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Follow the Moon: Forecast for June 23, 2017 - June 29

Moon enters Cancer 5:07 pm CDT
June 23—New Moon: Seeding.

I’ve always thought Cancer’s glyph looked like two arms creating a circle of nurturance. The soft curves make a nest holding space for what needs support. I know they are supposed to be crab claws. That’s another side to Cancer. This sign is fierce and dedicated to providing protected space for life to grow. I step into that space as I open to my Cancer New Moon intention. What do I wish to nurture? How do I need nurturance? The Cancer themes to inspire us in this important lunar cycle (all of them are important but this one seems more so, somehow) are home, family, protection, water as teacher and giver of life, our roots, our gardens, our hearts. What would you place within the protective arms of Cancer? What would you put your arms around? What will you defend?

Through the wisdom of water, Cancer shows us how to flow and respond to need. It is essential to develop these intuitive sensing skills to know how and when to care for others and how and when to care for ourselves. Water pulses through our veins as blood and makes up the bulk of our bodies. We are mostly water and when we remember this we remember how to listen. Cancer is ruled by the Moon and through the Moon we learn about the cycles and rhythms of life. We tap into our magic and we anchor ourselves in mindful participation as we care for the whole. And that is where I want to focus most this Cancer lunar cycle—on the interdependency of our parts manifesting as a web of connection. I invite water to teach me how to nurture our interconnections and be nurtured by them.

It feels like we’ve hit a wall. We’ve identified our problems. We know things can’t continue and yet we seem to be stuck in place, watching with horror as another Black person is killed by police, as more Muslims are terrorized by hate, as a small number grab for more and more wealth at the expense of the Earth and future generations. Change needs to happen. Something is keeping us from it. Perhaps it is the false story that we are distinct and isolated individuals. Rugged individualism has sucked us dry. The myth of the solitary hero has no more juice. No one will save us.

This month I want to consider our interconnections as inspiration for thinking about activism. This quote, often attributed to Lilla Watson, in a speech given before the United Nations, reminds us that we need to need each other:

"If you have come here to help me, then you are wasting your time…But if you have come because your liberation is bound up with mine, then let us work together."
-- Aboriginal activists group, Queensland, 1970s.

People of color are telling White people they must realize systemic racism hurts them too. There are no solutions unless we tie together our liberations. And this gets me back to thinking about the curving arms of Cancer making space to nurture what needs to grow stronger. These arms can nurture our growing awareness of interconnection, but they also represent the ways we are interdependent. It takes many to create new stories of life. It takes many to feel the need that ties our liberation together. The opposite of isolation is belonging.  The curving arms of Cancer invite us home.

The New Moon in Cancer occurs just two degrees into the sign. We have a full month to cultivate Cancer gifts before the Sun enters Leo at the next New Moon on July 23. Cancer, like all the signs, possesses great gifts and great shortcomings. The healing potion is also the poison. Cancer cares. Cancer can care too much, but Cancer also has the innate understanding of the ebb and flow of energy. Cancer knows when to recede with the tide and when to press forward. With this instinct, we cultivate a refined sense of timing and discernment when it comes to caring for self and others. As the month progresses, pay attention to what you know about nurturance and how you know it.

Mars, in Cancer for almost the entire lunar cycle, puts muscle behind our Cancer intentions. Although there will be times when we care too much, this planet can help us break down the barriers keeping us in isolation. We really do need each other. Under this influence, family is central to our wellbeing. What is family to you? How do we expand the idea of family to include interdependence and mutual liberation? As Mars comes into dynamic relationship with Jupiter in Libra, Pluto in Capricorn, and Uranus in Aries this month, we learn about the essentials of family support. The nuclear family may no longer be enough to help us transition to greater connectivity and relationship.

Venus won’t enter Cancer until the end of July, but Venus in Taurus in the New Moon chart is incredibly strong. An exact trine between Pluto in Capricorn and Venus only increases her effectiveness. Taurus has an affinity for Cancer themes. Both signs appreciate firm foundations. Both signs become solid anchors for others who may need guidance through the storm. Venus is that beacon this month. Trust what you love. Trust your body. Trust the process of transformation as we dare to feel our mutual dependencies.

Chiron in Pisces is stationary at the New Moon. Chiron is preparing to turn retrograde on July 1. Chiron often acts as initiator. Fear and resistance may arise as we release the illusion of independence and individualism. In Pisces, Chiron challenges all divisions. As we glimpse transcendent unity, we can resolve to remember the ways we are connected.

Moon in Cancer
Saturday, June 24.
The trine between Venus in Taurus and Pluto in Capricorn helps ground us. We see clearly when others are being dishonest. We have no use for self-delusion. This clarity comes in handy as we ride a roller coaster of emotion. The Moon contacts Mercury in Cancer, Mars in Cancer, Jupiter in Libra, Neptune in Pisces and Pluto in Capricorn today. There is a lot coming at us. It’s funny how isolation can feel safe because it is so familiar to us. As the walls of separation come down, we might be overwhelmed by vulnerability. This, oddly enough, is a good sign. Be gentle with yourself. That is the mantra of the month. Really.

Moon enters Leo 5:06 pm CDT
Sunday, June 25.
Don’t be surprised by overwhelming emotion. Mars in Cancer makes a square to Jupiter in Libra. It could feel like a tidal wave. Let it pass. Perhaps the flood will carry away the debris you needed to release anyway. Remember that water is the great teacher this lunar cycle. What are you learning from water? How might you need to soften? How might you need to let go? How might you need to navigate the whirlpools? When the Moon enters Leo, we suddenly have a great desire to refocus. Appreciating others snaps us out of self-absorption.

Moon in Leo
Monday, June 26.
Trust your creativity. Mars in Cancer makes a trine to Neptune in Pisces. This influence helps us use intuition and insight as the Leo Moon adds a dose of playful daring to an adventurous day. Hearts are open. Resist cynicism and be very protective of your innocence. Go to the park. Remember the child within.

Moon enters Virgo 7:41 pm CDT
June 27—Crescent Moon: Germinating. Emotional days just keep on coming. It isn’t that more is happening now to trigger our feelings. It‘s that we are being softened by Cancer’s waters to allow more emotion to dance across our souls. Under the Cancer influence of this lunar cycle, one of our first responses to overwhelming emotion may be to protect ourselves. Are walls going up? This could be a sign we need to tap into Cancer’s ability to know when to retreat from over involvement. Cancer knows this, but sometimes forgets. You might too. Interdependency means we can let go of being the one who always has to hold it together, the one who has to take care of others, the one who knows best what others need. Imagine the circling arms of Cancer holding you as much as you hold others. Imagine this work of trust as radical repatterning of dominant messages about rugged individualism.

Mercury in Cancer makes a square aspect to Jupiter in Libra and a trine aspect to Neptune in Pisces today. We sense that emotions carry a lot of information. If you’ve been holding back your real feelings, they come spilling out today. This is information for you too. Is the dam breaking? Jupiter in Libra has been broadcasting the message that injustice is intolerable. Perhaps you notice that too. Nothing is simple, Jupiter is also reminding us to live in balance. If you are frustrated, let water teach you. The trine between Mercury and Neptune bubbles with watery insight and intuition.
While the Moon is in Leo, a grand fire trine of Moon, Saturn in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries pushes us forward. It may not be as easy to retreat into safety as we’d like. The interaction of fire and water brings temperance. Temperance brings balance and strength. The potent transits of the day have a lot to offer those who are willing to go through the flames and waters of life.

Moon in Virgo
Wednesday, June 28.
The domestic arts help us navigate tricky emotional terrain. No really, there is a reason Cancer is a good homemaker. The nest is the supportive container of transformation. What do you depend on to support your growth? The Moon in Virgo reminds us to tend to that container. I’ve come to think of my home as a sacred ally. As I care for this ally, I care for my own transformations. Today, Mercury conjoins Mars in Cancer and Venus in Taurus makes a quincunx to Saturn in Sagittarius. Perhaps you notice how much you’ve been holding in without even knowing it. Pressure is extreme. Emotional release may be the best thing you can do to relieve it. Why do the tears come? Even though we may feel like it is all up to us, we simply can’t do it alone. Substitute whatever pulls at your heart today as the “it” in that sentence. Ground yourself in domestic arts but let’s resist tamping down our feelings.

Moon in Virgo
Thursday, June 29.
The Moon in Virgo creates a grand earth trine with Pluto in Capricorn and Venus in Taurus. Notice how a strong container supports emotional transformation. The first week of this Cancer lunar cycle has asked us to let the water flow. Imagine that water is both a symbol and actual ally. Water is life. Life is precious. When we create strong containers for life we honor water. What is your container? The Moon also makes a square to Saturn in Sagittarius, creating an influence of commitment and accountability. The discerning caregiver knows when to hold others accountable and when to allow for our imperfections. It is good to be mindful of this as the emotional tone of the day could be intense. Mercury in Cancer opposes Pluto in Capricorn. Secrets trigger emotions. A strong desire to protect beloveds provokes confrontations with power. Vulnerability shows up but that can be transformed to fierce commitment to nurture emerging life. Earlier, I said the mantra for this lunar cycle is: Be gentle with yourself. Yes, remember that.

Teri Parsley Starnes—Through following the Moon, the planets, and the wisdom of the seasons and signs, my goal is to offer a useful practice of mindfulness and intention for the thoughtful seeker. 

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