Monday, August 1, 2016

Dear readers, I  am still on the road. To tide us over to the beginning of the next lunar cycle, which begins tomorrow, here is a taste of what today may bring. Be well.

Moon enters Leo 8:12 pm CDT
Monday, August 1. On this last day of the Cancer lunar cycle, pause and reflect on the lessons of support, home, foundation. The Moon remains in Cancer for most of this day, helping us to sink a little deeper into the source place of our lives. As a water sign, Cancer helps us go deeper, quenching the thirst for knowing more about our roots. Agitation comes today in the form of this soul-seeking Moon making a square to a powerfully stationary Uranus in Aries. Those roots are crying out for an awakening. The trine between the Sun in Leo and Saturn in Sagittarius invites accountability as we move through the world today. The paradoxical quincunx aspect between Venus in Leo and Chiron in Pisces ties a heart cord between a need to expand and shine and a desire to tend and heal. The New Moon in Leo, which begins tomorrow, will be an opportunity to know the magic we bring to the world. How do you prepare the way for that journey?

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