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Follow the Moon: Forecast for August 7, 2017 – August 13

Not every act is conscious. Not every breakthrough comes deliberately. Things happen to us. Sometimes we aren’t aware of our choices. Sometimes we don’t have a plan. This actually makes sense when you think about the intricacies of the web that links everything. Consciousness alone is insufficient to understand it. How could I possibly see every influence and option in any given moment? No, intentional living isn’t about consciousness alone. There is more to it. Perhaps that more is about finding connection. And perhaps remembering connection is about the body more than about the mind.

With this Full Moon in Leo, we arrive at the eclipse season. August 7 is a lunar eclipse. The following New Moon on August 21 will be the much anticipated, so-called  “Great American Eclipse.” I am thinking about conscious choice right now because eclipses play around the edge between the unexpected, uncontrollable things that just happen to us and the potentiality of conscious choice. When the light goes out suddenly, it seems we have a moment, outside the norm, to re-vision choices and re-connect to the whole. Lately, I’ve come to think that interconnectivity is what Mystery is. Mystery being the sense that there is more than we can know, which co-exists with the things we think we do know. The dark is a great metaphor for Mystery. Eclipses are great moments for magic.

The August 7 Full Moon is full of magic. Because we get two Leo lunar cycles in a row this year, our current lunar cycle is a perfect set up to plant seeds of intention for the New Moon/Solar Eclipse of August 21. I am visualizing that the total solar eclipse is an opportunity to compost in the darkness things that feel isolating to us. Ego is a Leo concern. Good-sized ego helps us to be in relationship and share our gifts. Out-of-whack ego tells a story of isolation and scarcity that I am working to turn around in my life. For me, the wonder of the total solar eclipse is the idea that at totality, in the darkness, we are able to see more. At totality, the stars and planets normally obscured by the glare of the Sun are visible. The planets we will see clustered near the Sun will be Mars, Mercury, and Venus. The magic I wish to activate is that this solar eclipse will reveal hidden strands of interconnection—things we don’t normally see—connections that are there but hard to feel all the time. I am feeding the intention that through darkness I see our complex interconnections and find my right-size relationship to the pieces and the whole. 

Moon in Aquarius
August 7—Full Moon: Blossoming. Lunar Eclipse. Astronomical Lammas. An eclipse of the Moon has a different flavor than a solar eclipse. Since the Moon rules the unconscious, the effects of a lunar eclipse have a more subtle impact. Emotionally, we may sense that “something is up,” but not know exactly what it is. Since a lunar eclipse always happens at a Full Moon, the emotional tides are high anyway. These high tides could wash away your shoreline or could reinvigorate your tidal pools. Movement is happening, especially as this eclipse leads to a solar eclipse in the next lunar cycle.

The Moon in Aquarius, fixed air sign, does its best to avoid large emotional displays. This sign is more comfortable with ideas and analysis. If that is your method of handling emotion, then this Full Moon’s tides may sweep you out of your comfort zone. But that isn’t the only option. These tides may reinvigorate Aquarian vision and purpose. This is big picture vision. This is the inspiration of seeing connections as patterns and possibilities.  Aquarius, as the sign opposite Leo, provides balance to Leo perspective. If we are feeling isolated, unappreciated or hungry for affirmation, the Aquarius Moon invites us to look at the patterns and possibilities of mysterious connections. Opposite signs also invite paradox. This paradox may be that we see better our own gifts and value when we let go of the personal and move into the collective.

This Full Moon happens on the day that the Sun reaches the mid-point in Leo, known to some as astronomical Lammas. This cross-quarter Pagan Sabbath is about celebrating our first harvests and the gifts we have to share. This is the first cross-quarter Sabbath since we celebrated Beltane in May. The Earth’s fertility has yielded many blessings. Gratitude and reconnection to the gifts from the Earth also help to know right-sizedness in ourselves. What has grown in you? What are you ready to offer up to the world? How are you expressing gratitude even on the smallest level?

With this as a backdrop, Mars makes an impact on this Full Moon. Mars in Leo conjoins the Sun. Only four degrees separate the Sun and Mars right now. Mars adds drive and passion to the Leo storyline. Mars gives us courage to be wholehearted. Mars dares us to ask if we matter. Mars encourages generosity. Mars fights for the creative gifts each person contributes to this world. And, if you are in doubt of your own gifts, Mars encourages us to look again. What will the darkness of this lunar eclipse reveal to you?

Moon enters Pisces 4:56 pm CDT
Tuesday, August 8.
Large forces are moving through our lives. Yesterday’s Full Moon lunar eclipse may have brought hide tides of emotion. Yet, you might also be feeling the exhilaration of new insights and inspirations. The Aquarius Moon is looking for the patterns that explain it all. What patterns were revealed to you? The day starts buoyantly. The only aspect the Moon makes is an encouraging sextile to Uranus, the co-ruler of Aquarius. The big guy in the sky seems to be giving the OK to our grand dreams. This energy is fleeting. When the Moon enters Pisces later, we might experience some deflation. Breathe with it. This is part of the rhythm of change too.

Moon in Pisces
Wednesday, August 9.
The last few days have offered high levels of air and fire energies. The Moon in mutable water sign, Pisces, provides quite a contrast. It might feel as if your bubble has burst. Or it might feel like you’ve returned to a proper sense of things. If you are the intuitive type, you may be noticing that people are ungrounded or confused about the shift. If the Full Moon served to expand what we know about ourselves, then the Pisces Moon helps us connect back to our hearts. We are all afloat on the sea of becoming. The Moon’s trine to Venus in Cancer reinforces a need to nurture and heal. The Moon conjoins Neptune, expanding into vaster connections while at the same time opposing pragmatic Mercury in Virgo. Mercury is about to turn retrograde on August 12. There could be a sense of urgently needing to get back to order and routine even as it slips farther away. The quincunx aspect between the Sun in Leo and Pluto in Capricorn could unleash a crisis of Self. What are the root causes of feeling unappreciated? What destructive forces are let loose when we don’t know how to meet these needs? We may see another level of narcissism in our leaders.

Moon in Pisces
Thursday, August 10.
Dreams take work. It isn’t enough to want it. We also need to support the dream with effort and willingness. Jupiter in Libra forms a sextile to the Sun in Leo today. Opportunity is knocking. Pathways are opening. It feels like things are falling into place. But luck alone won’t suffice. With the Moon in Pisces making a square to stationary Saturn in Sagittarius, we are challenged to find the perfect blend of dream, effort, and opportunity. Another sextile aspect between Mercury in Virgo and Venus in Cancer helps productivity. Notice a strong desire to tidy the home. Clearing our environments aids progress. We value the relationships that feel familial. Another influence may bring some confusion if we aren’t sure of where we want to go. Mars in Leo makes a quincunx aspect to Neptune in Pisces. Intuition plays a role in the unfolding story of this lunar cycle. What feels right? It may not make perfect sense, but take a chance anyway.

Moon enters Aries 12:22 am CDT
August 11—Disseminating Moon: Fruiting. Breaking free of cultural norms around asking for what we need, especially around needing recognition, is a tough challenge. Yet, we need this energy to thrive. We need it from each other. We need to be witnessed. We need to know we are connected to others and seen for who we are. I think witness is about sharing, passing the gifts back and forth. Can I be seen for what I give you? Can I see you in what you have to give me? The cultural norm, which is really cultural control, is that the resource of witnessing is scarce. There isn’t enough. We have to compete to gain attention. We have to starve before we let ourselves need anyone else. There’s some toxic stuff going down around affirming each other. There’s a lot of pushback when we show the vulnerability it takes to ask for what we need. It is under this awareness that we have the opportunity to resist these toxic norms and dare to reap the fruits of this lunar cycle. I am talking about courage.

The Moon in Aries makes no exact aspects today. We just get the Moon in Aries, pure and simple. Aries is the fire sign that dares to leap off the ledge. Sometimes this looks like courage. Sometimes it looks like foolishness. Courage isn’t the feeling that we know what we are doing. Courage is being led by something else, a belief, a dream, a knowing that comes from the heart (that place which gives us the word courage) to go where we need to go. What is your heart dream? What will you give to that dream life? Fire signs are about life force. This is the spark that we share. This is the spark that never diminishes as long as we keep sharing it with each other. One of the gifts I’ve received from this lunar cycle intention is the realization that it is much easier to be right-sized when I know I am connected to others. To know it is OK to ask for what I need and to honestly hear what others need from me. This doesn’t mean I take care of everyone’s needs. It means I am willing to see them, to witness, and to share. To need.

Moon in Aries
Saturday, August 12.
Mercury in Virgo stations retrograde. Yes, indeed it is that time again. Mercury rules our curiosity. How curious are you to see what influence Mercury will have during this period, which is heavily colored by eclipses? It could be interesting. The miscues and misunderstandings that happen under Mercury retrograde carry added significance. These things go wrong at other times too, but during retrograde, they seem to mean something, or lead to somewhere that we could not have gotten to under ordinary circumstances. Mercury retrograde can feel like time outside of time. It can feel like an invitation to pay attention in different ways. Give up trying to control the outcomes. Expect the unexpected. Virgo is ruled by Mercury. Perhaps this Mercury retrograde will scrub clean, in the ways only Virgo can, the cobwebs of our minds. Perhaps it will be more challenging. Perhaps it will feel just right.

The day that Mercury stations can be jittery. Take your time today as the Moon also sets off the square between Pluto in Capricorn and Jupiter in Libra. Pluto/Jupiter influence has been about showing the darker sides of power, stirring up imbalance and injustices. Purging ugliness. Transforming belief. In other words, this transit has been a powerful influence recently and we aren’t done yet. Today brings another permutation.

Moon enters Taurus 5:40 am CDT
Sunday, August 13.
Yesterday had wrinkles. Mercury retrograde began. The Moon set off Pluto and Jupiter. Late last night (technically today in CDT), the Moon conjoined Uranus in Aries, which has not helped iron out any of the wrinkles. Bumps in the road woke us up. Don’t sleepwalk through this day either, even though things will calm down a bit with the Moon moving into Taurus. Earthy influence helps ground us as long as we let the earth support us. Slow down. Sense into your body. The Sun in fiery Leo makes a trine to Saturn in mutable fire, Sagittarius. Although these are fire signs, Saturn’s influence still feels like earth—the committed and serious side of earth. Saturn will soon station direct and begin a relatively quick journey out of Sagittarius to enter Capricorn in December. This blessing of the Sun encourages us to look at the benefits that have come from Saturn’s travels through Sagittarius. Saturn first entered this sign in December 2014. Sagittarian Sun signs may have particularly noticed how serious life got during this time. But looking back over the last 2 ½ years, what can you say you have gained from your efforts? Saturn in this sign influences how we perceive truth, what we think about other cultures, our responsibilities around what we believe. Saturn has shown us clear divisions and the impact that such divisions has on the world. There is work to do with this information.

About these forecasts: Through following the Moon, the planets, and the wisdom of the seasons and signs, my goal is to offer a useful practice of mindfulness and intention for the thoughtful seeker.

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