Saturday, August 6, 2016

Follow the Moon: Crescent Moon Phase of Leo cycle

I will return to posting more than one day of my forecast soon. Here is an important turning point in this Leo lunar cycle. 

Moon enters Libra 11:56 am CDT
August 6—Crescent Moon: Beginning. Astronomical Lughnasad/Lammas. The season of First Fruits. The exact midpoint between Summer Solstice and Fall Equinox is reached today. This is the astronomical point that anchors the heart of the Summer season (in the Northern Hemisphere). Leo is the flame that burns in that heart. I am paying attention to magic this month. My magic is what I bring to the table. In this season of first fruits it is good to know what we are bringing to our communal tables. Each of us can be different. Who would want a first fruits table of tomatoes only, even if tomatoes are divine right now. A hodgepodge of distinct offerings gives us a better chance of nourishment. Together we create a wholeness that is more magical than the sum of our parts. But we have to bring it! For me, that means claiming my magic. This lunar cycle I invite you to consider these questions: What is the flavor of my magic? How can I steward my gifts to impact the world for the better? What practices will help center me in a healthy exchange of creativity and appreciation of others?

The Crescent Moon phase is a time to set a new pattern. The Moon in Libra is social and just. Balance creates energy for beauty and change. Mercury in Virgo is square Saturn in Sagittarius. A t-square aspect pattern of Mercury square Saturn, Saturn square Neptune in Pisces, and Mercury opposite Neptune influences us for the next couple of days. Mercury is strong in Virgo, asking us to apply discernment and a willingness to serve as we meet the challenges of illusion and fundamentalism in our world. We are challenged to step out of despair and into productive action. I’ve been thinking about the magic of bees lately. Virgo’s industry and devotion inspires that association. Without the bees, our first fruits table would be bleak and bare. Let us give thanks to the bees for doing this work and showing us how to work collaboratively towards the harvest.

Another important transit influencing this moment is the square between Venus in Virgo and Mars in Sagittarius. Tension can create pleasure but it can also block it. Find that sweet spot between making others happy and making yourself happy. This might involve standing up for yourself or backing down from conflict. When you get the right balance between the two, a golden nectar is created. Bring that to the table too.

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