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Follow the Moon: Forecast for August 21, 2017 - August 23

An eclipse is a moment of death and rebirth. The Leo solar eclipse of August 21 presents us with such a moment. I believe such powerful moments are opportunities to connect with each other as we collectively go through transformation. This is also a moment of choice—a moment to discern the choices that can be made, the values we choose to uphold. This eclipse has gotten some incredible hype. Many people have been reminded that the natural world is filled with moments of wonder. This is a chance to reconnect to the wonder-filled cosmos. 

Eclipses(lunar and solar) come every six months. Not every eclipse has the same impact. Not every eclipse manifests along the same timeline. Some points to consider: 1) If the degree of an eclipse is near a personal point in your natal chart (as it is in the case of Trump’s Ascendant and Mars in Leo) then the death/rebirth experience feels personal. 2) The location where the eclipse is visible will feel the effects of the eclipse more strongly (as in the case of the U.S. this time).3)  Planetary transits to the eclipse degree before and after the moment of eclipse can activate eclipse transformations. Here are a list of transits to come that act as activators for the August 21 eclipse at 28 degrees Leo:

9/2 Mars at 28 Leo
9/2 Mars at 28 Leo trine Uranus at 28 Aries
9/3 Mercury (retrograde) conjunct Mars at 28 Leo
9/5 Mercury stations direct 28 Leo 
9/18 Venus at 28 Leo 

We could see a lot of changes the first week of September as these activator transits occur. Our choices continue to matter. The Mars activation of the eclipse is about will, action, desire, and the fight. Tempers are hot. Uranus, the awakened planet, does nothing to cool them down. We are poised (nature of a trine aspect) to make changes. It is as if restraints have been removed. This can be beneficial. It can also be dangerous. Aligning our choices with our values is important. Mercury retrogrades are about changing our minds. During the retrograde we are reflecting and rethinking. As Mercury gets involved in the Mars/ Uranus energy, it could be helpful to pause and think through our choices. The astrological energy of the first week of September carries us along. The first week of the new lunar cycle that begins on August 21 with a solar eclipse, is a good opportunity to prepare for these events by setting intention. How will you align your values with your choices?

Moon enters Virgo 3:25 pm CDT
August 21—New Moon: Seeding. Solar Eclipse. Today’s solar eclipse is only the beginning of the changes to come during this lunar cycle. The first week of September leading up to the Full Moon on September 6 could be momentous. We get to plant seeds now that will help us move through these changes. This New Moon occurs with the Sun and Moon near the end of Leo. (The last lunar cycle began with the Sun and Moon at the beginning of Leo). In fact, the Sun leaves Leo for Virgo tomorrow. A new pattern of lunations begins this month. For the next 18 months, the New Moon will occur at the end of a sign. This means that the Sun will have moved on to the next sign by the time of the Full Moon. This is part of the rhythmic dance of the Moon and Sun. We are entering an extended period where our New Moon seeds are influenced by the energy of the cusp—the transfer of meaning from one sign to the next. This lunar cycle is influenced by the cusp between Leo and Virgo. How might this cusp help us set the best intention to meet the changes and challenges of this lunar cycle?

The step between Leo and Virgo is a big one, but also a quite natural one. In Leo we fill the Self with solar essence, in Virgo we turn that energy into devotion and service. The shift can feel like the difference between a focus on self significance to being of service to others. That’s big, and it’s a natural progression. We fill up and then pour out. The seeds we plant now in this lunar cycle are influenced by this transition. The wisdoms we’ve attained about being right-sized—neither too needy for attention, nor isolating ourselves from our impact and gifts—help us turn to a right-sized attitude towards service. When I stand in this wisdom, it isn’t about me saving you, it is about devoting myself to the connections between us. What purpose do my gifts serve?

We are looking ahead to the Virgo season, but we may not be entirely ready to step in. Mercury continues to move retrograde in Virgo, hinting that it is better to ponder our steps awhile more before making them. This isn’t always possible, but see if you can hold the door of decision open a little longer before closing it shut right now.We can bask in a few more golden rays of summer before the shift towards autumn begins in earnest (in the northern hemisphere). The heavens tell us we need those rays for the times ahead. However, iIt will be hard to be patient in the days following the solar eclipse. When the light returns suddenly we are ready to go. The Mars/Uranus influences at this time feel impulsive and hard to control. Actions taken now may not work out perfectly but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try This also means we are under the influence of others’ possibly rash decisions too. When Mercury turns direct the day before the Full Moon on September 6, we will have opportunity to repair errors. The beginning of this lunar cycle is a good time to follow your gut instincts, especially if you keep these contrasting influences in mind. 

In the chart for the New Moon, Mars in Leo is trine to Saturn in Sagittarius.They will be exactly trine tomorrow. Saturn influence feels productive this lunar cycle. We are learning lessons about belief and story. What we believe shapes our realities. Saturn will be turning direct soon and so is strongly broadcasting how important the story is. Who gets to define our realities? Right now, we are looking at the difference between hate speech and free speech. Saturn says the distinction is important. We are asked to be smarter about the messages we give and receive. 

Moon in Virgo
Tuesday, August 22. Sun enters Virgo. Even though this lunar cycle is seeded in the very last degree of Leo, it will feel more like a Virgo lunation this month. New Moons are now occurring in the last part of a sign, meaning that the Sun will exit the New Moon sign before the next Full Moon occurs. We have the opportunity to explore the liminal space between signs during this time. The places in between feed our imaginations, give rich new information for synthesis, and allow more space for improvisation. It is as if we get to shake off the way we typically respond to energy. Virgo is a good starting point for this experiment. Virgo is the earth sign of adaptation. Virgo desires effectiveness and wholeness. Virgo can take on too much perfectionism in the quest to serve. How do we do this differently? Leo’s influence is a little more relaxed. Picture how you feel after lazing in the Sun for a while. Before we jump head first into work mode, can we bask a little longer in that feeling? Notice what happens. 

Mars in Leo makes a trine to Saturn in Sagittarius supporting the intention to be effective and relaxed. Projects get the go ahead, but keep in mind that Mercury is traveling retrograde and more transits are coming to activate the eclipse degree next week. 

Moon enters Libra 8:04 pm CDT
Wednesday, August 23. What are you serving? The question could also be who are you serving? It matters to this moment that we know what we give our gifts to. It matters that we remember how to tap into the solar life force to sustain and inspire our devotions. Can we remember that every act of service can be anchored in joy? That our efforts can be fueled by the abundance of connection and not by the scarcity of isolation? The recently eclipsed Sun is teaching us about solar life force. What have you been learning? The Moon spends most of the day in Virgo (Central time zone) before moving into Libra. Set intention now to restructure your relationship to work. The Moon makes a square to Saturn in Sagittarius early in the day giving support to honing the right approach to our work. A sextile between the Moon in Virgo and Venus in Cancer encourages a synthesis of harmony with effectiveness.

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