Monday, November 28, 2016

Follow the Moon: Forecast for November 28, 2016 – December 11

A new lunar cycle begins on November 29 (in three days as I write this). To prepare for this new cycle of learning, intention, and awareness, I find it helpful to use astrology’s lens to see where I’ve been. It is helpful to look at the patterns of the past to prepare for current challenges. This way of looking at where I’ve been gives me a ground upon which to base my next choices. As events in the world push and pull us in many directions, it is helpful to remember this ground. It is my belief that this ground of being is not something I possess but something I develop and maintain relationship with. I feed this solid connection as I look at the stars and patterns of events. I feed this connection as I wonder what it means. This is my craft—the arrow I use to point to the truth. Your craft can be different. Your arrow unique to you, but the pointing is the same. Where is the ground, what is truth that sustains?

Lunar intention shifts from Scorpio influence to Sagittarian influence. During the Scorpio lunar cycle we sensed behind the veils that separate the seen world from the unseen. Sinking down beneath the surface, we had the opportunity to listen to the ancestors, ask ourselves what really matters, and surrender our control over the cycles of life and death. Scorpio as a water sign offers this journey as a purification process, as preparation for the next season of Sagittarius. During this season, we take up our arrows just as the Centaur in Sagittarius’ constellation takes up the arrow to point at core truths. This is literally true as this constellation points towards the center of our galaxy. The ground of connection originates in Scorpio. We aim for aligning that experience with our choices. When intention shifts to Capricorn influences next month, we establish our goals and begin the climb to the mountaintop.

Other patterns are active right now as well. The synodic cycle between Saturn and Uranus influences our next choices too. A synodic cycle is the cycle of relationship between two planets. A lunar cycle is a synodic cycle between the Sun and Moon. Outer planetary synodic cycles take a longer time and show patterns of history and events currently happening on the world stage. Right now, Saturn and Uranus are coming into the waning trine aspect. This follows the opposition between these planets that occurred in 2008 and 2009 (revolt of the Tea Party to Obama’s election). The cycle began in 1988. Whenever we think about the relationship between these planets we think about forces of conservation (Saturn) and forces of change and revolt (Uranus). These forces don’t take sides. As we look at history, we can’t see Saturn as the bad guys and Uranus as the good guys, or vice versa. These forces influence all of us. The tension happens internally. Historical moments are an expression of how they are influencing the whole.

A trine is supposed to be a supportive aspect. This is when Saturn and Uranus are supposed to achieve an effective balance. History doesn’t seem to support this completely, however. It is something to wonder about. I sure am. In researching the Saturn/Uranus cycle I looked back to the last time they made this same waning trine with each other. It was in 1973, the same year of the occupation of Wounded Knee by the American Indian Movement, the same year Watergate was being investigated, the same year the U.S. withdrew from Vietnam. It was a big year. I am struck by the parallels between the encampments at Standing Rock and the events at Wounded Knee. Are we headed towards another presidential impeachment? How may history be repeating? How may we make different choices? The current trine aspect is exact December 24 and again in May and November of 2017. There is much more to come from these planets. It feels like a reckoning.
As significant world events swirl around us, it is important to find a supportive ground of being with our roots deeply anchored in our recent Scorpio journey. The next steps to take are being guided by beliefs and values—a Sagittarian mission. Saturn is midway through its 2 ½ year transit of Sagittarius. The conserving forces of Saturn are honing Sagittarian ideals. This mutable fire sign loves freedom, the open horizon, the adventure of discovery. Saturn seems to be taking the wind out of the Sagittarian sails. It might feel like growing up. There are many recent examples of having to face the truth that has been there all along. I am mindful of the way people of color reacted to white shock that Trump could win. Waking up to reality may not feel good, but it is a powerful position to be in as we connect to a truer ground of being.

Forecast for November 28, 2016 – December 11

Moon enters Sagittarius 2:46 pm CST
Tuesday, November 28.
The recent holiday weekend (in the U.S.) leaves us feeling like we need to recover from our supposed break. Today’s lack of aspects enhances this feeling. We are not quite back up to full speed. This is an appropriate time to reflect on the new lunar cycle beginning tomorrow. For this Sagittarian cycle, I am asking myself, What is my ground of being? What am I aiming for?

Moon in Sagittarius
November 29—New Moon: Dreaming. Sagittarius is a far-seeing sign. The sky has a message about this sign. This constellation is a centaur with an arrow pointing to the center of our galaxy. The Sagittarian paradox is that the center is the edge and the edge is the center. The search is on for meaning and illumination. The Sagittarian sees far and aims for the truth.

As this New Moon seed is sown, it is time to reflect on the mission of using wisdom for truth’s cause. In post-modern worldview, it is considered wise to think of truth as relative. Here is another paradox—yes/and—truth is also a constant. The root of the truth comes from the word for “faithful.” Dogma isn’t truth, regardless of which side it is on. The truth is our ability to stand up for what we believe, to remain faithful to our guiding star. With Saturn midway through its 2 ½-year transit of Sagittarius, we are offered the opportunity to work hard to maintain our truth. Saturn asks us to work and Saturn gives the gift of authority when we do it. This lunar cycle isn’t for the weak of heart. Just as the arrow points to the center and the edge, we are asked to ponder all our paradoxes and work to maintain our ground of being through it all.

The Sun and Moon in the chart for the New Moon are square to Neptune and the South Node in Pisces. We are still shedding illusion as we seek our core truths. The North Node in Virgo says, develop discernment. It is hard to differentiate between the truth we want to believe in and the truth that anchors us to our ground of being. It may be hard, but it is not impossible. Every being has access to this ground. How do you know yours? Mindfulness practices are one tool to return to awareness and choice.

Venus in Capricorn makes an exact square to Uranus in Aries on this day. A t-square involving Uranus, Jupiter in Libra, and Venus and Pluto in Capricorn flavors this entire lunar cycle with the seeds of seeking justice and balance as we confront authority and demand change. Venus attunes us to the importance of relationship and beauty. Love is an anchor and it can be hard to remember that if we feel the wobbly winds of change blowing us off our centers. Venus in Capricorn means business. We feel fierce in the face of disharmony. It is good to back up your passions with facts. Commitment is strengthened.

Mars at the midpoint of Aquarius moves vision into action. Mars is in trine aspect to Jupiter. We are tempted to give free rein to ideas that support a new world. A waning trine between Saturn and Uranus (both in fire signs), asks us to build alliances between conservation and revolution. This doesn’t have to look like settling for injustice. Liberation and sustainability are possible. Under these influences I offer these questions for your New Moon work: Where is the ground? What is truth that sustains?

Moon in Sagittarius
Wednesday, November 30.
Try this story on. Neptune has been conjoining the South Node of the Moon for a few weeks. For the South Node, think karma. For Neptune think illusion that separates us from the real healing medicine that Neptune can give us. This healing medicine is the experience of no divisions. Healing Neptune says there is no separation—not from the joy or the pain of the world. Mostly however, we twist this truth to support our illusions and refuse to accept the consequences of no separation. And so we continue to perpetuate more karma and more pain. The Sun in Sagittarius makes a square aspect to Neptune today. We may be forced to confront illusion. Projection of blame continues the cycle. What other choices can we make? We take this responsibility seriously as the Moon conjoins Saturn in Sagittarius and trines Uranus in Aries.

Moon enters Capricorn 2:52 am CST
Thursday, December 1.
Yesterday’s transit between the Sun and Neptune softened us up. Today, Chiron—the Wounded Healer—stations direct and pierces our hearts. Chiron reminds that emotions are medicine. To care deeply is to be vulnerable. To embrace vulnerability is to live wholeheartedly. To live wholeheartedly is to be a healing force. Mars in Aquarius in a trine to Jupiter in Libra simply reinforces the idea that wholeheartedness is a force for good. These air signs encourage communication and intellectual connections. Resist distancing yourself from feelings and these ideas gain depth.

Moon in Capricorn
Friday, December 2.
 On December 19, Mercury will station retrograde in Capricorn. Today Mercury enters Capricorn and the area of the zodiac it will retrograde through later. We get a foretaste of the tricks and lessons we are due to receive. Capricorn is an ambitious sign. Under this influence we work towards our highest goals. Life gets a little more serious. Success comes to those who show up with integrity. The Moon in Capricorn today simply reinforces that it is time we show up to support our ambitions. The Moon contacts planets in a t-square pattern, conjoining Pluto and squaring Uranus in Aries and Jupiter in Libra. Our appetite for justice, change, and transformation of corrupt systems is strong.

Moon enters Aquarius 1:44 pm CST
December 3—Crescent Moon: Beginning.
Living in a good way,
willing to change,
 aiming for truth,
 from the ground of being.
As I begin the work of this lunar cycle, I strive to embrace these qualities. The Aquarian themes of this phase of the Moon support a willingness to change and innovate. Mars in Aquarius forms an encouraging sextile to Saturn in Sagittarius. Sagittarian themes resound during this lunar cycle, which has been seeded by this mutable fire sign. Saturn gives structure to the quest for truth and meaning. Mars emboldens the quest. Truth comes from the word for faith. Belief is a wavering flame, much like a mutable fire. But when we anchor to the ground of our being, the flame is steady. This is tricky terrain, this ground of being. Neptune in Pisces conjoined with the South Node of the Moon invites us to release illusion, wishful thinking, and traps of dogmatism. There is a truth we can believe in. The steady flame can be fed. The work of this lunar cycle may be to temper faith through Saturn’s expectations of effectiveness. What works? I invoke a sense of curiosity at this time of the crescent Moon.

Moon in Aquarius
Sunday, December 4.
Expect a sparkly day. By this, I mean breezes of hope and glimmers of possibility infuse our sense of purpose. The Moon is waxing in Aquarius and it is time to engage, act, and create. Aquarius and Sagittarius (the Sun’s sign and the seed of this lunar cycle) have affinity. Together they push us farther into potentialities. The Moon makes favorable contacts with Jupiter in Libra (another air sign) and Saturn in Sagittarius. Obstacles are suddenly gone and all we had to do was shift perspective. Notice how this happens for you. It is a tool for heavier times.

Moon enters Pisces 10:31 pm CST
Monday, December 5.
Keep riding the wave of positive action today. For most of the day, the Moon isn’t making any aspects and this could bring on a feeling of deflation. Don’t be discouraged. Take breaks. Rest. Assess recent events. Listen. Learn.

Moon in Pisces
Tuesday, December 6
The Moon in Pisces sometimes signals a time to retreat and restore. Not so much this time. The Moon is waxing and the sextile aspect between Mars in Aquarius and Uranus in Aries is helping us amp up rather than kick back. The Pisces influence reminds us of why we care, why we are willing to make sacrifices for the bigger cause. Idealism is high. That does not guarantee that everyone will agree with yours. Practice finding your ground of being. The Moon contacts Mercury in Capricorn and Neptune in Pisces. We appreciate strategic thinking but don’t try to be too detail-oriented. Intuition guides the day.

Moon in Pisces
December 7—First Quarter Moon: Manifesting. If truth is related to faith, then a test of faith may come at this phase of the Moon. The Sagittarius lunar cycle was seeded with dreams of truth and hopes for change. There’s probably a good reason that some dreams and truths don’t survive for very long. Perhaps we need the testing to find the solid ground of being that lets our dreams and truths have their own lives. The Moon in Pisces interjects doubts as well as fanaticism. Pisces is the mutable water sign. It is fluid and has a purpose beyond logic. Sagittarius, the mutable fire sign, uses passion the same way Pisces uses compassion—to connect with spirit. Our passions and compassions are coming to a head. Now would be a perfect time to remember the solid ground of being that helps us aim for the truth.

The Moon also squares Saturn in Sagittarius, which is only 2 degrees away from the Sun. What test has Saturn given you during his transit of this sign? Perhaps you lost faith. Perhaps you’ve found it and now must work hard to serve it. Perhaps you struggle with communication—how to best share your truth? Perhaps you are midway through an educational commitment. Perhaps you are ready to graduate. Whatever the work, notice what helps you to keep trying.

Venus enters Aquarius. We become interested in a diverse assortment of people and ideas. Fresh perspective comes from free thinkers.

Moon enters Aries 4:15 am CST
Thursday, December 8.
Enough with the Pisces introspection of the last couple of days. You might miss it. The Moon enters cardinal fire sign Aries today and suddenly inhibitions are much more lax. Notice where your impetuosity leads you. Sometimes this is just what we need to get moving again. However, there’s a downside when we lose connection to our ground of being. This lunar cycle, I am exploring my ground of being. As an Aries Sun sign myself, I suspect when I am strongly anchored here, my impetuous leaps will have less destructive impact. The major problem with the day may come from miscommunication. The Moon makes a square to Mercury in Capricorn. You might run into issues with those who have a more literal mode of expression.

Moon in Aries
Friday, December 9.
It feels like the week has been building to this turning point. The Moon in Aries falls into a t-square aspect pattern that has been in place since the New Moon on November 29. This pattern keeps the pressure on. Pluto in Capricorn is square to the opposition of Jupiter in Libra and Uranus in Aries. These are the elements of a struggle between oppressive forces, revolutionary forces, and balancing forces. Jupiter’s mission is to find the harmony, the way through impossible impasses. The message is clear, change needs to happen, the stakes are high, and many are responding with a strong desire to fight. With the Sun in sextile aspect to Jupiter, the fight can be peaceful, but it will still rock the boat.

Moon enters Taurus 6:41 am CST
December 10—Gibbous Moon: Perfecting. You might be wondering how you can be more determined, more willing to stand up for your truth, more committed to the practice of knowing your ground of being. Well, you can. Saturn is asking you to try a little harder as the Sun and Saturn make their once-a-year conjunction. Under this phase of the Moon, we sense we are on the cusp of a breakthrough. The Moon is pregnant with possibilities craving to be released at the Full Moon on December 13. To see the fruition of this lunar cycle, we need to keep focused on what we desire from it. Mercury in Capricorn makes a sextile aspect to Neptune in Pisces today. This transit opens the portals to effective intuition. Trust your instincts. Purify your intentions. The Moon in Taurus reminds us that wisdom comes from our bodies in connection to the Earth. Good progress happens when we center ourselves in that reality.

Moon In Taurus
Sunday, December 11.
The trine between Saturn in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries gets an extra kick in the pants with the Sun joining in on the transit. Yesterday, the Sun conjoined Saturn. Today, the Sun trines Uranus. In the introduction to this lunar cycle I wrote about the synodic cycle between Saturn and Uranus. This is a lengthy cycle, which began in 1988 and will conclude in 2032. These planets represent two strong influences. In very simple terms, Saturn represents conserving forces and Uranus represents liberating forces. Even in a harmonic aspect like a trine (both planets are in fire signs right now), we feel the tension creating a need to respond and evolve. Under Uranus influence, the call is to wake up and act. Under Saturn influence, the pressure is to use our beliefs to protect and defend what we sense is in danger of dying. The work of this lunar cycle is not insignificant since it touches upon Saturn’s fear and determination in the sign of Sagittarius. The momentum is carrying us in ways we cannot control. It is good to remember the ground of being that helps us have faith that we are doing enough. We are enough.

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Monday, November 14, 2016

Follow the Moon: Forecast for November 15, 2016 – November 27

I’ve noticed this question, inspired by the Scorpio lunar cycle, What really matters? can easily shift from a quest for understanding to a sigh of resignation. What really matters, anyway? I see despair beckoning. The Scorpio season is informed by death. It touches on the absolutes, removes the veils that separate the surface world from the other realms below, it empties us and leaves us to wait in the dark. In the Northern Hemisphere the days are getting shorter even if the temperatures are staying abnormally high. Our animal selves respond. The dark is powerful. Our very souls feel the crossroads of choice. Are we on a quest for meaning or do we just give up? Neither choice is altogether right. Neither choice is altogether wrong. Surrendering to the dark can be the very thing that ultimately brings us back to ourselves. If there is anything left when we’ve totally let go. Surely that matters. Surely, something will be left. Right?

What I noticed right after the U.S. Presidential election was a strong need to tell my beloveds that I loved them. That expanded into telling acquaintances, which then expanded into wanting that to be the message for all. Love. Perhaps that matters most. I am not going to say I even understand this need fully. Perhaps I am using the sentiment of Love to feel better. Perhaps it truly is what matters. There are no safety nets in this darkness. But there seems to be an orientation, a desire to affirm the things in life that matter most. The compass seems to point to Love. For Love, we might change the ways we’ve been doing things. For Love, we might come back from the edge of despair. For Love, we could risk waking up.

This lunar cycle has plenty of time left to feel deeply into this place of wondering if anything matters. What are you noticing? As a water sign, Scorpio invites us to be aware of emotion: the ways our emotions shift, the many patterns of seeking emotional comfort, and honoring emotional rawness. Water is the teacher. Water is the precious resource that may help us navigate the darkness and return us to a life that knows what really matters. Watery feelings are strong when Neptune in Pisces stations direct on November 19. Venus in Capricorn supports a knowing awareness of when we want to use emotion to escape and when our emotions give us grounded, useful information. The Sun will enter Sagittarius on November 21 while there is still a week left in the Scorpio lunar cycle. This fire sign will ignite expression about our beliefs. The time we spend in uncertainty tempers righteousness and helps us to listen better to others. On November 24, Jupiter makes the first of three squares to Pluto in Capricorn while at the same time Venus conjoins Pluto. Pluto in Capricorn has been revealing the shadows in our governments, our leaders, and our systems. How much more shadow is there to see into? We may feel that we are at capacity. Jupiter pushes us to new edges. Jupiter’s mission in Libra is balance and justice. We are nowhere near those values at the moment. The Scorpio journey this lunar cycle may teach us something valuable about reaching the bottom and using that to find again what really matters. Stay tuned.

Forecast for November 15, 2016 – November 27

Moon in Gemini
Tuesday, November 15.
Is your mind going a mile a minute today? The Moon in Gemini is busy taking in and probably sharing a lot of information today. This mental energy is very much supported by a sextile aspect between Mars in Aquarius and Mercury in Sagittarius. Air and fire combine to ignite the drive for visionary truth. But just because someone is passionate, doesn’t mean their ideas are worthwhile. Watch out for too much of a good thing when the Moon squares Neptune in Pisces and makes a trine to Jupiter in Libra. Thankfully, the opposition between the Moon and Saturn gives us enough pause to judge for ourselves. This is only a temporary influence, but may help us avoid being swept up by ill conceived plans.

Moon enters Cancer 6:57 pm CST
Wednesday, November 16.
It is possible we are feeling a bit hung over from over expressing ourselves yesterday. The release of our words may serve to help us sink deeper into silence today. We start the day with a stimulating sextile between the Moon in Gemini and Uranus in Aries. Then, the Moon makes no more aspects until it enters quieter Cancer this evening. The Moon is waning and it feels appropriate to spend time at home if possible replenishing our bodies, minds, and spirits. Many people are experiencing grief, trauma, and actual oppression since the presidential election. The Moon in Cancer turns our hearts to defending those who need it. As we ask ourselves what really matters, listen to the heart that cares for others.

Moon in Cancer
November 17—Disseminating Moon: Sharing. The mind may be the last part of ourselves that knows the answer to the question, What really matters? You may already know your answer, even if you don’t have the words. The Scorpio lunar cycle implores us to listen to deeper sources of wisdom. We need these sources—the ancestral realm, the mysteries behind the veil, the dark, our bodies, our souls—to know how to answer this question. With this deep-rooted knowing, what is your next move? This phase of the Moon invites us to share the merits of our lunar commitment to mindful intention. The world has changed and we must change with it. What matters is that it matters what we do now. The Moon in Cancer is a place to start. This Moon is protective. Perhaps our sense of family is expanding. Perhaps we extend the desire to care for others to complete strangers. Perhaps we know that everyone deserves a secure home and the connection of beloveds.
Emotional weather is variable today. Sometimes feeling idealistic as the Moon makes a trine to Neptune in Pisces. Sometimes feeling impatient with others as the Moon opposes Venus in Capricorn. Sometimes feeling overwhelmed as the Moon makes a square to Jupiter in Libra. Sometimes feeling fear as the Moon opposes Pluto. Plan accordingly.

Moon enters Leo 9:14 pm CST
Friday, November 18.
Mercury in Sagittarius makes a square to Neptune in Pisces today. An interesting twist is that Neptune exactly conjoins the South Node of the Moon as well. This means that the karmic quality of the day is amped up substantially. The Nodes of the Moon indicate where we’ve come from (south node) and where we are headed (north). With Neptune in the past placement, we need to look at mass illusion. Neptune can feel altruistic, only concerned with how we are all one and ultimately the same. This point of view can be beautiful but also dangerously deluded. A major delusion in this realm is the idea that white people are not responsible for systems of white supremacy because their intentions are to dissolve differences. Here, the idea that we are all the same is not productive, or safe, to those who don’t have the privilege of white delusions. The north node in Virgo implies that we need to use our faculties for discernment and pragmatic solutions. We can wake up if we value what is useful versus what makes us feel better. Mercury is a trigger point to this axis between the nodes. The messenger god highlights a choice. Some will want to keep following the path of fantasy. Some will choose the path of service.

Moon in Leo
Saturday, November 19.
Yesterday’s transits gave us the opportunity to examine our delusions, thanks to Neptune conjoining the South Node of the Moon and squaring Mercury in Sagittarius. Today, Neptune stations direct, signaling a time to redirect our desires for oneness. Neptune is a tricky god, expressing beauty and illusion at the same time. What impulses do we trust? The Scorpio lunar intention to know what really matters helps us to discern. Some answers are too glib. We can be suspicious of easy and empty gestures. If the vision requires work, we can be more trusting of it. Venus in Capricorn makes a sextile aspect to Neptune. In this sign, the goddess of beauty is focused on hard work that pays off. She is both an ally and a temptress. Perhaps we need to let ourselves dream a little as we commit to the work ahead. The Moon in Leo adds playfulness if we get too confused about esoteric choices.

Moon in Leo
Sunday, November 20.
A grand fire trine burns away Neptune’s fog. Neptune has been influential the last few days. Intuition and identification with other’s suffering is strong under this influence. The Moon in Leo, Saturn in Sagittarius, and Uranus in Aries recharge our batteries. We’ve been on a rollercoaster of emotion lately. This trio helps us to feel re-energized. They represent an alignment of creativity, responsibility, and authenticity.

Moon enters Virgo 3:34 am CST
November 21—Last Quarter Moon: Evaluating. Sun enters Sagittarius. We are shifting into the last week of the Scorpio lunar cycle as the Sun shifts into Sagittarius. We might be feeling a little dissonance between these two concurring energies, but that is to be expected. It would be disrespectful to the dark journey we’ve been on this lunar cycle to snap into the jovial Sagittarian season too quickly. There’s no doubt the sensations of the thinning veils and connection to our beloved dead are fading as those portals begin to close again. We are left with memories of deep connection. These connections matter. The next lunar cycle will be seeded by Sagittarian dreams. These dreams have a better chance of taking root if we continue with the Scorpio journey before us. This phase of the Moon looks critically at what has gone before. I don’t know about you, but I find constant rehashing of mistakes to be exhausting. It feels like we’ve done nothing but that since the presidential election. How else can we honor the journey we’ve been on? How else can we reap the wisdom that has been sown?

The question is, “What really matters?” Even with our defeats, there are still examples of everyday activists and warriors standing up for what really matters in this world. There are examples of people daring to live lives of beauty and connection. We need to shake off the setbacks and failures and remember these. The Moon in Virgo encourages getting down to work. As the Moon opposes stationary Neptune this evening, find the balance point between what we want to believe and what we must do next to ensure what really matters survives.

Moon in Virgo
Tuesday, November 22.
One thing Americans do not seem to struggle with is the desire to express our opinions. Perhaps Facebook was invented to satisfy this national characteristic. We tend to love our ideas. We tend to think we know a thing or two. Even when it is painfully obvious we don’t. The sextile between Mercury in Sagittarius and Jupiter in Libra encourages us to share opinions. As an experiment, what if we tried to keep from doing that for one day. Rather than say what we think, how can we cultivate curiosity and wonder? The natural world has many things to say to us. Perhaps we could devote this day to listening to these voices? The Moon in Virgo does not tolerate fools today. Silence is a virtue.

Moon enters Libra 1:42 pm CST
Wednesday, November 23.
 If we did our silence work yesterday, we may be able to reap cogent, useful insight today. Yesterday, with the sextile between Jupiter and Mercury, I suggested we try to silence our unending need to express our opinions and listen to nature instead. Today, Mercury conjoins Saturn in Sagittarius and we see the value of grounded wisdom. Saturn is instructing us about how belief shapes reality. Saturn is usually the voice of unpretty truths, we might even say harsh realities. Many are waking up to the truth these days, while others are deep in denial. Neptune in Pisces is still powerfully conjoined the South Node of the Moon, asking us to turn away from delusion toward better, unified visions. Like it or not, Saturn will hold us accountable.

Moon in Libra
Thursday, November 24.
U.S. Thanksgiving. We are supposed to be gathering with loved ones and giving thanks today. The dining table may not be the calmest place this year. We have things to discuss and if we not, then the undertow of tension might be too much. Don’t back away from reality today. Yes, we need self-love and self-care. Yes, we need to know our own strength. Yes, we need to believe it matters what we do. And, we still need to look with clear eyes at the world right now. Jupiter in Libra makes the first of three squares to Pluto in Capricorn today. (March 2017 and August 2017 are the other two times.) With Pluto, there is always a dance between what is hidden and what is revealed. The issue is fear. The potential, when we can embrace fear, is to release transformative power. Jupiter is reminding us about balance and justice. Where is it? What gives us access to it? What fears keep us from it? What power helps us claim it? Today and tomorrow, Venus in Capricorn conjoins Pluto and makes a square to Jupiter and the Moon in Libra. Women, gender rights activists, artists, and lovers play an important role in revealing fear and power.

Moon in Libra
November 25—Balsamic Moon: Surrendering. The entire Scorpio season feels like an exercise in surrender. What I mean by surrender is to cease resisting the pull downward, the time of letting intention go, the space of opening to what comes next. For myself, the best outcome I can expect from this lunar cycle is to truly know what matters most. I had to let go of what I thought that meant in order to find it again. What about you? What have you found through the Scorpionic process of surrender?

Venus conjoins Pluto in Capricorn. When Beauty supports us, and when we support Beauty, we have greater capacity to see toxic power structures. Jupiter in Libra, along with the Moon reinforces the need to confront those who would obstruct justice and beauty. This kind of beauty is transformative. Transformation leads to a desire for change when the Moon in Libra opposes Uranus in Aries. People are not calming down, they are becoming more resolved, with issues becoming more clear.

Moon enters Scorpio 2:01 am CST
Saturday, November 26.
The Moon returns to Scorpio for the final days of this Scorpio lunar cycle. Some things, ideas, illusions, and beings have died this month. We lost Leonard Cohen. Loss is not easy. We may be feeling vulnerable about loss with Mercury in Sagittarius forming a square to Chiron in Pisces. It may shake our faith. Mercury also makes a trine to Uranus in Aries, an aspect that supports innovation and breakthrough. One struggle today may be to integrate mental activity with emotional insecurities.

Moon in Scorpio
Sunday, November 27.
Tensions could be strong today. The Moon in Scorpio makes a square to Mars in Aquarius. And even though the aspects are not exact, there is a tense t-square pattern with Jupiter in Libra opposing Uranus in Aries with both square to Pluto and Venus in Capricorn. Rebellion, reactivity, covert control are ingredients that fuel unease and dissatisfaction. Know your base. Know what matters. Be willing to show up.

To read about the beginning of the Scorpio lunar cycle go to Starsdance Astrology.

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Sunday, November 6, 2016

Follow the Moon: Forecast November 7, 2016 – November 14

If the Scorpio season is a journey down to the roots of what matters, then perhaps the mid-point of Scorpio is the signal to return. The midpoint of Scorpio was reached on November 6. For the next two weeks, we acquire the lessons and gifts of that journey. Perhaps we also bring back knowledge of what our next work is. If we know what really matters, then we know what must be done. Perhaps for you it is about family, or perhaps water, or perhaps justice. For you, what really matters could be loving yourself unconditionally. Making art. Bringing healing. Speaking truth. I believe the world needs each of us to know what really matters to us. I believe we fulfill the contract with life by living ours fully. Scorpio is the season of death. From being touched by death, we discover what matters most about this life.

I like the Scorpio awareness that differentiates between the surface and the depths. A lot that goes on at the surface is immaterial. The U.S. Presidential election, which finally finishes this week, fulfills that description. People can be manipulated easily by immaterial distraction. If we aren’t in touch with what really matters, we don’t know how to discern and choose wisely. It appears to me that the election process in the U.S. attempts to manipulate as many people as possible by keeping their awareness on the surface. However, with Scorpio eyes, we see that the candidates and the mainstream media are not talking about what really matters. And that perhaps frightens me the most. We need to acknowledge the real issues and perils of our world, which include climate change, racism, inequitable dispersal of resources, military aggression, and multiple injustices. The beauty of the Scorpio season is that we can develop the wisdom to see those who would manipulate us from the surface. By tuning into the Earth itself during this season, we follow the life force on its underworld journey. We sense into the mysterious veils that separate the seen and unseen worlds. We hear the timeless messages of the ancestors. We return with knowledge of what matters. This is power.

Here is the message I am getting from this Scorpio investigation: Regardless of what happens on the surface, and it might seem really scary, don’t lose track of what you know, of what is important to you about life. The journey into death always affirms what really matters. The portals of fear and self-judgment sometimes keep us from going deeper. I recognize how hard it is to go past these barriers. Yet, I have learned in my 61 years of existence that when I do, I bring back the indomitable strength of life. We need such self-aware people to be fully in touch with their power in our world. We recognize this as spiritual wisdom, the essence of the artist, the nurturer of life and beauty, the warrior who stands up for the Earth. With Scorpio eyes, see these people around you and see this person in you.

Forecast for November 7, 2016 – November 14

Moon in Aquarius
November 7—First Quarter Moon: Manifesting. Midpoints of fixed signs (Scorpio, Aquarius, Taurus, and Leo) are the feistiest parts of these essential anchors of the zodiac. If a fixed sign is an immutable force, then the midpoint of that sign is pretty darn sure of itself. The Sun is at the midpoint of Scorpio and the Moon reaches the midpoint of Aquarius today. Under this influence, we could see some people squaring off to protect intractable positions. This is an interesting ingredient to the last day of Presidential campaigning. Mental health practitioners have been reporting pre-election stress is greater during this campaign than ever before. We are feeling it today.
The struggle between Scorpio depths and Aquarian vision is often one of style. Aquarius wants transparency. Scorpio keeps things hidden. Both are good. Both are necessary as we identify what really matters during this lunar cycle. If we slip into either/or thinking, then we lose the power of both. How do we honor the unseen while asking for greater accountability? As the Sun makes an encouraging sextile to Pluto in Capricorn today, we can trust that the journey into the depths is giving us the discernment we need to choose wisely. At the same time, we can bring to light, some of the ways those who do not want to be accountable have been working behind the scenes. Even on the last day of the campaign, secrets will be exposed.

Moon enters Pisces 3:45 pm CST
Tuesday, November 8.
U.S. Election Day. The day starts under the influence of a waxing Aquarian Moon. There is a collective desire to bring change to the world. This is apparent, though not all agree on the type of change we need. Expect to see many strategies employed to bring about a desired outcome from all camps. Confusion may reign at the beginning when the Moon makes a square to Mercury in Scorpio. This is a temporary influence. However, the Moon moving into Pisces mid-afternoon (Central time zone) may dampen activist fervor. Voting turnout could slack if people just want to give up. At the end of the day, Mars moves into Aquarius. Groups are energized one way or another by the outcome of the election. Mars fuels a desire to work for change.

Moon in Pisces
Wednesday, November 9.
We might be feeling a strong desire to retreat, to recover, after the stress of the election. The Moon in Pisces encourages self-care. This Moon conjoins Neptune early in the day and then makes a square to Saturn. We might want to tune out and then feel an obligation to tune back in. Honor your emotions. However you see the struggle of our times, know that the work will still be there if you take a break. We feel a deep longing for connection. This may be expressed as a desire to begin healing divisions.

Moon enters Aries 7:44 pm CST
Thursday, November 10.
Today the Moon conjoins Chiron in Pisces. Emotions surface. If the Scorpio (fixed water) lunar cycle helps us to touch upon emotional depth, then the Moon and Chiron in Pisces (mutable water) help us to release those deeper feelings. Water is the teacher and the precious source of life. Water issues may surface today as well. With the election over, perhaps a new response to the water protectors of Standing Rock will happen today. All water issues are connected. A square between the Moon and Venus in Sagittarius highlights a division between action and values. When the Moon moves into Aries later today, we feel a desire to protect and fight for what we value.

Moon in Aries
November 11—Gibbous Moon: Perfecting. The tension between knowing what matters and fighting for what matters fuels this phase of the Scorpio lunar cycle. Under the perfecting influence of the gibbous Moon, we feel the desire to keep pushing for the wisdom of the depths. The Moon is waxing. On November 14, the Full Moon will illuminate our desires and the wisdom we’ve earned through a long journey to the depths. The Aries Moon encourages the fighter in us. This inner fighter will do well to pause and reflect on what has been learned the last two weeks of this Scorpio lunar cycle. An opposition between Jupiter in Libra and the Moon may provoke us to act before such consideration. Notice impulsivity. A square between the Moon and Pluto in Capricorn interjects power issues. What is true power? Remember that Scorpio encourages an awareness of what lies underneath surface reality. True power comes from acknowledging a deeper and greater source of wisdom. Venus moves into Capricorn today. The value is on effective leadership and results. Venus is exalted in this place of power where we know what really matters and what is at stake.

Moon enters Taurus 8:23 pm CST
Saturday, November 12.
The agitating energy of the Moon in Aries conjunct Uranus during the night may have us waking cranky this morning. This mood shifts when Mercury enters Sagittarius, giving us something to aim for. If you are dissatisfied with the status quo, then what are you going to do about it? Important information comes from how we are feeling. The Sun in Scorpio trines Chiron in Pisces. Water issues rise to the surface. Perhaps vulnerability is seen as a strength. Later tonight, the Moon moves into Taurus. Grounded certainty comes from previous emotional work. We are building up to a potent Full Moon on the 14th. Feel, already, the illumination of the deep soul searching of the Scorpio season. 

Moon in Taurus
Sunday, November 13.
Try to see the Moon rise tonight. The supermoon Full Moon, exact tomorrow morning, will be stunning tonight. The Moon’s orbit is not perfectly circular. Each month at perigee, the Moon comes closer to the Earth. When this point occurs at a full or new moon, it is called a supermoon. This particular one is even closer than usual. According to Earthand Sky , it hasn’t been this close at a Full Moon since 1948 and won’t be this close at a full moon again until 2034. Expect to howl at this Moon. We’ve been holding a lot of tension around the election. The season of Scorpio reminds us of inevitable death. The barriers between the seen and unseen worlds have been thin and we may be feeling a bit exposed. What a great opportunity to release all that into the light of this spectacular Moon. More reason to release tension: The Sun in Scorpio makes a quincunx to Uranus in Aries today. We’ve been tussling all week between the energies of revolution and resolution. Under Scorpio influence, we want to go deep and be solid in our values. Under Uranus/Aries influence, we impetuously want to shake things up to see what happens. Both are present as we release paradox into the Taurus Moon’s light.

Moon enters Gemini 7:23 pm CST
November 14—Full Moon: Illumination. I hope you got to see the Taurus supermoon last night. (See yesterday’s forecast.) This morning, the Full Moon is exact (in the central time zone) as the Moon in Taurus reaches the opposite position in the zodiac from the Sun in Scorpio. Full Moons are illuminating not only because the full face of the Moon is lit up but also because an opposition brings illuminating insight through the power of mirroring. Scorpio and Taurus are mirrors for each other. These fixed signs, holding down their quadrants of the year, link death to life and life to death. Opposite signs mirror wholeness to each other. These signs help us realize that the life, death, rebirth process is an innate pattern in our experiences. Full Moons help us to realize that there is no binary of either/or but only pulsations between polarities. Continuums. Cycles. Wheels. Patterns. This is an opportunity is to see where we are in our personal journeys.

Today’s Full Moon calls us back from deeper and darker places. Taurus anchors the season of spring when life floods back from the quiet of winter. Do you feel a surge of life rushing back right now? It is good to recall how this feels because we are headed into winter in the Northern Hemisphere. The quiet and fertile darkness will be with us for a while. This Moon is a reminder the wheel keeps turning. Life will reemerge.

Perhaps that awareness helps you to relax a bit more into the Scorpio journey of this lunar cycle, which is only halfway complete. I’ve been guided in this journey by the question, What really matters? It is comforting for me to know that the eternal cycle of life, death, and rebirth is bigger than me, bigger than elections, bigger than governments. This comfort gives me access to what Taurus is brilliant at: grounding us into the wisdom of the Earth and our bodies. Remember this place.

In the Full Moon chart, Neptune in Pisces exactly conjoins the south node of the Moon. The south node points to the past, to hard lessons, experiences that have held us back. There is a karmic association with this point. As the “Great Unbinder,” Neptune helps us let go. This is tricky, however, because Neptune can also lead us right back into the choices that brought us to this crossroads—escapism and delusion. Perhaps the middle road and the antidote may be to approach our mistakes with new levels of accountability. Shame is a distraction in this healing process. Can we surrender and accept responsibility at the same time? The answer to this paradox may come from the ancestral realms during this Scorpio season.

Another feature of this chart to note is that Jupiter in Libra will soon be making the first of three squares to Pluto in Capricorn (November 24). (In December, Jupiter will make the first of three oppositions to Uranus in Aries.) Jupiter is sounding the trumpet for justice and balance. Inequities are hard to tolerate. The Pluto connection exposes more injustice from those in power. Illuminations from this Full Moon give the resources we need to correct those imbalances.

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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Follow the Moon: November 1, 2016 – November 6

Please see Follow the Moon for my introduction to this week’s transits and the New Moon intention for this Scorpio lunar cycle.

Forecast for November 1, 2016 – November 6
Moon enters Sagittarius 9:43 am CDT
Tuesday, November 1.
Sun in Scorpio connects with Neptune in Pisces by trine. Both water signs support tuning into our emotions. If the purpose of this Scorpio lunar cycle is to seek and know what really matters, then Neptune invites mysterious, unexplainable intuition to the quest. Water helps dissolve barriers to our feelings. But it might also feel overwhelming. The Moon in Sagittarius (a fire sign) lifts us out of what could feel like a downward spiral. Meaning comes from within and it comes from new perspective offered by others. Feel the stretch in both directions.

Moon in Sagittarius
Wednesday, November 2.
It is likely we will be annoyed by things not going according to plan today. Yesterday, Sun and Neptune softened the edges creating a willingness to go with the flow. Today, the Moon in Sagittarius makes a square to Neptune in Pisces while conjoining Saturn. It would be great if people did what they said they were going to do and we could lift ourselves out of a personal fog. Things are fuzzy. The adjustment needed today is between being functional and still keeping one ear open to the mysteries behind the thinning veils of this Scorpio season.

Moon enters Capricorn 10:05 pm CDT
November 3—Crescent Moon: Beginning. The Scorpio season continues to deepen. The veils separating the worlds of the living and the dead, the seen and the unseen, continue to thin. There is less patience for meaningless and shallow activity. We want substance. We need to be rooted in what really matters. If every lunar cycle follows the life cycle of a plant, the crescent phase is when the seed breaks open and roots go down into the soil. This beginning may feel very subterranean at the moment. That is OK, especially for the Scorpio lunation where everything important seems to be happening below the surface anyway. Do you hear the echoing question, What really matters? What really matters? Later in this lunar cycle, we will be called upon to act on what really matters. Pay attention now. For most of the day (Central Time Zone) the Moon remains in Sagittarius. This truth-seeking sign looks afar for the answers that most likely are deep within. Notice where you seek your answers. The sextile between Mercury in Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn supports penetrating curiosity. What is at the root? What are you learning?

Moon in Capricorn
Friday, November 4.
I began this lunar cycle inspired by the activism taking place at Standing Rock to protect sacred water and stand up for native sovereignty. When we know what really matters, it is possible to find this type of deep commitment. The Moon in Capricorn helps us recognize the necessary steps to ensure core essentials will survive. Some of these steps will require sacrifice and hard work. Qualities Capricorn knows well. Venus in Sagittarius forms a square to Chiron in Pisces. We may feel acutely aware of the wounds in the world, especially surrounding water. While Chiron has transited Pisces, water issues have been coming to the foreground. Venus is interested in inspiring us to dream big and act boldly to protect water. Idealism is high today. The challenge will be to ground idealism into pragmatism.

Moon in Capricorn
Saturday, November 5.
You might remember that a few days ago I said that the searching for what really matters would spur us to action before too long. That is what today feels like. The Moon in Capricorn conjoins Pluto and makes a square to Uranus in Aries. We feel deeply about the changes we want to see in the world and in our lives. The thing about knowing what really matters is that we clearly see the actions we need to take and the stakes if we don’t take them. This doesn’t mean we have to beat ourselves up to change the world. This means that we are more powerful when we align our actions with what really matters. Find the soul and beauty in this awareness. Venus in Sagittarius eggs Uranus on today with a supportive trine. Radical actions can be beautiful. When beauty is what matters most, the world already changes.

Moon enters Aquarius 5:55 am CST
Sunday, November 6.
Astronomical Samhain. The Sun reaches the midpoint of Scorpio today. Some celebrate this astronomical Samhain as the time the veils are the thinnest. Most of the time, for most of us perhaps, the realms of life and death seem pretty distinct. I think of this as “above ground” awareness. But when the life force sinks back into the Earth in late fall, the “below ground” awareness wakes up. The veils thin. There is less differentiation and more blurring of the worlds. This is a rich time for sending and receiving blessings and wisdom. This is a beautiful time to honor those who have made our lives possible, our beloved dead. It is a magnificent for developing the felt sense of what really matters—how we know in our bones what we cherish and what we must do to protect it. This instinctual knowing, which seems to bypass the intellect, butts right up against the Moon in Aquarius, the fixed air sign that sees the world both intellectually and abstractly. This paradox could fuel conflict or be an intriguing ingredient in the messages we receive on this day. The quincunx aspect between Mercury in Scorpio and Uranus in Aries is another signature of the same paradox. If Scorpio knows from the depths, Aquarius knows from the heights. This vast span encourages broad ranging vision. Another world is possible if we completely accept the world we’ve got.

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