Monday, July 18, 2016

Follow the Moon: Forecast for July 18, 2016 — July 31

I could start this week’s forecast in a lot of ways. So much is up right now. Here is what I am noticing: white awakening to structural racism; week after week of horrific violence in Turkey, Iraq, Syria, France (and other places that I am woefully unaware of); indigenous people’s land and survival threatened by oil pipelines; ignorant dependency on extracting that oil; violence towards trans women of color; and the list goes on. And here is what I want us to remember: There is a wild spirit, uncontained by the forces of oppression, that moves through the Earth and the people in love with the Earth, in love with justice, in love with love. This wild spirit cannot be contained. And it is possible to tap into this force and reemerge more healed and stronger. That is the power of this lunar cycle seeded by the root energy of Cancer.

Cancer is the cardinal water sign that uses water’s magic to nurture life. Water is the primeval source of that life on our planet and probably all life anywhere. Cardinal signs are the initiators. This lunar cycle, which began in Cancer on July 4, provides an opportunity to reconnect with the roots of life itself, the beginnings. This is big energy, wild energy, healing energy. And we need it.

This week’s Full Moon in Capricorn offers balance between the forces that nurture life and the forces that structure life. Oppositions stretch us between extremes, inviting integration. Integration is illumination—a new pathway, a new understanding, a new anchoring can result. We also need this.
I am thinking about the political party conventions coming in the next two weeks. So much is at stake and sometimes it feels that no one with power is willing to do anything about it. When I feel despair, I know I can travel back into the wild nature of life that nurtures and sustains me. At the root, I access the birthright of love and possibility. Yes, other roots are there, but this one is too. This is a healing journey. I need this. What roots do you need to access at this time? That journey is waiting for you.

Due to my traveling/teaching schedule for the next two weeks, my forecast will be for two weeks. During this time, pressure is building to make change happen, with Uranus stationing retrograde on July 29. Planetary influence is stronger when stationary. Uranus in Aries influences the great awakening that is going on right now. Waking up can create stress, but it can also be joyful and exciting. The Sun’s ingress into Leo, along with Mercury and Venus, encourages a revolution of joy. Leo is fixed fire. Fire is energy that needs to flow and be in exchange with others. Play and creativity are ways to access this flow. The first half of this Cancer lunar cycle was influenced by planets in the water signs. The second half is about fire, yet the intention is the same. Water and fire share a fluid nature, yet are quite different from each other. In fact, it takes great skill to make room for both, as water can smother fire and fire can dry up water. Right balance between our emotional and energetic natures creates a powerful resource for love and healing. As the Moon wanes, we have the opportunity to seek this balance between heart and action.

Forecast for July 18, 2016 — July 31

Moon in Capricorn
Monday, July 18.
If you have never checked out Caroline Casey’s Mythic News, informed by astrology, you really should. [] She uses a phrase that applies to today, “the tormentors of doom.” These are the befuddling forces of oppression and no fun that want to assert their own importance at the cost of the sacred wild. What I like about Caroline is how she uses humor and story to put these tormentors in their place. As the Republican Convention starts under the influence of a Capricorn Moon conjunct Pluto, let’s envision the shear weight of self-importance crushing the tormentors of doom. Let’s envision creativity and compassion, as the Moon forms a sextile to Neptune in Pisces, as the antidote to despair.

Moon enters Aquarius 10:10 pm CDT
July 19—Full Moon: Illuminating. Cancer’s influence on this lunar cycle has been to offer an opportunity to connect with the roots, the very source of our lives. I imagine water sinking deep into the Earth, with each layer of soil and rock that water moves past being a more primal layer of life. Cancer takes us on a journey into the past. These roots allow us to see where things have gone wrong. This rooting out is also a chance to better support and heal our foundations. Capricorn, the Moon’s sign at this Full Moon, lends an earth sign perspective on our roots. While Cancer may be concerned with nourishment, Capricorn is focused on structure. Our laws, agreements, and rules fall under the Capricorn umbrella. Our values around mastery and accountability do too. These signs need each other to bring balance to our expectations. When we nurture our best selves, we create structures that support the whole.

The need to change from the roots up is felt through a square from Uranus in Aries to the opposition of the Sun and Moon. Uranus is the Great Awakener and is particularly strong at this time as Uranus prepares to station retrograde on July 29. It is difficult to be complacent about our roots and structures. We see more clearly the ways we need to repair them.

The square between Saturn in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces continues to be an influence. Mercury in Leo makes a quincunx to Neptune and trines Saturn, creating complexity about the way we frame reality. Stories have enormous influence. Unexamined stories can keep us sleeping when we need to wake up. This is a good time to reflect on where our stories come from and who they benefit. It is a good thing to question our assumptions. How do we open the locked doors in our minds?

Planets in water signs have been very influential the first half of this lunar cycle, increasing the facility of emotional response. The rest of the lunar cycle has more fire. We speed up. There may be less reflection and more reactivity to life. At this Full Moon, reflect on healing and nourishing the foundations that support life so that when fire enflames our passions we are able to act in ways that will sustain life.

Moon in Aquarius
Wednesday, July 20.
Venus in Leo makes a trine to Saturn in Sagittarius. We are feeling creative, engaged, and accountable under this influence. Seek collaboration in the projects that inspire you. Dare to step into the limelight or shine that light on others. It helps to define what is really important. The Moon in Aquarius challenges us to be more objective in our creativity, but that doesn’t mean we don’t get to be inspired. In fact, you may feel that you are flooded with creative ideas. Get them down in concrete form while they are flowing.

Moon In Aquarius
Thursday, July 21.
Yesterday’s clarity becomes today’s self-doubt. Venus in Leo forms a quincunx to Neptune in Pisces. The feeling of vulnerability can actually deepen the ways we are creative and engaged with others. Not every situation is safe, but when you want to cultivate intimacy, it is a good idea to let down your shield and let others see the real you. The Moon in Aquarius makes a square to Mars in Scorpio later in the evening. Differences in emotional expression might cause conflict. Commit to truthtellling and trust in those relationships that matter most to you. 

Moon enters Pisces 3:35 am CDT
Friday, July 22.
Sun enters Leo. The Moon enters a water sign just as the Sun moves into the fixed fire sign of Leo, mirroring the dance from water to fire we will be experiencing for the rest of this lunar cycle. We learn to flow from emotion to passion, vulnerability to daring, internal places to external stages. The operative word is flow. Both water and fire have this need to move. Both seek something. Water seeks depth and fire seeks fuel. The combination of water’s depth and fire’s inspiration is profound. Under this influence Mercury in Leo makes a quincunx to Pluto in Capricorn. Perhaps with the strength of intuition (water insight) and passion (fire insight) the desire to speak truth to power becomes hard to ignore. 

Moon in Pisces
July 23—Disseminating Moon: Sharing. It may be easy to forget that the beginning of this lunar cycle, we were called to tend to our roots through the wisdom and magic of water. How have you noticed water’s influence upon you these last three weeks? On the last day of the Moon’s transit through Pisces (mutable water), today is a good opportunity to reflect on these experiences, which have possibly ranged from deep grief to pure joy. Expanding our capacity to feel a range of emotion helps to strengthen the foundations that support life. The Moon opposes Jupiter in Virgo today. The integration of this opposition between a desire for order and a desire for union creates a healthy ability to draw necessary boundaries while keeping our hearts open.

Moon enters Aries 7:33 am CDT
Sunday, July 24.
Dare to step into the unknown. That doesn’t mean put yourself in danger, but daring to go past comfort zones can engender that same courage in others. The Moon in Aries makes a trine aspect to the Sun in Leo, we are excited to see what is beyond the edge. Venus in Leo, concerned with connecting with others creatively, makes a puzzling quincunx to Pluto in Capricorn. The tension between desiring affirmation from others and not feeling particularly trusting of others can twist us up in knots. Know your own value. Take the power Pluto offers.

Moon in Aries
Monday, July 25.
The GOP Convention began with the Moon conjoining Pluto in Capricorn. The Democratic Convention begins with the Moon making a square to Pluto. Last Monday, I wrote about the “tormentors of doom.” They’re back with a different flavor. Both major parties in the U.S. have their difficulties and the timing of these conventions says the difficulties stem from entrenched power blocs. The Moon in Aries wants to shake up those stale forms. Remembering that this lunar cycle seeded by Cancer is an opportunity to repair our foundations so we may nurture life, this shaking awake is part of the plan. The Moon feeds the creative, engaged, and connected parts of ourselves by making a trine to Venus and Mercury in Leo. Remember to feed life force energy by giving your attention to others. When they, in turn, continue to share attention, we are all fed by the light.

Moon enters Taurus 10:37 am CDT
July 26—Last Quarter Moon: Evaluating. Just in case things were moving a little too quickly under the fiery Aries Moon of the last two days, Taurus is here to slow it all down. Oh yes, the body has something to say about our lunar intentions this month. There is a reason we need to tend to our foundations. There is a reason we need to nourish life in all its forms. Our bodies remind us of these reasons and perhaps have wisdom to share about how to do those things. The Moon will be in Taurus today and tomorrow. Listen to your body, slow down to the speed of earth, find the stability of a good foundation, and nurture it.

Moon in Taurus
Wednesday, July 27.
This is an elementally complex day. Fires of transformation are held within a container of earth. Mid-day, the Moon in Taurus creates a grand earth trine with Pluto in Capricorn and Jupiter in Virgo. This structure is the container for a dynamic trine between Mercury in Leo and Uranus in Aries. Mercury and Uranus spark creative ideas and a passion for change now. It may be hard to incorporate this flame with the steadiness that the Taurus Moon is asserting right now. We remember the power of water, emotion, and connection through a quincunx aspect between Mercury and Chiron in Pisces. Perhaps the basis of sustainable change (earth and fire) comes from the healing waters.

Moon enters Gemini 1:17 pm CDT
Thursday, July 28. The final aspects the Taurus Moon makes before entering Gemini are a square to Mercury in Leo and an opposition to Mars in Scorpio. We could wake up in a bad mood, ready for a fight or pouting about being unappreciated. These feelings could be a door to deeper emotional awareness, even when the Moon moves into Gemini, a sign better known for mental dexterity than emotional deftness. The genius of a Gemini Moon is the desire to know more and share it with others. What are you learning?

Moon in Gemini
Friday, July 29.
The planet of awakening, Uranus, is screeching to a halt and turning retrograde today. That makes this planet’s influence more powerful. What this could feel like is impatience, sudden insight, a desire to break free, a need for authenticity. Under this electric energy, the Moon in Gemini contacts Saturn in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces drawing attention to the ways we are seeking to make sense of the world. Uranus asks us to break free from dominant stories that limit our ability to live in truth. Mercury in Leo makes a square to Mars in Scorpio. Perhaps rage plays a part in breaking free. Perhaps speaking the truth in spite of the risks moves us closer to healing the structures that nourish life.

Moon enters Cancer 4:08 pm CDT
July 30—Balsamic Moon: Surrendering. It’s possible that yesterday’s transits felt like a storm breaking. What follows is a chance to reflect on what led to that release. The Moon returns to Cancer, the sign that seeded this lunar cycle at the New Moon on July 4. Through the wisdom of water, I’ve been tracing the patterns back to my roots, seeking healing for that foundation. At this return of the Moon to the sign that initiated my intention, I can reflect on what I have experienced, how I have changed, what I have learned. This phase of the Moon is a time to honor the journey and to surrender intention back to the fertile darkness where new intention gestates. Another shift occurs today. Mercury moves from Leo to Virgo. Mercury rules this sign of service and pragmatism. Perhaps we notice the shift in the season. The end of summer is not far off. Thoughts turn to plans for the fall. Ways to make our lives work better. The work we’ve done on our roots helps us to know better the direction we need to go next.

Moon in Cancer
Sunday, July 31.
The dynamic relationship between water and fire resurfaces today. The Moon in Cancer makes a trine to Neptune in Pisces, opening our hearts and souls to empathy and intuition. Venus in Leo makes a trine to Uranus in Aries (both fire signs) sparking delight in change. Capturing creative imagination for the purpose of discovery. These elements support each other to flow past barriers, although the day is not without its challenges. The Moon opposes Pluto in Capricorn. The forces of oppression may be strong, but nurturing water is too. Seek restoration and transformation.

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Monday, July 11, 2016

Follow the Moon: Forecast for July 11, 2016 — July 17

I want to look at the word vigilance today. The Online Etymology Dictionary tells me this about the word: from Latin vigilantia "wakefulness, watchfulness, attention," from vigil "watchful, awake." Have you been staying awake lately? By this, I don’t mean insomnia or an inability to sleep. No, what I mean is an awakened awareness that demands a response, a need to pay attention more, a desire to do what is right in regards to the information. That kind of wakefulness has come to visit, not just me but the whole world, it seems. A brand new level of awakening is happening. I am going to get overtly political here. I am explicitly talking about waking up to racism and white supremacy structures. This is the waking that is needed and is ongoing right now in the U.S. The recent videos of police killing black men has been a wake up call.

There is an instructive pattern flowing through the signs and seasons of a year, which helps us navigate life. The pattern goes like this: At the end of a season, the mutable signs collect information about the past season, integrating it into collective wisdom. This wisdom is passed along to the next cardinal sign at the beginning of a new season. Cardinal signs initiate action in response to what was learned. The fixed sign, which comes next, will anchor it, leading back to more mutable integration. We’ve just finished a super-charged mutable lunar cycle in the air mutable sign of Gemini. A grand mutable cross formation opened all the senses to collective experience. It is as if our nervous systems got an upgrade forcing us to be more attentive. Now, the current lunar cycle seeded by the cardinal water sign, Cancer, is a time for taking action given what we have learned.

I know this pattern. As an astrologer, my question is, what kinds of action align with this season? I know that Cancer’s primary action is to nurture life and repair foundations through the wisdom of water. It feels important to align with this point of view and this brings me back to vigilance. Cancer is a vigilant sign. If you’ve ever taken care of children or nurtured any vulnerable thing into a stronger existence, you know the kind of attention I am talking about. Water is a funny element, so gentle and seductive, it can feel harmless, safe, sweet. But water is not only that. Water is the only element that takes on all states of being, flowing from liquid to solid to gas as it will. In a vigilant state, water does what it has to, assumes the forms that is necessary, to nurture life and repair foundations. That is strength.

Some of us are waking up. Perhaps this season we learn how to stay woke. Imagine that water can be an ally here too, if you are willing. The transits this week encourage staying woke, Mercury, the planet of mind and word, makes a square from its sign Cancer to Uranus in Aries (another signature of awakening if there ever was one). The Moon begins the week in the sign of Libra (cardinal air) seeking justice and stimulating the paradigm changers, Pluto and Uranus, to wake us up some more. On July 12, the Moon dives deep into Scorpio, another water sign. Here, the Moon conjoins a newly direct Mars who encourages us to not go back to sleep and to see with clear eyes the real power dynamics at play in our culture. The Sun in Cancer will square revolutionary Uranus on July 16. This influence adds fuel to the fire of vigilance and feels particularly powerful as the GOP convention starts just two days later. Both Mercury and Venus leave the sign of Cancer and enter Leo this week encouraging our passions and creativity to take center stage in our work to nurture life and repair foundations.

Forecast for July 11, 2016 — July 17

Moon in Libra
July 11—First Quarter Moon: Manifesting. At the New Moon, I stated my intention for this Cancer lunar cycle: Tend to the roots; follow water’s wisdom. At the time, I did not know another round of awakening was in store for this nation as we are reminded again of the constant peril Black bodies suffer under systemic racism. Systems and foundations need changing. Cancer is the sign of the nurturer who attends to the foundations supporting us. If there is something wrong with the structures beneath us, Cancer is a good sign to enlist to root out the flaws. Under the influence of the First Quarter Phase of this lunar cycle, this desire to heal our very roots is strong. Practice visualizing the foundations you wish for the world. From visualization we are able to manifest firmer and more just foundations. The Moon in Libra is concerned with just that. Where are we out of balance? Where is justice needed? The Moon forms a square to Pluto in Capricorn this morning (Central time zone). Under this influence, the passion for justice is tinged with a desire to expose toxic power. Those in abusive power positions may try even harder to keep the imbalance of power in their favor. The square between Mercury in Cancer and Uranus in Aries sparks a revolution in word and ideas. Yet, with a trine between Mercury and Chiron in Pisces, we are reminded that through our hearts we are all connected, all suffering from systems of injustice. Some would say that to change the world, we need to be willing to change ourselves. Perhaps this trine between Mercury and Chiron offers the perspective that objectification of an enemy does not help us make lasting change for the better.

Moon enters Scorpio 3:52 pm CDT
Tuesday, July 12
. At 4:30 am, the Moon in Libra opposes Uranus in Aries. The night might be a restless one for many of us. Perhaps you wake in an agitated state. If the Moon acts as a trigger today, the trigger may be to finally break the dam of complacency. A lot needs to change. There is a sense of urgency. It doesn’t help that the Moon will form a square to Mercury in the last degrees of Cancer early in the day as well. There is a tendency to say the wrong thing or to get annoyed by communication styles. When the Moon moves into Scorpio, these annoyances could become resentments. Resentments could make us aware of deeper patterns that need to be addressed. Choices will be influenced by Venus’ ingress into the fiery sign of Leo today. To get us off to a flashy start, the Moon squares Venus soon after. Venus will encourage us to live life larger. This isn’t a time to live small. Dream big and let creativity flow.

Moon in Scorpio
Wednesday, July 13.
Bigger personalities may get our attention today. Mercury enters Leo, joining Venus who entered this fixed fire sign yesterday. Fire signs are more impatient but can let go of the past easily. Perhaps this works in our favor as the Moon in Scorpio (fixed water) continues to stir up deep feelings and resentments. The tension between water and fire is continued through a quincunx aspect between Mars in Scorpio and Uranus in Aries. If you are feeling disrespected then do something about it. You may get better results if you employ humor and fun than a heavy-handed sense of injustice. Remembering the foundations that need to be healed, accept all the shadows that are revealed today. Joy is stronger than despair.

Moon In Scorpio
Thursday, July 14.
A grand water trine of Sun in Cancer, Moon and Mars in Scorpio, and Chiron in Pisces attempts to smooth out the rough edges. Water can erode jagged places but we may not feel like totally surrendering to the flow. As the Moon and Mars conjoin, we get in touch with some real passion. This passion has roots deep in the psyche and their release could be transformative. Mars has recently turned direct after spending five weeks retrograding through Scorpio. This is the first time since turning direct that Mars has conjoined the Moon. Mars is reporting back from the long, lonely journey. Scorpio represents the deepest parts of our souls. Be open to hearing from yours.

Moon enters Sagittarius 4:14 am CDT
July 15—Gibbous Moon: Perfecting. The Moon transiting through Scorpio the last two days has paved the way for a real reworking of our deepest foundations. This lunar cycle has been an opportunity for tending to the roots. These roots influence our possibilities. And they keep us bound to injustices. When we ignore them, we continue to cycle through the same old problems. Systemic racism is such a root. With the wisdom of water, we may be able to shift some of those foundations. This phase of the Moon encourages us to keep trying. Such a reworking of our foundations will not happen overnight, but if we can “stay woke” we have a better chance. Water is the wise guru of our awakening this month. Water sinks down, changes the channels, adapts it form as necessary. It is subversive and it nourishes, replenishes, and heals.

The Moon moves into mutable fire Sagittarius today. Those deep channels carved by water are ready for integration into the intentions of this lunar cycle. What have you learned since the New Moon of July 4? What do you know to be true? It is especially important to place high value on emotional intelligence. What are your emotions telling you is true? The Moon makes a trine to Mercury and Venus in Leo. Be daring, be creative, be joyful as you integrate this wisdom.

Moon in Sagittarius
Saturday, July 16. Get out of the way! This is a dynamic day with lots of influences. The mutable sign Moon is curious and active. Approach the day with a sense of discovery as we navigate shifting energies together. The Moon touches upon Saturn in Sagittarius, Neptune in Pisces, and Jupiter in Virgo, reminding us of the work of the last lunar cycle: opening our channels of perception and integrating more information. This can be over-stimulating to our nervous systems. We want it all: compassion, pragmatism, and accountability. The real awakener is the square between the Sun in Cancer and Uranus in Aries. Tension, violence, agitation are some side effects that could be produced by this transit. If this lunar cycle is an opportunity to rework our foundations so we may nurture life, then Uranus could give those foundations a jolt. Uranus is called the great awakener. What more do we need to see? A tempering influence is the grand water trine of the Sun, Mars in Scorpio and Chiron in Pisces. If foundations are jolted, they can also be healed under this influence. Be open to couching your messages of revolution and healing in delightful, beautiful, and creative forms. Mercury and Venus conjoin in Leo to add sparkle to our interactions.

Moon enters Capricorn 2:33 pm CDT
Sunday, July 17.
The grand water trine I wrote about yesterday is still in effect. The Sun in Cancer, Mars in Scorpio, and Chiron in Pisces add strength to our lunar intentions. Water signs are not pushovers. Just because you cry easily does not mean you don’t also know how to kick butt. This may be true today more than ever. As the Moon moves into Capricorn, we near the Full Moon release of energy. The balance between Cancer and Capricorn encourages the integration of high expectations with strong nurturing. Both these signs can be fighters for the survival of kith and kin. Mars influence adds passion and strength to this fundamental desire.

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