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Follow the Moon: Forecast for August 29, 2017 – September 5

Forecast for August 29, 2017 – September 5

I am struggling with how to begin this week’s forecast. I know I want to write about the changes that white Americans need to make to end racism and white supremacy, but I don’t know how to dive in. That in itself is a pattern, isn’t it? Many white Americans are frozen in inaction because they don’t know how to dive in. I am frozen in inaction because I don’t know how to dive in. So, I will dive in. I suspect it will take many times before this diving feels more natural.

Don’t stop reading. The astrology of the moment plays into this.

But first. We have a problem. White Americans have a problem. I am not a scholar or expert in racial justice activism or education. I’m just an awakening person who can’t turn away from the reality that there is a lot wrong with our country and much of it is centered on race. White people need to make fundamental changes in the way we see the world. A few years ago, I took a life-changing workshop—More Than Skin Deep: Uprooting White Supremacy One Cell at a Time—taught by Susan Raffo and Heather Hackman. (I’d like to recommend something that Susan Raffo wrote about whiteness for those new to the idea.) I learned about whiteness in that training. I learned that whiteness is the system, almost a moral code, which perpetuates privilege for a select few and exploits the rest. I learned that as a white person, I have been fed stories that help maintain this system. Some of these stories feel like goodness and solid values, yet end up being the means of justifying oppression of others. I learned that undoing these stories will take more than a lifetime, and so, I better get to work because a world without racism is a world worth manifesting, however hard it will be to get there.

Undoing the stories that perpetuate injustice and oppression. This is where the astrology comes in. It is not surprising to astrologers that we are in our current crises in the U.S. In fact, astrologers think it will get worse over the next five years leading up to a significant transit in 2022. In that year, Pluto returns for the first time to the degree where it was when the country was born. Till that time, unexplored shadows—Pluto’s realm—will continue to emerge as part of a dying/rebirthing process. There is a lot to hope for in this transit and a lot to become aware of. Toxic stories are revealed and composted so that life-affirming stories can be told. The recent eclipse, visible across the entire continental U.S. is a part of this process. This lunar cycle, which began on the cusp between Leo and Virgo, is part of this process. Right now is part of this process.

I like to start in the moment—the first quarter phase of this lunar cycle. I think of this as the Warrior Phase. During the first quarter, challenges to our intentions arise. We must meet them with determination. These challenges help define our desires. We hone and refine the vision that may have felt foggy under the New Moon. Since this New Moon was an eclipse, we really had no way of knowing just what would come from the sudden darkness and light’s return. There is a high level of uncertainty under an eclipse; we just know something will happen. Something is. Something will. This week Mercury, Mars, and Uranus (by trine) will activate the eclipse degree. This transition to new information, symbolized by the eclipse, continues to unfold. You may notice that your intentions have shifted suddenly. You may notice that what felt foggy is getting clearer. It will continue to do so.

I am still processing in my body the experience of witnessing a total eclipse of the Sun. It was powerful. I keep thinking about the Moon’s shadow moving across both the Earth and my skin. I keep thinking about how the shadow itself felt like a being or an animal. I keep thinking that this shadow, not at all toxic, but a blessing, was offering my soul a fresh start. I keep thinking this offering is the magic of this lunar cycle, eclipse cycle, and whatever other cycle we want to include because it is just that big. Shadows can hurt when they come out of hiding, but they also can save us. And that is why I want us to think big right now. Why I am trying to think big right now about the new stories I want to tell.

Virgo is a sign of purification. It is so tricky for a white person to talk about purity. Whiteness stories have corrupted the beauty of purification. Perhaps if we go back to the Greek stories of women bathing in a certain cove in the sea in order to renew their virginity, we can come close to what Virgo is about. This is priestess energy. This is belief that we can be washed, not white-washed, but returned to the fold as part of nature again. My heart longs for this. I may not know the way, but the Moon’s shadow says yes to that desire.

This Virgo mission is tinged with Leo life force. The Sun rules Leo. Right before the Sun was eclipsed, when just the barest part of it was visible, the world was still bright, eerily bright but bright. We know this Sun of ours, even when we take it for granted. When the Sun I know left the sky for only two minutes, I felt as if I had been transported to another planet in another solar system. This couldn’t be my planet. After just a moment with the Moon shadow, it was as if a switch was turned back on. Everything returned quickly to a familiar light. Did that just happen? My rapidly beating heart told me, yes. The Sun is an anchor. I now have a better sense of why the Sun is worshipped and what we miss by forgetting our own solar essences.

All this brings me back to whiteness and the message of the eclipse. All people hold the life force essence of the Sun within their beating hearts. We are all sparks and particles of light. As sparks of light from this amazing star in the middle of our solar system, we deserve better than this life-hating system of injustice and oppression that is white supremacy. The Moon shadow is a challenge and a gift. Remember this spark. As a Virgo priestess, dedicate yourself to serving it. At this first quarter phase, fight against the forces that want to take this spark from you and keep the toxic stories alive. As a person trying to wake up, stay tuned to more, and find ways to align the vision with the energy. And then dive in.

Moon in Sagittarius
August 29—First Quarter Moon: Sprouting. We are putting together the big picture. What does it mean? The Moon in philosophical Sagittarius makes a square aspect to Neptune in Pisces. Perhaps there is a temptation to bypass the real work and drift into a feel-good version of spirituality. The world is crying for us to pay attention. People are suffering in Texas right now. We don’t need to save everyone, just do what we can. The sextile aspect between Jupiter in Libra and Saturn in Sagittarius will be in effect for the next few days. This helps ground us in the possible without giving up on the dream. What is your dream? What is your work?

Moon in Sagittarius
Wednesday, August 30.
The Moon conjoins Saturn in Sagittarius and makes a sextile to Jupiter in Libra reinforcing this very productive aspect between Saturn and Jupiter. And we need all the productivity we can get. This collaboration between Saturn and Jupiter is helping us put together the pieces that have been floating around for a while now. Truth and meaning are not all that relative after all. As Trump continues to dismantle institutions of knowledge, we realize the value of facts. With this knowledge in hand, Jupiter says believe in the elegant solutions, go for balance and justice, and weigh your choices with the added benefit of facts. It helps! Later in the day, this fiery Moon makes a grand fire trine with Mars in Leo and Uranus in Aries. This will not be a restful evening, but perhaps an inspiring one.

Moon enters Capricorn 3:18 am CDT
Thursday, August 31.
We might be more tuned into authority as the Moon moves into Capricorn. Who gets to have authority? Who deserves it? How do we keep leadership accountable? What do we need from our leaders? Capricorn’s eye is on the bottom line. Sometimes this feels like how much money we make, but Capricorn’s bottom line is ultimately about helping the community/family/clan survive hard times. Hard times are here for many people in Texas and around the world. What do we need from our authorities? Mercury continues to retrograde. It started in Virgo and re-enters Leo today. Mercury is the weaver of meaning. Mercury is weaving together the link between Virgo service and Leo life force. Find the sustenance for your service that comes from life itself.

Moon in Capricorn
Friday, September 1.
We might notice weariness from emotional overload today. Mars in Leo makes a paradoxical quincunx aspect to Chiron in Pisces. We could notice the frustration that comes from not being able to solve the problems. No amount of heroic action is enough. If we surrender this fantasy, what new approaches offer themselves to us? The Moon in Capricorn can be stoic. Don’t let that energy keep you from feeling your feelings until they’re done. Later we can build our way out. As the Moon conjoins Pluto and squares Jupiter in Libra, we may be overwhelmed by fears, too. What/who is your anchor? Reach out if you are overwhelmed.

Moon enters Aquarius 3:06 pm CDT
September 2—Gibbous Moon: Budding. This lunar cycle began with a powerful solar eclipse at 28 degrees Leo (near the end of Leo and beginning of Virgo). This degree is now charged with the eclipse energy. Today Mars moves into 28 Leo while at the same time making a trine to Uranus at 28 degrees Aries. The Moon’s square to Uranus today only adds to the electrical charge built up by these positions. We could see another aspect of the eclipse today. This may occur through unexpected natural, political, or personal events. It is as if the tide is moving us along. Mars can be impulsive and it can by dynamic and forceful. Mars in Leo is the champion of the life force. Uranus is the awakener and the disrupter. A trine is an unchallenged flow between the planets. This may feel like too much energy for some of us. The gibbous phase of the Moon carries its own tension too. We feel we are on the cusp of realizing or attaining our desire but we still need to stay committed to see it through. Mars and Uranus might help to give us an added boost of energy. I am speaking to those who have taken on active roles to change the world, Remember your dedication (Virgo). Remember you come from a star (Leo). Remember we need you.

Moon in Aquarius
Sunday, September 3.
We are not done with eclipse triggers. Today Mercury (retrograde) reaches 28 degrees Leo (eclipse degree) and conjoins Mars at the same degree. During the eclipse, when the stars popped out in the middle of the day, we could see Mercury and Mars on either side of the Sun. The Sun has moved on, but Mars and Mercury meet at the place the Sun stood during the eclipse. How cool is that? My astrologer mind is quickly wondering, what does it mean? I may not know right now, but I know it means something. And today we might find out. Mercury is the messenger. Mars is the questing hero. Mercury is the weaver. Mars is the lover. Mercury is mind. Mars is will. Events have a fated quality. We can’t control every outcome, but perhaps we are meant to throw ourselves completely into the desire of outcome anyway. Control is a small desire. What is the bigger one? We are feeling visionary and revolutionary with the Moon in Aquarius.

Moon in Aquarius
Monday, September 4.
Labor Day. Let’s give thanks to the labor movement. We may need to draw upon their experiences as we learn to act collectively again. The Moon in Aquarius is ready to start the revolution right now. Both Saturn in Sagittarius and Jupiter in Libra are willing to let go of naysaying and inflation. Perhaps there is hope. But we can’t forget it will take effort—long effort to bring about healing and right relationship. The Sun in Virgo opposes Neptune in Pisces. Perhaps we see this opposition in play in Texas as workers and volunteers (Virgo) work to help those who have been inundated by the water (Pisces). We need to believe and we need to be pragmatic. This opposition helps us integrate and ground our ideals and re-inspire our acts of service with visions of healing. 

Moon enters Pisces 12:28 am CDT
Tuesday, September 5.
Mercury stations direct on the eclipse degree today. Will another shoe drop? What more is there? If Mercury has been broadcasting one message since turning retrograde on August 12, what do you think it has been? Don’t try to overthink this. So far, this lunar cycle has not been subtle. Even though the Moon in Pisces, along with the Sun opposite Neptune, may confuse the linear, rational way of approaching things, that doesn’t mean the message isn’t clear. Listen for it and let it guide you. Be especially attuned to your intuition. Be ready to take action too. Mars, the action planet, moves into Virgo, the sign of service and devotion. There is a reason our shadows have been revealed to us at this time. Take it as an opportunity to start again. There is complexity woven into the day. Venus in Leo makes a puzzling quincunx to Neptune in Pisces. There are a lot of influences today encouraging us to be selfless. We can take that too far. Venus is here is remind us to be fabulous as well. Enough said.

About these forecasts: Through following the Moon, the planets, and the wisdom of the seasons and signs, my goal is to offer a useful practice of mindfulness and intention for the thoughtful seeker. To read about the beginning of this lunar cycle, go to my website.

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