libra
Wednesday, November 15.
If you can, about 45 minutes before dawn, look to the east to observe Venus, Jupiter and the waning sliver of the Moon rising together. Perhaps this is the image you want to take with you as you let go of the efforts of this lunar cycle. Beauty leads to soulful journeys. Grief reminds us that life and relationships are precious. The tense aspects between the Moon and Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries make sure we keep pushing ourselves to turn over more dirt and break down more blocks to transformation and change.

Moon enters Scorpio 2:19 am CST
Thursday, November 16.
The Moon returns to Scorpio for the last two days of this lunar cycle. The next New Moon on November 18 occurs on the threshold between Scorpio and Sagittarius. We will take the dark journeys we’ve experienced during this lunar cycle into the seeds we plant at the next New Moon. I imagine these seeds will be fed richly by the compost of this Scorpio season. A deep watery influence comes from a trine between Venus in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces. We flow from instinct to intuition to insight. Compassion mixes with accountability. Vulnerability mixes with power. Transcendence mixes with desire. The trine between the Sun in Scorpio and Chiron in Pisces deepens the blending. And as a side note: in 2 ½ weeks, Mercury will station retrograde at the last degree of Sagittarius. Today, Mercury enters the retrograde shadow zone, pay attention to mental attachments. They are sure to change.

Moon in Scorpio
Friday, November 17.
We are mistaken if we think Scorpio, as a water sign, is a passive energy. Scorpio’s water power is transformative in all the ways water creates change, and there are many—the slow dissolve, the torrential flood, the freezing and crumbling, the misty obscurations. We might notice these powers today as the Sun in Scorpio makes a challenging connection to Uranus in Aries. Will the dam break? Or will we try and hold back the effects of change? Scorpio sometimes strives to keep thinks under control when the best choice might be to let go. Change is afoot. Mercury in Sagittarius sparks action through a sextile aspect to Mars in Libra. These transits make way for the next lunar cycle, which begins tomorrow. Depth experiences cannot be controlled, but we can harvest the force of them to move forward into the next arena—what we believe in and hope for our world.

About these forecasts: Through following the Moon, the planets, and the wisdom of the seasons and signs, my goal is to offer a useful practice of mindfulness and intention for the thoughtful seeker and world changer. Read about the beginning of the Libra/Scorpio lunar cycle here 

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