Sunday, February 26, 2017

Follow the Moon: Forecast for February 26—March 11

“No one ever told me that grief felt so like fear.”
― C.S. LewisA Grief Observed

I am a small boat bobbing on a tumultuous sea. Perhaps you feel it too. Since the Inauguration, an onslaught of outrage and fear has me feeling everything—heaving waves push me towards the sky, sudden openings plunge me back down, my boat is spinning. I’m holding on for all I’ve got, and calling upon all my resources and practices to stay centered. The sensation of being adrift at sea falls right into the Pisces influence of this next lunar cycle, which begins on February 26. The Pisces season is molded by ocean currents. It starts by moving through layers of surrender to dissolve ultimately into connection and unity. This is a birthing process for the soul and sometimes the process is hard.

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiacal year. The zodiac, which means wheel of life, is the life wisdom of the year. Pisces concludes the cycle. Aries begins another one. During this season we release the bindings of the past so new life is free to emerge in the spring. As a mutable water sign, Pisces is extraordinarily sensitive. Mutable signs take in and process information to send back out along the elemental pathways most attuned to that sign. Information, especially emotional information, hits us in powerful ways under this influence. We can feel like that small boat bobbing on the sea with each new piece of input. People with Pisces influence in their charts need self-care practices. These practices are in place, not to keep us from feeling, but to help us be present to our feelings and know what is ours to take on and what isn’t.

This perhaps sounds easier or even more fun than it is. When layers of defense and binding come away, we may experience vulnerability, grief, pain, or confusion. To handle these feelings, people with Pisces influence may develop coping mechanisms ranging from elevated states of connection and compassion to numbing out. Most of us can’t maintain any one state permanently, so we naturally vacillate between effective and ineffective ways of coping. If we fall short of expectations, we might feel shame about it. These are habitual whirlpools. It is good to step off that cycle of overwhelm and shame. This is the season to truly love ourselves while staying present to our imperfections. Consider how important this courageous work of being present to our feelings is. I can’t help but think there are vitally important lessons here for dealing with the fear and grief of our times. As we go through this Pisces transformation, we remember to tend to our hearts as we meet current challenges. The Pisces season trains us to be peaceful warriors, compassionate healers, and resilient activists. At the end of Pisces transformation, we can feel cleansed of the past and open to connection.

I will be working with a brief re-grounding practice this lunar cycle when the ocean feels turbulent. You may use this or other practices that work for returning you to yourself.
First, with your eyes open, notice your breath. With a sigh, release tension, any amount is good, in your belly. Sigh out an ahh. Drop your shoulders with another sigh. Pause. Look around and pick out two colors you see. Name them. Notice the temperature on your skin. Keep breathing. Begin to feel your exhale leave your body in a wave traveling from your head to your feet. Keep breathing gently until you have that sensation. Take three more conscious breaths sensing this wave. Finish with an affirmation. It might be something like: I am not alone. Or, I listen to my needs. Or, I am grateful for this moment.

Forecast for February 26—March 11

Moon in Pisces
February 26—New Moon: Seeding. Solar Eclipse. Stress and tension have ratcheted up significantly since the U.S. Presidential election. Nervous systems are on high alert. The Pisces lunar cycle brings stronger awareness of the impact this stress is having but also brings the opportunity to re-regulate the ways we are handling current life challenges. We’ll have to modify our habits and patterns, because the battle ahead is a long one, and we need to pace ourselves and love ourselves through all of it. The very end of winter into early spring is a natural time to detoxify. The shift from winter’s inward focus to spring’s outward focus is big. This season invites us to let go of past patterns so we can flow with the shift. If our bodies are depleted now, we may experience illness or depression as the spring season gets underway. Self-care right now is important.

This lunar cycle gives us an opportunity to reset our panic responses. This doesn’t mean going back to sleep or into denial, a fear that can come up when we think of taking time for ourselves. It does mean that to continue, it would be good to resettle into our bodies to give ourselves as much love as we can. We will be challenged in this intention by a very dramatic New Moon.

This lunation begins with a solar eclipse. The defined darkness of an eclipse, brief put potent, can be imagined as a portal or a dark cauldron inviting us to brew our magic. The seeds we plant at this New Moon feel supercharged. The Pisces nature of this moment is enhanced by the conjunction between Neptune, Moon, and Sun. In addition, Mercury in Pisces conjoins the South Node of the Moon. The Nodes are always involved in eclipses, since they indicate the point where the Sun, Moon, and Earth align on the same plane. The South Node is karma. Neptune adds more mystery, more fogginess, more dream insight to the magic of this New Moon. Mercury invites us to dig deeper into the layers of the past, the things we need to release this Pisces season. Water is a vital teacher and ally in the process of release, purification, and re-commitment to spring emergence.

Be aware that as we shed our layers, feelings of vulnerability surface as well. I try to remember that vulnerability is linked to wholeheartedness and is powerful magic. But, if we aren’t prepared, the agitating exact conjunction of Mars with Uranus in Aries on this New Moon might feel too discordant to our more vulnerable selves. Mars and Uranus are like horses at the gate raring to go. Jupiter in Libra opposes them both, making it very hard to keep the horses under control. Under this influence, accidents and arguments are more likely if we aren’t aware of our energetic bodies. For me, this means, to notice feelings of vulnerability and overwhelm and to be gentle with myself. Such practices help me plant the seeds of this lunar cycle.

The strong contrast between Pisces and Aries at the beginning of this lunar cycle reinforces the work of letting go of one cycle to prepare for the next. At winter’s end, we assess our lives, looking at what remains from winter’s struggles and what needs cleansing to prepare for spring’s ambitions. For this reason, my intention for this lunar cycle is: Through self-care, I listen to my soul, releasing old forms and opening to my heart’s desire.

Moon enters Aries 10:51 pm CST
Monday, February 27.
You may have every reason to believe that this is the first day of spring, even though it doesn’t really happen for almost another month. This is because we are still charged by Mars conjoining Uranus in Aries yesterday and coming into opposition with Jupiter in Libra today. Aries is spring energy. Mars rules this energy. What do you want to pour your energy into right now? Aries with a mission is courageous and bold. Aries without one is reckless and ready for a fight. Jupiter may be the trigger that makes that happen. It could feel incredibly frustrating to compromise right now. If you’re feeling this, what is it telling you? How can you adjust, claiming your own direction, while listening to that other voice? Remember we are still in the fragile spaces of Pisces opening. When the Moon in Pisces makes a square to Saturn (mid afternoon in Central time zone) we may feel burdened by input. Ground extra tension if it feels like too much.

Moon in Aries
Tuesday, February 28.
On Saturday, Venus in Aries will station retrograde. This goddess is putting her foot down in the feistiest sign of all. Gender issues are at the forefront. Women are activated. None of us feel like playing nice. The Moon conjoins this planet today. Where are you putting your foot down? Feel the growing tide of others who are doing the very same thing at your back. Aries forgets they are not alone. It is important to remember that today.

Moon in Aries
March 1—Crescent Moon: Germinating. The complex contrast between Pisces and Aries that was felt at the New Moon is repeated today. If you set an intention for self-care for this lunar cycle, you get a chance to see how necessary it is to sustaining effort and presence over time. If Aries is the fiery pursuit of our heart’s desire, then Pisces is the self-care we do first to make sure we are ready for that journey. Do not doubt yourself if you are feeling pulled in two directions. Pay extra attention to the subtler messages coming your way. They want to reach your soul.

The Moon in Aries reminds us that there is a cardinal sign t-square pattern in the sky that is forcing decision and action. The planets in this pattern are Pluto in Capricorn, Jupiter in Libra, and Mars and Uranus in Aries. Pluto has been exposing toxic power structures. It is really out there for all to see. The opposition between the Aries planets and Jupiter could be about tactics in what to do about it. Jupiter in Libra is focused on justice, but also collaboration and compromise. Uranus and Mars are full of self-determination. The choice to go it alone would be a mistake. We need to see what others show us, even if it means reconsidering a path we want to take. Solidarity does not mean always agreeing. However, if we let differences divide us, we lose power. Conflict can be a teacher.

To contrast the dynamic energy of this t-square, the Sun in Pisces conjoins Neptune today. You may notice how easy it is to spin a tale, spread rumors, or get caught up in untruths. External truth isn’t the goal of this transit, it is about what feels right. Zealous beliefs can foment if we aren’t careful. The gift is the felt sense that we are all connected. All of us. What will you do with that truth?

Moon enters Taurus 1:42 am CST
Thursday, March 2.
I often think the day the Moon moves into Taurus is a good time to put on the brakes and take a breath. Momentum has been building. We are getting confusing messages about slowing down and speeding up. Take the day to sort all that out. Our bodies are smarter than we usually give them credit for. What is your body telling you, really? Try to pay attention. Jupiter in Libra opposes Uranus in Aries. This is the second of three times these two planets face off. The first time was in December. The last time will be in September. This is the “full moon phase” of the cycle between these planets that began in 2010. This transit brings illumination around the ways we seek to awaken into action. After the full phase, we get to work applying the wisdom we’ve attained. What will you do after awakening? Once we awaken, the world is never the same again. We can never claim that ignorance again. What is awake in you now?

Moon in Taurus
Friday, March 3.
The day is a bit quieter than we’ve had in a while. The Moon makes one aspect, a trine to Pluto in Capricorn. Silence can be powerful. Draw strength from beauty. Tend to your body. Create anchors to peace in your home. Listen to the wisdom of the Earth.

Moon enters Gemini 4:05 am CST
Saturday, March 4.
Venus puts her foot down today. Notice if you feel like following suit. Venus in Aries stations retrograde. The Venus cycle reflects the characteristics of this planet of beauty, harmony and balance. It follows a distinct and orderly pattern as it moves from Evening Star to Morning Star and back again. Every 18 months, Venus makes a retrograde journey. The retrograde cycle always follows Venus’ appearance as the Evening Star. Currently, Venus is shining bright and high in the western sky after sunset. It will quickly lose altitude over the next two weeks and disappear into the rays of the Sun. In early April, while still traveling retrograde, Venus will appear as the Morning Star close to the horizon. On April 14, Venus will station direct. Venus returns to the same retrograde degree on May 19 completing the entire cycle at that time. During most of this period, Venus will be in Aries spending only four weeks in Pisces. Nothing invites a good story better than this cycle of the bright planet Venus. The story of Inanna’s journey into the underworld was inspired by it. One burning question was asked of that goddess when she left her command center in the sky to travel into the land of death, Why, Inanna? A powerful goddess must have a good reason to put her foot down. Fast forward to the current state of affairs, can you imagine why a powerful goddess might want to take this journey now?

Perhaps Venus is taking the journey to learn more about resistance. In Aries, Venus has forgotten how to be conciliatory. There are battles to fight and new strategies to hatch. The arc of this retrograde back into Pisces tells us that it isn’t all about the bluster and the fight. We must also tend to our sacred selves. While Mercury in Pisces conjoins Neptune today, listen for messages from your soul. The blending of inner Pisces processes and outer Aries actions continues.

Moon in Gemini
March 5—First Quarter Moon: Sprouting. How has it been for you? Big transits involving planets in Aries have stirred the pot quite a bit during the first week of this lunar cycle. Do you find yourself more stressed? Are you overloaded? It could be time to check back in with your lunar intention for this month. The Pisces season is an opportunity to slowly cleanse and shed the things that will hinder springtime emergence. Now, more than ever, we need to detoxify fears and stress. Ideally, we’d have plenty of time to reflect, meditate, and process, but it hasn’t felt that way at all. The Moon in Gemini is probably not helping things either. We are stimulated by social interactions and innate curiosity to learn. You might find yourself clicking on story after story, wondering how to shut off the input. Turn off the electronics if you can and rediscover the power of breath to bring us back to ourselves. A harmonious trine between Mars in Aries and Saturn in Sagittarius helps us follow through on our projects.

Moon enters Cancer 6:54 am CST
Monday, March 6.
The Cancer Moon is here to help us slow down. This could be a good day to spend with family. Enjoy your nest, give your home some special love. Perhaps this means a vase of flowers or a home-cooked meal. The energy you expend on your space will soothe your soul. Mercury conjoins the Sun in Pisces, reminding of us this season’s work to cleanse, release, and ready ourselves for the spring. This transit could impact communications. It may be easier to have a mystical revelation than an ordinary business meeting today.

Moon in Cancer
Tuesday, March 7
. OK, the nice peaceful Cancer Moon of yesterday has turned on us. Today, the Moon completes a grand cross aspect pattern and the potential for tense outbursts increases. Uranus and Mars in Aries, Pluto in Capricorn, and Jupiter in Libra are the other components. In the face of conflict, we want security. That desire is so strong, it may even cause the conflict. Not all the cards are stacked against us. The Moon makes harmonious contact with the Sun and Mercury in Pisces. Gentle words may soothe tense situations. Mercury makes a sextile aspect to Pluto, encouraging effective communication that is heart-centered yet tough.

Moon enters Leo 10:45 am CST
March 8—Gibbous Moon: Budding. This lunar cycle, seeded in the season of Pisces, is an opportunity to notice how we lead two lives at the same time. While going about our external affairs, a rich internal story is also unfolding. There are layers upon layers of memory, sensation, and emotion that touch upon even the most trivial parts of our day. We only have to turn ourselves toward this deeper experience to notice a rich reservoir of inspiration and meaning. The contrast between these two states of being has been the theme and challenge of this lunar cycle so far. What are you noticing? This is about more than developing a broad awareness of reality, we need to be able to resource our inner world when external events become overwhelming. We are building resiliency. You may notice a bit of tension early in the day, when the Moon makes a square to Mars in Aries. We might feel argumentative or defensive. When the Moon enters Leo, energy rises again. Don’t let it carry you too far away from your internal world.

Moon in Leo
Thursday, March 9.
What else gets generated from the contrast between our inner and outer realities? We may get to find out today as inward-focused Mercury in Pisces makes a quincunx aspect to outward-focused Jupiter in Libra. As we build resilience around contrast, we may be able to notice that we have an easier time staying at our center while events take place around us. Both in and outside the world, are we freer to make better choices? Mars moves from Aries to Taurus today, and probably not a moment too soon. Mars is strong in Aries, but since the end of January, this planet has contributed to the agitation and stress we’ve been feeling. Mars in Taurus gives more access to the body’s instinctual wisdom.

Moon enters Virgo 4:07 pm CST
Friday, March 10.
It just might feel like we can achieve a little more balance today. The Moon in Leo supports action through a trine to Uranus in Aries and structure through a trine to Saturn in Sagittarius. This influence is good for finishing up projects. When the Moon enters Virgo, we could feel grounded enough to enjoy extending that sense of accomplishment into the evening by ticking off even more items on our to do lists. The conjunction of Mercury and Chiron in Pisces sensitizes us to suffering of others. If you can apply the industry of the day with compassion through service work, you may have found your perfect expression of this day’s potential.

Moon in Virgo
Saturday, March 11.
Don’t let anyone tell you that you are too sensitive. Wear your feelings with honor. Well, you don’t actually have to wear them, but do try to be present to them. Things are hard right now. If you’re paying attention at all, it can be downright overwhelming. The opportunity during this lunar cycle is to develop a little more capacity to notice our feelings and give them the space they deserve. Continue to deepen into the layers of memory and sensation, drawing protection around yourself when you need to. This inner work is important. The Sun in Pisces forms a quincunx to Jupiter in Libra. Jupiter is an expansive planet that can often blow things out of proportion. There is a temptation to do that today. Find your balancing point.

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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Follow the Moon: Forecast for February 6—February 20

“A real love letter is made of insight, understanding, and compassion. Otherwise it's not a love letter. A true love letter can produce a transformation in the other person, and therefore in the world. But before it produces a transformation in the other person, it has to produce a transformation within us. Some letters may take the whole of our lifetime to write.”
-Thich Nhat Hanh, Your True Home: The Everyday Wisdom of Thich Nhat Hanh

When the world looks bleak; when events conspire to force us into resistance and change; when the realness of threat to beloveds, to the Earth, to human goodness cannot be denied, love leads us forward. At the New Moon in Aquarius I planted the seeds of this intention: To lead with the love that unmasks, transforms, and liberates.

Love is transformation. The writers* I’ve consulted for my inspiration this month all stress that love is telling the truth. James Baldwin wrote about removing our masks. bell hooks takes up the same theme and encourages us to tell the truth about ourselves to ourselves and others. Communication is key. For love to transform, I must speak truth. Thich Nhat Hanh (above) asks us to write a love letter that will transform the world. But, he says, we have to write the letter to ourselves first. Self-love is hard. Just like self-honesty is. Shame silences. Breaking the silence of shame is worthy work. If we don’t speak up, we lose out on the transformative power of love.

Mercury is the planetary ally of communication. For the next two weeks, Mercury helps us communicate passion in its connections to Venus and Mars, vision in its connect to Uranus, and truth in its connections to Jupiter and Saturn. Mercury enters Aquarius on February 7. As the fixed air sign, Aquarius inspires vision and desire for authenticity. The balance this Mercury needs comes from water and earth—compassion and stability. When we remember these qualities, our minds are free to roam. Possibilities abound. We connect with like-minded instigators of change. If we dare, we can unmask ourselves in the pursuit of freedom. Perhaps, we learn a bit more about transformative love.

Aquarian revolution is tricky. This air sign is big on concept, and struggles to bring in the balance of heart and compassion. When the Sun enters Pisces on February 18, it is easier to feel the suffering of others and the ways we are more alike than different. The last week of the lunar cycle, which was seeded with Aquarian ideals of love, gives us a chance to feel what love means when we surrender control. A sensing into vulnerability completes the journey of the lunar intention to lead with love as we transform the world.

“Vulnerability is the birthplace of love, belonging, joy, courage, empathy, and creativity. It is the source of hope, empathy, accountability, and authenticity. If we want greater clarity in our purpose or deeper and more meaningful spiritual lives, vulnerability is the path.” — BrenĂ© Brown

We don’t know where this kind of love will take us. The Full Moon in Leo on February 10 is a lunar eclipse. The next New Moon in Pisces on February 26 will be a solar eclipse. Eclipses increase a feeling of uncertainty. Both the fears and the hopes we invest in the present moment seem bigger than normal. Another key component to vulnerability is self-love. Thich Nhat Hanh says it can take a lifetime to know how to write a love letter to ourselves. If we want to possess the kind of love that transforms the world, we will need to transform ourselves first.

Forecast for February 6—February 20

Moon in Gemini
Monday, February 6.
Jupiter in Libra stations retrograde today. Jupiter has carried the banner of justice since entering this sign in September 2016. Today it is appropriate to pause and consider what has transpired since then. Jupiter represents belief and hope. It fills our questing hearts with a deep desire for truth. All beliefs and truths benefit from reflection and reconsideration during the retrograde cycle. Mistakes get to be reworked. We hone our skills at sharing our truths. This inward motion can strengthen our resolve and help us adapt. Jupiter moves retrograde from now to early June. Do not lose hope just because things are complicated.

Moon enters Cancer 1:02 am CST
February 7—Gibbous Moon: Budding. Mercury enters Aquarius today for only two and a half weeks. This spurt of Aquarian vision may be brief but it will be intense, and not necessarily in a bad way. Think: jolts of insight, new pathways of consciousness, sudden inspiration, and strong desire to speak truthfully and transparently. The lunar intention seeded at the New Moon in Aquarius on January 17 is almost ready to blossom. At this budding stage, we feel pregnant with possibility. Air and fire qualities are getting the green light right now. For some, this speeding up of thought and action is exciting, for others it can be overwhelming. As we make our adjustments to the lunar seeds we’ve planted, we learn more about our intentions. The Moon in Cancer (cardinal water sign) challenges us to slow down to tend to self and others. Where are you rooted? What will you defend? This sense of protectiveness runs through the day with the Moon making a square aspect to Venus and Mars in Aries (cardinal fire sign).

My intention for this cycle, offered to you as inspiration, is to lead with love. Today, we are reminded of those we love and cherish like family. Can we expand our notion of family to include those who are different from us? Mercury and Sun in Aquarius push us to erase divisions. The Venus and Mars in Aries are quick to anger, quick to action, but they also give us courage to break patterns of exclusion.

Moon in Cancer
Wednesday, February 8. The Moon in Cancer completes a tense grand cross aspect pattern today. The planets in challenging relationship are Pluto in Capricorn, Uranus in Aries, and Jupiter in Libra. The least skillful of Cancer qualities may be hard to avoid due to intense feelings of oppression (Pluto), impatience (Uranus), and injustice (Jupiter). Cancer can feel defensive, victimized, and focused on managing others. Skillful Cancer encourages us to create supportive environments and is sensitive to the needs of others. Use this energy to focus on making everyone stronger by making the most vulnerable stronger.

Moon enters Leo 3:41 am CST
Thursday, February 9.
This lunar cycle was seeded in the sign of Aquarius at the New Moon. As the Moon enters Leo today, we get the full perspective from the opposite side of the zodiac. Tomorrow, this opposition culminates in a Full Moon lunar eclipse. Oppositions are expansive; we get the whole picture from a broader perspective. We are encouraged to account for opposing points of view, desires, and impulses. The Leo/Aquarius impulse is to find our authentic places in community. Leo seeks to know personal impact. Aquarius seeks to manifest collective visions of authenticity and freedom. Ego meets collaboration. Creativity meets revolution. This energy is electric. Because of the air and fire emphasis of these signs, the energy is also unsettling and impulsive. Other transits only emphasize these qualities. The Sun in Aquarius is sextile to Uranus (the co-ruler of Aquarius). We may have a hard time discerning the usefulness of our ideas today. Everything seems brilliant and we want credit for our ideas! The Moon is trine Venus and Mars in Aries, encouraging a desire to break down barriers and forge ahead. Leo rules the heart center. This is the heart that gives courage, the heart of loyalty, the heart of passion. Notice this fire and let it feed your creative endeavors.

Moon in Leo
February 10—Full Moon: Blossoming. Lunar Eclipse. This lunar cycle is about love, the fierce love of truth and transformation. Love awakens the sleeper. It clarifies what is important. It grounds us into life. To lead with love through tumultuous times is to be a warrior of the heart. This warrior will not be deterred by distractions or anything else that obstructs a clear vision of the beloved. This Leo Full Moon presents an opportunity to feel more deeply into whole-heartedness. Clear-hearted vision arises from the darkness that briefly crosses the face of the Moon. Shadows and light play together to reveal what matters most. Passions are high.

There are six “planets” occupying a narrow range of degrees from 21 to 25. These planets form a team, a cohesive force for change. All but one are in fire and air signs. Things could unfold quickly before we know what is happening. The key to tempering this momentum is Chiron at 22 degrees Pisces. Chiron as the wounded healer, the shaman who mediates the mysteries, stands at the apex of a yod aspect pattern involving the Moon in Leo and Jupiter in Libra. Chiron erases the division between self and others. As our hearts open to love, we are vulnerable to the pain and suffering around us. As BrenĂ© Brown reminds us, “Vulnerability is the birth place of love …” Creativity (the Leo Moon) and truth (Jupiter) develop soul and power when this vulnerability is welcomed.

The other planets on the love warrior team are the Sun in Aquarius shining a light into the future. Science, not alternative facts, helps create accountable relationship on Earth. Uranus in Aries is impatient for change and dares us to be fearless truthtellers. Saturn in Sagittarius asks us to be committed to uprooting the lies we tell ourselves so we may love who we are as much as we love the world. The Moon in Leo insists we stand up for ourselves, our identities, our love. The brighter we shine, the more we have to share. Many have been feeling depressed and overwhelmed by the political realities in the U.S. and around the world. Leo is here to reinvigorate. The mystery of energy is: the more we share generously, the more we have for ourselves. Test this formula for yourself. Love feeds love.

Venus in Aries is preparing for her retrograde journey beginning on March 4. At this time Venus is high in the western sky at sunset, inspiring us to bold actions. In this sign, Aries is ready to fight for beauty and justice. In this sign, Venus has an edge. We need to be careful in our intimate relationships to tamp down the flames of reactivity but in our struggles for justice, this Venus is an ally. She carries a torch, a lot like the Liberty Statue’s torch, illuminating the truth we stand for. Mercury in freedom-loving Aquarius strengthens this Venus by sextile. Love and truth are married.

Moon enters Virgo 7:52 am CST
Saturday, February 11
. When the Moon enters Virgo, our feet finally touch the ground. The last two days have been fiery. Now it is time to clean the house and organize the pantry—literally or metaphorically—you choose. Every prayer, every desire of defiance or intention, needs to be supported by action. What will you do today to support your dreams? The Sun in Aquarius makes a trine to Jupiter in Libra. Our dreams are large. Our hopes are enormous. Pragmatic action will help ground them into reality.

Moon in Virgo
Sunday, February 12
The Virgo Moon continues to help focus our passions in a pragmatic direction. Strength and support come from a trine to Pluto in Capricorn. Balance between fantasy and reality come from the opposition of the Moon and Neptune in Pisces. Pay attention to your health. Pull back from over-commitments.

Moon enters Libra 2:43 pm CST
Monday, February 13.
Brief roadblocks from a square between the Moon and Saturn in Sagittarius this morning (Central time zone) may discourage us, but optimism builds later in the day as we commit to working harder to overcome those setbacks. The Sun in Aquarius is approaching a sextile to Saturn. This aspect fuels our thoughts and visions for the future. The Moon in Libra for the next two days, reminds us that beauty and balance are vitally important to manifesting our dreams.

Moon in Libra
February 14—Disseminating Moon: Fruiting. Contrast the sentimental love of Valentine’s Day with the fierce love of transformation. This lunar cycle, I’ve been growing the seeds of love. This love reveals my true self, encourages self-love, and speaks the truth no matter how vulnerable it feels to do so. This love is the force that can change the course we are on right now. Do you feel it? This love includes complexity; acknowledging anger, frustration, and fear is part of the truth we feel. There is also compassion and desire for justice, as well as commitment and daring. This phase of the Moon bears the fruit for this lunar cycle. What have the seeds of love grown in your life?
Every day seems to bring new and alarming information. The Moon in Libra makes tense aspects to Mars in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn making it easier to see the cracks in the system and the need for action. Our nervous systems are suffering and yours may be crashing. Chiron in Pisces opens our gentle and traumatized selves. Jupiter in Libra bolsters our hope for better balance and justice. These two planets are in a paradoxical relationship that is hard to resolve. We may feel like giving up. Take the long view and step back from unrealistic expectations. How does love support you? What radical act of love is needed right now?

Moon in Libra
Wednesday, February 15.
As the Moon conjoins Jupiter today, try not to let problems become larger than they need to. Jupiter can push us over the top, but it can also remind us of our values. In Libra, we value balance, we value justice, we value beauty. Let these values guide you. As the Moon opposes Uranus, we may be tempted to panic or push ourselves too hard into change. One of the lies we are told is that if we don’t do it now, we will never get another chance. Whatever it is for you, there will be more chances. As we immerse ourselves in love, may our choices and actions gain power and wisdom.

Moon enters Scorpio 12:41 am CST
Thursday, February 16
How much do you want change? How far will you journey to create lasting change? The Moon in Scorpio asks us to commit passionately to our deepest desires. The journey through this desire will transform us. Today, Mercury in Aquarius, the instigator of awakened change makes a favorable contact with Mars in Aries, the willing warrior. We feel a sense of momentum building. The willingness to change ourselves is the first place to start.

Moon in Scorpio
Friday, February 17.
Messages come from many sources and in many styles. With the Moon is Scorpio, these message could seem dark, soulful or even frightening. Emotional awareness is communicating with us. With Mercury in Aquarius, the messages might contain brilliant insight and abstract analysis. With the Moon making a square to Mercury in Aquarius, the friction may be between our feeling natures and our intellectual natures. This friction creates the possibility for fascinating and meaningful synthesis.

Moon enters Sagittarius 12:52 pm CST
February 18—Last Quarter Moon: Setting seed. The seeds of intention planted at the New Moon on January 27 now yield seeds of their own. What wisdom has been gained from this journey? This phase of the Moon is about evaluating what we’ve learned and how we’ve evolved. As we continue to adapt to crisis and change, the pace of incorporating new information and responding to it is accelerating. Our bodies cannot keep up with a constant state of arousal and alarm. At this turning point in the lunar cycle, what are we learning that will help us maintain equilibrium as we continue to resist tyranny and injustice? The questing nature of the Sagittarius Moon encourages the search for meaning. The Sun’s ingress into Pisces shifts the focus from the cerebral understandings of Aquarius to the felt sense that our emotional experiences are shared. It is possible to feel another’s pain and joy as our own. This enhanced sense of connection is heart-opening. From this open state, what do we know now about the love that transforms? This question, and our answers to it, will only deepen as the Moon wanes through the last week of the Aquarius lunar cycle.

Moon in Sagittarius
Sunday, February 19.
The Moon in fire sign Sagittarius sets off Venus and Mars in fire sign Aries. This Venus is a warrior for love. She may be a little coarse and lacking in grace, but she is fierce when it comes to the love that transforms. We’ve been experiencing this daring Venusian energy since early February when Venus entered Aries. Venus will spend more time here than usual since Venus will retrograde back through Aries on March 4. During this time, we develop a better relationship with this ally of resistance and rebellion. Because Venus usually governs our instinct to smooth over the rough edges and play nice, this Venus in Aries tells us that we need to develop new instincts. It may not be easy, but love can include authentic anger, especially if it is the anger that motivates us to lead more boldly with love. Think of Mars in Aries as an amplifier for this energy. The Moon also contacts Neptune in Pisces by square. Perhaps today’s fire will illuminate confusion and allow our hearts to feel more fully the complexity and wonder of life.

Moon in Sagittarius
Monday, February 20
Events today seem to lead to one shining moment. Mercury in Aquarius makes an encouraging sextile aspect to Uranus in Aries. This is the planetary influence of eureka moments. Find a way to anchor your insights and breakthroughs. The Moon in Sagittarius adds sparkle and zip. Fire and air signs have predominated this lunar cycle. There have been pluses and minuses with this energy. Notice how quickly information is traveling right now. Notice how easy it is to inflame passion and anger. Fires can illuminate, purify, and transform. They can also burn out, just like our bodies and our wills, if we do not tend them carefully. With appreciation for fire and air, use the positive aspects today between the Moon and Uranus, Jupiter, and Saturn to assess and sustain your energy.

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