Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Follow the Moon: Forecast for May 11, 2017—May 14

Moon enters Sagittarius 11:59 am CDT
Thursday, May 11. Notice your breakthroughs. Notice your commitments. Notice what openings are created by recent collapses. Notice the contrast between acting impulsively and acting with soul. There is a lot to notice today. And a lot to tie together. Don’t let that add to your stress. This is an offering, a gift, a chance to bring resolution. Mercury in Aries is trine Saturn in Sagittarius. We get to reconstruct meaning and structures from the debris of recent upheavals. There is an expansive quality to this transit. The right tools, the right opportunities come forward. The square between Mars in Gemini and Neptune in Pisces could create confusion if we don’t know to expect it. Lapses in focus may mean we need to sit in silence for a bit. It may not be time to initiate action, but it is time to pull together the true desires and intentions that will fuel our actions in the near future.

Moon in Sagittarius
Friday, May 12. Mars in Gemini gives Jupiter in Libra a nudge. Not that Jupiter needs nudging. Jupiter in Libra has been boosting belief that we can improve the ways we do relationship. And that means relationships in all forms. What isn’t relationship after all? Jupiter wants us to see the connections, how we need each other, how we impact each other, how we are never alone. Jupiter wants us to expand that sense of connection into our desires for fairness and justice. We need to see and feel how imbalances create unfair loads for some. We need to feel the discomfort of that, even when we are the privileged ones. Especially then. Jupiter (in recent contacts with Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn) has reminded us that we need to act upon, expose, and transform in justices everywhere. Today, Mars in the sign of curiosity says what are we waiting for? What can we discover to get us farther along this road? The Moon in Sagittarius opposes Mars today creating an extra sense of impatience. Really, what are we waiting for? Neptune in Pisces is still an influence on Mars and the Moon. Salvation will not come in one fell swoop. If you think it will, Neptune’s got you in the trap. However, Neptune can encourage inspiration. Talk with your gods.

Moon in Sagittarius
Saturday, May 13. Today, the Moon bolsters the support we’ve been getting from the planets this week. It’s nice when doors open, right? We’ve still got lots of work to do, but you might be feeling the upswing of hope wafting through the day. The Moon conjoins Saturn. Perhaps that isn’t all bliss because it brings a certain awareness of responsibility and obligation with it, but these planets are trine to Uranus and Mercury in Aries and that helps us feel that perhaps after one door closes another can open. Perhaps. A great deal of mental and philosophical energy influences this optimism. Yes, talk is cheap, so don’t waste your words. What really feels valuable to share? What will help us make the changes we need to make?

Moon enters Capricorn 12:37 am CDT
May 14—Disseminating Moon: Fruiting. I am looking at the celestial influences of the day with an eye on how they may influence my lunar intention to bring a gratitude practice into my life. The Moon in Capricorn invites me to look at the lasting foundations of gratitude practice. During this fruiting stage of the lunar cycle, I notice possible benefits from my lunar intention. What have I learned that can be shared? Capricorn has an eye on how actions sustain the family group through hard times. There is a natural desire to assign merit and fine-tune my practice. I might be a tad judgmental about it since I want this practice to be useful to me and my beloveds. Are you noticing this type of self-reflection today?

The only aspect today is a square between the Moon and Venus in Aries. Look where you project your critique. We may be tempted to blame everyone else for falling short of our goals. Look deeper at these urges. Perhaps blaming isn’t even the point. How do you honor the desire to excel at what matters most to you? How do you share the fruits of this effort?

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