Sunday, November 29, 2015

Follow the Moon: Forecast for November 30, 2015 — December 6

There isn’t always something to learn from every horrible event. There isn’t always meaning to be found. Sometimes, the only thing to do is surrender to the unknowable. Feel the overwhelming grief of it all. Reach out to those suffering, including ourselves, and say I am sorry this has happened to you. There is a moment of humanity that floods in when we let go of finding solutions, yet still allow ourselves to be present with the pain. That moment of humanity is sometimes all that is left of hope. It is when I may realize that yeah, I want more for the world than this. I bet others do too. From that moment, the next step often shows itself. We are at that moment.

A terrorist just shot up an abortion clinic because politicians told him those people were evil. He heard the message and he acted. I’ve been writing about messages, stories, and discernment this lunar cycle.* Neptune—malleability—is square to Saturn—control. The square aspect represents a crisis point in a long cycle between these planets. The crisis this time may be that malleable people are playing out the drama of oppression. Systems (Saturn) are corrupting the ways humans can open and receive (Neptune). If these systems keep operating, we may lose our connections to each other and to the rest of the living and sacred world. Neptune, at its best, reminds us that separation is an illusion. We seem to be losing track of that truth. Saturn, at its worst, is despair. From past experiences with Saturn, I know this is a stage of the Saturn process. If we can muster the strength to keep going under a Saturn transit, the next stage can be wisdom. I am not sure this wisdom holds solutions, but perhaps that drop of humanity will cause a reversal in the ways things are going for us right now.

Planets have positive and negative expressions. Neptune, at its worst, is a loss of sanity, an escape into fantastical worlds, faulty reasoning, mass hypnosis. Saturn, at its best, is the structure of family and culture, the necessary boundaries to live in good relationships, strong integrity, a sense of responsibility. Under this crisis aspect between Saturn and Neptune, we are lulled away from our best selves, our right choices. It is as if we are under a spell. Under this crisis aspect between Saturn and Neptune, we need to craft the best qualities of both planets. Perhaps this looks like integrity, boundaries, and responsibility meeting connection, inspiration, and compassion.

We’ve only begun this process of healing the toxic relationship between Saturn and Neptune. The events of the last week are a signature of the work ahead. We need to dream (Neptune) into new systems (Saturn) and draw boundaries around corrupt messages. It is crucial to avoid the trap of demonization of others and keep opening to understanding. Systems create demons and they are trying to get us to act upon those messages. As we have seen, this leads us nowhere. Perhaps there is another way.

Forecast for November 30, 2015 — December 6

Moon in Leo
Monday, November 30.
For most of the day, the fire signs energize us. The Moon in Leo (fixed fire) forms trines with Saturn, the Sun, and Mercury—all in Sagittarius (mutable fire). After midnight (CST) the Moon also forms a trine to Uranus in Aries (cardinal fire) to complete the triangle of fire signs. Fire is quick to react. Today and tomorrow, reactions may be too speedy. Later in the week, Mars in Libra (cardinal air) will square Pluto and oppose Uranus. This could be a volatile period of violent reaction. Fire is seldom soothing, but it can release tension quickly to ease pressure. Find ways to release your tension too.

Moon in Leo
Tuesday, December 1.
The ray of hope comes from the enormously creative aspect between Mercury in Sagittarius (mutable fire) and Uranus in Aries (cardinal fire). The Moon in Leo (fixed fire) is supportive as well. What do you need from fire today? Is it a good laugh, creative inspiration, travel, action, adventure, joy? Be proactive about cultivating that quality. Fire provides energy. However, another thing may happen as well—it is known as foot in mouth disease. Mercury in Sagittarius has very few filters. Things pop out of our mouths that we may wish we could pop back in. The square between Chiron in Pisces (mutable water) and Mercury may contribute to extra sensitive feelings too.

Moon enters Virgo 4:09 am CST
Wednesday, December 2.
The Moon in Virgo (mutable earth) activates the Saturn/Neptune square today. Again, notice the stories and the structures fueling the fueling world events. Virgo energy motivates us to clean it up. This looks like a pragmatic and holistic approach to restructuring our pervading myths. It is less about theory and more about service. What small acts will you do today? If we aren’t proactive, the stress of this t-square aspect pattern could provoke anxiety (Virgo Moon), or depression (Saturn), or escapism (Neptune).

Moon in Virgo
December 3—Last Quarter Moon: Evaluating. This has been a massively packed lunar cycle so far. So much has happened globally and personally since the New Moon in Scorpio occurred on November 11. What I am noticing is that many people are experiencing nervous system trauma. It is easier to be triggered right now. This phase of the Moon invites us to reflect on what we need to maintain equilibrium and health for the long haul, and then, begin to give ourselves what we need to go forward. Mutable sign emphasis, (the Moon in Virgo, Saturn in Sagittarius, Neptune in Pisces) means antennas are out. We are taking in more information than usual and that can have a stressful effect if we don’t take care to find the still center. If we do, then enormous connection and healing can occur. The stakes feel high. Mercury in Sagittarius (mutable fire) forms a square to Jupiter in Virgo (mutable earth) increasing the sense that we must do something in response to information or disorder around us. Jupiter in Virgo helps us to enter the mind of the servant. To be of service, we do not necessarily need to have the big picture (more of a Sagittarius goal). We simply do the work before us. Take small steps to go far.

Moon enters Libra 4:33 pm CST
Friday, December 4.
The influence of Mercury in Sagittarius (mutable fire) square Jupiter in Virgo (mutable earth) is felt today. Squares are usually tense connections between planets. A square between Mercury and Jupiter could be experienced as a very agitated mind, a need to talk about everything, taking less care with our communications, a tendency to blurt, or lose track of details. However, these two planets are in mutual reception today as well. That means each inhabits the other’s home sign. Jupiter is in Mercury-ruled Virgo and Mercury is in Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius. This opens a pathway between the two that could yield surprising breakthroughs in understanding and communication. Antennas are out to pick up signals from the broad world, yet we are able to tend to the details before us. Venus enters Scorpio (fixed water) this evening (CST). Believe it or not, Venus in Libra (cardinal air) has had a moderating influence on people’s relationships. We may suddenly reach our limits of niceness and need to get real about something bothering us.

Moon in Libra
Saturday, December 5.
The day starts productively with a favorable aspect between the Moon in Libra (cardinal air) and Saturn in Sagittarius (mutable fire). However, simmering anger, possibly related to injustice, may begin to emerge as the day goes on. The Moon contacts Mars in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn (cardinal earth) this evening (CST), which could trigger big reactions, possibly violent ones. Mars is not comfortable in Libra, a debilitated Mars means we may not have as much conscious access to anger and frustration. Mars will form a volatile t-square pattern with Pluto and Uranus in Aries (cardinal fire) for the next few days. Work on acknowledging your own anger and know that others may need to have theirs acknowledged too. Listening and caring may diffuse tense situations. When Pluto and Uranus are involved, we touch upon the paradigm changes of this moment in history. Big events may occur under this Mars transit. Hopefully, all you will need to do is practice good anger management and be ready to be part of the change you wish to see.

Moon in Libra
Sunday, December 6.
See yesterday’s forecast. The square between Mars in Libra (cardinal air) and Pluto in Capricorn (cardinal earth) is exact today. We may find ourselves dealing with power. Sometimes the best way to solve power dynamics is to take responsibility for our own. Avoidance of our own power will not stop the toxic uses of power we see around us. Mars in Libra is aware of relationship and balance. How do we practice good relationship to others while being in our own power? This is transformative work.

* Read about the beginning of the Scorpio/Sagittarius lunar cycle on my website

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Sunday, November 22, 2015

Follow the Moon: Forecast for November 23, 2015 — November 29

The heavens are ripe with the opportunity to look at our stories. And that is very exciting. Stories create our realities. They are important, the small stories and the large. However, the square between Saturn and Neptune (exact this week for the first of three times during the next year), with significant assist from Jupiter, presents us with the opportunity to reframe the stories that seem intractable, absolute, immoveable. Those stories about the way things are and the way they have to be—those are the stories we can look at and change right now.

We find ourselves in an incredibly complex world trying to discern the best way to go forward, create solutions, live with compassion, practice self-care, be in good relationship… It’s hard, right? Yep, and perhaps we are now undergoing an initiation into letting go of that story of hardship and worry. Perhaps, complexity and discernment do not have to be hard. Perhaps we are meant to incorporate greater and greater complexity into awareness and to simplify discernment to the point that it is obvious how we should treat ourselves and others (and by others, I mean everything, the world and all beings.) Perhaps, stranded in our DNA is a memory of when we knew how to do this already.

My code words for this moment in history are complexity and discernment, which are qualities emphasized by those planets in mutable signs that are squaring off to provoke a change in our stories. Because I invoke these words so often, I thought I would look up their roots. I found a fascinating story.

Complexity. The word, complex comes from Latin complexus meaning surrounding, encompassing. Also, complecti to encircle, embrace; from com – “with” + plectere “to weave, braid, twine.” Complexity is about weaving.
Discernment. The word, discern comes from Old French - discerner “to distinguish, separate” (by sifting). Discernment is about sifting.

Weaving and sifting are basic crafts of the housewife and the hedge witch. People began weaving and sifting early in human culture. We know this. Interestingly enough, both skills fit perfectly with Mercury-ruled signs Gemini and Virgo. (I am indebted to Lewis Hyde for his analysis of the trickster connection to crafts of all types. ) Both of these signs play a significant role in this month’s story. The Full Moon on November 25 is in Gemini, and Jupiter has been in Virgo since August. The small cycle of this lunation, which began on November 11* and the large cycle of Jupiter in Virgo (till September 2016) contribute to the possibility of remembering how to discern our way through complex times.

A series of transits this week provides an opportunity to look at our stories and assumptions. The prime directive is to not let the complexity derail us. Complexity is good. We want to weave more and more into our stories. We want Syrian refugees to live in our neighborhoods. We want racial justice and an end to privilege. We want reverent relationship with the Earth. (Or at least, I do. How about you?) Mercury in Sagittarius (mutable fire) conjoins Saturn and squares Neptune in Pisces (mutable water) on Tuesday and Wednesday. The Full Moon in Gemini on Wednesday gives this Mercury a boost. We want illumination. The square between Saturn in Sagittarius and Neptune perfects on Thursday, presenting us with the challenge of dispelling illusions in favor of productive stories. The Sun in Sagittarius will join Saturn and square Neptune on Sunday, adding even more illumination to this important task. We may feel as if we are caught up in communal dreams. Using the language of dreamtime may help us communicate better during this heavily mutable week. This lunar cycle began in Scorpio. We’ve been diving deep into soulful waters. Do not hurry to shake off that experience. We need the wisdom received during the Scorpio season to begin new stories.

Forecast for November 23, 2015 — November 29

Moon enters Taurus 10:26 am CST
Monday, November 23.
The Moon in Taurus (fixed earth) sets the tone for what we want from the rest of the day’s transits—stability. The most disruptive element of the day, Venus in Libra (cardinal air) opposing Uranus in Aries (cardinal fire) represents the ways that our relationships and alliances are being stretched. It is hard to maintain false harmony when so much injustice pervades. The Taurean Moon may contribute to a stubborn stance. The way around this is to acknowledge how scary change can be. Venus also makes a quincunx aspect to Chiron in Pisces (mutable water). This aspect may elevate our insecurities due to feeling vulnerable or exposed emotionally. Late in the day, Mars in Libra makes a favorable aspect to Saturn in Sagittarius (mutable fire). A new framework, a new course of action helps us to achieve the stability we yearn for.

Moon in Taurus
Tuesday, November 24.
Notice the messages coming from those who want to influence you. In a week when the stories we tell and the stories we believe are so influential, take the opportunity to investigate the motivations of the storytellers. Mars in Libra (cardinal air) forms a quincunx aspect with Neptune in Pisces (mutable water). Some may want to lead us towards peace while others want to move us closer to war. How do the stories surrounding these desires influence us? Mercury in Sagittarius (mutable fire) conjoins Saturn and squares Neptune in Pisces (mutable water) in the middle of the night. Notice how important the messages seem. The struggle to communicate both concretely and poetically is worthwhile. Seek the unifying story that dispels illusion and grounds you in possibility.

Moon enters Gemini 11:15 am CST
November 25—Full Moon: Illuminating. This lunar cycle began in Scorpio and has transitioned into Sagittarius influence with the Sun’s ingress into that sign. Seasonally, Scorpio is the time we move through the dying season. We become sensitive to the world beyond the veils. We seek and receive wisdom from that world. Sagittarian time is the season of celebration, telling stories around the fire, turning philosophical from our inner journeys. If we fail to invite complexity to our stories, we tell fundamentalist stories that don’t reflect reality. The opportunity at this Full Moon is to remember the wisdom from the unseen world and open to weaving into our realities greater and greater complexity.

Mutable signs are highly emphasized in the chart for the Full Moon. All the mutable signs are represented. These signs govern how we collect, interpret, and disseminate information. All the mutable signs seek greater understanding. They also are the shapeshifters and adapters. Form is tricky. Reality is fluid. Although this energy can be liberating, it can also agitate those who have a hard time finding their own ground. Take extra care to find quiet spaces if you tend to get over-stimulated.

The Moon in Gemini (mutable air) seeks the wisdom of pure thought. The Moon opposes Saturn and the Sun in Sagittarius (mutable fire) who are seeking the wisdom of pure energy. We get a chance to see how seriously we take ourselves sometimes, and step into the innocence of curiosity and open-mindedness.

Tomorrow, Saturn will square Neptune in Pisces (mutable water). Pisces seeks the wisdom of the heart. Saturn is about structure; Neptune about transcendence of structure. Both must co-exist. In the tension, illusion and fundamentalism need to be transformed. This square is very influential for the next year. In today’s chart, Mars in Libra (cardinal air) aspects both Saturn and Neptune. Mars often acts as a trigger if we don’t have anger under control. There may be spikes of anger and reaction when we feel frustrated about deeply held beliefs that feel threatened.

Although not in aspect with the other mutable planets of the chart, Jupiter in Virgo (mutable earth) seeks the wisdom of pure pragmatism. In a complex world, Virgo makes sense of the details by sifting through them to discern what is necessary and what isn’t. Remember this ally when complexity seems overwhelming.

Moon in Gemini
Thursday, November 26. U.S. Thanksgiving.
Family gatherings can be tricky. Many in the U.S. are gathering to celebrate Thanksgiving today. Yesterday’s forecast applies to today too. Over-stimulation can lead to feeling unfocused, confused, or angry. Perhaps we need to simplify our expectations so we can enjoy the inquisitive and social energy of this day instead. The first of three squares between Saturn in Sagittarius (mutable fire) and Neptune in Pisces (mutable water) occurs today. The others will be in June and September of next year. We yearn is to understand why things are the way they are. There are stories that create illusion and keep us stuck and there are stories that encourage us to see the world as it is. As you tell your stories and listen to the stories of others around your thanksgiving table, be curious about the stories that create vitality and beauty.

Moon enters Cancer 1:27 pm CST
Friday, November 27.
Awash in feelings after what could be a stressful week, the Moon moving into Cancer (cardinal water) alongside the direct station of Chiron in Pisces (mutable water) today means we need to take care of ourselves. Don’t feel guilty about pampering yourself. You may notice the urge to tend to others too. Pull your loved ones in close.

Moon in Cancer
Saturday, November 28.
It isn’t exact but close enough. A grand cardinal cross aspect pattern provokes and stresses the status quo today. The Moon in Cancer (cardinal water) will square Mars in Libra (cardinal air), oppose Pluto in Capricorn (cardinal earth), and square Uranus in Aries (cardinal fire) today. This could be a tinderbox kind of day where the littlest thing sets off a chain reaction. When in doubt, follow the Moon, is what I always say. This means pay attention to emotions, yours and others. Most likely we just want comfort and security. Defensiveness means we don’t think others are honoring our needs. Let’s try to be extra compassionate.

Moon enters Leo 6:47 pm CST
November 29—Disseminating Moon: Sharing. Earlier this week, we experienced the first of three squares between Saturn and Neptune. Today the Sun conjoins Saturn in Sagittarius (mutable fire) and squares Neptune in Pisces (mutable water) bringing a sense of illumination to this influential transit. My favorite astrological game is to notice which random events of the day could be symbolized by current transits. Possibilities range from minutia to significant world events. Saturn possibilities are: structures, bones, foundations, aspirations, lessons, limitations, old people. Neptune possibilities are: oceans, feelings, spirituality, addictions, popular trends in fashion, charismatic people. Somewhere today, the Sun will point out how we are experiencing these two planets in conflict. I’ve been thinking that the square between Saturn and Neptune provides us with a perfect opportunity to dispel stories that are untrue, limiting, or destructive. We need to be fluid enough to change and structured enough to stand for something. It is a challenge, but also a fantastic opportunity for insight and transformation.

In this phase of the Moon, we are ready to share the gifts and experiences of the lunar cycle. What have you learned? How can you pass it along? The Moon in Leo (fixed fire) emphasizes the solar aspects of this day. Each of us has a light to give to others. Pass it along.  

* Read about the beginning of the Scorpio/Sagittarius lunar cycle on my website

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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Follow the Moon: Forecast for November 16, 2015 — November 22

Another tragedy has occurred to remind us that the world is in a tenuous and painful place. The attacks in France captured the attention of western media, but this event is by no means the only or even the most significant tragedy of recent times. Lebanon, Syria, and Iraq have also suffered. Indigenous people of the Earth are struggling to save their lands. Black people are struggling to change systemic racism and violence directed at them. Transgender people are struggling to be heard and given the safety and recognition they deserve. Immigrants are called criminals. The wealthy 1 percent still control governments and markets. The world is heating up. The question for many is, what should we do? There are many, many ways to work towards change. There are many, many tools. I offer the lens of astrology as a way to align with symbol and nature. The outer planetary cycles offer crucial information in the ways we are being challenged and the ways we can respond to shift these challenges to a greater wholeness. The most important planetary cycles of the last few years are presenting the opportunity to awaken and break the spells of toxic belief enchanting us.

Waking up. Over the last three years, astrologers have been discoursing about the planetary cycle between Uranus and Pluto. This cycle represents profound change, and has been marked by a global awakening to the problems facing us. Check out this new film being produced based on Richard Tarnas’ brilliant analysis of historic changes that have occurred under this cycle. . Even though the exact transits of the square between Uranus and Pluto have completed, we are still very much under the influence of this transit. Tarnas considers this influence to last into 2020.

Breaking the spell. The Saturn/Neptune cycle is another important planetary dance coming into focus now. These two planets will make three waning squares over the next 11 months: November 26; June 17, 2016; and September 10, 2016. This transit activates the tension between reality and fantasy. The potential offered is the motivation to break the spell of infatuation, lethargy, or escapism. The spell of despair, greed, and fear may be broken by rejecting these influences in favor of beliefs that create right relationship to all beings of the Earth. With these two important planetary cycles co-occurring, the mission is clear: To wake up and demystify the forces controlling us in order to re-enchant the world with beauty, joy, and love.

Coming back to the Scorpio/Sagittarius lunar cycle. Right now, these major planetary influences are being felt within the Scorpio/Sagittarius seasons. The current lunar cycle* began in the depth-probing sign of Scorpio and moves up into the expansive season of Sagittarius next. Important work right now is to remember the soul messages of the last few weeks, especially those messages that come from beyond the veils separating this world and the unseen world. Like waking up from a dream, we need to take a moment to anchor and remember this wisdom so that we are supported in our expansions into the wide world around us. This week, the Sun moves into Sagittarius, where Saturn is. As Saturn is the planet of boundaries and limitations, we may encounter obstructions around belief. Though this can be frustrating, good lessons of tolerance and compromise are here too. During this last week of Scorpio influence we may remember that people share similar passions: the need to have agency, the need to be safe, the need to be with loved ones, and the need to be connected with those who have gone before. These Scorpio needs are universal, and we develop more tolerance when we see these same needs in others.

Forecast for November 16, 2015 — November 22 

Moon in Capricorn
Monday, November 16.
Yesterday and today, the Moon contacted Pluto in Capricorn (cardinal earth) and Uranus in Aries (cardinal fire) reminding us of the paradigm changes we are undergoing. Volatile days follow the attacks in France. Authorities will want to look like they are taking charge. Although favorable aspects between the Moon in Capricorn and Jupiter in Virgo (mutable earth) and Mercury in Scorpio (fixed water) should bring ease and flow, these transits may also expand the possibility of feeling too confident about our choices. Jupiter in Virgo is offering the lessons of discernment, but we will have to slow down to get them.

Moon enters Aquarius 1:24 am CST
Tuesday, November 17.
Today’s superior conjunction of Mercury and the Sun in Scorpio (fixed water) is perhaps the final Scorpio transit of this season. Mercury and the Sun come together to plant a seed influenced by Scorpio messages. What have you been hearing from beyond the veils that separate the seen and unseen worlds? What have you been hearing from your soul? We have the opportunity to remember and anchor that wisdom as the Messenger God contacts the illuminating Sun. The Moon in Aquarius (fixed air) prompts a desire to expound on ideas. The Internet will most likely be humming with opinions, although that is nothing new. Slow down a moment before posting that comment. We will want to consider the long-range impact on our goals and relationships since the Moon makes favorable contacts with Saturn and Venus.

Moon in Aquarius
Wednesday, November 18.
In this week’s introduction I wrote about the influential cycle occurring between Saturn in Sagittarius (mutable fire) and Neptune in Pisces (mutable water). This transit influences the relationship between reality and fantasy. An imbalance here leads to fundamentalism or projections of fantasy onto others. We could respond by deadening any hope for beauty and connection. The potential is to find a balance between reality and fantasy. Today, Neptune stations direct. When planets station, their influence is stronger. We have the opportunity to notice our tendencies to fantasize or fall under the glamour of a thought or feeling. We also have the opportunity to notice how Neptune’s influence can fill our hearts with compassion helping us to dissolve the boundaries that separate us. Discernment is necessary to navigate these waters. As Jupiter transits through Virgo (mutable earth) until September 2016, we have the opportunity to develop our discerning skills. Notice complexity. Pause before leaping.  

Moon enters Pisces 6:21 am CST
November 19—First Quarter Moon: Manifesting. If this lunar cycle is about maintaining good relationship to the unseen world, then we reach an adjustment point for that intention during this phase of the Moon. Since for most of the day, the Moon is in Pisces (mutable water) and forms a conjunction with stationary Neptune, the major adjustment could be to keep one toe grounded while flowing into all the nooks and crannies of unseen worlds. We could be feeling so fluid and suggestible, that we need to ground and focus on the here and now, too. The Moon squares Saturn right before it conjoins Neptune, thus reminding us of the influential Saturn/Neptune square that colors our growing edges the coming year. The potential of this Saturn/Neptune cycle is to break the spell of illusion and despair. We have real work to do in the world. The purpose of good relationship with the unseen world is to anchor that wisdom in the choices we will need to make. How will you flow and anchor today?

Moon in Pisces
Friday, November 20.
It’s been building all week. Perhaps we noticed it before today’s exact transit, but notice it we will. What it is, is the last straw. Venus in Libra (cardinal air) squares Pluto in Capricorn (cardinal earth) today. A part of us that usually strives to be harmonious, considerate, and diplomatic just reaches capacity and breaks that code of behavior. Expect women’s issues and the voices of women to be exclaimed in some way. What happens when a veneer gets stripped away? Pluto is asking us to drop the niceties and be real with how we feel. Core issues are justice and power. The Moon in Pisces (mutable water) reduces discernment. The opposition between the Moon and Jupiter in Virgo (mutable earth) forces us to find it. Intuition and empathy can be balanced with pragmatism and boundaries. Let’s give it a try. Mercury leaves Scorpio today for Sagittarius (mutable fire). Words become philosophical. We want to talk about meaning and truth. With the fluid and volatile aspects of the day, it is good to be aware that “truth” can cause destruction too.

Moon enters Aries 9:12 am CST
Saturday, November 21.
This is the last day of Sun in Scorpio. Are you ready to come out from underground yet? Chances are with the Moon in Aries (cardinal fire), we are. We may even come out fighting. The ingress of Mars into Libra did not offer the peaceful harmony that this signature often promises. Unfortunately, that was the day of the attack in France. However, with Mars moving away from the critical 0 degrees of Libra, we now can focus on finding more balance between aggression and peace. That reminder may come in handy today. Belief is such a strong motivator and manipulator of emotion. We continue to notice the extremes of belief and reach for a new way.

Moon in Aries
November 22—Gibbous Moon: Perfecting. The lunar cycle shifts from a Scorpio (fixed water) influence to a Sagittarius (mutable fire) one today with the Sun’s ingress into Sag. This is the moment we take the deep interior experiences of the last month into the wide world around us. It is good to remember that deep experiences, though they feel universal, may only hold personal truth. You will see me write a lot about discernment this year as we have a strong amount of mutable influence coming up. Mutable signs integrate experiences and synthesize meaning. Jupiter in Virgo (mutable earth) is blaring a message about how much we need to integrate our experiences using discernment about impact and relevance to others. The environment, our relationships, and wellbeing will give us immediate feedback if we go too far astray. Under this phase of the Moon, notice the desire to broadcast truth. It feels terribly important to get this right. The Moon in Aries (cardinal fire) makes a challenging t-square aspect pattern with Uranus in Aries, Pluto in Capricorn (cardinal earth) and Venus in Libra (cardinal air). People are fired up about injustice. Uranus and Pluto again remind us to wake up. 

* Read about the beginning of the Scorpio/Sagittarius lunar cycle on my website 

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