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Follow the Moon: Forecast for September 27 – October 4

The second week of a lunar cycle is when we really dig into the potentiality of the lunation. Seeds have been planted. Seedlings emerge. This lunation began on the threshold between Virgo and Libra. Both signs influence our experience of possibilities and the challenges that go with them. Both signs color our longings.

Virgo is the righteous dedicant, ready to serve the vision. Libra is righteous justice, eager to correct imbalances. Knowledge of justice begins in dedication. We experience so much contemporary life as being out of balance. The task of bringing ourselves into right relationship can seem too monumental. Virgo teaches us how to approach our monumental tasks—one step at a time and with devotion. There is a time to rush headlong into action and there is a time to pause and rededicate ourselves before the headlong push. Perhaps this lunar cycle offers this discernment.

The week starts with a sense of urgency that will test our willingness to go slow with discernment and dedication. Jupiter in Libra opposes Uranus in Aries for the third time (first was in December 2016, second was in March 2017). Jupiter is on its way out of Libra soon and perhaps has a concluding statement for us, spurred by this transit with the disruptor planet, Uranus. Jupiter has helped us see gross imbalances and injustices. Uranus is the wake up call that jolts us out of despair. We are meant to act, the question is how? It is easy to get outraged but does outrage alone make a difference? Where are the slow, steady small steps that move us along? Have you remembered to feed your devotion? What imbalances need your attention?

Forecast for September 27 – October 4

Moon enters Capricorn 11:24 am CDT
September 27—First Quarter Moon: Sprouting. For even a small seedling to emerge from the earth, a much larger network of roots and connections must exist underground to support that growth. What is supporting your growth? What are the things that may be below the surface, but feed your continuing efforts to find wellbeing and liberation?

Today, Jupiter in Libra makes the final opposition to Uranus in Aries. This transit began in December 2016 and represents the “full moon” phase of the synodic cycle that began at the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction at zero Aries in 2010. We’ve been waking up ever since. The work isn’t over, but perhaps you have acquired more perspective about where we are, and where we need to go next. Perhaps we have more tools. Certainly more tools are out there if we are willing to do the research. Many brilliant thinkers and activists have been making these tools available. One such tool excites me, a book, Emergent Strategy by Adrienne Maree Brown.  She writes about using nature’s systems of adapting, connecting, changing, and thriving to structure our activism. This book feels very much like Jupiter in Libra—seeking relationship—opposing Uranus in Aries—waking up to change as a constant.

Another influence today opens the heart channel and asks us to rededicate our service. Mercury in Virgo opposes Chiron in Pisces. Oppositions invite integration. Chiron is open to the wounds of the world, and they are vast. Before we drown or numb out from the weight, Mercury in Virgo offers a plan. First, discern your true devotion. Second, how may you be of service to that devotion? Third, do something. Anything. The smaller the better, but do it.

The Moon in Capricorn suffers no fools. We may feel the gravity of the world, but that doesn’t mean we are helpless. Remember the hidden root system supporting your emergence. Touch in and remember.

Moon in Capricorn
Thursday, September 28.
The Moon in Capricorn conjoins Pluto as it stations direct today. Pluto stations feel like the Earth talking to us, rumbling beneath our feet, reminding us that transformation can come at any moment, and there is nothing we can do to hold it back. The Earth has already been speaking. Incredibly. I personally do not recall any such period of time as we have had in recent weeks that has included so many catastrophic Earth events. As I write this, a volcano in Bali may be erupting any moment. There have been earthquakes, hurricanes, and wildfires. My imagining works this way: When Pluto stations retrograde (as it did in April), the lord of the underworld retreats to the deeper regions to uncover deeper issues, when Pluto stations direct, Pluto makes the journey towards the surface to expose the fault lines. It is time for a good dose of reality. Denial is incredibly dangerous. When we realize that, Pluto offers power and vitality. We can use that for the changes ahead.

Added to this intense messaging from the Earth, we are jolted into new awareness by the puzzling quincunx aspect between Mercury in Virgo and Uranus in Aries. Question everything! We feel feisty and radical and unwilling to take things on faith. Perfect.

Moon enters Aquarius 11:40 pm CDT
Friday, September 29.
I can tell when I’ve reached my empathy capacity. I tend to eat chocolate and stream TV shows. Also, there may be wine. We might notice the edges of empathy capacity today. Venus in Virgo opposes Neptune in Pisces. These oppositions between planets in Virgo and planets in Pisces have been going on for the last few weeks. This is part of the Virgo integration/balancing process. Pisces helps us to feel more into our hearts. Virgo helps us to do something about it. With too much feeling, the need to numb out increases. With too much productivity, we lose the reason we want to do the work. With these signs integrated, we learn how to be in sustainable, heart-centered relationship rather than sitting on the couch bingeing our feelings away. And, yes. Perfection is not the goal. It’s a continuum.

The evening could be a social one where we let go of the week’s pressures. The Moon squares Jupiter in Libra and Mercury enters Libra creating interest in being with people. Conversation sparkles. With the Venus/Neptune influence, love may be in the air, too.

Moon in Aquarius
Saturday, September 30.
The Moon in Aquarius encourages getting perspective. We’ve been immersed in feelings and tasks recently. If we can inhabit the space of objectivity for a while, we can see the places where we might be tripping ourselves up or the places that really need our attention. We might also find enlivening inspiration. Some of us might even be that inspiration for others. Getting into our heads and out of overwhelming emotion may help us reset. Just make sure you don’t close the doors of connection for too long. Vulnerability helps us dismantle systems of oppression if we refuse to take on the messages of shame and despair that often go with that feeling.

Moon in Aquarius
October 1—Gibbous Moon: Budding. With clarifying breath, our roots go down into the Earth and we draw up power. Feed that power into your lunar intention for this cycle. Even if you didn’t know you had an intention, we are being moved by the dance of the Moon and Sun to shift, change, and grow. It is just what happens. At this phase of the Moon, we are finetuning, reaching for the juicy fruit that hasn’t even formed yet but that we can sense coming. What is that fruit you long for right now, given the place you are, given the place we are? That longing is the best information we could have right now. Spend time with your visions and dreams of what is impossible and desirable. That it seems impossible is unimportant.

The Moon in abstractly air Aquarius, asks us to clarify and envision what we need, what would bring the most liberation. This Moon is forming an encouraging aspect with Saturn in Sagittarius, helping us to tap into the realistic dream—the dream worth working for. Mars in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn are giving the gift of earth power today through a trine aspect. Pluto is stronger than usual since it is still stationary after turning direct on September 28. This is the power to see into the shadows clearly and see what gives life. Mars is raring to go, always, but in Virgo, we channel that willingness into microadjustments. If we can hold intention (and Pluto is helping with that part), small actions can have the biggest impact. This is a strange power of alchemy that we can resource during this phase of the Moon leading to the Full Moon on October 5.

Moon enters Pisces 9:26 am CDT
Monday, October 2.
Before the Moon immerses us in Piscean oceans, the Aquarius Moon energizes the potentiality of the Jupiter in Libra/Uranus in Aries opposition we’ve been feeling this second week of the lunar cycle. Here’s the message for those who are working to change the world: Your relationships do not hinder you, they mysteriously reconnect you to the drive to live in balance and joy. Always honor the relational aspects of revolution.

Moon in Pisces
Tuesday, October 3.
Two days ago, Mars in Virgo made a powerful trine to Pluto in Capricorn. Today, Venus in Virgo makes a trine to Pluto. Mars and Venus are coming into a conjunction, which perfects on the Full Moon in a couple of days. This is a peak moment of this lunar cycle. The Lovers within us tap into the potency of the Earth to do the necessary alchemical transformation to create rededication, devotion, and action. I am wondering what is rededication, anyway? What is it for you? Is it feeding your body, mind, and heart the nutrients you need to keep going? What does your body need for rededication? What does your mind need for rededication? What does your heart need for rededication? The Moon in Pisces opposes Venus and Mars today asking us to fully integrate empathy into service. Mystical moments are waiting for us today. And they are food.

Moon enters Aries 3:39 pm CDT
Wednesday, October 4.
We may be reminded that it is hard to transition from feeling our emotions into exercising our wills and passions in the world. The Aries energy of the day may be frustrated with the Pisces energy of the day (and vice versa). The Sun in Libra makes a puzzling and paradoxical quincunx aspect to Neptune in Pisces, while the Moon moves into headstrong Aries. Yes/and is better than either/or thinking. Listen for cues to pause for emotional connection and the possibly contradictory cues to be active and independent. This is a good time to remember our relationships help us know the best responses. Listen to collective wisdom. Listen to your heart.

About these forecasts: Through following the Moon, the planets, and the wisdom of the seasons and signs, my goal is to offer a useful practice of mindfulness and intention for the thoughtful seeker. Read about the beginning of the Virgo/Libra lunar cycle here

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