Sunday, March 20, 2016

Follow the Moon: Week of March 21, 2016 - March 27

Here we go. This week we get the clear message that change is afoot and we can’t stand on the sidelines anymore. The wheel of the year has turned and it is time to engage our wills to work towards the change we want to see. The Sun is now in Aries. North of the Earth’s Equator, this means the growing year begins. It’s time to emerge from winter’s introspection. Not so long ago, at the New Moon on March 8, a seed was planted in the Pisces season. I personally infused that seed with the intention to break down old myths through vulnerability and allow myself to be seen. Breaking down and breaking through old constructs so that new identity can emerge is exactly what the transition between Pisces and Aries is about. The Pisces way to break down structures is not to hit them over the head with a hammer, but to let them dissolve. We can feel exposed and uncertain when this happens, yet that vulnerability is also a potent ingredient for living a wholehearted life.

Getting off the sidelines can feel vulnerable too. Transits this week may surprise us into taking action, even if we didn’t expect to. A lunar eclipse on Wednesday, March 23, adds an unsettled energy to this spring’s beginning. Jupiter and Saturn square off exactly this week. This particular relationship (the waning square) happens every twenty years. Saturn in Sagittarius is presenting the somber reality of our cultural stories. Where have they gotten us? Jupiter in Virgo is presenting a belief that we can create positive outcomes through service and diligence. The tension between these two may force a slipping of stuck places. Right now, in the U.S. we are struggling between extreme points of view. Conservative politicians are digging in their heels. The bizarre candidacy of Trump may be a result of this stagnation. Other people are putting their faith (Jupiter) in candidates they see as working towards a better world. Since this square happens on the same day as the lunar eclipse, we may see even starker differences come to light. The rising energy of spring encourages action. Thoughtless reactivity could be a danger, but acts of heart and brilliance are possible too.

On Friday, March 25, Venus in Pisces will join the aspect pattern between Jupiter and Saturn to form a challenging t-square. Venus will oppose Jupiter and square Saturn. These mutable signs can be slippery. They encourage adaptation and are quick to respond to information. Here the information comes from the realms of pragmatic realities, paradigm-shaping beliefs, and fluctuating emotions. We may be quick to accept a version of reality based on feelings alone that don’t check out. Others might be overly attached to the facts. Still others may feel that if they control the story, they can control the outcome. This aspect may increase a feeling that we are being manipulated through media. It is good to question our first assumptions and to think well of others as we try to create healthier relationships and healthier sources of information.

[Look for the rest of the week's forecast tomorrow.]

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