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Follow the Moon: Forecast for June 9, 2017 - June 16

Moon in Sagittarius
June 9—Full Moon: Blossoming

“Inspired motivation comes from something beyond thought, something beyond the conceptualized ideas of ‘good’ and ‘bad,” ‘desirable’ and ‘undesirable’. Beyond thought there is a kind of intelligence which is our basic nature, our background, an intuitive primordial intelligence, a feeling of space, a creative open way of dealing with situations. This kind of motivation is not intellectual: it is intuitive, precise. “ – Chögyam Trungpa in Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism 

There it is again, that idea that beyond the concepts of right and wrong a field exists where words, ideas, and duality make no sense. Sufi poet, Rumi*, wrote of this state of being and Buddhist teacher, Chögyam Trungpa, does too. Many mystics have pointed to it. It seems so easy to get there, just let judgment fall away. But here’s the deal, letting judgment fall away is one of the hardest things to do. At least it is for me. I suspect that it is for a lot of us. 

Gemini is the mutable air sign, which sowed the seeds of the current lunar cycle, which began on May 25. All mutable signs are shapeshifters, adapting as needed to any situation, but Gemini is perhaps the best at this. Air governs our minds. Thought is powerful. If we can change our minds, we can change reality, including the shape we take in the world. That is the power and the challenge of this lunar cycle. What creates flexibility? How do we let go of fixed ideas of right and wrong? Where does that leave us in a world that seems to be separating into good and bad at an alarming pace? 

My Gemini lunar intention is to entertain the idea of moving outside the binary, where right and wrong are not the only options. I’ve invited the planetary allies to teach me about complexity and the trap of duality. As it happens, I had a great opportunity to witness myself at the crossroads of decision last week. It was a fairly important decision and I had never made one like it before. What I noticed was the strong expectation I had for myself to not make a mistake. I spent a few days frantically researching, asking for advice, and worrying that I would make the wrong decision. I was about as far from non-judgment as I could get. What would have been different if I had been able to access the primordial intelligence that Chögyam Trungpa describes? A great thing about following an intention through a lunar cycle is that even if I do not achieve the goal, which happens often, the focus still teaches me something about myself. Perhaps the next time I am at the crossroads I can be a little more mindful of my patterns and choose another response. 

We are at the midpoint of this Gemini lunar cycle. Full Moons illuminate where we are on the path to realizing lunar intention. This Full Moon in Sagittarius gives us a great opportunity to reflect on Saturn’s transit of Sagittarius for the last two years. Saturn is the planet par excellence of judging and assessing. This planet’s influence can feel like a weight around our necks telling us not to screw this up! What could go wrong with this influence in Sagittarius, a sign that is all about truth and freedom? Have we started to screw up these things? What happens when we focus too much on the right and wrongness of truth? What happens to freedom under this all-or-nothing pressure to get it right? Do we end up with a totalitarian government? Do we lose imaginative solutions as we focus only on being right? 

Saturn is near the end of this transit through Sagittarius. We are offered the Saturn choice: cave to judgment, be a slave to right and wrong, or be liberated by mastering many truths and pathways to create something new with the challenges we face. Opening up our choices is the first step out. 

Saturn conjoins the Moon in Sagittarius and opposes the Sun in Gemini in the chart for the Full Moon. Saturn influence is strong as we seek illumination in this moment. What matters to you deeply? What truth is puzzling you right now? Sagittarius and Gemini share a lot of qualities. Both are adaptable, mutable signs. Both signs are seekers. Both want to know more about the world. What separates Gemini from Sagittarius is the stage each operates on. Gemini finds truth in the microcosm of daily life and ordinary interactions. Sagittarius finds truth in the macrocosm of culture and institutions of thought and belief. Both signs help the other to make course corrections around how they access the truth. If Gemini appears too scattered, Sagittarius helps with the big picture, and if Sagittarius gets too dogmatic, Gemini interjects diversity. Balance between these signs gives us a great deal of flexibility and invites us to wonder about all kinds of things. Wonder is a great antidote to Saturn’s pressure to be right.  

Two planets are stationary. Today, Jupiter in Libra turns direct. On June 16, Neptune in Pisces turns retrograde. Planets about to change direction have stronger influence. Both these planets can be experienced as contradictions to Saturn’s focus on doing it right. Both these planets are good at giving lots of options, sometimes so many we have a hard time knowing how to focus at all. This is why we don’t let any one planet have a sole influence. This is why we need our whole charts, to find integration and balance, to keep growing and evolving. Neptune and Jupiter are in quincunx aspect to each other. This means they are asking us to integrate paradox around belief, around justice, around possibility. Paradox is uncomfortable when all we want is the right answer. We are getting an emotional workout right now. It is essential to develop tools and practices that help us stay in the complexity. What are yours? I keep thinking about joy. Give yourself joyful moments. Don’t think about right and wrong. Imagine the field, the crossroads, of many options. Imagine there are allies there. Imagine you are accepted just as you are. 

A calming and joyful influence comes from the sextile between Venus in Taurus and Mars in Cancer. It is good to have someone at our backs, someone who will accept our messiness and understand that not all choices are simple. I imagine that these planets are showing us how to receive and give this kind of support. 

Moon enters Capricorn 6:36 am CDT
Saturday, June 10. We are tested again to notice judgment of ourselves and others. Really, doesn’t all judgment come from the ways we judge ourselves? The Moon in Capricorn reminds us of consequences and commitments, which could lead to categorizing our experiences as right or wrong, good or bad. How do we hold ourselves accountable without falling into the binary trap? This is our assignment over the next two days. The Moon’s opposition to Mars in Cancer stirs up emotion. We could get defensive if called on our stuff. Perhaps it is best to be pre-emptive and realize our imperfections are not a final judgment on our worth. Keep trying.

Moon in Capricorn
Sunday, June 11. Admit it, you secretly like feeling superior. I know I do. That aspect of our characters might surface today. The Moon in Capricorn already provokes a desire to compare ourselves to others. Are we good enough? Why are they so much better? A square between the Moon and Jupiter in Libra expands this behavior. What we really want is relationship (Jupiter), but we keep throwing up thoughts that isolate us in judgment. When the Moon conjoins Pluto in Capricorn later this evening (CDT), we might get a glimpse of just how petty we can be. The helper planet today is Neptune in Pisces. Compassion towards self and others reminds us to snap out of it.

Moon enters Aquarius 6:45 pm CDT
Monday, June 12. I’ve written this week about Saturn’s propensity to provoke judgment of self and others. But it isn’t just Saturn that does this. Perhaps all the planets (and signs) have their own ways of judging. Today, we might notice Uranus judgments. These judgments tell us that people are not woke enough or paying attention enough or open-minded enough for us. The Moon in Capricorn opposes Uranus early in the day, and then moves into Aquarius (co-ruled by Uranus and Saturn) this evening. All the ways we judge others is also the ways we judge ourselves. Let’s notice the difference between self-awareness and self-shaming today. Perhaps it is true we can pay attention and open our minds more, but can we avoid the trap of thinking of ourselves as only good or bad?  

Moon in Aquarius
June 13—Disseminating Moon: Fruiting. This could be the most fruitful day of this lunar cycle dedicated to stepping outside the notions of right and wrong. That is, after all, what this phase of the Moon is about. We begin to notice the fruit of our lunar intentions. In addition, a grand air trine of Jupiter in Libra, Mercury in Gemini, and the Moon in Aquarius opens our minds to seeing patterns and options. Mercury trine Jupiter is especially fruitful for embracing more possibilities as we stand at our crossroads pondering our next moves. Jupiter infuses the moment with hope as well as a passion for partnership and justice. Flowing communication and innovative problem solving help us engage in our passions. We are primed to re-examine the places we’ve felt stuck in the past as we entertain the notion that beyond the binary is a field of fresh new ideas. Intuition plays a role if we learn not to rely solely on our intellects. In addition to being part of the grand air trine, Mercury is also square Neptune in Pisces. With all this mental energy flowing freely, it might be a good idea to slow down a bit and be still. Neptune’s influence could create confusion if we aren’t listening as much as we are speaking. 

Moon in Aquarius
Wednesday, June 14. Perhaps one reason we are able to think outside the box of duality is due to a harmonious trine aspect between Saturn in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries. These two planets can often be experienced as opposing forces—Saturn encouraging a conservative point of view and Uranus encouraging a radical one. Saturn and Uranus have been going in and out of this supportive aspect since December 2016. They complete this transit in November. The Moon in Aquarius forms a sextile between them but also links them by being in a sign that they both rule. Saturn and Uranus are co-rulers of Aquarius. This means these so-called opposing forces actually have a lot in common. Today’s puzzle is to notice how tradition and innovation can open up many more choices for us when we don’t isolate these qualities from each other. Let’s frolic in the field of possibilities. 

Moon enters Pisces 5:17 am CDT
Thursday, June 15. The Sun in Gemini opposes Saturn in Sagittarius. The recent Full Moon in Sagittarius provided an opportunity to examine Saturn’s influence on Sagittarian themes. The Sun turns on the spotlight today to give us more to ponder. There are no easy answers when it comes to judgment. A certain amount of discernment seems helpful but strong attachment to being right is a trap. Perhaps Saturn’s lesson can be boiled down to this: Just because there is doubt doesn’t mean we are wrong, and just because there is confidence doesn’t mean we are right. The Moon in Pisces helps us to detach from right/wrong thinking. Intuition flows from form to form and feeling to feeling. Follow the trail and to see where it takes you. 

Moon in Pisces
Friday, June 16. This is a very fluid day. Neptune in Pisces stations retrograde, while the Moon in Pisces boosts the watery signal. Here, we experience mutable water after a lot of mutable air (Gemini) and mutable fire (Sagittarius) influence. Perhaps you been stuck in your head. Perhaps you are trying too hard to figure out this duality/judgment thing. Perhaps you’ve exhausted your social butterfly self and now need a strong dose of solitude. The best integration can happen when we turn off external stimuli. The ride could be bumpy because our hearts will be more full. It could be very important to practice the skill of non-judgment as the road is not straight and the journey could be messy. If we aren’t prepared to forgive ourselves, we might slip into saying something we might regret. Mercury in Gemini makes a stressful quincunx aspect to Pluto in Capricorn. Profound truth can come from a place of compassion. 

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