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Follow the Moon: July 30, 2017 - August 6

I am looking for inspiration. Why turn to my computer? To writing? Right now, what is the inspiration—beyond commitment, beyond obligation—to spark this creation? One week into this lunar cycle seeded in Leo, I am casting my net. Looking for inspiration. What will feed this spark of intention? What will capture my soul and heart so I am ready and eager to create and share that creation?

Each of us has a different story about creativity. For some, it is as easy as lifting a finger. Creative flow is very accessible. Or if not effortless, these people know that it can be found eventually. A net cast for long enough will yield a catch. For some, there are voices of judgment, voices of shame that stifle the process, and maybe even trigger trauma responses that freeze the impulse altogether. Comparison to others is another demon of the creative process. From this, other stories about recognition and output snarl the joy of creative endeavor. Often, I wonder why I try? Despair and hopelessness suck the life out of creativity. I am describing different people, but really, I think I am describing what any of us, at one time or another, can feel about our creativity. This flame is not a simple thing.

Creativity is Leo’s lifeblood. This season, which occurs at the height of summer in the northern hemisphere, is inspired by the Sun’s gifts to us all. This week, Pagans celebrate the Firsts Harvests holy day also known as Lammas and Lughnasad. The Sun has ripened these gifts from the fertile Earth. This season is a time to note our stories about gifts, creativity, and fire. Where do we stand in our “right-sized” recognition of innate creativity? How do we seek inspiration? What blocks the Sun’s light? What makes it burn too brightly?

Looking for inspiration, I took a break from writing. I walked along the Mississippi River, which flows blocks away from where I live. Along the trail, bright yellow wild flowers glowed in the growing dusk. Across the river, the setting Sun was lighting up the trees reflected in the still water. It was a serene and lively moment. The Sun played a role in creating it. Each of us is a Sun. If astrology teaches us nothing else, this is enough. Each of us is an imprint of the Sun at our birth. Each of us carries the Sun’s gifts through this life. Whatever stories we have about creativity, this is our birthright, to be a Sun.

Fires need to be fed. They also need other things, like containment and space, but fires can and will go out if they are not tended. This lunar cycle is an opportunity to hone our fire tending skills. This is connected to being right-sized about our creative gifts. Flames do not need to be large to make an impact. Neither does too meager of a flame serve the web of greater connectivity. The right-sized flame can be adjusted to the circumstances. A right-sized flame is a tool for service, right relationship, and creativity itself. As the Moon waxes this week, tend your fire. Notice what turns them up and how to regulate them down, if needed. Become an artist of the fire.

Moon in Scorpio
July 30—First Quarter Moon: Sprouting. In our culture there is deep conditioning around claiming our right-sizedness. This concept of right-sizedness is taught in my spiritual tradition as the quality of knowing when to expand and when to retract our pride, power, and passion. Right-sizedness isn’t a static state placed squarely in the middle. It is an ability to assess and correct what is really going on with our egos. It is a necessary skill for empowered relationship and action in this world. And that is why it is incredibly subversive. We get dual messages about our egos. American culture glorifies rugged individuals who pursue their own agendas against all others (inflated ego). At the same time, we are told we shouldn’t check in with others about how we are doing. We mustn’t ask for reflection about our impact because this is weakness, leaving us wondering why the journey of the rugged individual is so hard, why we are failing (shame and deflation). Neither state, going it alone or relying on others for affirmation, feels helpful. Ego is problematic but useful. Receiving praise and constructive feedback from others ensures relationship and the ability to grow. The Leo Sun has something to teach us this lunar cycle about all this. The first quarter phase is a chance to deepen into the challenges and goals we have around right-sized efforts.

The Moon in Scorpio (fixed water) confronts Leo (fixed fire) intention. We might fear that water will put out the fire but this is not the Scorpio’s purpose. Scorpio’s desire is to deepen us through the emergence of shadow into emotional awareness. We are hobbled by a culture of whiteness that does not want us to know our right-sized pride, power, and passion. Scorpio reminds us of the pain of living this way. Possibly, this pain moves us to make changes. Remember that right-sizedness isn’t a static state. We must go to the edges, inner and outer, to know when to retract and when to expand. Scorpio gives feedback about our mistakes and our successes. It is an ever-evolving process. One could call it life.

Venus, in curious Gemini, makes a square to Chiron in Pisces. We may feel the sensitivity of going too far or not far enough in our relationships. Be gentle with yourself. Venus also makes an encouraging sextile to Uranus in Aries. This transit emboldens us. We are ready for change, we expand into new places of relationship and learning. The Moon’s square to Mars in Leo pricks our egos. Stay steady. The Moon will form a soothing trine to Neptune in Pisces later in the day. Let water be the healer.

Moon in Scorpio
Monday, July 31.
Here’s another Scorpio Moon day to challenge our ego responses. The ideal of shared power makes for an intriguing investigation under this influence. What taboos do you encounter when you expand? What shames cause habitual contractions? The sextile between the Moon and Pluto in Capricorn encourages a shift towards shared power if we dare. Venus enters Cancer today. We also want to share belonging. Where is the edge between power and belonging? A worthy relationship encourages us to be powerful and responsive. We can also encourage that in others.

Moon enters Sagittarius 7:01 am CDT
Tuesday, August 1.
The Moon moves back into a fire sign, giving a boost to dramatic Mars in Leo and challenging pragmatic Mercury in Virgo. You may notice the contrast between expansive desire to shine and burn everything up. We consume adventure. We give spark to the discovery of truth, while Mercury says, slow down and prioritize. Notice the edge between the inspiration of one’s personal flame and the commitment to be of service. Does this edge help you be right-sized?

Moon in Sagittarius
Wednesday, August 2.
Traditional Lammas/Lughnasad/First Fruits. This Pagan holy day has many names but the celebration is often centered around the same thing—sharing our gifts and honoring the Sun. Next week, on the Full Moon, the Sun will be in the center of Leo, the astronomical moment of First Fruits. Between now and then, reflect on your gifts. Practices of gratitude and connection with others about how our gifts are being received will move us into the magical transformations offered by this Leo lunar cycle. This work is both about being witnessed and witnessing others. Give the gift of your attention. Technically, Uranus will station retrograde in Aries just after midnight tomorrow, but we feel the stationing of this powerful planet today as well.  Uranus in a fire sign, is using the energy of awakening to ensure we are true to ourselves. This can be tricky energy to navigate when being right-sized is also about being in relationship. There is an edge between it being all about me and forgetting that we each have passions to serve in our lives. Let this awareness feed your celebrations of First Harvests.

Moon enters Capricorn 7:36 pm CDT
August 3—Gibbous Moon: Budding. In Mary Oliver’s beautiful poem about paying attention to everything on a summer day, she finishes by asking this question: “Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” This is the summer question inspired by Leo. Life is so precious and we are in the thick of it in the summer season. Gardens are producing, there is plenty of daylight to linger into enchanting evenings outdoors, and another season of personal growth is worth celebrating too. What is ready to bloom in you? This phase of the Moon exposes our yearnings. In this moment, ask yourself what is really worth giving this wild and precious life to.

The feeling that life may be passing us by could be strong as Uranus in Aries stations retrograde today. Stations (apparent motion standing still before moving in the opposite direction) increase a planet’s influence. If you’ve been resisting change, then a wake up call may come to hit your over the head. The energy is unsettled and erratic. What is the passion that moves you? What is the change that needs expression? The Moon in Sagittarius, before entering Capricorn later, makes a reinforcing trine to Uranus. This fire energy is strong. Given the themes of this lunar cycle, pay attention to the size and impact of your passions. What helps you be right-sized in this moment? How do you know?

Moon in Capricorn
Friday, August 4.
Jupiter in Libra makes a square to Pluto in Capricorn for the third time since November 2016. These two formed the second square in March 2017 and today marks the final time in this cycle. Notably at the beginning in November, activists were reacting to Trump’s election. In March, we saw Trump’s Cabinet installed and the beginning of taking down several federal institutions. Currently, we see Trump’s White House undergoing transitions that appear to be a fast unraveling of any kind of order or authority. Jupiter in Libra is on a quest for justice. Pluto holds the secrets and toxicity of corrupt power. As Jupiter contacts Pluto, we see more corruption and have the opportunity to act for transformation of it. It is a karmic contact where we reap what we have sown. The same energies influence the personal sphere as well. We look at the ways we need to rebalance and possibly atone for past mistakes. The Moon in Capricorn reinforces the seriousness of our situation.

Moon in Capricorn
Saturday, August 5.
The Moon conjoins Pluto today while the influence of the Jupiter/Pluto square is still strong. (See yesterday’s forecast.) The energy of accountability moves us toward resolution. What is the purpose of accountability in our relationships? How does this help us to have right-sized impact? What are the demons of self-judgment that diminish our creativity? When Pluto is involved, we have the opportunity to see and transform old patterns. That feeling is strong today. Another planetary influence adds to the complexity. The Sun in Leo makes a quincunx aspect to Neptune in Pisces. We are driven to understand the paradoxical relationship between personal creativity and selfless service. Be careful of messiah complex. No one is that special. Yet each of us is essential.

Moon enters Aquarius 7:15 am CDT
Sunday, August 6.
Tomorrow’s Full Moon will also be a lunar eclipse. We are building to a crescendo in this lunar cycle. The Moon in Aquarius begins to shine another light upon the personal mission to find right-sized relationship. The collective, represented by Aquarius, gives us plenty of feedback but can’t always be trusted to give appropriate feedback. We can be caught in the story of Self, even when we group together. A chance to see the dynamic between the collective and the self is offered today. It is vital we develop new ways to cultivate healthy exchange between these sides. Possibly it helps to get out of binary vision and see the issue in entirely new ways. Perhaps we are able to dismantle the isolating story of the rugged individual while releasing dependency on the group for a definition of self worth.

About these forecasts: Through following the Moon, the planets, and the wisdom of the seasons and signs, my goal is to offer a useful practice of mindfulness and intention for the thoughtful seeker. Read about the beginning of the Leo lunar cycle here 

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