Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Follow the Moon: Forecast for September 27 – October 4

The second week of a lunar cycle is when we really dig into the potentiality of the lunation. Seeds have been planted. Seedlings emerge. This lunation began on the threshold between Virgo and Libra. Both signs influence our experience of possibilities and the challenges that go with them. Both signs color our longings.

Virgo is the righteous dedicant, ready to serve the vision. Libra is righteous justice, eager to correct imbalances. Knowledge of justice begins in dedication. We experience so much contemporary life as being out of balance. The task of bringing ourselves into right relationship can seem too monumental. Virgo teaches us how to approach our monumental tasks—one step at a time and with devotion. There is a time to rush headlong into action and there is a time to pause and rededicate ourselves before the headlong push. Perhaps this lunar cycle offers this discernment.

The week starts with a sense of urgency that will test our willingness to go slow with discernment and dedication. Jupiter in Libra opposes Uranus in Aries for the third time (first was in December 2016, second was in March 2017). Jupiter is on its way out of Libra soon and perhaps has a concluding statement for us, spurred by this transit with the disruptor planet, Uranus. Jupiter has helped us see gross imbalances and injustices. Uranus is the wake up call that jolts us out of despair. We are meant to act, the question is how? It is easy to get outraged but does outrage alone make a difference? Where are the slow, steady small steps that move us along? Have you remembered to feed your devotion? What imbalances need your attention?

Forecast for September 27 – October 4

Moon enters Capricorn 11:24 am CDT
September 27—First Quarter Moon: Sprouting. For even a small seedling to emerge from the earth, a much larger network of roots and connections must exist underground to support that growth. What is supporting your growth? What are the things that may be below the surface, but feed your continuing efforts to find wellbeing and liberation?

Today, Jupiter in Libra makes the final opposition to Uranus in Aries. This transit began in December 2016 and represents the “full moon” phase of the synodic cycle that began at the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction at zero Aries in 2010. We’ve been waking up ever since. The work isn’t over, but perhaps you have acquired more perspective about where we are, and where we need to go next. Perhaps we have more tools. Certainly more tools are out there if we are willing to do the research. Many brilliant thinkers and activists have been making these tools available. One such tool excites me, a book, Emergent Strategy by Adrienne Maree Brown.  She writes about using nature’s systems of adapting, connecting, changing, and thriving to structure our activism. This book feels very much like Jupiter in Libra—seeking relationship—opposing Uranus in Aries—waking up to change as a constant.

Another influence today opens the heart channel and asks us to rededicate our service. Mercury in Virgo opposes Chiron in Pisces. Oppositions invite integration. Chiron is open to the wounds of the world, and they are vast. Before we drown or numb out from the weight, Mercury in Virgo offers a plan. First, discern your true devotion. Second, how may you be of service to that devotion? Third, do something. Anything. The smaller the better, but do it.

The Moon in Capricorn suffers no fools. We may feel the gravity of the world, but that doesn’t mean we are helpless. Remember the hidden root system supporting your emergence. Touch in and remember.

Moon in Capricorn
Thursday, September 28.
The Moon in Capricorn conjoins Pluto as it stations direct today. Pluto stations feel like the Earth talking to us, rumbling beneath our feet, reminding us that transformation can come at any moment, and there is nothing we can do to hold it back. The Earth has already been speaking. Incredibly. I personally do not recall any such period of time as we have had in recent weeks that has included so many catastrophic Earth events. As I write this, a volcano in Bali may be erupting any moment. There have been earthquakes, hurricanes, and wildfires. My imagining works this way: When Pluto stations retrograde (as it did in April), the lord of the underworld retreats to the deeper regions to uncover deeper issues, when Pluto stations direct, Pluto makes the journey towards the surface to expose the fault lines. It is time for a good dose of reality. Denial is incredibly dangerous. When we realize that, Pluto offers power and vitality. We can use that for the changes ahead.

Added to this intense messaging from the Earth, we are jolted into new awareness by the puzzling quincunx aspect between Mercury in Virgo and Uranus in Aries. Question everything! We feel feisty and radical and unwilling to take things on faith. Perfect.

Moon enters Aquarius 11:40 pm CDT
Friday, September 29.
I can tell when I’ve reached my empathy capacity. I tend to eat chocolate and stream TV shows. Also, there may be wine. We might notice the edges of empathy capacity today. Venus in Virgo opposes Neptune in Pisces. These oppositions between planets in Virgo and planets in Pisces have been going on for the last few weeks. This is part of the Virgo integration/balancing process. Pisces helps us to feel more into our hearts. Virgo helps us to do something about it. With too much feeling, the need to numb out increases. With too much productivity, we lose the reason we want to do the work. With these signs integrated, we learn how to be in sustainable, heart-centered relationship rather than sitting on the couch bingeing our feelings away. And, yes. Perfection is not the goal. It’s a continuum.

The evening could be a social one where we let go of the week’s pressures. The Moon squares Jupiter in Libra and Mercury enters Libra creating interest in being with people. Conversation sparkles. With the Venus/Neptune influence, love may be in the air, too.

Moon in Aquarius
Saturday, September 30.
The Moon in Aquarius encourages getting perspective. We’ve been immersed in feelings and tasks recently. If we can inhabit the space of objectivity for a while, we can see the places where we might be tripping ourselves up or the places that really need our attention. We might also find enlivening inspiration. Some of us might even be that inspiration for others. Getting into our heads and out of overwhelming emotion may help us reset. Just make sure you don’t close the doors of connection for too long. Vulnerability helps us dismantle systems of oppression if we refuse to take on the messages of shame and despair that often go with that feeling.

Moon in Aquarius
October 1—Gibbous Moon: Budding. With clarifying breath, our roots go down into the Earth and we draw up power. Feed that power into your lunar intention for this cycle. Even if you didn’t know you had an intention, we are being moved by the dance of the Moon and Sun to shift, change, and grow. It is just what happens. At this phase of the Moon, we are finetuning, reaching for the juicy fruit that hasn’t even formed yet but that we can sense coming. What is that fruit you long for right now, given the place you are, given the place we are? That longing is the best information we could have right now. Spend time with your visions and dreams of what is impossible and desirable. That it seems impossible is unimportant.

The Moon in abstractly air Aquarius, asks us to clarify and envision what we need, what would bring the most liberation. This Moon is forming an encouraging aspect with Saturn in Sagittarius, helping us to tap into the realistic dream—the dream worth working for. Mars in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn are giving the gift of earth power today through a trine aspect. Pluto is stronger than usual since it is still stationary after turning direct on September 28. This is the power to see into the shadows clearly and see what gives life. Mars is raring to go, always, but in Virgo, we channel that willingness into microadjustments. If we can hold intention (and Pluto is helping with that part), small actions can have the biggest impact. This is a strange power of alchemy that we can resource during this phase of the Moon leading to the Full Moon on October 5.

Moon enters Pisces 9:26 am CDT
Monday, October 2.
Before the Moon immerses us in Piscean oceans, the Aquarius Moon energizes the potentiality of the Jupiter in Libra/Uranus in Aries opposition we’ve been feeling this second week of the lunar cycle. Here’s the message for those who are working to change the world: Your relationships do not hinder you, they mysteriously reconnect you to the drive to live in balance and joy. Always honor the relational aspects of revolution.

Moon in Pisces
Tuesday, October 3.
Two days ago, Mars in Virgo made a powerful trine to Pluto in Capricorn. Today, Venus in Virgo makes a trine to Pluto. Mars and Venus are coming into a conjunction, which perfects on the Full Moon in a couple of days. This is a peak moment of this lunar cycle. The Lovers within us tap into the potency of the Earth to do the necessary alchemical transformation to create rededication, devotion, and action. I am wondering what is rededication, anyway? What is it for you? Is it feeding your body, mind, and heart the nutrients you need to keep going? What does your body need for rededication? What does your mind need for rededication? What does your heart need for rededication? The Moon in Pisces opposes Venus and Mars today asking us to fully integrate empathy into service. Mystical moments are waiting for us today. And they are food.

Moon enters Aries 3:39 pm CDT
Wednesday, October 4.
We may be reminded that it is hard to transition from feeling our emotions into exercising our wills and passions in the world. The Aries energy of the day may be frustrated with the Pisces energy of the day (and vice versa). The Sun in Libra makes a puzzling and paradoxical quincunx aspect to Neptune in Pisces, while the Moon moves into headstrong Aries. Yes/and is better than either/or thinking. Listen for cues to pause for emotional connection and the possibly contradictory cues to be active and independent. This is a good time to remember our relationships help us know the best responses. Listen to collective wisdom. Listen to your heart.

About these forecasts: Through following the Moon, the planets, and the wisdom of the seasons and signs, my goal is to offer a useful practice of mindfulness and intention for the thoughtful seeker. Read about the beginning of the Virgo/Libra lunar cycle here

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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Follow the Moon: Forecast for September 13 – September 19

Dare I write about the profound state of weariness I find myself in at this moment? Dare I admit my energy coffers are low and I need time to recover and wonder where that time will come from? Would writing about this serve anyone? Is there an astrological thread to follow from this place of bone tiredness? Can I locate an authentic intention to carry through the next lunar cycle?

How about you? Are you weary as well?

Today as I write (September 19), Mercury and Neptune are opposing each other. The will to communicate (Mercury) is inundated by Neptunian oceans. Right now, a horrific hurricane is battering the Caribbean. A second earthquake has hit Mexico. The U. S. President is provoking war at the U.N. Police in St. Louis are chanting, “Whose streets, our streets.” And that’s not all. I am weary. A weariness of the heart. A weariness around hearing more news and wondering how to find my center and where to do my work. Perhaps this IS the work of this next lunar cycle.

The New Moon of September 20 takes place near the end of Virgo. Three days after, the Sun moves into Libra. There is a great deal of Virgo influence at the moment, but it is brief. The real impetus for this cycle as it develops over the next month will come from Libra. I expect this to surface as a call for equity and justice. But right now, this opposition between Mercury in Virgo and Neptune in Pisces is all I can think about. It is all I can feel. What can I possibly say that will serve (Mercury in Virgo) when the waters are rising (Neptune in Pisces)?

Virgo is a hard working sign. It is also the sign of the dedicant. This is priestess energy, the desire to make things better through service. This is the sign of a healer. These qualities are important to me. Virgo, as an earth sign, provides the ground of support for those who give too much, sometimes experienced under the influence of Virgo’s opposite sign, Pisces. Virgo can often find a way to smooth the ragged edges and find that wholesome center where we get back to doing our work. Virgo reminds us to do what is in front of us. Small steps. Small steps. Like these paragraphs tonight.

Forecast for September 13 – September 19

Moon enters Libra 5:06 am
September 20—New Moon: Seeding. The chart for the New Moon is loaded with Virgo planets. Venus, Mars, Mercury, Sun, and Moon. As with all mutable signs, Virgo can easily get over-extended. There’s a danger of higher stress if we don’t remember to take those baby steps towards our desires to be of service, to add our healing, to regain our centers of support. Virgo is good at micro-adjustments. Sensitive to the smallest changes, Virgo is the master of subtle shifts. Perhaps we need that most right now. As the world appears to be veering into chaos, we could perhaps use a little more subtlety, a little more smallness. Do you practice magic? This chart provides an opportunity to tap into micro-movements—the small nudges that create big changes. We are teetering. Imagine a dose of healing equilibrium being injected into a body teeming with imbalances. We can make medicine with the energy of this New Moon. Perhaps you are a healer. Perhaps we all become healers.

Both Neptune and Chiron in Pisces are influencing this seed moment of the New Moon. Neptune opposing Mercury shifts the messages. We need to look for them in unexpected places. Intuition and dreaming give us access to information we need right now. It is hard to find clarity. We must to wait for it. Chiron opposes the Sun and Moon. The balance between Pisces and Virgo unlocks secrets to how we may act as devoted healers in this moment of suffering. Chiron says, open and feel, witness the ways we are flawed, connect through these flaws to others just as flawed. The Sun and Moon seed this Virgo moment with a dedicant’s desire to serve. In a few days, Jupiter in Libra will oppose Uranus in Aries (September 27). Another awakening moment is coming. Jupiter in Libra reminds us that injustice is intolerable. Uranus jolts us into action. May we dedicate our service to rebalancing the scales. May we find renewal through devotion and action that brings justice. May our healing create the momentum for change.

Moon in Libra
Thursday, September 21.
A disruptive square between the Moon in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn is good reason to tread lightly in your personal relationships today. Resentments easily surface. Blame and projection is not far behind. Use this energy to look at your shadows and demand that the shadows of toxic power be exposed. The Moon harmonizes with Saturn in Sagittarius to give us a desire to learn and connect with others in meaningful ways.

Moon enters Scorpio 12:40 pm CDT
Friday, September 22.
Fall Equinox. Just a few days after the New Moon in Virgo, the Sun slides into Libra. Since we are still in the new phase, Libra influences this lunar cycle as much as Virgo does. This influence attunes our Virgo dedication towards Libran justice, equity, and balance. Just to make sure we are paying attention, the Moon conjoins Jupiter in Libra and opposes Uranus in Aries early in the day before moving into the darker waters of Scorpio. As much as we may wish we could sleep through the next season, we need to stay awake. It is important to find ways to support our nervous systems and social networks. We need our bodies and we need each other. A grounding and supportive trine between Mercury in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn helps to clear our minds after the last few days of Neptune influence. Remember to keep it simple and to take small Virgo steps in service to your ideal of fairness. Libra influence is also an opportunity to see from another’s point of view. Let’s move away from the Libra desire to smooth over conflict and join in with Virgo dedication to disrupt systems of imbalance.

Moon in Scorpio
September 23—Crescent Moon: Germinating. This lunar cycle was seeded with a blend of Virgo and Libra. We are getting more clear about what we are dedicated to. What ideal are you serving? Does your life align with your devotion? Are their imbalances between work and values? Non-alignment, or imbalance, could be felt acutely. With the mounting pressure of Jupiter in Libra opposing Uranus in Aries (exact on September 27), there is little patience to wait for change. We could fall into the trap of judging ourselves or others for not doing a good enough job. The Moon in Scorpio could encourage brooding over the places we feel stuck. Mercury, Mars, and Venus in Virgo are offering a chance to let go of perfectionism so we can be available for acts of pragmatic service. What is the fruit of devotion? Why serve beauty? What is the purpose of our spiritual practices? Through this lunar cycle, we have a chance to truly connect with the meaning behind our work. Every moment of ordinary life becomes sacred. We remember our Soul Work.

The dynamic tension between equilibrium and empathy is a major theme of the day with Jupiter in Libra making a quincunx aspect to Chiron in Pisces. The Moon encourages inner work and finding inner solace with favorable aspects to Mars, Neptune, and Pluto. Become an alchemist of you inner and outer states. Small and steady acts can produce big shifts.

Moon enters Sagittarius 11:01 pm CDT
Sunday, September 24.
The opposition between Mars in Virgo and Neptune in Pisces, exact today, reminds me of the Arthurian stories about the quest for the Holy Grail. Mars is the devoted knight who will not stop from his quest, thinking that it is only a simple search for a material object. Neptune is the initiation into the deeper mysteries that each of us undergo when we take on our life’s quest. Some of us will need to surrender expectations. Some of us will discover lasting truths. Some of us may want to give up. Some of us may be “saved” by the true grail we discover in ourselves or in our connection to the web of life. There is a strong mythical quality to this day. Be curious about where your questing heart will take you.

Moon in Sagittarius
Monday, September 25.
Yesterday’s forecast about our personal quests remains influential today. If yesterday was the call to the Hero’s Journey, then today represents the first challenges we encounter. Adjustments need to be made in our lives. We are acutely aware of imbalance and injustice and what feels like a dire need to act. Over stimulation could work against us. There is a battle of will between earthy grounding and fiery passion with squares between the Moon in Sagittarius and planets in Virgo—Venus, Mars, and Mercury. The opposition between Jupiter in Libra and Uranus in Aries contributes to the tension. Relationship is everything, especially the relationship we have with everything. Isolation is a myth, we are intimately interconnected. Uranus sends a wake up call. How will you infuse this connection with acts of Virgoan service and devotion? The square between Mercury in Virgo and Saturn in Sagittarius represents an important moment of understanding. We are responsible to our relationships. Our thoughts and our work impact the whole. Time to rededicate.

Moon in Sagittarius
Tuesday, September 26.
The Moon in Sagittarius conjoins Saturn and makes a square to Mercury in Virgo—the sense that we need to solidify and rededicate our devotions is strong. Do you experience this as an oppressive burden or a liberating possibility? Try to see the gifts that come from remembering why you do the work. Let go of perfection and shame. The source of devotion is also a source of renewal. Forgiveness helps us rebound.

About these forecasts: Through following the Moon, the planets, and the wisdom of the seasons and signs, my goal is to offer a useful practice of mindfulness and intention for the thoughtful seeker.

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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Follow the Moon: Forecast for September 13 – September 19

Forecast for September 13 – September 19

Mutable signs foster complexity. That is the good and the bad side to these integrating, information-seeking signs—Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces. Mutable signs are the weavers of meaning and the discoverers of truth. They assess well-being and diagnose illness. They strive to unify and diversify how we understand things. Their changeable nature tells us that meaning and truth can change a lot too.

The week ahead starts with the Moon in mutable Gemini opposing Saturn in mutable Sagittarius, with the Sun in mutable Virgo making a square to the Moon and Saturn. This pattern is a challenge. It lands us smack dab in complexity. Complexity is a sign of health. The more diverse and interconnected an eco-system is the better it can adapt to stresses and changes.  Complexity gives us options. It is also hard to maintain when it relates to inner and conflicting experiences. Humans have a tendency to simplify complexity because it soothes the stress of having to pay attention to more stuff. Humans love to be in control, on top of things. We pay a big price for that love.

Mutable signs also show us the joy and delight to be found in curiosity, not knowing, and serendipitous discoveries. Mutable signs encourage the other modalities (cardinal and fixed) to let go of control and outcome and be in the soup of influences that can never be repeated and just might give us the next step to take out of our mess. Mutable signs present koan-like questions that are meant to expand consciousness, not give us an answer. Is it the wave or the water that is most important here? Mutable signs bring humility when we realize we will never completely understand the interconnected web of complexity that runs through the worlds. But it is wonderful, right?

The planetary pattern I mentioned above is important. Saturn influences are always important. Saturn gives us our true work and our biggest challenges. Saturn wants mastery and authority for us, believe it or not. Saturn stays in a sign for about 2 ½ years. Saturn has been marching through mutable fire Sagittarius since December 2014 (retreating back into Scorpio for three months). Saturn leaves Sagittarius in December 2017. Saturn recently turned direct, this means that Saturn is stationary and strong and that the next three months represent the completion of Saturn’s transit through this sign. Saturn was named for a Roman harvest god. The question: What are we harvesting from this mutable fire that will help us attain mastery and authority? stays with us until Saturn leaves Sagittarius for Capricorn.

Mutable fire introduces the complexities of passion and truth. Sagittarius loves freedom because it opens the horizon to discover the meaning of life. Our discoveries gather around us like a shawl giving warmth and protection against life’s uncertainties. We hope that our truths will stand against chaos, but since we can never be sure, that shawl can become a prison of dogmatism and fundamentalism. This hardening of belief betrays the mutable question of how do we continue to adapt and discover? Saturn has shown us the limitations of faith. It has shown us the dangers of manipulating truth to serve oppression. It has presented us with tests, how do we stay open to complexity, how do we unveil untruths, how do we fight for facts, what role does science play in our storytelling, what are the common threads that reach across cultures, what are the real differences and what do they teach us, how do we show respect across cultures, what do we do about cultural appropriation? All these questions are Sagittarian in nature. Saturn never gives us easy tests.

Moon enters Cancer 5:12 pm
September 13—Last Quarter Moon: Re-seeding. For a good part of the day, a grand mutable cross pattern influences our perceptions. The Sun in Virgo, Moon in Gemini, Saturn in Sagittarius and Chiron in Pisces are stirring the cauldron of this lunar cycle seeded under a total solar eclipse in Leo. A lot has gone down in these three weeks. Mutable energy is unsettled, we are trying to sort out a lot of things. Many people are trying to sort out their lives after fires, floods, and winds have destroyed what they once knew. The air is unsettled. It is good to reflect on what we value most and where we need to go next. This phase of the Moon is about evaluating the past and deciding what changes we need to make. Chiron in Pisces asks us to identify with the suffering of others. When there is so much, it is easy to numb out. Notice when you want to do this. How do we bring awareness back without plunging ourselves into frozen trauma? The Moon in Gemini interjects wonderment. I wonder what this means, I wonder what there is to learn, I wonder who there is to meet. The Sun in Virgo provides the light of service, devotion, and knowing that together we are greater than the sum of our parts. Change is the constant. We are always adapting.

Moon in Cancer
Thursday, September 14.
Let’s consolidate the messes in our lives. Let’s feed them chicken soup. The Moon in Cancer reminds us to nurture ourselves and to honor the places of home and restoration. So many people across the world are displaced from their homes. Is it time to count your blessings? Is it time to extend generosity and aid to those who are less blessed? The Moon makes favorable contacts with Mars in Virgo (industry and devotion) and Neptune in Pisces (compassion and connection). This is a good day to cultivate the sensation of Enough. Scarcity fears are the root of many toxic reactions, like greed, hatred, objectification of others. Gratitude and knowing when we have enough is the counter spell to practice today. Later in the day, the Moon stirs up emotion and fear as it opposes Pluto in Capricorn. This is a great opportunity to look at the roots of our fears. More to dispel.

Moon enters Leo 8:09 pm CDT
Friday, September 15.
Venus in Leo and Jupiter in Libra have a great time together today. Expressions of fun, joy, and exuberance are not denial. We need to feel there is possibility and we need to remember that each of us makes a difference. So, what will you accomplish with your joy today? The Moon joins in on the whoop whoop when it moves into Leo tonight (CDT), but for most of the day, we are concerned with bringing expansion into our deepest places. This could very well be our homes, or families, or the ways we know to refill our coffers of resiliency. Fill up. Fill up. You know you need it.

Moon in Leo
September 16—Balsamic Moon: Composting. I don’t want to compost this lunar cycle. I want to break free of complacency, denial, and helplessness. The Moon’s shadow touched my skin at the very beginning of this lunar cycle under a total eclipse of the Sun. This shadow released something, illuminated something, that is essential and life-giving. Our choices matter. The consequences of not choosing matters just as much. What will we do for life? What will we do to protect the water? What will we do to bring justice to the world? What will we do to deny the voices of hatred any footing? What will we do to change our trajectory? I am afraid that composting this lunar cycle will mean letting go of the urgency and awakening. I am wrong. But that is the emotion.

I place my trust in the Earth’s cycles. After planting, growing, and reaping, comes death and compost. Whatever truths I have come to know during this cycle, I can surrender to the heap to be transformed by Mystery into the rich soil of future cycles. This does not mean I go back to sleep. We are passing the wisdom attained right on to the next cycle. Gather in your seeds. Find the kernels to nurture into the future.

The Moon returns to Leo where it was at that total eclipse. Seeing or sensing the Sun being covered by shadow, what have you learned about the Sun’s essence? This is also the essence of you. Astrology reminds us that each of us is a Sun at the core. What remains when everything else is surrendered? What returns when shadows lift?

Mercury and Mars have been meeting over the summer (northern hemisphere, winter in the south). The first time was in June in the sign of Cancer, the second when Mercury stationed retrograde in early September at the end of Leo, and today when they meet again in Virgo for the last time in this cycle. Cancer, Leo, Virgo—these are the signs of summer in the northern hemisphere. Mind and action are melding. We are learning, readjusting, and formulating our visions and our plans for action. Virgo is the pragmatic one. The one who realizes we need a system to enact the changes we desire. Don’t jump ahead of yourself. The plan can be simple. Simple is better. Perhaps there is a simple daily practice you begin today to call in your awareness of what you have learned this summer and where you need to go next.

Moon enters Virgo 11:52 pm CDT
Sunday, September 17.
Venus in Leo kicks into action the next couple of days. Today, Venus makes a quincunx aspect to Chiron in Pisces and a trine to Uranus in Aries. Tomorrow, Venus reaches the eclipse degree (28 Leo) where the eclipse energy is reactivated all over again. Today’s transits are part of that. Venus energy can be held under the surface. Sometimes, we feel that we need to play it safe or be nice. Being nice is probably the worst choice right now. Venus wants  to break out of the chains of niceness. She is a badass today. Uranus influences the way we have to bring change to the world. Chiron tells us to do it even when we feel vulnerable and exposed. The heart reminds us that we don’t have to be consistent, we just have to love. For most of the day (CDT) the Moon is in Leo. There is a grand fire trine of Moon, Saturn in Sagittarius, and Uranus sparking desire, asking us to be bold, reminding us how precious the life force is.

Moon in Virgo
Monday, September 18.
Venus in Leo reaches the eclipse degree that began this lunar cycle. We’ve already had Mercury and Mars activating this degree. The list of tragic events that have happened in the last three weeks is sobering, heart-breaking. We are reaching the end of the lunar cycle but we will be unpacking the effects of this eclipse for a while. In February, 2018 there will be another solar eclipse (27 degrees Aquarius) opposite the location of the last eclipse (28 degrees Leo). This will be another activating moment. Venus rules Libra, holding the sword of justice, and Taurus, holding a cornucopia of earthly wealth. It isn’t good to make Venus mad. And when the Earth and Justice team up to illuminate our next steps, we should pay attention. The Moon in Virgo activates the devoted servant in us. How will you serve justice and Earth?

Moon in Virgo
Tuesday, September 19.
 This lunar cycle closes with a lot of energy and information. It might even feel like this is the place we plant the seeds of our next lunar cycle. Many of the things we experience today will influence intention for the next New Moon on September 20. Pisces energy is present. By that I mean, boundaries are open (for good or bad), we are picking up emotional information from the field and that can be triggering. It can also be uplifting and help us reconnect with others through mutual compassion. Pisces is an important complement to Virgo, where the Moon is today and at the next new moon, because it opposes Virgo. This opposition stretches us to incorporate more empathy in our service and more service in our empathy. The Pisces influence is felt through the Sun’s opposition to Chiron in Pisces and Mercury in Virgo’s opposition to Neptune in Pisces. Venus enters Virgo today. I think this is a wonderful placement for Venus. We are learning to be pragmatic about the ways we need to work in the world for change and right relationship. Venus here is a blessing for our work and our hearts.

About these forecasts: Through following the Moon, the planets, and the wisdom of the seasons and signs, my goal is to offer a useful practice of mindfulness and intention for the thoughtful seeker. To read about the beginning of this lunar cycle, go here.

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Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Follow the Moon: Forecast for September 6 - September 12

Forecast for September 6 – September 12

Moon in Pisces
September 6—Full Moon: Blossoming.
The last thing I want to do is preach. Last week, I wrote about whiteness and got a couple of readers telling me that I was being divisive and that they were done with my column. That is OK with me, but it is interesting that it took a column about race to provoke this response. Most people just silently stop reading. I don’t write to please others but I do write for a purpose. I write as personal spiritual practice. I write to explore how astrology can be used for mindful intention. I write to support connection to the sky, to the Earth, and to each other.

This week I wasn’t going to repeat myself nor back down from last week. Yes, white people do have a problem. This problem is racism and white people do need to take more action to solve this problem. A lunar cycle introduced by the “Great American Eclipse” seems like a good time to name our collective shadows here in the U.S. and to act from new insights attained after the solar light returns. I thought I had done that and was preparing to talk more about the cusp between Leo and Virgo and the expansive pull of Pisces on our hearts at the Full Moon of September 6, but the shadows keep emerging and I find I can’t be silent about them. This lunar cycle won’t let me.

Hatred is a tool of fascism. Singling out and dehumanizing small groups is a technique fascists use to consolidate their power. The more we are encouraged to label someone as other and be disinterested in them or their experiences, the easier it is for fascism to take root. If we let this happen, little by little in small ways, all of us lose our humanity. Transgender people have had a hard road in the U.S. It has never been easy to advocate for one’s gender rights. Whatever few rights transgender folk have won are being systematically taken away and worsened under the Trump administration. I am worried about my beloveds. A friend just shared an article about the purge of transgender people from public life, conceived by the Family Research Council and implemented by Trump’s administration. It is important that we recognize this as a dangerous slide into hatred and a loss of freedom for all of us.

The stars offer a lesson as we stand at the crossroads deciding, do we act or do we ignore?

The Full Moon of September 6 occurs in the sign of Pisces. This mutable water sign teaches us about connection and disconnection, the process of humanizing and dehumanizing others. Mutable signs (Pisces, Virgo, Gemini, and Sagittarius) take in information. With antennas up, the mutable signs are reading the vibes and deciding what it means. These signs teach that if we have a healthy balance of self-care and concern for others, we are able to maintain connection pretty consistently. When our information systems overload, we can shut down entirely. Under mutable influence we move in and out of caring too much to not caring at all. If we are stressed, the first thing to go is seeing ourselves in others. If the environment is spewing hate, this lack of caring can turn to blaming and othering. It is just easier to put people in boxes and move on with our lives. This is where we may need to pause and reflect because it isn’t the other who is losing their humanity, it is we who are tuning them out.

Pisces is water. Under Pisces we receive emotional information. Our hearts either expand to take in more or we put up barriers. There is no blame for being overwhelmed or reacting the ways we need to. Especially now. At this Full Moon we notice where and how we’ve reached capacity. At this Full Moon there is an opportunity to balance Piscean emotion with Virgoan service. Creating more order, simplifying our lives, or taking care of mundane tasks under the Sun in Virgo influence can help us make more room to feel what we feel and stay open to the humanity in us all.

The Full Moon chart shows Neptune conjoining the Moon and opposing the Sun. Neptune, as co-ruler of Pisces, strongly reinforces the Piscean nature of this Full Moon. Our hearts are tender. There is much to feel. What helps you stay present? What happens when you can’t? Reaching capacity is not a sign of failure. Tuning out isn’t either. Perhaps we are learning to notice emotional capacity and the ways we retain not only our own humanity, but the humanity of others, while being at the limits of what we can take in.

Toxic shadows are emerging. The stress of change and uncertainty has increased considerably. The Pisces influence of this Full Moon reminds us that connection is key. In whatever capacity we have, to choose each other is a bold act of defiance. Let’s not surrender our humanity.

Moon enters Aries 7:01 am CDT
Thursday, September 7.
The Moon moving into a fire sign today reminds me to pray for all living beings impacted by the wildfires burning in the western states of the U.S. Fire signs teach us that fire can bring joy and a willingness to step into life, even when we don’t know where it will lead. Fire is creativity and energy. Fire wakes us up. May we awaken. May fire’s hunger be sated. May overheated fires cool. May we know balance again.

Moon in Aries
Friday, September 8.
Venus in Leo, Saturn in Sagittarius and the Moon in Aries form a grand fire trine aspect pattern. Venus won’t exactly trine Saturn until September 12 but we feel the fire attraction today too. Trines are supportive, but even assistance from such a temperamental element can be more than we bargained for. Passions are pretty high right now. We may reach the boiling point. We may feel as if we need to act before we lose courage. On one hand, the stars are telling us to trust ourselves more and go for it. On the other, they warn us to build in more space to consider what we are overlooking. Develop a skill for knowing just how much energy is enough and grounding the rest. The Moon makes a square to Pluto in Capricorn and an opposition to Jupiter in Libra. These planets make volatile situations even more so. Be passionate. Be safe. Be willing. 

Moon enters Taurus 11:22 am CDT
September 9—Disseminating Moon: Fruiting. The fruit of this lunar cycle for me is a new commitment to telling the truth. A seed was planted by the meeting of the Sun and Moon in a total eclipse. The real harvest of that experience may take quiet a while. Right now, however, I want to remember the radiant shadow of the Moon crossing the land. I want to invoke the cleansing power of meeting a shadow head on. This lunar cycle is influenced by the cusp between Leo and Virgo. Leo offers creative joy. Virgo offers a willingness to work. The fruit of this offering is sustenance for all the small and large acts of resistance and beauty that are ahead for us. The Moon in Taurus says, take this food. Savor the flavors. Honor the body that does the work and enjoys the sweet moments.

Pleasure comes from honesty today as Venus in Leo makes a quincunx aspect to Pluto in Capricorn. This isn’t simple honesty. This is the kind of truthtelling that brings exposure and feels vulnerable. We could be pushed to this place because the secrets are zapping the life force right out of us. The Sun in Virgo makes a supportive trine to Pluto at the same time. This influence brings strength and power. The desire to purge or cleanse is strong. Get down to the essentials. Find the power and clarity that comes from unburdening yourself. Mercury, finally moving direct again, re-enters Virgo. We get another chance to reorganize our thoughts and systems.

Moon in Taurus
Sunday, September 10.
The grand earth trine of Moon in Taurus, Pluto in Capricorn, and the Sun in Virgo introduces solid ground into a chaotic week. This is a chance to regain your equilibrium and notice where you are, who is with you, and why life matters. In the U.S., school has started, we are harvesting our gardens, we look toward the coming winter. There is a familiar rhythm to this time of year that can help us feel more grounded and present. From that presence, how do we reach out to those who need more connection and support themselves? This may be a good day to form plans for service work to share the struggles as well as the abundance we may feel.

Moon enters Gemini 2:29 pm CDT
Monday, September 11.
Squares between the Moon in Gemini and Mars and Mercury in Virgo stimulate our information systems. Stress levels may go up. The battle is between ways we need order and ways we keep introducing more and more chaos into our lives. Perhaps stress levels come down when we take time to process and integrate. What are you learning? Where do you want to focus next? Be willing to try a new approach.

Moon in Gemini
Tuesday, September 12.
If Saturn is the challenger and Venus is the bringer of harmony, then the trine between these two planets could create a breakthrough moment to a perplexing problem. Perhaps a friend or lover provides the key. Perhaps you appreciate solid relationships even more. Feel free to share encouragement today. It is likely to be accepted and make a difference to the recipient. The Moon in Gemini lightens the mood as well.

About these forecasts: Through following the Moon, the planets, and the wisdom of the seasons and signs, my goal is to offer a useful practice of mindfulness and intention for the thoughtful seeker. To read about the beginning of this lunar cycle, go here

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