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Follow the Moon: Forecast for October 12, 2017 - October 19.

A vision of where are: Something began with the total solar eclipse in August. An opening in the sky where the Sun normally stands made an opening in the web of possibility. I am noticing, as I am sure you are too, that events in the world seem to be speeding us toward transformation. A lot of pain is being felt and released. A lot of calamity is asking us to wake up. And still, it seems, the web of connection is holding. Those who sense this web, which can only be described as Love, are being called to feed and tend it—right now—because we are in a moment of choice as we move through transformations. If we lose connection, we lose everything. 

This vision is my frame for the rest of the current lunar cycle and the next lunar cycle beginning on October 19, which occurs in the liminal space between Libra and Scorpio. Here’s the barest of rundowns. In August, the threshold between Leo and Virgo, through a solar eclipse, opened Leo life force to Virgo dedication. In September, the threshold between Virgo and Libra opened Virgo dedication to Libra responsibility of relationship. In October, the threshold between Libra and Scorpio opens responsibility of relationship to Scorpio transformation. Since August we have been experiencing many transitions and many thresholds. Leo life force opens to Scorpio transformations. This progression is akin to what we feel each year in the northern hemisphere as fall winds down: the veils are thinning between the worlds, the living and dead are mingling and we have the opportunity to change the way we’ve been doing things. We are at the crossroads of change and choice. We are at the threshold between life and death.

My first instinct is to remind you (and me) to be gentle with ourselves. This crossroads feels big, and systems of oppression can isolate us into panic and numbness. It isn’t easy to be awake and aware under our current systems. This last week of the New Moon seeded in the liminal space between Virgo and Libra is a good time to remember that Virgo encourages small steps and Libra encourages micro-adjustments to the scales of relationship. Being open to the energy, which is big, doesn’t mean we have to be big ourselves. We can’t act alone and so the choices are not up to us alone. Feed connections. Remember dedications as we cross and cross again many thresholds.

Moon in Cancer
October 12—Last Quarter Moon: Re-seeding. The Moon in Cancer encounters the challenge of Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries today. This cardinal sign connection provokes decision and action based on security needs. If we are learning that isolation is a dangerous myth, then the desire to create more safety extends to the many, not just ourselves. Perhaps we focus first on our families, both of choice and blood. Home base helps us to reset and move forward. Notice those who may not have this anchoring cord. How can we feed compassionate connection beyond our immediate families? Cancer likes to feed people. What is a small step for you to take? 

We are re-seeding lunar intentions during this phase of the Moon. Some of what we thought we were creating in this cycle has worked out, some has not. Rather than focus on what has gone wrong, take this opportunity to notice what the desire is right now. These Virgo/Libra seeds hold the potential of what we have learned and what we long for. With a brilliant connection between Mercury in Libra and Saturn in Sagittarius today, speak or write what you desire. The message is likely to be received. What seeds are you holding? What is the enlivening vision?

Moon enters Leo 1:41 am CDT
Friday, October 13. Friday the 13th recalls stories of exclusion. The unlucky number refers to the unusual one among us. Witches are associated with the number. The correspondence of misfortune with the number 13 stems from the intersecting cycles of the Sun and Moon. There are 13 lunations for every 12 months. In a solar-based world, the Moon represents uncontrolled shadows that don’t fit. Thirteen is subversive, it doesn't comply. Fridays are dedicated to goddesses of sexual desire, notably Venus and Freya. These influences tempt us to break the rules and to claim the edge of exclusion as a place of power. Your difference is needed. 

Notice if there is a tension between the shadowy world and the solar world today. The waning Moon in Leo plays with this paradox. We want to shine and we want to hang back. This tension is exacerbated briefly by a square between the Moon and Jupiter in Scorpio. Jupiter has recently entered this sign for a year. This contact with the Moon reminds us that interior, soulful places are demanding attention now. Claiming our shadows is part of this work.

Moon in Leo
Saturday, October 14. A wide-orbed grand fire trine of the Moon in Leo, Saturn in Sagittarius, and Uranus in Aries gives us access to fire’s passion. We are able to ask for what we need from this elemental today. Perhaps this fire need is energy, perhaps inspiration, perhaps a reminder that your contributions are essential to feeding our web of connections. There is nothing wrong with letting your fire be vulnerable enough to ask for what you desire. Venus leaves Virgo to enter Libra today. Venus rules this sign of relatedness. We can nourish our relationships through such vulnerable exchanges as asking for what we desire and hearing what others are asking from us. The courage of fire may help us ask and hear even when our desires are not fulfilled. The vulnerability of communicating desire is mirrored by another transit: Mercury in Libra quincunx Chiron in Pisces. The gift of this vulnerability is a flowering of emotion and empathy.

Moon enters Virgo 6:16 am CDT
October 15—Balsamic Moon: Composting. This is one of the things that the cycle of birth, life, death and rebirth teaches. Before we can move on to rebirth, we need to compost the past. This doesn’t mean forgetting the past or looking only ahead to the future. This means taking the time to sort through, honor, and transform what we are learning right now. The Moon comes back to Virgo where it was at the beginning of this lunar cycle. Virgo is good at sorting, discerning what is useful and letting go of what isn’t. If you were going to sort through this lunar cycle, begun on September 20, what would you keep and what would you transform?  

I began this cycle weary to the bone. This weariness was a chance to let go of expectations. Through that, I began to notice the planets of desire, Mars and Venus in Virgo, feeding the desire to dedicate myself more fully and vulnerably to connection. I remembered the Wild. I experienced personal and collective grief. If I could compost anything, it would be my defenses against feeling vulnerable. If I could keep anything to be planted in the next lunar cycle, it would be a fierce belief that transformation is possible. 

Mercury in Libra opposes Uranus in Aries. Everything is questioned. Everything is up for re-evaluation. The desire for authentic change is strong. That desire meets skepticisms that could force us to let go of cherished assumptions. This is literally a chance to open our minds. What happens next?

Mars in Virgo opposes Chiron in Pisces. This is almost the last exchange between Virgo and Pisces energies for this lunar cycle. Tomorrow, the Moon in Virgo opposes Neptune in Pisces. That is the last exchange. We are learning to integrate heaven and earth, feelings and actions, compassion and devotion. These two signs need each other. The integration of water with earth is fertile and healing. 

Moon in Virgo
Monday, October 16. Take a breath today. We’ve got support from the planets. The Sun in Libra makes an encouraging sextile to Saturn in Sagittarius helping us to understand what is really important, after all. Notice a refreshing of commitment and inspiration. Solutions present themselves elegantly. The trine between the Moon in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn encourages taking this opportunity into the physical realms. Use this energy to tie up loose ends, especially since the Moon is waning. What would bring you the best sense of completion? 

Moon enters Libra 12:35 pm CDT
Tuesday, October 17. Recently Jupiter entered Scorpio to shift our energies deeper within. That means we will be seeing more of our shadows emerging. Don’t be alarmed, it is the natural way of the zodiac. After a rededication to balance, justice, and relationship, the shadows have to come out. They’ve been there all along. We are given a chance to love all of ourselves, not just the pretty bits. Today, Mercury leaves Libra for Scorpio too. Perhaps words sting. Perhaps we are caught in obsessive thoughts. But underneath this, the desire to be authentically present to our whole selves strengthens. During the waning days of this lunar cycle, notice how the veils separating the worlds of the living and dead are thinning. Mythologically, Mercury is the pyschopomp who travels between these worlds. We have the opportunity to seek the wisdom under the layers. Another planetary influence disturbs the peace. Mars in orderly Virgo makes a stressful quincunx to Uranus in impulsive Aries. Our fuses may be short. We want so many seemingly contrary things. This is the opportunity to see how these desires may indeed feed each other. 

Moon in Libra
Wednesday, October 18. Yesterday, Mercury entered Scorpio. Today, Mercury conjoins Jupiter in that sign. [See yesterday’s forecast for more context.] On the last day of this lunar cycle, honor desires to pull back, to protect vulnerable places, to seek silence. The Moon in Libra might confuse us into thinking we want to be more social than we are at the moment. When everything quiets down, what do you most need? However, another response is possible. Jupiter sometimes pushes past limitations and we feel confident and adventurous. This choice to be bold could be an authentic response to pressures you’ve been feeling lately. You might be feeling surprisingly emotional. The Sun in Libra makes a quincunx to Chiron in Pisces, asking us to adjust our choices based on emotional information. Whatever choices you make, give yourself the option to change your mind. Pivoting is a good life skill. 

Moon enter Scorpio 8:41 pm CDT
October 19—New Moon: Seeding. I look at the chart for the New Moon and all I see are thresholds and crossroads. I admit, my thoughts are on a Reclaiming Witchcamp where I will be co-facilitating, with a team of amazing Witches, a week between the worlds visiting Hekate at the Crossroads. . But we are, aren’t we, at a crossroads. We are in the time of year when the veils thin between the living and dead, when all time seems liminal, when thresholds are crossed. We are also at a time of choosing, an important time to assess where we are and make choices based on where we desire to be. 

Influences at the crossroads. 

New Moons are occurring near the end of a sign right now. This pattern continues through the next year. The in between space between signs is a threshold. This New Moon seeds the liminal space between Libra and Scorpio. We’ve just experienced the shift between these signs when Jupiter moved out of Libra and into Scorpio for a year. This feels like a dive into the depths after being in the heady Libra spaces of evaluating, processing, and balancing. Soul is calling. Complex emotions color the world. Memories are waiting to be retrieved. Yet, the doorway to Libra stands open too. Soulful depths add qualities to our relationships that may have been missing. Trust becomes important to moving forward through these passages. What does justice look like from this perspective?

The most striking feature of this New Moon is the opposition of Uranus in Aries to the Sun and Moon in Libra. This is a jolt of electricity running through the places of choosing. The charge wakes us. We are impatient for change. We are ready to tear down the towers that confine us. Be careful of the vows you make at this crossroads. Listen to the ancestors who hold the vision of a healed world. Be daring in your devotion to life.

I will be taking a break from writing and posting my forecast while I am away at camp. I am taking into this week an intention to deepen my understanding of choice. I invoke my whole self, shadows and lights. I invite ancestral wisdoms, and look at ancestral legacies in relation to present-day injustices. We are choosing the world at this moment. I wish to be accountable for my choices. May our choices bring beauty and balance to our lives.

About these forecasts: Through following the Moon, the planets, and the wisdom of the seasons and signs, my goal is to offer a useful practice of mindfulness and intention for the thoughtful seeker and world changer. Read about the beginning of the Virgo/Libra lunar cycle here

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