Thursday, June 29, 2017

Follow the Moon: June 30, 2017 - July 7

Moon enters Libra 2:02 am CDT
June 30—First Quarter Moon: Sprouting. What does the absence of emotion feel like? How does a lack of connection feel? Emotions can be unwelcomed at times but are still essential for connection and meaning. This Cancer lunar cycle has offered big emotional experiences. I am wondering if you’ve been able to let them seep in a little deeper? As a water sign, Cancer’s meaning and method is best accessed through sensing into water’s wisdom. What I’ve noticed is that I can be swimming in a sea of water and still be dry as bone. Something’s not letting me open enough to feel that water’s presence. Being in the sea, but disconnected from it, is one of the loneliest experiences I can imagine. This is a state of being I hope to turn around a bit more in this Cancer lunar cycle.

We are meant to be connected. A friend on Facebook recently shared an interview with Dr. Gabor Mate´, who is an expert on addiction and trauma. This stood out:

“… our true nature is to be connected. In fact, if that wasn’t our true nature, there would be no human beings. The human species—or any species—could not evolve without being grounded in their bodies. You couldn’t have a bunch of intellectuals walking around out there in the wild, wondering in an abstract sense about the meaning of life, when there’s a saber-toothed tiger lurking behind the next bush.

It’s not an automatic outcome of living in the world that we should become disconnected. It’s a product of a certain way of life and a certain way of parenting and certain childhood experiences, where it becomes too painful to stay connected so disconnection becomes a defense.”

Disconnection is a defense. We are not taught how to reconnect. We are taught to be rugged individualists, and so, some of us may act like dry clods sinking to the bottom of the sea before we remember we can float. Connection is the lifeline. Water may help us remember.

If you are like me, you have to remind yourself to value your emotions. You may even have to ferret them out. Just what am I feeling? Life can get busy and emotions seem to be a distraction. This is a warning for me to reconnect. During this first quarter phase, we are challenged to push harder against inertia. If that inertia is deadened emotion, then perhaps that is where we need to push, not aggressively, just persistently.

Chiron in Pisces stations retrograde today. The Wounded Healer stands as a guide and gateway to our deeper emotions. This healer is offering connection through the undifferentiated waters of Pisces. Your pain is my pain. Perhaps we can also feel into the empathy of joy, love, or beauty. This reminds me of “Sense8,” the Netflix series about another human species who share sensation and emotion across distances. Chiron in Pisces could be the author of that idea. Chiron continues moving retrograde until December. We have the opportunity to back up and reconnect emotionally.

The Moon moving into Libra this evening begins the exploration of relationship. Tomorrow, tense aspects may have us questioning them again. Notice your impulse. Even when relationships are challenging, they are essential to remaining connected and interdependent. What needs to change in yours?

Moon in Libra
Saturday, July 1.
Our muscles are predominantly made of water—79% according to the Journal of Biological Chemistry. Think about water’s muscular force today as the Moon in Libra activates a challenging t-square aspect pattern. The Moon conjoins Jupiter and makes a square to Mars in Cancer and to both Mercury and Pluto in Capricorn. Today, and tomorrow, the exact opposition of Mars and Pluto could evoke muscular reactions. The Moon, Jupiter and Mercury act as amplifiers for this tense opposition. We could feel like we’ve had enough. Oppositions show us when a situation has reached an extreme and we must begin to reconcile contradictions. Mars and Pluto contacts can be violent. They can also be incredibly transformative. Mars is the champion of this Cancer lunar cycle. We may be pushed to fight for the protection of things dear to us. We might notice extreme defensiveness. We have the opportunity to let emotion carry us through to transformation. This is a powerful but unstable day.

Moon enters Scorpio 11:59 am CDT
Sunday, July 2.
If it felt like conflict was building to a head yesterday, we might see it boil over today. Two transits are exacerbating tensions. Mars in Cancer opposes Pluto in Capricorn, and Mercury in Cancer makes a quincunx to Saturn in Sagittarius. We may feel a need to strongly defend our emotional truths. Possibly, past trauma influences the choices we think we have. It’s not that we are wrong about seeing our options, but we may not see the whole picture due to a powerful need for safety and control. If you feel trapped by circumstances, try to take a moment to remember connections. What are your tools? They can be subtle. What reminds you that whatever is present is not permanent? What reminds you that there is beauty? When the Moon moves into Scorpio, we feel intensely any dishonesty within or around us. What needs to be released?

Moon in Scorpio
Monday, July 3.
Water is the challenger and the healer this Cancer lunar cycle. The last couple of days may have been challenging. Today may be healing. Venus in Taurus forms a sextile aspect to Chiron in Pisces. In this form, Venus may provide solace through the beauty of the Earth, skilled healers, sensual delights, and the pleasures of slowing down. Our hearts need comfort. A grand water trine aspect pattern flows through the day. The water of the Sun in Cancer meets the water of the Scorpio Moon, which also meets the water of Neptune in Pisces. Take this as an opportunity to soften, open, and listen.

Moon in Scorpio
July 4—Gibbous Moon: Budding. The U.S. has a Cancer birth chart. It is easy to explain U.S. nationalism and protectionism under this influence. Perhaps as a country we need to let water soften defensive stances to better embrace interconnection and interdependence. Rugged individualism is a dead myth. Imagine a network of roots that support the whole forest, not just one tree. This is what happens in nature. May the work we do personally to remember our interconnections translate to a collective awakening in this country and the world.

Revolution is on our minds, with Mercury in Cancer making a square to Uranus in Aries. In combination, these planets are eager to break old patterns. Sometimes this can be uncomfortable when it means changing our minds about a cherished ideal. Venus moves into Gemini today making us more likely to be curious about seeing where new ideas take us. Water and emotions are the primary teachers of this lunar cycle. How can these qualities help us expand, change, and connect?

For the second time in recent weeks, Jupiter in Libra makes a curious quincunx to Neptune in Pisces. Fluidity meets entrenched ideas about belief. Is it better to adapt or stand firm? Both options have their drawbacks and worth. What is the paradox revealing to you? Connection and balance are qualities to incorporate into the equation.

Moon enters Sagittarius 12:08 am CDT
Wednesday, July 5.
If this lunar cycle is about emotion leading to more connection, then this will be one of the peak days of this lunation. The Sun in Cancer forms a trine to Neptune in Pisces and a square to Jupiter in Libra. Let the barriers dissolve. These only provide false protection anyway. Dare to believe that our hearts can support a more just world. Mercury makes a final aspect from Cancer (a trine to Chiron in Pisces) before entering Leo today. As the messenger god, Mercury brings insight about our shared wounds and hopes for healing. Under these influences, the Moon in Sagittarius points us to idealistic expansion.

Moon in Sagittarius
Thursday, July 6.
Perhaps you are noticing high expectations for yourself this lunar cycle. Perhaps you feel on the verge of new understanding. The lunar cycle is building to the Full Moon release on July 8 and it is normal to feel expectant under this influence. The Moon in Sagittarius also conjoins Saturn, giving us good reason to believe that with a little more effort, we can achieve something special. The focus is on belief and meaning. Intention is 75 percent of magic. The rest is persistence. What is your intention? What magic will you commit to?

Moon enters Capricorn 12:44 pm CDT
Friday, July 7.
Mercury and Venus recently entered new signs, more extroverted signs— Gemini for Venus and Leo for Mercury. Today they join hands through a sextile aspect to give a boost to our day. Under this influence we enjoy social activities and also creative pursuits. These planets bring out the fun-loving side to the Capricorn Moon. When Capricorn puts on their party hats, we really get down. Let loose.

About these forecasts: Through following the Moon, the planets, and the wisdom of the seasons and signs, my goal is to offer a useful practice of mindfulness and intention for the thoughtful seeker. 

*For more context about this lunar cycle, read the introduction to the Cancer New Moon here 

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Friday, June 23, 2017

Follow the Moon: Forecast for June 23, 2017 - June 29

Moon enters Cancer 5:07 pm CDT
June 23—New Moon: Seeding.

I’ve always thought Cancer’s glyph looked like two arms creating a circle of nurturance. The soft curves make a nest holding space for what needs support. I know they are supposed to be crab claws. That’s another side to Cancer. This sign is fierce and dedicated to providing protected space for life to grow. I step into that space as I open to my Cancer New Moon intention. What do I wish to nurture? How do I need nurturance? The Cancer themes to inspire us in this important lunar cycle (all of them are important but this one seems more so, somehow) are home, family, protection, water as teacher and giver of life, our roots, our gardens, our hearts. What would you place within the protective arms of Cancer? What would you put your arms around? What will you defend?

Through the wisdom of water, Cancer shows us how to flow and respond to need. It is essential to develop these intuitive sensing skills to know how and when to care for others and how and when to care for ourselves. Water pulses through our veins as blood and makes up the bulk of our bodies. We are mostly water and when we remember this we remember how to listen. Cancer is ruled by the Moon and through the Moon we learn about the cycles and rhythms of life. We tap into our magic and we anchor ourselves in mindful participation as we care for the whole. And that is where I want to focus most this Cancer lunar cycle—on the interdependency of our parts manifesting as a web of connection. I invite water to teach me how to nurture our interconnections and be nurtured by them.

It feels like we’ve hit a wall. We’ve identified our problems. We know things can’t continue and yet we seem to be stuck in place, watching with horror as another Black person is killed by police, as more Muslims are terrorized by hate, as a small number grab for more and more wealth at the expense of the Earth and future generations. Change needs to happen. Something is keeping us from it. Perhaps it is the false story that we are distinct and isolated individuals. Rugged individualism has sucked us dry. The myth of the solitary hero has no more juice. No one will save us.

This month I want to consider our interconnections as inspiration for thinking about activism. This quote, often attributed to Lilla Watson, in a speech given before the United Nations, reminds us that we need to need each other:

"If you have come here to help me, then you are wasting your time…But if you have come because your liberation is bound up with mine, then let us work together."
-- Aboriginal activists group, Queensland, 1970s.

People of color are telling White people they must realize systemic racism hurts them too. There are no solutions unless we tie together our liberations. And this gets me back to thinking about the curving arms of Cancer making space to nurture what needs to grow stronger. These arms can nurture our growing awareness of interconnection, but they also represent the ways we are interdependent. It takes many to create new stories of life. It takes many to feel the need that ties our liberation together. The opposite of isolation is belonging.  The curving arms of Cancer invite us home.

The New Moon in Cancer occurs just two degrees into the sign. We have a full month to cultivate Cancer gifts before the Sun enters Leo at the next New Moon on July 23. Cancer, like all the signs, possesses great gifts and great shortcomings. The healing potion is also the poison. Cancer cares. Cancer can care too much, but Cancer also has the innate understanding of the ebb and flow of energy. Cancer knows when to recede with the tide and when to press forward. With this instinct, we cultivate a refined sense of timing and discernment when it comes to caring for self and others. As the month progresses, pay attention to what you know about nurturance and how you know it.

Mars, in Cancer for almost the entire lunar cycle, puts muscle behind our Cancer intentions. Although there will be times when we care too much, this planet can help us break down the barriers keeping us in isolation. We really do need each other. Under this influence, family is central to our wellbeing. What is family to you? How do we expand the idea of family to include interdependence and mutual liberation? As Mars comes into dynamic relationship with Jupiter in Libra, Pluto in Capricorn, and Uranus in Aries this month, we learn about the essentials of family support. The nuclear family may no longer be enough to help us transition to greater connectivity and relationship.

Venus won’t enter Cancer until the end of July, but Venus in Taurus in the New Moon chart is incredibly strong. An exact trine between Pluto in Capricorn and Venus only increases her effectiveness. Taurus has an affinity for Cancer themes. Both signs appreciate firm foundations. Both signs become solid anchors for others who may need guidance through the storm. Venus is that beacon this month. Trust what you love. Trust your body. Trust the process of transformation as we dare to feel our mutual dependencies.

Chiron in Pisces is stationary at the New Moon. Chiron is preparing to turn retrograde on July 1. Chiron often acts as initiator. Fear and resistance may arise as we release the illusion of independence and individualism. In Pisces, Chiron challenges all divisions. As we glimpse transcendent unity, we can resolve to remember the ways we are connected.

Moon in Cancer
Saturday, June 24.
The trine between Venus in Taurus and Pluto in Capricorn helps ground us. We see clearly when others are being dishonest. We have no use for self-delusion. This clarity comes in handy as we ride a roller coaster of emotion. The Moon contacts Mercury in Cancer, Mars in Cancer, Jupiter in Libra, Neptune in Pisces and Pluto in Capricorn today. There is a lot coming at us. It’s funny how isolation can feel safe because it is so familiar to us. As the walls of separation come down, we might be overwhelmed by vulnerability. This, oddly enough, is a good sign. Be gentle with yourself. That is the mantra of the month. Really.

Moon enters Leo 5:06 pm CDT
Sunday, June 25.
Don’t be surprised by overwhelming emotion. Mars in Cancer makes a square to Jupiter in Libra. It could feel like a tidal wave. Let it pass. Perhaps the flood will carry away the debris you needed to release anyway. Remember that water is the great teacher this lunar cycle. What are you learning from water? How might you need to soften? How might you need to let go? How might you need to navigate the whirlpools? When the Moon enters Leo, we suddenly have a great desire to refocus. Appreciating others snaps us out of self-absorption.

Moon in Leo
Monday, June 26.
Trust your creativity. Mars in Cancer makes a trine to Neptune in Pisces. This influence helps us use intuition and insight as the Leo Moon adds a dose of playful daring to an adventurous day. Hearts are open. Resist cynicism and be very protective of your innocence. Go to the park. Remember the child within.

Moon enters Virgo 7:41 pm CDT
June 27—Crescent Moon: Germinating. Emotional days just keep on coming. It isn’t that more is happening now to trigger our feelings. It‘s that we are being softened by Cancer’s waters to allow more emotion to dance across our souls. Under the Cancer influence of this lunar cycle, one of our first responses to overwhelming emotion may be to protect ourselves. Are walls going up? This could be a sign we need to tap into Cancer’s ability to know when to retreat from over involvement. Cancer knows this, but sometimes forgets. You might too. Interdependency means we can let go of being the one who always has to hold it together, the one who has to take care of others, the one who knows best what others need. Imagine the circling arms of Cancer holding you as much as you hold others. Imagine this work of trust as radical repatterning of dominant messages about rugged individualism.

Mercury in Cancer makes a square aspect to Jupiter in Libra and a trine aspect to Neptune in Pisces today. We sense that emotions carry a lot of information. If you’ve been holding back your real feelings, they come spilling out today. This is information for you too. Is the dam breaking? Jupiter in Libra has been broadcasting the message that injustice is intolerable. Perhaps you notice that too. Nothing is simple, Jupiter is also reminding us to live in balance. If you are frustrated, let water teach you. The trine between Mercury and Neptune bubbles with watery insight and intuition.
While the Moon is in Leo, a grand fire trine of Moon, Saturn in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries pushes us forward. It may not be as easy to retreat into safety as we’d like. The interaction of fire and water brings temperance. Temperance brings balance and strength. The potent transits of the day have a lot to offer those who are willing to go through the flames and waters of life.

Moon in Virgo
Wednesday, June 28.
The domestic arts help us navigate tricky emotional terrain. No really, there is a reason Cancer is a good homemaker. The nest is the supportive container of transformation. What do you depend on to support your growth? The Moon in Virgo reminds us to tend to that container. I’ve come to think of my home as a sacred ally. As I care for this ally, I care for my own transformations. Today, Mercury conjoins Mars in Cancer and Venus in Taurus makes a quincunx to Saturn in Sagittarius. Perhaps you notice how much you’ve been holding in without even knowing it. Pressure is extreme. Emotional release may be the best thing you can do to relieve it. Why do the tears come? Even though we may feel like it is all up to us, we simply can’t do it alone. Substitute whatever pulls at your heart today as the “it” in that sentence. Ground yourself in domestic arts but let’s resist tamping down our feelings.

Moon in Virgo
Thursday, June 29.
The Moon in Virgo creates a grand earth trine with Pluto in Capricorn and Venus in Taurus. Notice how a strong container supports emotional transformation. The first week of this Cancer lunar cycle has asked us to let the water flow. Imagine that water is both a symbol and actual ally. Water is life. Life is precious. When we create strong containers for life we honor water. What is your container? The Moon also makes a square to Saturn in Sagittarius, creating an influence of commitment and accountability. The discerning caregiver knows when to hold others accountable and when to allow for our imperfections. It is good to be mindful of this as the emotional tone of the day could be intense. Mercury in Cancer opposes Pluto in Capricorn. Secrets trigger emotions. A strong desire to protect beloveds provokes confrontations with power. Vulnerability shows up but that can be transformed to fierce commitment to nurture emerging life. Earlier, I said the mantra for this lunar cycle is: Be gentle with yourself. Yes, remember that.

Teri Parsley Starnes—Through following the Moon, the planets, and the wisdom of the seasons and signs, my goal is to offer a useful practice of mindfulness and intention for the thoughtful seeker. 

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Saturday, June 17, 2017

Follow the Moon: Forecast for June 17, 2017 - June 22

Moon enters Aries 12:55 pm CDT
June 17—Last Quarter Moon: Reseeding. How easy is it for you to change your mind? This is one of my biggest challenges, yet if I truly want to step out of dualism into the field where wonder invites connection, then I owe it to myself to reconsider my own opinions of things. Saturn in Sagittarius has been lurking from the edges of this lunar cycle seeded by Gemini curiosity and flexibility. And that means our inflexibility may be showing. Saturn has a way of making things more ponderous. Saturn ups the stakes and challenges our core values, especially in Sagittarius, a sign that likes to pride itself on values and truth. The stakes seem to revolve around right and wrong. Dominant cultural messages tell us that being right is good and being wrong is dreadful. How can I risk being wrong, much less risk changing my mind? Saturn isn’t such a bad guy, really. Saturn challenges all those entrenched messages asking us to examine their impact and usefulness. How useful can it be to never reconsider what we think?

This phase of the Moon is built for reconsidering.  Humanist astrologer Dane Rudhyar called the last quarter phase a “Crisis in Consciousness”. It can feel like a crisis to evaluate our actions when we are attached to being right. Gemini curiosity comes to the rescue by asking, what if? What if I let go of a hard opinion? What if I stopped my inner and external dialogs and simply listened? What if I made a different choice just to see where it leads? What if I admitted I don’t know the answer? We have one more week of the Gemini lunar cycle in which to ask ourselves, What if?

This morning (in U.S. time zones), we wake to the influence of the Pisces Moon squaring Saturn. Perhaps a dream reveals a core issue you are struggling with right now. The Moon moving into Aries could give us courage to risk changing our minds or it could tempt us to fight about our opinions. It is all about choice, isn’t it?

Moon in Aries
Sunday, June 18.
I’d like to say that we are feeling less belligerent today than yesterday, but that probably isn’t the case. Even if we choose to hold our opinions lightly, many around us will not. The Aries Moon squares Mars in Cancer, opposes Jupiter in Libra, and squares Pluto in Capricorn. These are all action- oriented cardinal signs. We feel we must do something in response to current challenges. Given that it will be hard to sit on the fence today, what choice helps move us beyond polarizing oppositions? We will not come by that answer easily. Mercury in Gemini opposes Saturn in Sagittarius. It could seem like every option meets an obstacle. The gift from this opposition is discernment. Not every situation demands the same strategy. We are asked to really focus on what we want to accomplish. The inspiring transit of the day is a sextile between the Sun in Gemini and Uranus in Aries. Opening to new ideas feels like freedom.

Moon enters Taurus 4:53 pm CDT
Monday, June 19.
Everyone has an opinion today, even the gods. Venus in Taurus makes a quincunx aspect to Jupiter in Libra. Venus standing in the sign she rules, comments on Jupiter who is transiting the other sign she rules—Libra. Venus can be picky. Is it beautiful enough? Is it elegant enough? Is it gracious enough? Is it fair enough? Through Venus, we may be asking ourselves such questions. We could feel a little defensive if the questions come from others too. Jupiter’s task is to make partnership, justice, and aesthetics sexy again. Venus wants to make sure that Jupiter gets it right.

The Sun makes its last aspect from Gemini today, a square to Chiron in Pisces. This is the final day of spring in the northern hemisphere and we feel a desire to reflect on what we’ve learnt and felt. Chiron’s influence is to bring in our hearts to feel the wounds of the world and the wounds in our souls. There is much to change. What is the vow you wish to make?

Moon in Taurus
June 20—Balsamic Moon: Composting. Summer Solstice. In this last phase of the Gemini lunar cycle we begin to compost our experiences and insights. We are also composting one season (spring in the northern hemisphere) to invite in the next. The Gemini season has done its job of cross-pollinating ideas. Our gardens take shape in the Cancer season. The Cancer Solstice (summer in the north) marks a time when the Sun’s trajectory has reached an extreme. The Sun, as life force, reminds of what is truly necessary. The garden is a home and a source of sustenance. The garden as metaphor teaches about core necessities like family and home. The Moon in Taurus emphasizes these things through embodied awareness. How are we fed? How do we feed each other? How will we thrive?

Senses and intuition are open. Venus in Taurus makes an encouraging sextile to Neptune in Pisces. The Moon links Mars in Cancer to Neptune in Pisces making this question of caring for each other even more poignant. It is all well and good to explore the impact of thought, as we have in the Gemini lunar cycle, but now we return to deeper dependencies and relationships. How do we create a culture that supports interdependency? What happens when we do?

Although body and emotion are primary ways of understanding right now, an enlivening sextile between Mercury in Gemini and Uranus in Aries remind us we can shape our world through shaping the way we think. What do you value about curiosity? How might curiosity support our interdependency? A square between Mercury and Chiron in Pisces reveals the wounding we may have around sharing our ideas. Perhaps we can extend our curiosity to wondering how to invite in difference. In some way, we are called to be healers.

Moon enters Gemini 5:44 pm CDT
Wednesday, June 21.
Yesterday, the Sun entered Cancer. Today, Mercury conjoins the Sun at zero degrees Cancer. This marks the superior conjunction of Sun and Mercury at a powerful point in the zodiac. Important events will unfold from this conjoining of life force with mercurial thought patterns. The work of this lunar cycle to step outside the binary into the field of connection creates more seeds for deeper interdependency. Look for signs that change is already happening. Find ways to support the change you wish to see. Imagine a garden with these seeds in full form.  

Moon in Gemini
Thursday, June 22.
Thought is slippery. Just when you think you’ve gotten somewhere, you wake as if from a dream to see you are back where you started. We might feel like that today. The Moon returns to Gemini, the seed energy of this lunar cycle, which ends today. That Moon squares Neptune in Pisces and makes a trine to Jupiter in Libra. Can we trust what we learned? Does the work drift away like dandelion seeds on the wind? Perhaps. But perhaps we can trust the earth to take those seeds and give them a place to grow under the right conditions. Knowing of the field beyond wrongdoing and rightdoing, my soul continues to search for that place.

Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing,
there is a field. I'll meet you there.

When the soul lies down in that grass,
the world is too full to talk about.
Ideas, language, even the phrase each other
doesn't make any sense.

Halal ad-din Muhammad Rumi (trans. By Coleman Barks)

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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Follow the Moon: Forecast for June 9, 2017 - June 16

Moon in Sagittarius
June 9—Full Moon: Blossoming

“Inspired motivation comes from something beyond thought, something beyond the conceptualized ideas of ‘good’ and ‘bad,” ‘desirable’ and ‘undesirable’. Beyond thought there is a kind of intelligence which is our basic nature, our background, an intuitive primordial intelligence, a feeling of space, a creative open way of dealing with situations. This kind of motivation is not intellectual: it is intuitive, precise. “ – Chögyam Trungpa in Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism 

There it is again, that idea that beyond the concepts of right and wrong a field exists where words, ideas, and duality make no sense. Sufi poet, Rumi*, wrote of this state of being and Buddhist teacher, Chögyam Trungpa, does too. Many mystics have pointed to it. It seems so easy to get there, just let judgment fall away. But here’s the deal, letting judgment fall away is one of the hardest things to do. At least it is for me. I suspect that it is for a lot of us. 

Gemini is the mutable air sign, which sowed the seeds of the current lunar cycle, which began on May 25. All mutable signs are shapeshifters, adapting as needed to any situation, but Gemini is perhaps the best at this. Air governs our minds. Thought is powerful. If we can change our minds, we can change reality, including the shape we take in the world. That is the power and the challenge of this lunar cycle. What creates flexibility? How do we let go of fixed ideas of right and wrong? Where does that leave us in a world that seems to be separating into good and bad at an alarming pace? 

My Gemini lunar intention is to entertain the idea of moving outside the binary, where right and wrong are not the only options. I’ve invited the planetary allies to teach me about complexity and the trap of duality. As it happens, I had a great opportunity to witness myself at the crossroads of decision last week. It was a fairly important decision and I had never made one like it before. What I noticed was the strong expectation I had for myself to not make a mistake. I spent a few days frantically researching, asking for advice, and worrying that I would make the wrong decision. I was about as far from non-judgment as I could get. What would have been different if I had been able to access the primordial intelligence that Chögyam Trungpa describes? A great thing about following an intention through a lunar cycle is that even if I do not achieve the goal, which happens often, the focus still teaches me something about myself. Perhaps the next time I am at the crossroads I can be a little more mindful of my patterns and choose another response. 

We are at the midpoint of this Gemini lunar cycle. Full Moons illuminate where we are on the path to realizing lunar intention. This Full Moon in Sagittarius gives us a great opportunity to reflect on Saturn’s transit of Sagittarius for the last two years. Saturn is the planet par excellence of judging and assessing. This planet’s influence can feel like a weight around our necks telling us not to screw this up! What could go wrong with this influence in Sagittarius, a sign that is all about truth and freedom? Have we started to screw up these things? What happens when we focus too much on the right and wrongness of truth? What happens to freedom under this all-or-nothing pressure to get it right? Do we end up with a totalitarian government? Do we lose imaginative solutions as we focus only on being right? 

Saturn is near the end of this transit through Sagittarius. We are offered the Saturn choice: cave to judgment, be a slave to right and wrong, or be liberated by mastering many truths and pathways to create something new with the challenges we face. Opening up our choices is the first step out. 

Saturn conjoins the Moon in Sagittarius and opposes the Sun in Gemini in the chart for the Full Moon. Saturn influence is strong as we seek illumination in this moment. What matters to you deeply? What truth is puzzling you right now? Sagittarius and Gemini share a lot of qualities. Both are adaptable, mutable signs. Both signs are seekers. Both want to know more about the world. What separates Gemini from Sagittarius is the stage each operates on. Gemini finds truth in the microcosm of daily life and ordinary interactions. Sagittarius finds truth in the macrocosm of culture and institutions of thought and belief. Both signs help the other to make course corrections around how they access the truth. If Gemini appears too scattered, Sagittarius helps with the big picture, and if Sagittarius gets too dogmatic, Gemini interjects diversity. Balance between these signs gives us a great deal of flexibility and invites us to wonder about all kinds of things. Wonder is a great antidote to Saturn’s pressure to be right.  

Two planets are stationary. Today, Jupiter in Libra turns direct. On June 16, Neptune in Pisces turns retrograde. Planets about to change direction have stronger influence. Both these planets can be experienced as contradictions to Saturn’s focus on doing it right. Both these planets are good at giving lots of options, sometimes so many we have a hard time knowing how to focus at all. This is why we don’t let any one planet have a sole influence. This is why we need our whole charts, to find integration and balance, to keep growing and evolving. Neptune and Jupiter are in quincunx aspect to each other. This means they are asking us to integrate paradox around belief, around justice, around possibility. Paradox is uncomfortable when all we want is the right answer. We are getting an emotional workout right now. It is essential to develop tools and practices that help us stay in the complexity. What are yours? I keep thinking about joy. Give yourself joyful moments. Don’t think about right and wrong. Imagine the field, the crossroads, of many options. Imagine there are allies there. Imagine you are accepted just as you are. 

A calming and joyful influence comes from the sextile between Venus in Taurus and Mars in Cancer. It is good to have someone at our backs, someone who will accept our messiness and understand that not all choices are simple. I imagine that these planets are showing us how to receive and give this kind of support. 

Moon enters Capricorn 6:36 am CDT
Saturday, June 10. We are tested again to notice judgment of ourselves and others. Really, doesn’t all judgment come from the ways we judge ourselves? The Moon in Capricorn reminds us of consequences and commitments, which could lead to categorizing our experiences as right or wrong, good or bad. How do we hold ourselves accountable without falling into the binary trap? This is our assignment over the next two days. The Moon’s opposition to Mars in Cancer stirs up emotion. We could get defensive if called on our stuff. Perhaps it is best to be pre-emptive and realize our imperfections are not a final judgment on our worth. Keep trying.

Moon in Capricorn
Sunday, June 11. Admit it, you secretly like feeling superior. I know I do. That aspect of our characters might surface today. The Moon in Capricorn already provokes a desire to compare ourselves to others. Are we good enough? Why are they so much better? A square between the Moon and Jupiter in Libra expands this behavior. What we really want is relationship (Jupiter), but we keep throwing up thoughts that isolate us in judgment. When the Moon conjoins Pluto in Capricorn later this evening (CDT), we might get a glimpse of just how petty we can be. The helper planet today is Neptune in Pisces. Compassion towards self and others reminds us to snap out of it.

Moon enters Aquarius 6:45 pm CDT
Monday, June 12. I’ve written this week about Saturn’s propensity to provoke judgment of self and others. But it isn’t just Saturn that does this. Perhaps all the planets (and signs) have their own ways of judging. Today, we might notice Uranus judgments. These judgments tell us that people are not woke enough or paying attention enough or open-minded enough for us. The Moon in Capricorn opposes Uranus early in the day, and then moves into Aquarius (co-ruled by Uranus and Saturn) this evening. All the ways we judge others is also the ways we judge ourselves. Let’s notice the difference between self-awareness and self-shaming today. Perhaps it is true we can pay attention and open our minds more, but can we avoid the trap of thinking of ourselves as only good or bad?  

Moon in Aquarius
June 13—Disseminating Moon: Fruiting. This could be the most fruitful day of this lunar cycle dedicated to stepping outside the notions of right and wrong. That is, after all, what this phase of the Moon is about. We begin to notice the fruit of our lunar intentions. In addition, a grand air trine of Jupiter in Libra, Mercury in Gemini, and the Moon in Aquarius opens our minds to seeing patterns and options. Mercury trine Jupiter is especially fruitful for embracing more possibilities as we stand at our crossroads pondering our next moves. Jupiter infuses the moment with hope as well as a passion for partnership and justice. Flowing communication and innovative problem solving help us engage in our passions. We are primed to re-examine the places we’ve felt stuck in the past as we entertain the notion that beyond the binary is a field of fresh new ideas. Intuition plays a role if we learn not to rely solely on our intellects. In addition to being part of the grand air trine, Mercury is also square Neptune in Pisces. With all this mental energy flowing freely, it might be a good idea to slow down a bit and be still. Neptune’s influence could create confusion if we aren’t listening as much as we are speaking. 

Moon in Aquarius
Wednesday, June 14. Perhaps one reason we are able to think outside the box of duality is due to a harmonious trine aspect between Saturn in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries. These two planets can often be experienced as opposing forces—Saturn encouraging a conservative point of view and Uranus encouraging a radical one. Saturn and Uranus have been going in and out of this supportive aspect since December 2016. They complete this transit in November. The Moon in Aquarius forms a sextile between them but also links them by being in a sign that they both rule. Saturn and Uranus are co-rulers of Aquarius. This means these so-called opposing forces actually have a lot in common. Today’s puzzle is to notice how tradition and innovation can open up many more choices for us when we don’t isolate these qualities from each other. Let’s frolic in the field of possibilities. 

Moon enters Pisces 5:17 am CDT
Thursday, June 15. The Sun in Gemini opposes Saturn in Sagittarius. The recent Full Moon in Sagittarius provided an opportunity to examine Saturn’s influence on Sagittarian themes. The Sun turns on the spotlight today to give us more to ponder. There are no easy answers when it comes to judgment. A certain amount of discernment seems helpful but strong attachment to being right is a trap. Perhaps Saturn’s lesson can be boiled down to this: Just because there is doubt doesn’t mean we are wrong, and just because there is confidence doesn’t mean we are right. The Moon in Pisces helps us to detach from right/wrong thinking. Intuition flows from form to form and feeling to feeling. Follow the trail and to see where it takes you. 

Moon in Pisces
Friday, June 16. This is a very fluid day. Neptune in Pisces stations retrograde, while the Moon in Pisces boosts the watery signal. Here, we experience mutable water after a lot of mutable air (Gemini) and mutable fire (Sagittarius) influence. Perhaps you been stuck in your head. Perhaps you are trying too hard to figure out this duality/judgment thing. Perhaps you’ve exhausted your social butterfly self and now need a strong dose of solitude. The best integration can happen when we turn off external stimuli. The ride could be bumpy because our hearts will be more full. It could be very important to practice the skill of non-judgment as the road is not straight and the journey could be messy. If we aren’t prepared to forgive ourselves, we might slip into saying something we might regret. Mercury in Gemini makes a stressful quincunx aspect to Pluto in Capricorn. Profound truth can come from a place of compassion. 

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