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Follow the Moon: June 30, 2017 - July 7

Moon enters Libra 2:02 am CDT
June 30—First Quarter Moon: Sprouting. What does the absence of emotion feel like? How does a lack of connection feel? Emotions can be unwelcomed at times but are still essential for connection and meaning. This Cancer lunar cycle has offered big emotional experiences. I am wondering if you’ve been able to let them seep in a little deeper? As a water sign, Cancer’s meaning and method is best accessed through sensing into water’s wisdom. What I’ve noticed is that I can be swimming in a sea of water and still be dry as bone. Something’s not letting me open enough to feel that water’s presence. Being in the sea, but disconnected from it, is one of the loneliest experiences I can imagine. This is a state of being I hope to turn around a bit more in this Cancer lunar cycle.

We are meant to be connected. A friend on Facebook recently shared an interview with Dr. Gabor Mate´, who is an expert on addiction and trauma. This stood out:

“… our true nature is to be connected. In fact, if that wasn’t our true nature, there would be no human beings. The human species—or any species—could not evolve without being grounded in their bodies. You couldn’t have a bunch of intellectuals walking around out there in the wild, wondering in an abstract sense about the meaning of life, when there’s a saber-toothed tiger lurking behind the next bush.

It’s not an automatic outcome of living in the world that we should become disconnected. It’s a product of a certain way of life and a certain way of parenting and certain childhood experiences, where it becomes too painful to stay connected so disconnection becomes a defense.”

Disconnection is a defense. We are not taught how to reconnect. We are taught to be rugged individualists, and so, some of us may act like dry clods sinking to the bottom of the sea before we remember we can float. Connection is the lifeline. Water may help us remember.

If you are like me, you have to remind yourself to value your emotions. You may even have to ferret them out. Just what am I feeling? Life can get busy and emotions seem to be a distraction. This is a warning for me to reconnect. During this first quarter phase, we are challenged to push harder against inertia. If that inertia is deadened emotion, then perhaps that is where we need to push, not aggressively, just persistently.

Chiron in Pisces stations retrograde today. The Wounded Healer stands as a guide and gateway to our deeper emotions. This healer is offering connection through the undifferentiated waters of Pisces. Your pain is my pain. Perhaps we can also feel into the empathy of joy, love, or beauty. This reminds me of “Sense8,” the Netflix series about another human species who share sensation and emotion across distances. Chiron in Pisces could be the author of that idea. Chiron continues moving retrograde until December. We have the opportunity to back up and reconnect emotionally.

The Moon moving into Libra this evening begins the exploration of relationship. Tomorrow, tense aspects may have us questioning them again. Notice your impulse. Even when relationships are challenging, they are essential to remaining connected and interdependent. What needs to change in yours?

Moon in Libra
Saturday, July 1.
Our muscles are predominantly made of water—79% according to the Journal of Biological Chemistry. Think about water’s muscular force today as the Moon in Libra activates a challenging t-square aspect pattern. The Moon conjoins Jupiter and makes a square to Mars in Cancer and to both Mercury and Pluto in Capricorn. Today, and tomorrow, the exact opposition of Mars and Pluto could evoke muscular reactions. The Moon, Jupiter and Mercury act as amplifiers for this tense opposition. We could feel like we’ve had enough. Oppositions show us when a situation has reached an extreme and we must begin to reconcile contradictions. Mars and Pluto contacts can be violent. They can also be incredibly transformative. Mars is the champion of this Cancer lunar cycle. We may be pushed to fight for the protection of things dear to us. We might notice extreme defensiveness. We have the opportunity to let emotion carry us through to transformation. This is a powerful but unstable day.

Moon enters Scorpio 11:59 am CDT
Sunday, July 2.
If it felt like conflict was building to a head yesterday, we might see it boil over today. Two transits are exacerbating tensions. Mars in Cancer opposes Pluto in Capricorn, and Mercury in Cancer makes a quincunx to Saturn in Sagittarius. We may feel a need to strongly defend our emotional truths. Possibly, past trauma influences the choices we think we have. It’s not that we are wrong about seeing our options, but we may not see the whole picture due to a powerful need for safety and control. If you feel trapped by circumstances, try to take a moment to remember connections. What are your tools? They can be subtle. What reminds you that whatever is present is not permanent? What reminds you that there is beauty? When the Moon moves into Scorpio, we feel intensely any dishonesty within or around us. What needs to be released?

Moon in Scorpio
Monday, July 3.
Water is the challenger and the healer this Cancer lunar cycle. The last couple of days may have been challenging. Today may be healing. Venus in Taurus forms a sextile aspect to Chiron in Pisces. In this form, Venus may provide solace through the beauty of the Earth, skilled healers, sensual delights, and the pleasures of slowing down. Our hearts need comfort. A grand water trine aspect pattern flows through the day. The water of the Sun in Cancer meets the water of the Scorpio Moon, which also meets the water of Neptune in Pisces. Take this as an opportunity to soften, open, and listen.

Moon in Scorpio
July 4—Gibbous Moon: Budding. The U.S. has a Cancer birth chart. It is easy to explain U.S. nationalism and protectionism under this influence. Perhaps as a country we need to let water soften defensive stances to better embrace interconnection and interdependence. Rugged individualism is a dead myth. Imagine a network of roots that support the whole forest, not just one tree. This is what happens in nature. May the work we do personally to remember our interconnections translate to a collective awakening in this country and the world.

Revolution is on our minds, with Mercury in Cancer making a square to Uranus in Aries. In combination, these planets are eager to break old patterns. Sometimes this can be uncomfortable when it means changing our minds about a cherished ideal. Venus moves into Gemini today making us more likely to be curious about seeing where new ideas take us. Water and emotions are the primary teachers of this lunar cycle. How can these qualities help us expand, change, and connect?

For the second time in recent weeks, Jupiter in Libra makes a curious quincunx to Neptune in Pisces. Fluidity meets entrenched ideas about belief. Is it better to adapt or stand firm? Both options have their drawbacks and worth. What is the paradox revealing to you? Connection and balance are qualities to incorporate into the equation.

Moon enters Sagittarius 12:08 am CDT
Wednesday, July 5.
If this lunar cycle is about emotion leading to more connection, then this will be one of the peak days of this lunation. The Sun in Cancer forms a trine to Neptune in Pisces and a square to Jupiter in Libra. Let the barriers dissolve. These only provide false protection anyway. Dare to believe that our hearts can support a more just world. Mercury makes a final aspect from Cancer (a trine to Chiron in Pisces) before entering Leo today. As the messenger god, Mercury brings insight about our shared wounds and hopes for healing. Under these influences, the Moon in Sagittarius points us to idealistic expansion.

Moon in Sagittarius
Thursday, July 6.
Perhaps you are noticing high expectations for yourself this lunar cycle. Perhaps you feel on the verge of new understanding. The lunar cycle is building to the Full Moon release on July 8 and it is normal to feel expectant under this influence. The Moon in Sagittarius also conjoins Saturn, giving us good reason to believe that with a little more effort, we can achieve something special. The focus is on belief and meaning. Intention is 75 percent of magic. The rest is persistence. What is your intention? What magic will you commit to?

Moon enters Capricorn 12:44 pm CDT
Friday, July 7.
Mercury and Venus recently entered new signs, more extroverted signs— Gemini for Venus and Leo for Mercury. Today they join hands through a sextile aspect to give a boost to our day. Under this influence we enjoy social activities and also creative pursuits. These planets bring out the fun-loving side to the Capricorn Moon. When Capricorn puts on their party hats, we really get down. Let loose.

About these forecasts: Through following the Moon, the planets, and the wisdom of the seasons and signs, my goal is to offer a useful practice of mindfulness and intention for the thoughtful seeker. 

*For more context about this lunar cycle, read the introduction to the Cancer New Moon here 

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