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Follow the Moon: Forecast for August 14, 2017 - August 20

Forecast for August 14, 2017 – August 20

The lunar cycle that began on July 23 is preparation for the next lunar cycle that begins with a bang on August 21. The Sun, Moon, and Earth will align in such a way on the 21st that there will be a total solar eclipse. This last week of the current lunar cycle is a chance to reflect on what is in our hearts—what prayers, magic, actions we intend to send into the cauldron of the next New Moon. A powerful opportunity is brewing, fueled by out of the ordinary coincidences. The heavens have cooperated by giving us two Leo New Moons in a row. This is not a rare occurrence but it is out of the ordinary. An eclipse is not a rare occurrence, but the length of time if spends over land, visible to this many people, is out of the ordinary. That this eclipse is visible in the United States, a country at a crossroads and in crisis, is not rare but it is significant. That Mercury is moving retrograde now until September 5 when it will turn direct at the same degree where the solar eclipse occurred is not rare, but it definitely out of the ordinary. It is time to pay attention.

Now, we get to the core. Now, we look into our hearts. This lunar cycle in Leo marks a powerful moment to align with core values and to courageously stand by the values that support life. Leo is the fixed fire sign. Each of the fixed signs, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius, and Taurus, has a special place. These signs anchor the wheel of the year. These signs anchor the elemental powers associated with them. These signs are gateways to essential values. Each is core. The word “core” is related to “courage.” Both come from the root word for heart. Each fixed sign represents the heart of an element and season, but Leo perhaps even more so. Leo the Lion, ruled by the Sun, represents the heart of courage. As solar force, this sign represents the core essence of who we are and what we stand for. This solar force is the spark of life that allows us to give and receive. This spark is how we know we are alive and connected to the web of life.

Core and courage. I write from a perspective of someone living in the United States. I am also white, female, and from a middle class background. My point of view is not universal. I am grateful that other points of view are represented in the world of astrology. We need those other voices. Yet, from my perspective, the solar eclipse and the remainder of this lunar cycle has a lot to do with the crossroads the U.S. finds itself at. There is a lot going wrong. Just yesterday, white supremacists marched in Charlottesville, Virginia. The President of this country is engaged in nuclear bomb taunts with North Korea. The Earth is being threatened by pipelines and walls. And that is just some of it. As a friend recently said, if you aren’t stressed out right now, you aren’t paying attention. Eclipses are magical. They are metaphors for sudden revelations and potent moments for intentional acts of magic and prayer. This moment is an opportunity. Now is the time to activate our cores and our courage. Magical acts are powerful anchors for change. I know this. We need this.

During the final days of this lunar cycle, remind yourself of your core and your courage. Let us not forget we each have life force to give and receive. We activate the web of connection when we remember who we are.

Moon in Taurus
August 14—Last Quarter Moon: Reseeding. At this phase of a lunar cycle, we have the opportunity to reseed our intentions based on the experiences we’ve had so far during the cycle. At the New Moon on July 23, I planted the seeds of knowing my right size, neither isolating into inflation about my personal significance nor diminishing the contributions I make to the web of connection. Knowing this state, I am able to share and receive gifts of life force. At this point in the lunar cycle, I want to move past the awareness of my “right size” into feeding the vital hopes and dreams that support life itself. The work of this cycle has prepared us to make a leap. What have you reaped in this lunar cycle? What are you called to feed with this harvest?

Let the Moon in fixed earth, Taurus, help you ground and anchor your intentions. Our bodies help us know not only what is really important but how to sustain our efforts through patience and commitment. Look for the most solid things in your life. Feed them with gratitude and listen to what they tell you right now. Mercury is moving retrograde in another earth sign, Virgo. We are being told to slow down. Not give up. The more we push against this message, the more likely we will experience Mercury’s mishaps. The Sun and Mars in Leo may try to fool us into rapid responses. We might feel anxious about a slower pace of action. Those who are not reflecting on the long haul will burn out under this influence. Take good care of yourself.

Moon enters Gemini 9:06 am CDT
Tuesday, August 15.
It will be interesting to see the role women play in the world this week. Venus in Cancer will be activating outer planets. The outer planets (Saturn though Pluto) represent long-term evolution and focus. Jupiter contributes to these things too, but only stays in a sign for one year, so the focus with Jupiter shifts more quickly. Venus often represents women, though not always and not exclusively. Venus represents values, wealth, relationship and beauty, too. In Cancer, these qualities are bound to the home, or family, or the places we create for nurturance. Sometimes Cancer represents nationalism and sometimes our emotional responses. Venus opposes Pluto in Capricorn first. Oppositions can feel like confrontations. Notice the desire to protect what is dear to you. We feel threatened. Under stress, we may not make the best choices. However, the Venus transits this week may represent how we have reached the end of our ropes. There isn’t any more to give. This may be an authentic state that helps us move forward or it might be a reactionary response we regret later. With the Moon in Gemini and Mercury moving retrograde in Virgo, things can go awry quickly. Be discerning and careful.

Moon in Gemini
Wednesday, August 16.
It is so clich├ęd, but if Venus sometimes represents women, then Mars sometimes represents men. (See yesterday’s post for Venus forecast). Of course, life is way more deliciously complex than a simple binary view of gender, thank goodness, but the contrast between Venus transits and Mars transits this week present different approaches. Mars uses aggression. Venus uses harmony. Yet, either planet, when it needs to, will use other tactics. It depends on sign and relationship to other planets. Yesterday, Venus in Cancer opposed Pluto in Capricorn. Today, Mars in Leo makes a quincunx to Pluto. Pluto brings struggles with toxic power. Under this influence we may notice more macho posturing, a need to prove one’s power and might. Because the world is tense right now, these transits may trigger new reactions. We can also commit to being the grounded and calming influence in stressful situations. The Moon in Gemini supports communication. Can we talk someone down from difficult places? The Moon makes a trine to Jupiter in Libra, which further encourages balanced exchanges of ideas. Remember your core values. It matters how we respond to injustice. Responsibility increases as the day progresses. The Moon opposes Saturn in Sagittarius adding to frustrations about differing beliefs and the work we have to do to build bridges.

Moon enters Cancer 11:13 am CDT
Thursday, August 17.
I, along with thousands of others, was inspired by Rep. Maxine Waters reclaiming her time when questioning Treasury Secretary Mnuchin in a hearing last month. We might all want to reclaim our time today as Venus in Cancer makes a square to Jupiter in Libra. Venus likes order, harmony, and effectiveness. Venus doesn’t do well with entitlement, obfuscation, and waste. Jupiter reveals a distinct lack of balance and harmony at the moment and many of us are feeling done with that. The Moon moving into Cancer could reveal the fighting side of this nurturing sign. If we are angry, it is because others more vulnerable than we are need protection.

Moon in Cancer
August 18—Balsamic Moon: Composting. Eclipses are about the relationship between light and dark. This is a symbiotic relationship. Each essentially needs the other to exist. The sudden darkening of the Moon or Sun in an eclipse reminds us of this dance. Shadows and light have been very active in this lunar cycle that culminated with a lunar eclipse and leads up to a solar eclipse at the next New Moon. Eclipses happen every six months—they are part of the natural order—yet this eclipse season seems more fraught and more potent. Leo, the sign of this and the next lunar cycle has a way of bringing up core experiences. The Sun, ruler of Leo, is the giver of life. Does it feel, when the Sun is eclipsed, that this source is threatened? Are we plunged into fear and reactivity? There is another way to look at this. The last phase of every lunar cycle encourages letting go and composting. Although the Moon returning to darkness may feel like a loss, this necessary stage of release allows for the next cycle’s rebirth. We need the dark. We need the emptiness, too. An eclipse is a potent moment of release and rebirth.

The Moon teaches us about cycles and how to move through life in alignment. The Moon in Cancer today, the sign of the Moon’s rulership, invites that awareness to move through us. Ancestral wisdom is speaking to us.

Venus in Cancer continues to aspect outer planets. This time, Venus makes a quincunx aspect to Saturn in Sagittarius. If Saturn’s transit through Sagittarius has taught us about the impact of our truths, the dangers of mistruths, the divisions between people of differing beliefs, and the perils of narrow-mindedness, then Venus says: What are you going to do about it? Venus right now is the fed-up mistress of the home. There is nothing meek or mild about her position in Cancer. Without home base, we lose power. Strengthen your base and demand that family members clean up their messes. Because the Moon and Venus are conjoined in Cancer, they pair up to activate the influential square between Pluto in Capricorn and Jupiter in Libra. At Charlottesville last weekend, one pastor prayed in gratitude that the hate that had always been there was finally exposed, because only when we see the hate, can it be transformed. This is the action of Jupiter square Pluto. We can only change what we acknowledge. There is work to do here.

Moon enters Leo 12:54 pm CDT
Saturday, August 19.
For the next two days the dark of the Moon provides opportunity to reflect and release. The Moon re-enters Leo reminding us of the beginning of this lunar cycle (began on July 23) and giving more information about the seeds we wish to plant in the next lunar cycle that begins on August 21. This next New Moon will also be in Leo and is a total solar eclipse. Early in the day, while still in Cancer, the Moon makes an agitating square to Uranus in Aries. The theme of Uranus is a call to wake up. How are you called to wake up? This wake up call ranges from the need to make big life changes to the simplicity of being more present in your life. Wake up and wonder. What is next for you?

Moon in Leo
Sunday, August 20.
Don’t forget that Mercury is still retrograde if you find yourself traveling to a location to observe tomorrow’s total solar eclipse. Mercury in Virgo encourages us to slow down, go over the details more than once, and to be adaptable when things don’t work out according to plan. Perhaps there is a bigger plan at play. Mars in Leo, a star of this lunar cycle, makes a sextile to Jupiter in Libra. This beneficial influence actually may counterbalance any Mercury shenanigans that challenge us today. Pay attention to energy, life force, what brings joy. Then notice what happens when you pass that along to someone else. There is no easier way to see energy than to see someone else light up because we were generous with our time, attention, or resources. This is Leo magic. The Sun in Leo makes a quincunx aspect to Chiron in Pisces. We get to incorporate more selflessness into a “selfish” desire to feel joy. By this I mean, don’t hoard your happiness. Practice radical trust that there is enough, always enough, to go around.

About these forecasts: Through following the Moon, the planets, and the wisdom of the seasons and signs, my goal is to offer a useful practice of mindfulness and intention for the thoughtful seeker.

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