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Follow the Moon: Forecast for September 13 – September 19

Dare I write about the profound state of weariness I find myself in at this moment? Dare I admit my energy coffers are low and I need time to recover and wonder where that time will come from? Would writing about this serve anyone? Is there an astrological thread to follow from this place of bone tiredness? Can I locate an authentic intention to carry through the next lunar cycle?

How about you? Are you weary as well?

Today as I write (September 19), Mercury and Neptune are opposing each other. The will to communicate (Mercury) is inundated by Neptunian oceans. Right now, a horrific hurricane is battering the Caribbean. A second earthquake has hit Mexico. The U. S. President is provoking war at the U.N. Police in St. Louis are chanting, “Whose streets, our streets.” And that’s not all. I am weary. A weariness of the heart. A weariness around hearing more news and wondering how to find my center and where to do my work. Perhaps this IS the work of this next lunar cycle.

The New Moon of September 20 takes place near the end of Virgo. Three days after, the Sun moves into Libra. There is a great deal of Virgo influence at the moment, but it is brief. The real impetus for this cycle as it develops over the next month will come from Libra. I expect this to surface as a call for equity and justice. But right now, this opposition between Mercury in Virgo and Neptune in Pisces is all I can think about. It is all I can feel. What can I possibly say that will serve (Mercury in Virgo) when the waters are rising (Neptune in Pisces)?

Virgo is a hard working sign. It is also the sign of the dedicant. This is priestess energy, the desire to make things better through service. This is the sign of a healer. These qualities are important to me. Virgo, as an earth sign, provides the ground of support for those who give too much, sometimes experienced under the influence of Virgo’s opposite sign, Pisces. Virgo can often find a way to smooth the ragged edges and find that wholesome center where we get back to doing our work. Virgo reminds us to do what is in front of us. Small steps. Small steps. Like these paragraphs tonight.

Forecast for September 13 – September 19

Moon enters Libra 5:06 am
September 20—New Moon: Seeding. The chart for the New Moon is loaded with Virgo planets. Venus, Mars, Mercury, Sun, and Moon. As with all mutable signs, Virgo can easily get over-extended. There’s a danger of higher stress if we don’t remember to take those baby steps towards our desires to be of service, to add our healing, to regain our centers of support. Virgo is good at micro-adjustments. Sensitive to the smallest changes, Virgo is the master of subtle shifts. Perhaps we need that most right now. As the world appears to be veering into chaos, we could perhaps use a little more subtlety, a little more smallness. Do you practice magic? This chart provides an opportunity to tap into micro-movements—the small nudges that create big changes. We are teetering. Imagine a dose of healing equilibrium being injected into a body teeming with imbalances. We can make medicine with the energy of this New Moon. Perhaps you are a healer. Perhaps we all become healers.

Both Neptune and Chiron in Pisces are influencing this seed moment of the New Moon. Neptune opposing Mercury shifts the messages. We need to look for them in unexpected places. Intuition and dreaming give us access to information we need right now. It is hard to find clarity. We must to wait for it. Chiron opposes the Sun and Moon. The balance between Pisces and Virgo unlocks secrets to how we may act as devoted healers in this moment of suffering. Chiron says, open and feel, witness the ways we are flawed, connect through these flaws to others just as flawed. The Sun and Moon seed this Virgo moment with a dedicant’s desire to serve. In a few days, Jupiter in Libra will oppose Uranus in Aries (September 27). Another awakening moment is coming. Jupiter in Libra reminds us that injustice is intolerable. Uranus jolts us into action. May we dedicate our service to rebalancing the scales. May we find renewal through devotion and action that brings justice. May our healing create the momentum for change.

Moon in Libra
Thursday, September 21.
A disruptive square between the Moon in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn is good reason to tread lightly in your personal relationships today. Resentments easily surface. Blame and projection is not far behind. Use this energy to look at your shadows and demand that the shadows of toxic power be exposed. The Moon harmonizes with Saturn in Sagittarius to give us a desire to learn and connect with others in meaningful ways.

Moon enters Scorpio 12:40 pm CDT
Friday, September 22.
Fall Equinox. Just a few days after the New Moon in Virgo, the Sun slides into Libra. Since we are still in the new phase, Libra influences this lunar cycle as much as Virgo does. This influence attunes our Virgo dedication towards Libran justice, equity, and balance. Just to make sure we are paying attention, the Moon conjoins Jupiter in Libra and opposes Uranus in Aries early in the day before moving into the darker waters of Scorpio. As much as we may wish we could sleep through the next season, we need to stay awake. It is important to find ways to support our nervous systems and social networks. We need our bodies and we need each other. A grounding and supportive trine between Mercury in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn helps to clear our minds after the last few days of Neptune influence. Remember to keep it simple and to take small Virgo steps in service to your ideal of fairness. Libra influence is also an opportunity to see from another’s point of view. Let’s move away from the Libra desire to smooth over conflict and join in with Virgo dedication to disrupt systems of imbalance.

Moon in Scorpio
September 23—Crescent Moon: Germinating. This lunar cycle was seeded with a blend of Virgo and Libra. We are getting more clear about what we are dedicated to. What ideal are you serving? Does your life align with your devotion? Are their imbalances between work and values? Non-alignment, or imbalance, could be felt acutely. With the mounting pressure of Jupiter in Libra opposing Uranus in Aries (exact on September 27), there is little patience to wait for change. We could fall into the trap of judging ourselves or others for not doing a good enough job. The Moon in Scorpio could encourage brooding over the places we feel stuck. Mercury, Mars, and Venus in Virgo are offering a chance to let go of perfectionism so we can be available for acts of pragmatic service. What is the fruit of devotion? Why serve beauty? What is the purpose of our spiritual practices? Through this lunar cycle, we have a chance to truly connect with the meaning behind our work. Every moment of ordinary life becomes sacred. We remember our Soul Work.

The dynamic tension between equilibrium and empathy is a major theme of the day with Jupiter in Libra making a quincunx aspect to Chiron in Pisces. The Moon encourages inner work and finding inner solace with favorable aspects to Mars, Neptune, and Pluto. Become an alchemist of you inner and outer states. Small and steady acts can produce big shifts.

Moon enters Sagittarius 11:01 pm CDT
Sunday, September 24.
The opposition between Mars in Virgo and Neptune in Pisces, exact today, reminds me of the Arthurian stories about the quest for the Holy Grail. Mars is the devoted knight who will not stop from his quest, thinking that it is only a simple search for a material object. Neptune is the initiation into the deeper mysteries that each of us undergo when we take on our life’s quest. Some of us will need to surrender expectations. Some of us will discover lasting truths. Some of us may want to give up. Some of us may be “saved” by the true grail we discover in ourselves or in our connection to the web of life. There is a strong mythical quality to this day. Be curious about where your questing heart will take you.

Moon in Sagittarius
Monday, September 25.
Yesterday’s forecast about our personal quests remains influential today. If yesterday was the call to the Hero’s Journey, then today represents the first challenges we encounter. Adjustments need to be made in our lives. We are acutely aware of imbalance and injustice and what feels like a dire need to act. Over stimulation could work against us. There is a battle of will between earthy grounding and fiery passion with squares between the Moon in Sagittarius and planets in Virgo—Venus, Mars, and Mercury. The opposition between Jupiter in Libra and Uranus in Aries contributes to the tension. Relationship is everything, especially the relationship we have with everything. Isolation is a myth, we are intimately interconnected. Uranus sends a wake up call. How will you infuse this connection with acts of Virgoan service and devotion? The square between Mercury in Virgo and Saturn in Sagittarius represents an important moment of understanding. We are responsible to our relationships. Our thoughts and our work impact the whole. Time to rededicate.

Moon in Sagittarius
Tuesday, September 26.
The Moon in Sagittarius conjoins Saturn and makes a square to Mercury in Virgo—the sense that we need to solidify and rededicate our devotions is strong. Do you experience this as an oppressive burden or a liberating possibility? Try to see the gifts that come from remembering why you do the work. Let go of perfection and shame. The source of devotion is also a source of renewal. Forgiveness helps us rebound.

About these forecasts: Through following the Moon, the planets, and the wisdom of the seasons and signs, my goal is to offer a useful practice of mindfulness and intention for the thoughtful seeker.

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